Title: Thou art thy mother's glass

Fandom: Matilda

Disclaimer: Mama Honey isn't mine; title from SHakespeare

Warnings: future!fic

Pairings: none

Rating: PG

Wordcount: 220

Point of view: third

Prompt: Matilda, Matilda Wormwood, her children all have different powers

Davey asks Mama Honey to tell them about when she found Mama, about the adventures she and Mama went on together. Mama Honey looks to Maggie and Christine, and they nod fervently, crawling up next to Davey.

"Just the one story, then," Mama Honey says, and she's trying to sound firm, Davey can tell. It doesn't quite work, though. It never does.

After the story is over, she kisses each of their foreheads and asks if they'll sleep in separate beds tonight.

Christine shakes her head and snuggles into Davey. "No, Mama Honey," Maggie says, wrapping Davey's arm around herself.

Davey gives Mama Honey a sheepish smile. Her smile is sad as she says, "Your mother will be home soon, love. I promise."

The words have an echo in the air around her. Davey doesn't let her know it's a lie. Maggie blinks up at the lights and they all dim. Not all the way out, but enough that she and Davey can sleep without Christine having a nightmare.

"Is it warm enough in here, angels?" Mama Honey asks, pausing in the door.

"Yes, Mama Honey," Davey says, shifting slightly away from Christine. She can't always consciously control the heat, but in her sleep, it's usually the perfect temperature.

"Goodnight," Mama Honey says and closes the door behind her.