Time and Tide

A Crossover Collaboration by: A J & TNT

Ritchie Ryan looked at the pair of anxious intellectuals behind him, grinned, and spoke into the mike on the tiny stage at Joe's. "Yeah, that's right, they don't own anything here, with the exception of this plot, and a couple O C's they had to invent 'cause we're all busy. Ciao." A J turned to the older man next to her as the biker ran away laughing.

"What kind of Disclaimer was that, Uncle Tom?" A J asked. He shrugged.

"A free one," he replied, and ordered a round of sodas for them from Joe Dawson. "To our story, kiddo. Many happy returns."

Chapter One:

Cassidy's first sojourn into the afterlife wasn't totally unexpected considering her job. She was a Guardian of the Veil, and she died in an avalanche caused by a magic-wielding enemy. The real surprise had been the identity of the enemy; her former team member and best friend, Nerissa.

Forty-odd years later, (long enough for her friends to grow old, have kids – in Yanni's case, grandkids – and for Halli to die of cancer,) Rissi managed a comeback, including Cassidy's resurrection. C.H.K.Y.N. reigned once again across the infinite dimensions for a brief while, only to be betrayed and imprisoned by their ally-of-opportunity, Phobos.

Their successors, W.I.T.C.H., defeated their common enemy, and freed all of them – except Rissi. Nerissa they locked away in the same gem she'd thought to imprison her former team and the teen Queen of Meridian.

So Cassidy was given the unbelievable chance to restart her interrupted life. With the help of her family, (to whom she professed to be her own long-lost daughter,) and her new friends W.I.T.C.H.E., she settled in and went back to school, hoping to still become a pediatrician. Despite having to learn an entire extra field of study, she was doing relatively well. Computers had been in their infancy at the time of her demise, so her cousin Dean had to help her with the basics.

It took until after Easter to get her old scooter running. Her mother Emily MacLean, either from sorrow or apathy, had just left it in the corner of the garage. Saving up for the license, hers and the scooter's, took until May, and then she had to wait out a late burst of spring squalls. Once the West Virginia roads had returned to a solid state, she took her aging Vespa out for a trial drive.

Unfortunately, months of riding on city busses hadn't prepared her for a one-on-one with the fast-paced traffic of forty years later. Cassidy MacLean was the inadvertent cause – and the only casualty – in a twelve-car fender-bender less than a mile from her house.

… Or so she thought …