LucyLysander, "I'm going to have to destroy you in order to save you." asked by Aiiimy


" Wish I could make her pull herself up off the floor ." -Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

He isn't like his twin brother. No, not at all, he doesn't have the Luna Lovegood blondblond hair, or deep blue eyes. No, not at all, instead he's all unruly dark blond, and bright blue eyes. Lorcan is sweet, intelligent and dreamy, he's all soft edges. While Lysander is sarcastic, cynical and realistic, he's all hard angles. It's funny because she's always imagined a situation like this happening to Lily or Roxanne but not her.

No, not her.

He's staring at her as if waiting for her to do something, or say something. But she doesn't because she's never imagined him to be so cruel, all because she couldn't choose between him and Lorcan. Taking her eyes from his brightbright blue, she feels the tears sting her cheeks.

"You're not making this easy..." She whispered her hand whipping her fair hair back behind her ears.

"I'm going to have to destroy you to save you, Luc."

"I don't need saving, Ly..." She's shouting passionately now, trying to make him see the situation her way.

He shakes his head, turning around. "You'll thank me later, Lucy. You will."

She can barely breathe, her sobs crushing her body heavily. She's not some random slut, she doesn't deserve this and as Lucy Weasley watch's Lysander Scamander walk away, she realizes why she's loved him all this time.

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