Okay so this was a little idea that wouldn't go away. It's really bad and I'll try and do a better one for this pairing sometime coz I like it and I really haven't done it justice. Yet.

Gideon jumped when he heard that familiar laugh coming from that boy who never seemed to stop laughing. For some reason it gave him butterflies in his tummy. He looked up and glared at him. Trust his stupid little brother to notice that though.

"Why are you giving Jake the death glare, Gid? Did he finally play that prank on you?" Alex innocently enquired. Jacob promptly whacked him round the head.

"Shut up squirt, I told you not to say another word about that..." he trailed off but, by the furious look on his face, Gideon guessed he was still ranting at Alex through telepathy. Alex began to moan out load to his big brother. Gideon turned his attention from the bickering brothers to Dax, who leaned towards him and muttered

"Lovers tiff eh? Lets scram" in his ear. Grinning, Gid got up and followed Dax out of the room. They carried on walking and headed outside, where the sun was shining and there was a soft breeze. What Gid didn't notice was that Jacob's eyes followed him out of the room, wondering when Reader started to look good from behind as well – especially in those jeans.

Meanwhile Gideon and Dax had gone to sit by the lake. As they flopped onto the grass Gideon asked

"I wonder what prank Jake was gonna play on me..."

Dax grinned "It was the love letter thingy, they did that to me a couple of months ago. It didn't work." Gideon laughed and rolled over. A couple of minutes later his breathing evened and Dax realized Gid was asleep. Shaking his head in disbelief, he curled up next to the sleeping boy and drifted away...

Gideon was dreaming, a nice dream. In it one of the girls from his old school was flirting with him. So overall he was thoroughly enjoying it. Sighing contentedly he rolled over onto something soft. Vaguely in the back of his mind he wondered how he had gone from beside the lake and into his bed. Shrugging it off he concentrated on... Anna... yeah that was her name, Anna. Until an annoyingly familiar voice drifted into his mind.

"Are you awake yet? Coz you just rolled on top of me and I'm kinda squished" it complained. Startled, Gideon rolled off of him and sat up sharply. Jacob Teller was lying casually on the grass with his hands behind his head, perfectly relaxed as if he hadn't a care in the world. Which he probably hasn't, Gideon thought bitterly.

"Never knew that you suck your thumb" Jake teased, grinning when Gideon went as red as a strawberry. Glaring at the mimic he got up to leave but Jake stopped him with a surprisingly soft hand on his wrist. A mischievous glint in his eye, Jacob pulled Gideon back on top of him, securing the blond with a firm arm across his back. Blushing and struggling against the stronger boy Gideon only managed to splutter

"What the hell are you..."

before Jake crushed his lips against the telekinetic's. The said telekinetic froze and after a few minutes Jake pulled away.

"Did you enjoy that?" he asked breathlessly his bright eyes expectantly searching Gideon's face.

"No!" Gideon spat out. "don't ever touch me again or I will drop something extremely heavy on your head whilst you sleep!" he yelled at the boy beneath him. "Now let go of me or else" the threat was clear and sighing and muttering something that sounded like "The damn tele's in denial" Jacob let him go. Finally scrambling to his feet Gideon placed a well aimed kick between the mind reader's legs, spat on him and stalked off. Jake was left curled in the foetal position, groaning and regretting what he just did. Soundlessly, he began to sob.

I don't know whether to continue this, I have a really good idea to continue with it but the first part is terrible...
Let me know what you think.