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I was in the doctor's office with my father when I read Abby's death scene, and I was still telling Patricia Cornwell how I was never going to read another of her books again when the nurse came in and said, "Yeah, I told the same lie." She then winked at me and proceeded to inform me that I definitely was going to read the next book, and that I would stop disliking Patricia Cornwell about five pages in. She was right.

But we're going to pretend that Abby did not die, nor did she come close to death. She's just, back. Lol.

"You're not serious." Abby said, looking disdainfully at the french fry sagging under the weight of the Frosty Kay had piled onto it.

"Dead serious." She replied, extending her arm so that the delicacy was just in front of Abby's mouth.

Still Abby hesitated. Kay pushed just a little further and smeared the chocolate ice cream on Abby's mouth.

"Just eat it." Abby laughed and opened her mouth warily, biting the french fry in half. Kay munched on the other half, after dipping it in the Frosty.

"Good, right?" she asked after Abby had chewed and swallowed.

"No." Abby said, smiling, as she reached across the table to snatch another fry from Kay and dunk it in the Frosty.

"Told you." Kay chided.

"Hush." Abby said, laughing. She reached into her pocket and pulled out her slightly crushed pack of cigarettes and held it questioningly in front of Kay, who pointed towards the front door, still smiling.

"At least the weather is decent." Kay said, sitting on the porch beside Abby who nodded, but wasted no time in lighting up.

Kay leaned back and watched Abby take obvious pleasure in the nicotine coursing through her system. A pleasure she herself missed sometimes; especially now, when she needed a distraction. Although, if she were completely honest, she would still be caught up in Abby, even with a cigarette in her hand.

She watched silently as Abby's tongue slid out across her lips before the brunette closed her eyes and took another drag. Her tongue settled against her teeth as she inhaled.

"In the spirit of being completely honest with myself," Kay thought, "I'm definitely jealous of that Marlboro."

Abby opened her eyes to find Kay looking in her direction, holding her hand out. Suddenly, quite unexpectedly, Kay wanted her lips where Abby's had been.

"I thought you quit?" She said, handing the cigarette over.

"I did." Kay said, closing her eyes before she could openly stare as Abby's tongue completed another pass across those lips. She took a (not so) healthy amount of the smoke into her lungs and let it out slowly, not opening her eyes until Abby had taken the now almost finished cigarette back. Kay smiled to herself as Abby finished it off.

"What are you smiling about?" Abby asked, her own smile growing as Kay tried to pretend she hadn't been.

"Busted." Abby laughed. "And anyway, why are you smoking again?"

"I'm not." Kay answered, standing and brushing her pants off.

"You did." Abby retorted.

"Because its the closest my lips will ever come to yours."

"What?" Abby asked softly.

"What, what?" Kay said, trying to turn towards the door.

Abby caught her wrist and turned her slowly around. Stepping closer than Kay thought was necessary, Abby stood waiting for an answer that Kay wasn't going to give her. Smirking slightly, Abby leaned up and pressed her lips to Kay's.

It was chaste, over before Kay could register the "Closer than you thought?" that Abby threw over her shoulder as she headed back into the house.

It left Kay thinking, "I could definitely start smoking again for this."

Smoking is a bad habit. Don't ever start. Not even for kisses from cute girls(or boys).