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~Sweet-Hearted SilverEars~

Epilogue Returning And The Visitors

Wallace shuddered, gasping loudly as Vincient pushed deeper into his body from behind, driving his own cock deeper into Vibby as the three of them made love where they lay in their bed in Viktor's castle in Bulgaria.

Vibby cried out in response, his beautiful face twisting with pleasure as Wallace moved inside him, his slender arms instinctively encircling Wallace and Vincient's waists as their bodies undulated together gracefully.

The three of them were soon finding release, spilling their seed over and inside each other. The twin brother's light blue and light green eyes widening in shock when Wallace suddenly slumped between them, obviously having fainted.

"Wallace!" they gasped together in concern.

Vincient ran to find his older brother once he'd pulled out of Wallace and put his pajama pants back on and helped Vibby get out from under him so that he could tend to Wallace while Vincient located Viktor.

By the time he returned with the oldest Krum, Vibby had Wallace rolled over onto his back with the blankets pulled up to his waist to cover him for modesty. He then brushed his long red hair back away from his face tenderly with a cloth damp with water from the shallow silver basin on the nightstand nearby. Wallace's eyelashes fluttered then as he shifted in the bed, his lips parting slightly as his deep green eyes opened slowly to look up into three worried faces.

"Wallace?.." Vibby asked him softly as he washed his forehead with the cloth to sooth him. "What happened, my love?"

"I will be fine, Vibby, sweetheart," Wallace reassured him, lifting up his right hand to touch Vibby's left cheek, caressing the silky smooth alabaster skin there gently. "My… My magic is weakening, because I am too far away from my homeland. I can never go back to Ireland, it's true, or my life would be forfeited. But England is closer to it then Bulgaria is. The longer I stay here, the more chance that my magic will fail entirely and I will die. I am sorry, but I have to go back to Hogwarts."

"It's alright, Wallace," Vincient said calmly, though inwardly he was angry and panicked, as was Vibby, moving closer to the side of his twin and their mate. "Whatever it takes to get you better, darling."

"And we'll be with you every step of the way," Vibby promised him firmly.

Narcissa smiled where she stood beside Harry and her son's bed in their rooms in Hogwarts, Lucius and Severus standing on either side of her.

Draco was standing at Harry's side, smiling down at his husband and their newborn daughter where she lay sleeping cradled in Harry's arms tenderly as he smiled down at her with soft emerald green eyes before looking up as more members of their family walked through the door.

"She's beautiful, Harry dear," Arailia said with a soft smile curving her lips, moving to hug the bedridden man gently and pat the sleeping babe's head briefly.

Sirius and Remus nodded in agreement where they stood just behind her. None of the four men were foolish enough to attempt to approach Harry, because they knew that it would scrap Draco's jealous as well as protective instincts, and Harry's anxiety and venerability because he'd just given birth the day before.

"She is that," Narcissa said quietly, her eyes gentle as she looked at the fair-haired child that was her granddaughter. "What color are her eyes, Harry?"

"Gray, like Dray's. The hair, too," Harry answered her with a smile. "She's young yet, of course, but for now it seems that all she has from me is my name."

"And your soft, white skin.." Draco leaned down to whisper in Harry's left ear with a slightly seductive smile, causing his husband to shiver and blush in response. "I can barely wait to feel it sliding against mine again in the night.."

"Dray.." Harry sighed breathlessly, his alabaster skin darkening further as everyone in the room smiled indulgently. They seemed to sense that now was the time to withdraw, bidding them their farewells and promising to return soon.

"Get some rest, Harry," Remus suggested quietly. "You've earned it. She's a real treasure for you both."

"James and Lily would have been very proud of you," Sirius murmured before slipping away.

"I am just down in Hogsmeade if you need me," Arailia promised with a gentle smile, kissing Draco, Harry and the baby's foreheads briefly before withdrawing from the room.

Narcissa, Lucius and Severus lingered for a while longer, but then they too were leaving Harry, Draco and little Cassie to rest together as a family.

Wallace, Vincient, Vibby, Viktor and Viktoria traveled from Bulgaria back to England by Portkey, then on to Hogwarts by Apparition. Viktor and their sister came along to see them settled safely within her strong walls.

Then they all went to visit Harry and Draco, as well as Ron and Dani.

"She's beautiful, Harry," Wallace said with a smile, looking better already where he stood with Vincient and Vibby on either side of him, his arms wrapped around their waists tenderly. "Congratulations. I can only hope that my own will be as beautiful."

"Thank you, Wally," Harry replied with a grin where he was propped up in the bed with pillows, Cassie cradled in his arms while Draco stood by his side looking proud and very happy.

Viktor, Ron and Dani stood back a ways, talking in hushed voices, their arms around each other as they smiled and talked. They were also laughing with obvious contentment at being together again even though it hadn't been too long since their separation when they'd come back to school.

"When will you be going back to classes?.." Wallace asked him curiously now.

"In a week or so, probably," the raven-haired man answered him. "Madam Pomfrey said that it really just depends on when I'm feeling up to it. I'm still feeling a little weak after the birth."

"I'd imagine so."

"Yes, but, she was worth every second of it. It felt like I'd been waiting forever to hold her in my arms."

Viktor and Viktoria left to return home the next day, since Viktor would have to return to Quidditch soon. The pair bid farewell to their siblings, Viktor's mates, and everyone else before traveling by Portkey back to Bulgaria.

Draco and Harry did indeed move in with Harry's grandmother Arailia. After he defeated Voldemort, of course. They went on to have several more children together, first a boy and then two more girls, living very happily ever after.

Ron and Dani settled down with Viktor in Bulgaria, both of them eventually giving birth to twins, one set of girls and one set of boys, though not at the same time.

Wanda, Wallace and Pippa never returned to Ireland. Vincient and Vibby managed to convince Wallace to purchase a cottage by the sea, and they had several children together.

Cassie grew up and married one of Viktor's son's by Ron, while Ron's sons by Dani, born several years after the first two sets of twins, mated two of Wallace's sons, one by Vincient, the other by Vibby.

This resulted in the births of a boy and a girl with the Mer and Fae genes, granting them Fins and Wings, something that had never occurred in all of their recorded histories on either side.