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Jessica groaned again in frustration as she dressed for the night, wishing she could awaken as early as most of the other vampires she worked with. Yet again, she was assigned to the floor of Fangtasia II again this week and needed to look the part. Of all the clubs in what she sarcastically called 'Erik's Vampire Funland', F2 was the campiest. Her personal favourite was Henge - which also served as a multilevel innovative concert venue for both human and vampire bands.

The difference between what the complex was today and what it had looked like five years ago when Erik and Magan had purchased it was striking. Then it had only been a series of abandoned high-rise office buildings in downtown Chicago; now it was a network of clubs, restaurants and hotels catering to the vampire population and the humans who lived amongst them. With direct covered access to the rail yards it had quickly become a favoured destination of older vampires who didn't quite trust flying. Close proximity to the waterfront, with its access to the ocean thru the St Lawrence Seaway, gained the patronage of those vamps who preferred travelling the world by ship. Three years ago, Anubis had built their largest terminal at Midway. Most humans and vampires had thought Chicago would become the Capitol city to the Ancient vampires, but Erik had known better. Instead, the Ancients had settled in Detroit, pouring funds into restoring the old Art Deco buildings, creating urban farms and bringing new green technology manufacturing into the area. She still had to make regular visits there to check in with her guardian, Wolfram.

After changing for the third time, and still not being happy with her appearance, she gave up and went to the small kitchen area. There she poured a bag of blood into a glass and began heating it in the microwave. As she waited, she heard a knock on the door. When she opened the door, two little teacup humans ran through the opening yelling, "Auntie Jess, Auntie Jess ... "

Following behind the girls, Magan - her other guardian - stepped into the room. "Quiet girls, you can talk to your Aunt when I'm done.". The microwave chose that moment to ding, "... And after she has had her breakfast". When they obediently settled themselves in the living area, she strode into the kitchen and sat down at the table there.

Wistfully remembering her own little sister, Jessica retrieved the blood from the microwave. "Can I get you anything? I have some cans of soda and a few juice boxes, I think."

"No, I'm fine," Magan replied, "I'll be taking them to Michigan soon to go to school and I need to place people to take over my positions here. Are you interested in managing the clubs?"

Jessica paused in the absolute stillness that only vampires could do. "Yes", she answered suddenly, " yes I am."

"Good, you can start tonight in F2.". With that business settled, Magan called to her children with an indulgent smile on her lips, " Annika, Brianna, you can tell Jess your news now."

Swiftly finishing the liquid in her glass, Jessica rinsed it and turned to greet the girls as they ran squealing towards her.

"Daddy got us ponies!" " ...and swords" " ...and we're going to go see Uncle Wolf" Then together they blurted out, "...and we have TWO Daddies!"

Sweeping both girls up in her arms, she swung them around as she exclaimed, "Ponies and swords!"

"And two Daddies!" the girls cried again.

She set them back down and looked into their faces. Everyone knew Erik couldn't possibly be the twins father, but no one had dared ask who was either. With her red hair and blue eyes, Annika looked just like her mother. Brianna, on the other hand, had dark hair and clear green eyes. Thinking for a moment, she looked up at Magan and stated, "the Hunter?", receiving a nod as a reply. "Does he know?"

"Of course, he's come to see them a few times; they haven't asked who he is yet – though I think that's going to change when he gets here in a few days. The three of us figured we would wait till they were ready for school before we told them." Turning her attention back to the children, Magan shooed them towards the door, telling them that they needed to get back to their own quarters.

After they left, Jessica headed back to change into something a little more conservative. As she caught sight of her reflection in the mirror, she mused on how her hair had been the bane of her existence during her human life. Daddy had hated it for some reason, yet he had married her mother and she had hair the same color. At a young age she had realized that she couldn't seem to ever do any thing to please him. Then, when Eden was born, he almost went through the roof in anger. It had been a difficult pregnancy for her momma, and when it became apparent there weren't going to be any more children the abuse had gotten worse; that was when he began using the belt regularly. Instead of breaking her spirit though, it had made her quietly rebellious. That was why she had snuck out to that party on the night she had died and been made vampire. In retrospect, she wondered if it was because of her hair color that the vampires had seized her. Among them, the color was average. Many of the older female vampires had red hair. In fact, among the Ancients she had only met one who didn't have it. Even Magan, slated to become vampire after the twins were grown, had red hair.

She caught sight of the clock then and realized she needed to get moving. Swiftly she redressed, and then headed down to F2.

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