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Over all, tonight was turning out to be fairly boring Jessica thought. As club manager she was entitled to use Erik's throne, and use it she did - it was much easier to keep an eye on the floor from the raised platform. Surveying the room again, she caught a flash of red hair out of the corner of her eye. A large vampire she had never seen before sat possessively next to a teen girl, the Southern accent evident in his voice as he spoke to one of his companions. Focusing on the owner of the hair, she realized it was a human girl; a girl who looked very familiar. Shock flooded her body, and as the blood tears began, she made her way swiftly through the back employee door.

Once she was out of sight, she leaned against the wall shaking. As the tears fell faster she thought "Why Eden, why?". Doing some quick metal calculations she realized her sister was 17, the same age as she herself had been when she was taken. Gathering her resolve, she made her way into the office to wash the blood from her face and fix her makeup. After a short internal debate, she called Magan and informed her on the situation.

"What do you want to do?" Magan asked her.

Without even pausing she answered, "I want to get her away from him."

"Very well, summon him and bring them before Erik and I. We'll be in our usual spot in Valhalla." Jessica smiled to herself, thinking of course they would be in the most elite club in the complex. Magan continued, " I know she is your sister, but you need to act aloof in order for us to act in the most resourceful manner."

"I can do it, for my sister I can." she replied.

Making her way toward the club, Jessica straightened her back, regally walked through the door and across the floor before settling herself back on the throne. Gazing around the room again, she allowed it to end on the strange vampire. His back was toward her, so she summoned Dominick to fetch him. Watching Dom carry out her instructions, she noted her sisters' captor seemed slightly confused and mildly annoyed as he made his way toward her with Eden trailing behind him.

With a short bow, the tall vampire introduced himself, "I am Caleb".

Ignoring the stranger, Jessica instead watched Eden, knowing immediately when her sister recognized her sitting on the throne in a vampire club. Hesitantly, Eden whispered, "Jessica? Is that you? What happened?"

Ignoring Eden, Jessica returned her gaze to Caleb. Dryly she raised an eyebrow and queried, "Caleb ... ?"

He had glanced back at Eden, but returned his attention to Jessica when she began speaking. "Caleb Greenstone, at your service."

Jessica silently, slowly looked him up and down. Rising from the throne, she informed him, "Erik Northman wishes to speak to you. Follow me." Without looking back, she headed for the exit, confident that Caleb would follow behind.

Stepping into the elevator, Jessica inserted her key and pushed the button for the restricted floor. Channelling her old friend Pam, she tapped her finger against her leg while keeping a disinterested look on her face. On the reflective surfaces of the elevator, she watched Eden nervously looking all around the small space. Caleb was also trying to appear bored, but she caught him repeatedly darting glances at her back. When the doors opened into the ornate hallway, she led them directly across to the entrance to Valhalla. Despite the exclusivity of the club, there still was a short line waiting entree. Yet when she approached the doorway, Spencer smiled fangily at her and allowed her instant access. "I hear congratulations are in order." he commented.

Staring blankly at him for a moment, she remembered her promotion and thanked him before heading off to the semi-private alcove Erik used when publicly ruling his area. Approaching quietly, she waited for Erik to acknowledge her presence. When he did, she stepped to the side and announced, "This is Caleb Greenstone, Master." Inside she was laughing, knowing Erik would be doing the same at the formal address she was required to use with him in public. Keeping her head bowed, she watched the scene unfold before her.

Erik stared at Caleb, raking his eyes over him in a display of dominance, and then glancing back at Eden as if it were an afterthought. " I see ..." he said thoughtfully in his deep smooth voice, "so how is my progeny doing?"

Caleb was visibly confused and startled, "your ... progeny?" he repeated in a bid to stall.

"Yes, the Sherriff of area 5 in Louisiana based out of Shreveport. You did present yourself to her when you were there ... Didn't you?" he asked dangerously.

"Ahh … yes, I did. Aaahhem … you are referring to Pamela Swynford De Beaufort. I presented myself the first night I arrived." Caleb informed Erik - looking relived, yet wary.

Languidly, Erik allowed his voice to pounce, "So she knows you left her area with a protected human - an under aged, protected human?"

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