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Rating: M – This story will contain course language, suggestive situations, descriptive violence, and sexual situations.

Ship: Harry/Hermione/Multi & Neville/Hannah/Multi

Genre(s): Action/Romance/Erotic/Comedy/Horror/Sci-Fi/Myth-Folklore

Summary: After the murder of his best friend by people he thought were his family, and learning how messed up the world became because of one man's mistake, Harry spends years trying to find a way to undo what was done. Unknown at the time, he would watch from the sidelines as the human race not only destroyed its home planet, but later itself as it wandered through space, with him never being able to die. He becomes the last human being in existence (living so long that its only heard of in relation to gods and spirits) always searching for a way to undo the past, but also wishing for death to finally claim him if/so he can be with his true friends again since he has yet to find a way. After living for nearly 20 millenniums, he finds the answer and returns to when the events of the magical world would condemn Earth and all its races to oblivion.


Okay, I wasn't one to normally give up a general description normally when I wrote previously. Based upon several of the stories I've been following lately, well at least the incomplete ones, I've found having a decent summary of at least the beginning and premise of the story are a good thing to have at the start. On top of that, the idea for this story has come due to a culmination of a bunch of other story challenges, and some of the writers' stories who followed those challenges.

In regards to the challenges specifically, my main ideas came from a mix of the reptilla28's "Tabula Rasa", Dark Dragen's (formerly Ranger Dragan if I remember correctly) "Slave Challenge", and several from Paladeus' forums and one specifically from his collection of one-shots called "Into the Rabbit Hole".

Next is the pointing out of the challenge bits that I accepted. From reptilla28's, it's the notion of "waking up in Death's office." While I won't say it's "Death's Office," the idea of meeting someone upon "Death" is in here. That will be the only part of that challenge used.

From Dark Dragen's "Slave Challenge" there are several points that I took into account. Harry finding himself with "slaves," done; The slaves must be girls, done; Dumbledore has to be a right bastard, done; Weasley's have to be bashed, mostly done (as cliché as the idea is, it holds merit, but there are some who can be decent.) For the rest of the parts of the challenge, I don't use them, at least not in the context of how they are laid out. The parts that are used, specifically: Harry's magic being bound, Harry inheriting an island in the Atlantic, and Harry being defrauded out of his inheritance. These three actually tie in with some of the ideas from Paladeus' challenges for me so while the concept is used, it won't be in the same context. One particular aspect of Dark Dragen's challenge though that will not be used is "Harry can be brutal with his slaves." I will admit there will be a scene of something like this, but A) It won't be Harry and B) The person involved will get their comeuppance.

Now for the points from Paladeus' challenges as his are the more voluminous. First is from his one shot "Harry Potter and The Only Thing" for which this story is named. Taken from that idea is Time Travel by use of the Hallows as well as a partial scene he made that starts that story off. It won't be exact, but the general idea shall be used. Also, it will set the 'stage' so to speak for the use of the Hallows, though not as sudden, and just like that story, will only be Cannon Compliant for the beginning time frame.

Following that specific challenge, I've taken points from Challenges 4, 6, and 10 from his forums. I won't point out which ideas as they are plot points and you'll find out later. If you're curious you can go read them.

As to the stories I've taken some inspiration from, I have to give major props to these writers as they have all come up with some astounding and fantastic stories. The major ones that I remember are Driftwood1965, Phoenix Dawn, Dragon-Raptor, robst, muggledad, and Radaslab. Each of these authors' has specific stories that have lead to ideas that I've been formulating or have had. I'll probably end up listing the stories themselves as stories of interest per chapter, but I'm giving them their credit where it's due up front. I will point out now however that I am not taking credit for their creations and that while I will try and make my own story unique, there is probably going to be obvious similarities that show up.

Also, there are several other authors out there that have their own stories as well that I remember being inspiration, however at this time, I can't remember who they are, or what the name of the story was. So if I use something by you (if you should read this story) I apologize in advance as I do not remember you or your story specifically. Same goes for anyone who reads this and

Now, onto some very detail oriented specifics that need to be explained prior to the actual story. First and foremost, I got these specifics from Radaslab's Harem Wars, and try as I might to find a different description, I find myself falling short.

First is the idea of Harry having a sister. While in Harem Wars, Clarice (and I have to point out that the name fits too damn well even after having read several other sister fics, so many kudos to Radaslab for the OC) is a minor character used for a plot point, he uses her as a main character in his 30 Minutes series. I shall be utilizing her as a major character in my story as well; however, I'll only be using the name and general physical description for her (minus the Jameson family used in the three fics he uses them in currently.)

Second is the idea of what would be 'fem slash,' Radaslab had an excellent idea of how to explain it, and while his idea is phenomenal, I'm going to try expand/add onto it a bit to tie it in with my story.

And finally, the things that make Harem Wars what it is are the notions of Magical Guardian, Marriage, and Concubines. While I won't be making my story as solely focus on the aspects of a very corrupt and male dominated society, the concepts he has fits with my idea. So, as in Harem War's first chapter, I'll lay out my interpretations and variations here so you won't be blindsided by them and so you won't have to work through the story in various degree's to figure them out. As a side note though, some of these notions do have to be explained in the story so when they come up, so don't be too surprised if they have to go into more detail.

MAGICAL GUARDIAN: Always a wizard. A magical guardian is responsible for the life of his ward(s) up until they are 17 for boys and no later than 21 for girls. His responsibilities by law are he is supposed to see to it that they understand the traditions and nature of the society they are currently living in. This includes all notions of contracts, bonds, marriage, and inheritance. A Magical Guardian is always the father of the child, so long as they are a wizard. If the father is not a wizard, the role falls to the head of the Legislative Body of the government to determine a suitable candidate for the child. Should the magical father of a child die before the child comes of age, Magical Guardianship shall be determined first via closest male kinship, starting with whoever the ward(s) Head of House should be, for immediate guardianship and then via their Last Will and Testament for final guardianship. Because of this situation, all magical fathers are required by law to fill out a will and in a specific section, designate who the Magical Guardian should be should their spouse survive them. Unless the Magical Guardian is designated as the Primary Guardian of a ward(s) in a will should both parents pass on, they have no say in how or where the ward(s) should live or be raised. Should a Magical Guardian fail to follow the law in any way, except when the Magical Guardian is the father of the ward(s), will result in the immediate removal as the Magical Guardian of the ward(s). Additional reprisals will follow depending on the disparity of education of their ward.

Marriage: Any legal form of the reciprocal bonding between a man and the woman to become a wife. Accepted forms of marriage are those formed via contracts, standard 'at law' ceremonies, or via the formation of a magical bonding between the two parties. Marriage is intended to be permanent but those done via contract can be annulled or dissolved based on the parameters of the contract, or should a magical bond form with someone else of at least the same strength as the contract. Such breaks can no longer be obtained should the development of a magical bond form. Marriages done 'at law' can result in divorce for the same reasons as

Marriage at Law/Contracted Marriage: A form of marriage designated by contract or an 'at law' ceremony between two individuals. Contracted Marriages are agreed upon between the two individuals and the fathers and/or the Primary Guardians of those involved. If the contract is between two minors, the agreement is based solely between the fathers and/or the Primary Guardians of the two minors. Neither form is a magical bond recognized as marriage, nor is magic involved in it, outside of what is used to make the contract for the Contracted Marriage. Either form can evolve, however, into a magical bond between the two contracted individuals if and only if their feelings are true and free of outside influence of any form. A Contracted Marriage is the preferred method by 'Pureblood' families.

Consort Bond(s): The absolute strongest form of recognized magical marriage between a man and woman. The consort bond is derived from both love and the submission of the two individuals to each other. The formation of such a bond is initiated solely by a witch free from all forms of outside influence and must be accepted by the wizard who must also be free from all outside influence. A witch will then become a consort, and also recognized as a wife, when the rite is completed between the couple. The rite itself is sexual in nature and, once formed, will invalidate any and all existing unfulfilled contracts without penalty to the individuals involved in forming the Consort Bond. Once formed, this bond is unbreakable by any known means. Also, the bond suppresses certain aspects of free will between bonded. A witch will no longer desire any other man in any sexual way; however, for the man, they can still be attracted to another witch, but cannot pursue or be involved with them without the knowledge and absolute consent of his consort. Based upon the consent of the consort, the bond is not exclusive, meaning it can be formed multiple times if the consort, any additional Consorts (should there be any), the wizard involved, and the intended consort all meet the mutual subjugation and love to each other. This is only possible between a man and multiple women. A single woman cannot form multiple Consort bonds with multiple men.

Concubine Bond(s): A magical bond between a witch and the wizard she is bound to. A concubine bond is not recognized as a form of marriage. For all intents and purposes, a concubine is the slave of the wizard. The only way a Concubine Bond can be formed if the witch in question owes the wizard a form of debt (usually a Life Debt or a Debt of Honor) that is called in by the wizard. It is called in only when the witch in question and the wizard are both in understanding that the witch will have no way of repaying the debt in one form or another, and that by becoming a concubine will also become a ward of the wizard. The rite to create the bond is also a sexual rite in which the wizard must give the witch the commands on the acts. This is to create the submissive nature of the bond in which the witch will only be able to do as much as her wizard will allow her.

This bond is permanent and cannot be broken by any known means, only transferred to another wizard, however, the bond itself can evolve further into a Consort Bond should the steps to reach the Consort Bond be allowed and met by both the Concubine and the wizard.

Love Bonds: A magical bond between a man and woman that is recognized as a form of marriage. Love bonds have two specific types of progressions that they can go through.

First is the progression from a Contracted Marriage or a Marriage at Law. While not a magical bond to begin with, a witch as a wife in either of the noted forms can form a love bond with the wizard they are married to so long as it is formed free of any influence. Should this happen, the bond between them shall become permanent insofar as the love remains and is free from any influence. Also, this bond can form between two people even if one of them is not part of the initial marriage. Should this happen, and the individual involved in the initial marriage has no feelings free from influence for the other involved in the marriage, the marriage is voided immediately by magic and the individual who does not have the bond is subject to any penalties, in the case of Contracted Marriages, regarding the break. If there are feelings free from influence still for the initial marriaged individual, the individual who formed the love bond can either then seek annulment then settle any penalties between them and the other individual, or, if they are a wizard, can seek to form at least a love bond between himself and his contracted spouse. Should that fail to happen, an annulment is immediate and neither individual shall be subject to the penalties of a contract should that be their form of marriage. From this point, a love bond can later evolve further into a Consort Bond should the perquisites be met for such a bond.

The other progression is for a Concubine in which there are two stages. The first is that the witch must develop feelings for her master free from any influence, including that of the Concubine Bond itself. This will elevated a concubine to a 'wife' status, but is not permanent and can regress back to the normal Concubine Bond. The final stage is the progression to that of Consort, but with an additional perquisite necessary to break the submissiveness created by the Concubine Bond, and that is the Concubine bearing her wizard a child.


And with those somewhat lengthy descriptions, I will again point out I will have to describe them again later to the characters of the story.

Also, I will remind readers that this story is rated M for a reason, most of which are listed above. I will try and make it abundantly clear at the start of a chapter when the contents of it will be in the M rating and also, IF YOU AREN'T OLD ENOUGH STOP NOW!

So, with that said, I hope you enjoy the story.