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Title: Living For The Day After Tomorrow
Rating: T
Genre: Romance/Drama/Humor
Pairing: US x UK (Alfred x Arthur)


England stood in the middle of his magic circle inside his basement. It has been a while since he last performed magic and this time, he wanted to try something different. It was a summoning spell used to summon beings of a higher level and make them do your bidding. No, this wasn't on of England's plans to re-establish the power of his nation over the world. It wasn't anything like that...Well, maybe?

"Okay, so this thing goes here and that thing goes there...perfect!" He said, adjusting the candles and magic stuff.

"E-england, are you s-sure about this?" Flying Mint Bunny (FMB) asked, worry evident in her voice.

"Why of course! Although I haven't tried this spell before, it will work (I think). (Maybe) Nothing bad bad will happen to us!"

"I-if you say so." I have a bad feeling about this.

"Well then, let's get started!"

England concentrated on gathering his magic powers. He did his best to direct his energy to the magic circle beneath him. It also took him a lot of willpower to stop thinking that a certain country would pop his head out of the magic circle, just like what happened last time. Soon, the magic circle glowed. The light became brighter and glowed an array of colors. The place was now prepared so he spread out his arms and began to chant the spell.

" Fire, Earth, Wind and Water

The ground began to shake and four gems materialized in the four directions. North of the circle was a green gem covered in vines, flowers and earthy materials that came from the ground. On the west, a blue gem was held up by a fountain of water. It was at the same height as the green gem and like the green gem, the water came from ground. South of the circle was a bright red gem held up by a fountain of fire, just like the water gem. Lastly, on the east was a pale blue-green gem. It was so pale that it was almost white. It was held up by a mini-tornado that, like the other gems, came from the ground.

I call upon thee, lend me thy power

The ground shook even more and England was doing his best to concentrate on the spell. Sweat was beginning to form on his forehead. The four gems glowed blindingly bright and shot rays that connected to each other, forming a square of energy within the circle. It created a square ray of light shooting upwards, past the ceiling of the basement and into the heavens and downwards, past the ground he was stepping on.

Open the gates between
Order and Discord

A thunder louder than normal echoed throughout the sky. The ground was starting to shake violently. One side of the square of energy reflected an array of colors, as if each color was battling one another yet never mixing to form a new color.

Summer and Winter

Another loud thunder cracked through the sky. The next side of the square was a mixture of light and warmth fighting against the frost that was threatening to take over that side of the square.

Light and Dark

The sound of thunder was threatening to turn the nation deaf. His knees were evidently wobbling due to the shaking. England was beginning to draw heavy breaths. However, he still pushed himself as one side of the square began the battle between light and dark.

Holy and Unholy

The ground shook hard as the last of the thunders reverberated throughout the room. England was doing his best not to loose his footing. He heard the chandelier from the living room collapse to the ground. His energy was slowly slipping away and yet he still pushed through, wanting to finish the spell before he accidentally does let hell loose upon the earth. The final panel contained demons locked behind a veil of light. Some of their hands were able to push through but the veil would soon cut their hand, trying to keep all of the demons contained.

I call upon the one so powerful
To do my bidding
And so it shall be!"

The ground shook so hard that made England kneel. Electrical currents sparked to life around the magic circle. Soon, there was a bright light coming from above. England looked up and saw a portal opening up. A pair of hands gripped the side of the portal. The electrical currents kept on hitting it but the hands never moved away. Instead, it looked like it was pulling the owner of the hands out of the portal and soon, there emerged the thing he had summoned.

The thing was apparently female. She had ebony black hair that was short and straight at the back and extremely long and curly at the front. Her skin porcelain white and had a nice figure. Her right hand sported a pure white nail polish and her right arm was adorned with silver bangles and bracelets. Her left hand was the opposite, sporting a soulless black nail polish and her left arm was adorned with gold bangles and bracelets. Her gown looked like that of a Greek goddess, with a golden belt. The gown was clear white at the top and darker than black at the bottom. Her ears were pointed and had dangling earrings, gold on the right and silver on the left. Her ankles also had bangles, silver on the right and gold at the left. Then her eyes opened abruptly and wings sprouted behind her back. Her eyes were mismatched, blue on the right and red at the left. However, the most strange thing was that her wings were also mismatched. Her right wing was black, darker than all of the black anyone had seen while her left wing was the purest of white, as if a single touch would taint it. Then, she spoke.

"I am the one they call Maria, the one who keeps the balance of the universe. What is the wish of the one who summoned me?"

Dumbfounded by the appearance of the most powerful creature in front of him, England told her the thing he had always wanted.


"Your contract had been made, and so it shall be granted."

Then, everything was washed over with white light...

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