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The summer after senior year had been...well, absolute hell. Kurt had decided last minute to go to Juilliard, in New York City. While Burt was happy for his son to be attending such a prestigious institute, he was less than thrilled to have to rearrange plans in order to move him in at the last minute.

There was also the issue of Blaine. The raven-haired boy had decided to attend a local community college while he figured out what he wanted to do with his life. He knew he'd transfer somewhere eventually, but the countertenor just couldn't believe that his boyfriend could be so...unmotivated. After Kurt's decision to move to New York was made, there was a long, tearful discussion of what was to come...ending with the blue-eyed boy breaking things off and storming out. He'd cried for days afterwards and refused to talk to anyone about it, avoiding all of his McKinley friends, save for Mercedes. There was very little contact between the two boys, if any at all.

Rachel was extremely happy when she heard that Kurt was at Juilliard. She immediately texted him to meet for a coffee and made it to the small shop named Coffee Culture within minutes. She ordered herself a latte and a medium drip for her best friend in senior year, though she hadn't talked to him much in the past month or so. She waited in line, excited to see Kurt once again.

The countertenor strolled through the doors of Coffee Culture, head held high. He was finally at Juilliard, amongst people who would appreciate his talent and give him motivation to look and be his very best at all times. It was thrilling and just the sort of environment that he needed. He spotted Rachel from across the room, and his face broke into a huge smile. "Well well, Rachel Berry, fancy meeting you here," he teased, opening his arms to give her a hug.

Rachel smiled as she was enveloped in his arms. "Kurt Hummel. I'm so happy your at Juilliard. Seriously, this is the only school that can handle our talent. How was the move here?" she asked, as the coffee girl called out her order. She took Kurt's hand and pulled him towards the end, grabbing her own latte and then handing him his medium drip. "This was your favorite coffee, right?"

"Yes, still is." Kurt took a sip. "Perfection in liquid form," he sighed happily as they moved towards a table. He sat down gracefully and crossed his legs. "Moving was…hectic. My dad wasn't really thrilled with the last minute change of schools, but I knew I had to be here. And getting all my clothes and accessories here? Hell. He almost refused to let me hire a moving van. It took several trips to get it all into my room in one piece. I have yet to meet my roommate, his stuff was already in the room though, so I know he exists." He shrugged and took another long drink from his cup. "How are things going here for you?"

"I didn't think one moving van would hold all your stuff, Kurt!" The brunette girl giggled. "Things are going fantastic for me! I love Juilliard. It is the perfect school for me. I have a two roommates who appear nice, but we'll have to see how they feel once they discover my multiple talents," she said, lifting her chin up in a haughty manner. "Oh, you know what's funny? I ran into Mr. Schuester a couple weeks ago. Nationals were here again...Also, I've become better friends with Sam. I'm so happy to have you here though, Kurt!" Rachel told him, taking a sip of her latte right after.

"Mr. Schue was around here?" Kurt laughed. "Was he still wearing a vest?" He set down his cup on the table. "Sam's here too? I didn't realize so many McKinley kids had the grades and the ambition to go here…" he mussed, fingers toying with the paper collar around his hot coffee.

"He actually was! I wanted to call him out on it when I saw him," Rachel laughed. "You would be surprised, there's actually a few McKinley kids here on campus. Last I heard, Quinn was Sam, you, and I. I'm just glad to have other kids from high school here. It's quite nice to have familiar faces around. What courses are you taking?" she asked curiously, taking another drink from her cup.

"So many New Directions…" his eyes widened. "As for me, I have a pretty full schedule. I'm double majoring in Vocal Arts and Actor Training," he said nonchalantly. "I assume you're on a similar track? After all, your end goal was always Broadway, wasn't it?"

"Yes, my goal remains to become a famous Broadway actress. I do believe, Mr. Hummel, we are in most of the same courses. We'll be seeing each other quite a bit. I hope you don't get too sick of me...Well, you dealt with my diva acts in high school, so I'm sure you can still handle me now!" Rachel joked.

"I look forward to your competition," Kurt smirked at her. "And we both know that this friendship is equal parts diva from each of us, so I'm not too worried. Besides, we're both obviously going straight to the top of the class, so we've got to have each other's backs. This place is going to be much more dramatic than Lima, Ohio…"

"Of course it's more dramatic! I guess that's why I love it so much! I do have to say, being at the top of the class is wonderful, but it will be even better to have my best friend join me," Rachel told him, as she finished her latte quicker than she thought. "So, I haven't heard much from you since earlier in the summer. Are you and Blaine still together?" she asked, hoping it was not too touchy of a subject, as she had heard a tiny bit from Mercedes.

Kurt's face dropped slightly, but he covered it up quickly. "Well…Blaine and I…we're…trying to…figure things out," he replied carefully after a moment of consideration. "With him at a community college in Ohio, and me going to Juilliard…We're just…taking some time off, I guess. He says he's only going to be there temporarily, while he figures out where he really wants to go, but…he's so far away. So I broke- WE decided that maybe a little time apart would be best." His face looked pained and he gulped down the rest of his coffee, though the flavor would always remind him of Blaine.

"Oh...I'm sorry to have brought it up," Rachel bit her lip and looked at her watch. "I hate to leave you after this, but I have a meeting scheduled with one of our professors soon, and I need to make myself look more presentable. I shall talk to you soon though, alright?" She stood and waited with her arms outstretched for another hug.

Kurt's smile was strained, his thoughts still on the raven-haired boy. "Of course. It's always a pleasure seeing you, Rachel. I guess I should probably go and meet my new roommate...hopefully he's a lot cleaner than Finn." He embraced her and then watched as she hurried out the door of the coffee shop, sighing.

Kurt made his way back to his room. He had some serious re-organizing to do in his closet, to try and cheer him up after discussing the Blaine situation with Rachel. Not to mention possibly meeting his roommate, though he wasn't much looking forward to it. Even though he was at Juilliard, with his luck, he'd probably end up with the only homophobe in school. He sighed, casually brushing his bangs out of his eyes as he unlocked the door. Kurt stopped dead in his tracks.

The other boy in the room looked up at the sound of the door opening, his hands frozen on some of Kurt's wardrobe. "Oh, hello there. I was wondering who my new fashionista roomie was," he smiled nervously. Kurt raised an eyebrow at him.

"Is this normally how you make friends? By pawing through their belongings?" he asked, though not in an unkind manner. He didn't want to scare the kid off just yet with his haughty primadonna attitude just yet. They did have to live together after all.

"No, not usually. I tend to dance my way into people's hearts, or so I've been told," the boy answered with a delighted laugh. He moved towards Kurt, his hand outstretched. "I'm Sebastian, Sebastian Barret. Friends call me Seb."

"Kurt Hummel," he replied softly, returning the handshake. He looked his new roommate up and down, trying to figure out exactly who he reminded him of. It hit him suddenly. Wow. Seb was practically a Logan Lerman stunt double. "See anything you like?" Kurt asked, gesturing vaguely to his clothes.

Sebastian glanced at the clothes, but returned his gaze to the countertenor and smiled at him again. "Definitely."

Kurt blinked. Was he…flirting with him? "So, tell me about yourself, Seb," the blue-eyed boy said, moving to unpack his sheets and make his bed.

"Hmm, what is there to tell? I'm originally from Rhode Island. I'm an only child. My parents got divorced when I was five, so I've been living with my dad the majority of my life. I'm majoring in Dance, but minoring in Voice. I'm gay. My favorite colors are blue and yellow. And I am addicted to mint-flavored things," Sebastian threw out the series of facts about himself nonchalantly, flopping down onto his own bed.

"Oh. Wow. Lots of information at once," Kurt commented lightly, processing everything. "Wait…you're gay?" His eyes widened and the fitted sheet he was trying to stretch out across his bed snapped back at him.

"Here, let me give you a hand with that," Seb said with a quiet laugh, getting up. They quickly got the sheet on and finished making up the rest of the bed. "Yeah, I'm gay. I usually throw that out there right away, because some people are uncomfortable with it. But I don't like hiding who I really am, you know?" he commented. "You…you don't have an issue with it, do you?" The boy bit his lip, his worried eyes searching Kurt's face.

"Oh, I…no. No, not at all. I mean, I'm gay too," the countertenor told him.

Seb grinned. "I had the feeling when I saw all of this," he gestured to the seemingly endless amount of clothes in the room. Kurt's face finally broke into a small smile as well. "I'm glad that we won't have any awkward homophobic drama."

"It's definitely a refreshing change," Kurt replied, still smiling.