Dearest darling readers of "Things I Left Unsaid",

Due to circumstances beyond my immediate control, I am going to have to take down the story from FFnet. I am deeply sorry about this, but my previous co-conspirator for the story (my Blaine RPer) has decided that since he is no longer contributing to the story, he would like all previous writing work of his to be removed.

But fear not! I have decided to use this opportunity to transform the fic, putting much more of the focus on my Samastian storyline (the couple most readers appear to love most anyways), and reworking the current chapters into a new form, with all of my own writing (minus the small bit of my original Sam RPer's work that occurs in earlier Samastian chapters).

So as it is, in about a week (which hopefully gives everyone enough time to read this message), I will be deleting this copy of the story, and beginning to repost, one chapter at a time (when I have time to edit and write), a new fanfiction, under the same name.

TILU is not lost for good! I will make this happen, for you readers that continue to enjoy the story.

I have loved reading each and every single one of your comments on the story, here and on Tumblr, and I hope that you will follow along to the revamped story and continue to leave me your lovely thoughts!

Feel free to visit my page on Tumblr to check in with me about updates (lionphantom is my username), and happy reading! :)

Love, Phantom*