"In My Dreams"

Rated T for sexuality and humor (in Soiree's part)

Summary: Takes place in the KOF: 2006 world, Alba is missing a certain butterfly so bad. So Soiree tries to cheer his brother up...by bringing her over here. Can love conquer all?

Pairing: Alba Meira x Luise Meyrink (because no one give this couple love on their fanfictions, I swear...)

Disclaimer: I don't own the King of Fighters series. I decided to start with a poem that starts with the story.

"In My Dreams"

When you entered my life
My world was changed forever
If you showed me the future
I would change it altogether

Your beautiful face, your pretty hair
Is running through my mind
No matter how much you hate to admit it
It's never a stone cold lie

I would hold you if you are lonely
Yet you can respond soon
I'll be there with a presence
That would never forget you

Your kiss feels like candy rain
An embrace with such class
My heart will die with your love
And blood of my shattered glass

Because In my dreams-it's still the same
Your love is strong, it still remains
In my dreams-you're still by me
Just the way it used to be

The last line of this poem is based on a Dokken song from 1985. It's actually an entertaining song once you feel the energy. I promise the full entire fic in the next chapter! Read and Review everyone!