"In My Dreams"

Rated T for sexuality and humor (in Soiree's part)

Summary: Takes place in the KOF: 2006 world, Alba is missing a certain butterfly so bad. So Soiree tries to cheer his brother up...by bringing her over here. Can love conquer all?

Pairing: Alba Meira x Luise Meyrink

Disclaimer: I don't own the characters or the King of Fighters series at all, period. I frequently apologize for the horrible long wait and such, but I was too busy writing fics for the Total Drama series that I barely, yet hardly had anytime to work on this for sometime. So this story is finally off of hiatus, thank god! Here it is!

Chapter 3

There seemed to be a man standing all across the four corners of the ring. It wasn't a surprise since it seemed to be Alba wearing nothing but black pants, a white wife beater and his signature red sunglasses. Just throwing air punches and air kicks in his own fighting style seemed to make clear of his own depressive guilt that he's been having lately. The kind of depressive guilt that Alba refused to show to his younger brother. The kind of guilt that Alba didn't want to be in.

So what better way to kill off that stressful guilt of his than to get a little workout done at the biggest hangout in all of SouthTown known as the Pao Pao Cafe? After all, it's where the rest of their fighters can improve their fighting ability or perhaps just for the fun of it, maybe just have a good clean fight just to entertain customers. But Alba was not here for a fight, he was just here to train himself a little bit.

He enjoyed some nice and quiet peace before the restaurant's owner Richard Myer came up and spoke with him.

"Wow, Alba. I'll tell you, it's been like a few hours and you've been sweaty enough as it is." Richard said with quite the chuckle to his face, "Are you sure you don't wanna take an ounce of rest or perhaps get something to eat? You look like you hardly ate anything at all."

"I'm fine, Richard. I don't want any sympathy." Alba replied to Richard as he threw more kicks with such aggressive power.

"Well, on the outside you act like you're fine, but I sense something wrong with you on the inside. Does this have to do something about a girl you've been seeing lately? After all, the rest of the females think you're attractive. And it's saying much." Richard smiled as he made Alba look right at several attractive women who were at the counter, just checking him out and maybe just hitting on him in their minds.

"I don't have any problems with anything. I just want to train in peace. This has nothing to do with you." Alba replied as he started to ignore the restaurant owner. But nothing was gonna ignore Richard for so long.

"Okay, if you really feel that way about the way you wanna act then..." Richard replied as he then stripped what was pretty much of his upper body and only wearing his slacks. He then got inside the ring and opposed Alba face-to-face with a smile, "Let's see if you have a problem now."

"You're not actually serious..." Alba responded with a blank look as he wasn't used to beating the crap of a restaurant owner.

"Only if you want it to, mon." Richard smiled once again as he began to move his feet around in Capoeira style, "Only if you really want it to."

In Alba's mind, Richard was really asking for it. Alba didn't want to involve his own problems with Richard. So if it was a fight Richard wanted, it was a fight that Richard got.

"Oh... I want it to!" Alba exclaimed as he stanced himself.

Without any caution, both Alba and Richard started to go right at each other in intense fashion. Richard started to tease Alba one at a time with his flying feet while Alba was playing the technical game of combat, just trying to counter every flying kick that was being thrown at him. This match pretty much lasted for a good five minutes. Somehow, this little training session before this fight started to take a toll out of Alba, but he wasn't gonna let Richard win that easily.

"You starting to wear out there, buddy?" Richard said as he was still pumped up from that sparring fight.

"No... I'm just getting started!" Alba exclaimed as he gestured for Richard to bring it on.

Richard threw out another flying kick while Alba managed to counter with a nice dragon sweep, but that forced Richard to evade the move with a nice cartwheel. He tried to go for a flying axe kick, but Alba managed to grab the foot of Richard yet again and then tripped him on the way down. Richard was really impressed that Alba can manage to hold himself on his own, despite being a little worn out. But how long could Alba keep Richard on his feet?

"Nice one. Hard to believe a sweaty guy like you can keep yourself standing right on your own two feet." Richard smiled once again, just impressed of how good Alba was looking. He looked a bit sweaty, but he didn't mind one bit.

"Yeah. What are you waiting for. Come and show-" Alba replied, but shockingly, he just gasped in surprised of what he was now looking at from his point of view.

With the gleam of his glasses, Alba set his eyesight right and was suddenly shocked at what he was seeing. It wasn't just any image...

...it was an image of Luise Meyrink herself. Just replacing Richard Myer in his place. Somehow, Alba suddenly stopped himself. He was just lost for words of that beautiful image.

This couldn't be real to Alba. There was actually no way that Luise could be here for real. She was far away from him and Alba knew it firsthand. But he didn't care if it was real or not. To him, he was actually imagining that Luise was actually here. Alba certainly didn't want to fight her. He was at a sudden loss for words right now as he could hear her voice just ringing in his head.

"Alba..." Luise echoed in his own little mind. Alba tried to get the voice to shake off, but it just wasn't doing him much good to begin with. Just seeing her image and her precious voice go through him like melodious waves of sound reached to his heart. There was a lot of certain evidence in his mind that he couldn't stop thinking about her. He really felt something for her the same way that Luise had felt something from him.

Alba became lost in his own little dream world before Luise's voice suddenly turned into Richard's.

"Alba!" Richard exclaimed as the so-called Devil of Daybreak finally came to his senses. As Alba shook it off, Richard spoke to him again, "Alba, are you alright? You look like you don't feel good."

"Oh, um... I'm alright. Never better..." Alba said as he was losing his voice of reason, "I... I gotta get going now..."

And then, Alba suddenly rushed out of the ring with a hesistant manner and took his towel with him, therefore just leaving the restaurant without giving Richard an explanation.

"Alba, where are you going?" Richard replied right to Alba, who was now nowhere to be seen, "I tell ya, I can't explain what is wrong with that man. It sure is dandy of Alba not telling me what's going on with his life..."

And then, there seemed to be a sound of a toilet plugging and flushing out of control. Mainly because it was coming from one of his workers.

"Boss, Rick plugged the toilet once again! The water's almost spreading to my knees!" One of Richard's employees said to him.

"Damn it... I always catch those fat chubby slobs slacking off at work..." Richard said to himself with a rolling of eyes as he left the ring and rushed right to the bathroom.

Wow, looks like Alba clearly ain't himself. Will he at least try to get Luise off his mind for a while, or will it be stuck there for the time being?

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