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Overview:- This story is inspired by racism, but this time instead of coloured skinned and white, this story is about 'tanned mice domination'! Basically the tanned mice, Throttle's colour in other words, think their fur colour is the superior colour and therefore they are a superior race.


Crystal Blue eyes appeared from behind fine, golden furred eyelids. The young, lithe boy stretched underneath his red quilt, his tail poking out of the side. Pushing the quilt off his body the boy turned to the window and noticed that it was still dark. A relieved smile crossed his face, his ears and antenna twitching listening for any movement.

Sighing in relieve as only snoring and the eerie sounds of the night reached his sensitive mouse ears. The boy, known as Throttle, yawned quietly as he padded over to the small bathroom. He set the sonic shower to silent and quickly cleaned himself, before returning to his room and dressing.

Once he was fully dressed, Throttle slipped into the kitchen, grabbing food from the fridge before slipping out into the street. He walked to the nearby Cliffside overlooking his small town and settled there waiting for the sun to rise.

He gasped at the breath-taking sight of the sun rising above the opposite cliffs, even though he had seen it before. The sun was so bright he had to turn away, rubbing his eyes before glancing carefully back at the mesmerising sight.

Looking down he realised the day had started, he knew by the time he reached the town it would be the start of school. Sliding down from his ledge he began the long arduous journey to the bottom. He easily negotiated the Cliffside, having travelled the same path every day for years.

As he approached the large school building, his heart was in his throat. He drew a deep breath before opening the door and walking to his class. Whispers and sneers followed him by the other gold-furred mice. Even the teachers blatantly stared as he passed. As he opened the door to his class, the students stilled and looked at him, whilst the strict looking mouse at the front sneered in distaste.

"Prince Thylek. Do I need ask why you are late? I hope your are not daydreaming about those disgusting peasants. Take your seat." Miss Girvan stated with a slightly hysterical voice. "Mr Hensley, please tell the Prince what he missed."

A large boy turned and glared at Throttle his red eyes displaying the hatred he had for the small boy. "We were talking about the peasants, Prince." He sneered at the title. "How they hide their true intentions behind false acts of kindness and justice." He stated.

"Any questions Prince?" Throttle shook his head at the ladies question, knowing full well what would happen if he had spoken. "Now then, since the Prince has been updated let us continue."

Throttle shuddered at the title, 'Prince'. He hated it. His father was the leader of this superiority rebellion, resulting in him being named 'King' of the tanned mice. Unfortunately Throttle inherited the title. Luckily for him, he had three older brothers, Chase, Gary and Axel. Chase was the oldest, he would be the one to become King and claim the responsibility.

"Class dismissed." Throttle jumped, realising he had missed the whole lesson. Not that it was important to him, the class and teachers ignored him because of his opinions, that is until lunch and after school.

Throttle learned that at lunch the class bullies would corner him stealing his money and lunch. He soon moved himself to a secluded place. He would hide in the back of the fields or wander the outskirts of the school so he was never in one place.

But after school was a different problem, all the kids left at the same time and through one place. Throttle had begged the teacher, asking to be allowed to leave earlier or later. He was told in not so many words 'that being beaten was good for experience and diversity'. The class bullies always forced him into the same alleyway and beat him until he was a bloody ball on the floor.

As he limped home, he sighed knowing the school had called to talk about the 'disgrace' that was his work. Throttle had a feeling his 'equality' essay didn't go down well with his language teacher. As he approached the large foreboding front door, it slid open with a creak. A mouse built like a tank, stared down at the small boy with crimson eyes, no compassion showing at Throttles bloody state.

"Son, I just finished talking to the headmaster. Do you want to tell me why you wrote that essay?" He asked. Throttle gulped saying nothing. "Apparently you wrote and I quote, 'There is no difference between colour and tan, we are all the same underneath.' What lies are these?"

"Their not lies." Throttle muttered.

"Silence. Get in the house and go to your room. I don't want to see you until dinner, do you hear me? You should be glad that is all the punishment your going to get. How the hell did I get a son like you? I never taught you to pity peasants and I sure never taught you that we are 'equal'." His dad snorted. "Get out of my sight."

Throttle quickly walked passed his dad, his ears twitching as his tail curled around his thigh. He didn't look up as he passed his brothers. Once he was out of sight he raced for his room and grabbed the first aid kit he had commandeered.

Throttle stewed in his humiliation and pain, scowling as his anger grew towards 'his' people. His eyes showed sadness and anger and his face blanked. He walked around his room and ordered things around. In his bag he put his stash of food and water along with two books. His decision was made, even if it killed him, he wouldn't stay here.

After an awkward dinner, where they all sat stiffly around Throttle, whilst he kept his head down. Throttle waited until dark before slipping out the back of the large building. He slipped stealthily from shadow to shadow before racing towards the mountain. He easily climbed the steep Cliffside and gulped with fear at the dark desert beyond. Glancing back, Throttle knew that the climb took at least half and hour, yet there was no sign anyone had bothered to look into his room.

Taking a deep breath Throttle turned his back and crossed over the top of the cliff and climbing down the other side.

As he reached the desert floor and began his life and death trip across the vast desert. If he had looked back he would have seen the tanned mice city glow as lights lit up.

Author note:- Again I must stress this does not encourage, support or represent my views on racism in any way. Please don't hate me. O.O No evil reviews PLLEEEASSSEE.

The idea is that tanned mice believe they are superior, but Throttle does not. Of course because his views go against theirs they hate him and as a result he is an outcast. However is he as hated as he believes he is?

Okay guys, I have finally written it down but now I need opinions, should I continue this or not?