Amazing Grace

Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound;

As piercing sirens blared throughout what seemed to be the world, two out of thousands looked at each other, stiff. Eyes that could not be described as anything other but wide, mortified, the brows pasted above them erect, a university professor and a pediatrician sat across from one another, their chopsticks in hand, lunch upon them, a table between. How the familiar sound, one that the two have surely heard before, how it could cause an angel and a devil to solidify, there was only one reason.

An earthquake.

Get down, were the words of a man, a man known as Kamijou. These words that could not be vocalized were a charade instead. Ever so slowly, chopsticks clacked onto the pine wooded table, socked feet shuffled like a mouse game, and two entities that were once divided now held tangled hands as they waited for the arrival of what was to come.

That saved a wretch like me;

What started as the lightest of tremors erupted into a tug-of-war challenge between the tectonic plates. From tangled hands to intertwined bodies, Heaven and Hell became one. As their kingdom came crashing down, their palace in soon-to-be ruins, the typhoon engulfed his land, drowning him in his constricting hold.

I once was lost, but now am found;

From a familiar sound to an alien's touch upon the ears, the man, birthed by a surname unknown, but later endowing the title of Kusama, held the life of his completion with arms that were surely made of steel. Echoing like fireworks with the countless blows of falling plates and shredding pages of novels, the sound that was not accustomed to untainted ears was the sound of a pending end.

The destruction of a roof's supports.

Washing away his casted land, the typhoon allowed his waves to capture the face of his beaten Earth, rivers flowing from oceans of hazel present. Lips of liquid parting like the sea, wisps of frantic words shot out like a rip tide, an angel's melody was proclaimed.

"Hiro-san! I love you!"

As even devil's do cry, diamonds splurged from their dormancy, adorning hidden legs with their illuminating beauty. Fire melting ice with a sizzling touch, a touch of caressing passion, a scream shattered throughout the volume of everything.

"Nowaki, I-!"

Was blind, but now I see.

Alright, I must explain this.

My poetic side took over in this one. If you were having any trouble understanding what was going on, please, just ask!

I think we can all understand what was happening, though. An earthquake. Oh, but not any earthquake ... it was the earthquake that Japan had suffered from just over a month ago, and is still tormented by with severe after shocks.

This fanfiction was my dedication to Japan, for I had been wanting to show my sorrow in some function of a way for a while now ...

Thank you for taking the time to read. Arigatou gozaimasu.

- Chappy.