Bleach Shippūden prologue : Yamamoto's Assassin, Attack of the Tailed Beast.

(A/N: this idea was inspired by conversation of Naruto vs Bleach on the web and me being a fan of both series and not to mention reading fan fiction of my Friend draconichero20 , i figure that i write a crossover like series of these two animes and make a neutral series called Bleach Shippūden ,the storyline crosses over shortly after the Arrancar Invasion between EP 117 to 125 of Bleach and at the very beginning of Naruto Shippūden ,it's sort of a AU fanfic.)

Disclaimer: I do not own Bleach or Naruto.

Friday September 7,2001 6:30 P.M. Soul Society, Bleachverse.

3rd Person pov

The Soul Society has recovered from a series of incidents that happened within a period of the last month. Sōsuke Aizen ,Gin Ichimaru and Kaname Tōusen defected from the Soul Society after revealing to massacring Central 46 and stealing the Hōgyoku Kisuke planted in Rukia's body hoping the Sōkyoku would destroy the Hōgyoku implanted within her.

The events that lead to the recent chaos started on Friday May 11, 2001 7:00 P.M. when a 15-year-old student of Karakura Highschool Ichigo Kurosaki was attacked by a Hollow and Rukia Kuchiki was seriously injured in a fight , it was that moment Rukia lent Ichigo Shinigami powers. For the next month , Ichigo took over the duties of fighting Hollows while Rukia's powers recovered unaware she was given a Reishi suppressing Gigal by Kisuke which had the deactivated Hoyguku within it . On Sunday ,June 17,2001 Ichigo and Rukia were found out by 20th seat Saido about what occurred with Rukia however Ichigo saves him from Grand Fisher as well as Rukia so Sadio looked the other way ,however one month later during Ichigo's competition with Uryu over Hollow Slaying, a Menos Grande attacked Karakura Town which Ichigo successfully fended off , however Renji Abarai and Byakuya Kuchiki from Soul Society find Rukia the next day . Uryū arrives to the scene and confronts Renji. In Ichigo's home, Kon shows Rukia's goodbye letter to Ichigo, who decides to go after her to save her. Renji defeats Uryū. Ichigo arrives to fight Renji. Renji releases his Shikai and takes the upper hand. Ichigo's spiritual power suddenly increases and he overwhelms Renji. Byakuya intervenes and defeats Ichigo, destroying vital points that make him lose his Shinigami powers. Ichigo collapses and Rukia decides to go to Soul Society to protect Ichigo from further injury.

This would lead to Ichigo spending 10 days regaining the powers he lost , once he regained his powers, he joins Orihime, Chad and Uryu in one of the biggest surprise attacks against the Gotei 13 in over 300 years within a 8 day conflict between with the Gotei 13 to rescue Rukia and stop Rukia's execution. Thanks to Orihime's actions within the Dangai, Ichigo and firends manage to be blasted back 10 days before the execution, had not for that, they would've arrived on August 8,2001, 2 days after Rukia's execution day. The Ryoka fought valiantly against the Gotei 13 with both Uryu and Ichigo matching Captains within their battle with the former losing his powers fighting Mayuri Kurostuchi and the latter surviving his fight with Kenpachi and Byakuya and foiling the execution, however little did the Gotei 13 and Ryoka know is that they all played into Aizen's hands and he was able to take Kisuke's Hōgyoku from Rukia,starting the real war between the Gotei 13 and Aizen.

Between Tuesday August 14,2001 and Wednesday August 21, 2001 shortly after the Ryoka Invasion and Ichigo saving Rukia, the Bounts invade Soul Society and incite rebellion of the souls living in poor areas . Various Captains took on the individual Bounts and defeat them one by one . Jin Kariya the Leader of the Bounts fuses himself with a powerful seal to gain the strength to destroy Soul Society, Ichigo Kurosaki defeats Jin Kariya ending the Bounts reign of terror saving the Soul Society from utter and complete destruction.

On Sunday August 26, 2001 Bashin, a Shinigami who has merged with his Zanpakuto went on a rampage attempting to destroy Karakura Town after being sealed by Shinigami Captains 400 years ago. Ichigo proved to be a powerful asset to the Soul Society by managing to beat Bashin even when several Captains managed to failed to do so. The following day and from that point until August 31 a conflict within the Valley of Screams occurred however all memory of said event has said to have disappeared, the week was deemed the blank week however within that week, the collapse of the entire world almost occurred and Ichigo once again prevented such a collapse of the world.

On Monday September 3,2001 , Ichigo and his friends resume their normal lives within the first term of school, during that day, Ichigo meets Shinji who posed as a transfer student and later that night revealed he's a Vizard to Ichigo, a Shinigami with Hollow Powers, that same night Kon was saved by Isshin who recently regained his Shinigami powers and kills Grand Fisher and Ryuken saved his son Uryu from a Menos Grande and agreed to train Uryu to regain his Qunicy powers but Uryu must vow to disassociate himself from the Soul Society.

The Following day Tuesday September 4,2001, two Arrancars attacked and killed several dozen humans and fatally injured Chad, Chad barely survived but thanks to Orihime's quick healing powers he was saved from attempts a counter attack but Yammy effortlessly overpowers her, she is saved by Ichigo who effortlessly cuts through Yammys Hierro with his Bankai however Ichigo is overtaken by his inner hollow and Yammy attacks him doing some damage, Ichigo and his friends are saved by Yoruichi who fight off and forced the Arrancars to retreat.

3 days have passed since the Arrancars have attacked, the war with the Arrancars have just begun however unbeknownst to the Soul Society, a much greater threat lurks within the shadows. A threat that is neither a Shinigami nor an Arrancar, but easily as powerful as either.

Rukongai District 79 Kusajishi 6:30 P.M.

A mysterious young woman shows up within the town from a Garganta (Spanish for Throat ) wearing an orange clip in her short, mint green hair that matched her eye color, which was also orange. She's wearing a short sleeveless white midriff shirt with fishnet armor underneath, long white armlets, and fishnet shorts with a short white apron skirt over is wearing a Headband composed of a metal plate engraved with the symbol of a waterfall on her left arm . She is also carrying a cylindrical object in red wrappings on her back.

"Fū have arrived to carry out my orders to destroy the Soul Society. Lord Aizen would be proud of me once Fū conquer this place." said the mysterious woman.

The young women walks into a bar where there are hundreds of thugs playing cards, drinking beer and see the woman wearing the fairly skimpy outfit and the mysterious woman is surrounded by 100 thugs around her.

"Fine ass you got there honey !" murmured one thug.

"Hand us the goods honey !" shouted the second thug.

"You said something about that traitorous homo Aizen ?" said a third thug grabs the girl and gropes her but she punches the pervert in the face.

"Not a bad punch little girl but you would need more than to take us out " said a balding fat middle-aged thug.

"Just take off that top of yours ! " said a creepy mohawk guy holding a knife.

"Fū don't like perverts ! " Fū replied throws a black dagger hitting the neck of the balding middle-aged guy, killing the man. More thugs come at her.

"Take this bitch !" a thug comes at the woman but she effortlessly breaks his blade and twist the guys girl is surrounded by them however her spiritual power greatly rises and they are all weighed down.

"Fū will crush all that stand in the way of Lord Aizen!" Fū stated as she creates a huge explosion from her Reiatsu waves that could be detected by the Spiritual Wave Measurement Lab over 50 miles away.

Meanwhile at the 12th Division Headquarters & Barracks.

The Spiritual Wave Measurement Lab measures a blast within the Kusajishi District . Three people monitor the computers. One of them are a tall man with short, spiky brown hair, which has a jagged, hairless area running through it. He has three small horns protruding from his forehead, his name is Akon .The Second person is a large, green-skinned Shinigami with a bulbous head and a cleft across his scalp from his forehead to the back of his neck, marking his two hemispheres. His left eye is expandable via a crank in his left temple, his name is Hiyosu and the third one is a kid who bears a strong resemblance to the 7th Seat of the 4th Division Hanatarō Yamada , his Name is Rin Tsubokura .

"A strong explosion has occurred within the Kusajishi District." Akon said to colleagues.

"What is the RYK (Reiryoku Yield Kapacity) for that explosion ?" Hiyosu asked the raven haired Shinigmai.

"100 RYK !" Rin answered.

"Rin, brief the Vice Captain about this, i think we might have a Ryoka on the loose in the Rukongai." Akon demanded.

"Right Akon !" Rin replied while eating a cupcake.

"Something is odd with this Reiatsu we picked up." Hiyosu stated with a shock look on his face.

"What's up with the Reiatsu ?" Akon inquired his colleagues.

"It's that of a Hollow and a living human. Similar to the Ryoka that fought Captain Kyōraku " Hiyosu answered.

"Yasutora Sado's Reiatsu was 6,000 RYK when he fought Captain Kyōraku , besides he's at earth recovering from the incident 3 days ago from those invading Arrancars and it's extremely unlikely he would attack Shinigami ." Akon explained to his colleagues .

"That's why we need to run an investigation, i'll notify Yamamoto !" Rin stated.

"Let me do it, i'm faster !" Akon replied.

Meanwhile at the 8th Division Barracks

Ukitake appears using flash step on top of the tall building to relax with Shunsui and Nanao.

"Hey guys !" Ukitake happily greeted.

"Jūshirō what are you doing here ?" Shunsui asked his friend while drunk with Sake.

"Just wanted to see how my good friend was doing ." Ukitake answered .

"Go right ahead and drink some sake with me !" Shunsui stated as he happily picks up a bottle of sake in Ukitake's cup.

"Fine !" Ukitake replied as he grabs a bottle and drinks the Sake down.

"You shouldn't be drinking sake in your condition Ukitake!" Nanao said to the white-haired Captain scorning him with a mad look on her face.

"I'm fine !" Ukitake replied as coughs up blood after drinking sake.

"Damn it , see this is why i told you not to drink sake." Nanao shouted panicking about Ukitake coughing again.

"Damn it , not again Ukitake ! Let's get you to Unohana again!" Shunsui replied as he picks up Ukitake and takes him back to Unohana's office.

Meanwhile at the Cemetery.

Sajin is mourning with Hisagi of Tōusen 's dead friend ,it's 6:45 P.M. within the Seireitei .

"Friend of Tōusen , whose name i do not know... don't worry Tōusen would know the truth someday." Sajin said to the dead friend over her grave.

"It's been a month since Tōusen left us and over a week since the Bount Invasion ended. When would Captain Tōusen come back to us ?" Hisagi asked.

"Soon, that's all i can say !" Sajin answered as he bows his head to the gravestone of Tōusen's lost friend.

1st Division Headquarters & Barracks.

September 7 ,2001 7:00 P.M. Yamamoto is drinking tea with Chōjirō Sasakibe , his Vice Captain while reading a ton of paperwork within the living quarters of his own office.

"All the repairs to the Seireitei have been done from the Bounts Captain Commander." Sasakibe stated.

"Are all the Jōkaishō sealed away for good ?" Yamamoto asked Sasakibe.

"Yes, all the Bounts were wiped out thanks to Kurosaki and the Captains of the Soul Society." Sasakibe answered.

"3 days ago , two Arrancars attacked Karakura Town, according to the intelligence until, it seems that Aizen is developing Arrancar at a far faster rate than anticipated. " Yamamoto explained to Sasakibe.

"What do you think this might all led up to Captain Commander ?" Sasakibe asked once again.

"He must be planning something big !" Yamamoto answered while drinking his tea.

"Indeed !" Sasakibe replied.

"All we have to go with is he plans to destroy the Soul Society, Mayuri is now ahead of the research of the Arrancars, Soifon is further leading the investigation into Aizen's plot and Captain Hitsugaya and his team have been dispatched in the world of the living as backup to protect the town from Soul Society is now on high alert for things to come. We must prepare for the worst !" Yamamoto explained to his Vice Captain when suddenly Akon walks into Yamamoto's office with a message.

"Captain Commander, a thousand apologies but i think we might have an intruder within the Rukongai and whatever it is , it's human and attacking souls. " Akon said with a panicked look on his face.

"Is it a Bount ?" Yamamoto asked.

"Probably but then we realized that it has Hollow like Reiatsu , it might be a Bount that absorbed a Hollow." Akon explained to the Head Captain.

"We aren't going to take any chances like we did before, the response time to the Bount problem was too slow , don't give it the chance to escape. Sasakibe have your division pursue the threat and end it before it can pose more problems ." Yamamoto demanded with a stern voice.

"Yes Captain Commander !" Sasakibe replied.

"Also Assemble the Patrol Corps and tell Captain Soifon to aid you in your search." Yamamoto added.

"Right Captain Commander !" Sasakibe replied as he uses Shunpo to leave the room and to assemble a search team.

12th Division Headquarters & Barracks .

September 7 , 2001 7:10 P.M. Mayuri is busy doing his usual research within his office ,Nemu appears to tell him something about a Ryoka near the west gate.

"Nemu what are you doing wasting my time with that garbage ? What's the big deal ?" Mayuri asked with annoyance in his tone.

"Master Mayuri, it seems a human has entered the grounds of the Seireitei. " Nemu responded.

"Very well is it a Bount ?" Mayuri asked his Vice Captain.

"Not really, it seems like an unusual human plus ." Nemu answered.

"What is the RYK ?" Mayuri asked.

"Around 100 RYK !" Nemu replied.

"Only 100 RYK don't waste my time with such weak irrelevant garbage . It's not even as strong as a mere weak Menos Grande." Mayuri stated scorning his Vice Captain.

"Something is off, it doesn't have pure Reiatsu , it's Reiatsu is that of a Hollows and a humans, it killed 100 Rukongai civilians ." Nemu stated.

"Boo hoo, a few hundred Rukongai civilians died ? Big deal ! That thing is not a problem for any normal Shinigami above 20th seat level. " Mayuri replied as he gets back to working on his machines.

"But Captain .. " Nemu said to her father .

"Nemu, you know what time it is do you ?" Mayuri replied with a perverted look on his face.

"Time for my healing !" Nemu responded as her creator gropes her boobs and feels on her chest.

"Time for our fun !" Mayuri creepily stated with a perverted look on his face.

"But Master Mayuri, i'm not in the Mood !" Nemu replied.

"Do you think i care what you think, get on your knees now woman . Don't make me take you apart again." Mayuri stated threatening his Vice Captain.

"Yes sir my apologizes !" Nemu replied with an apologetic tone.

Meanwhile at the 2nd Division Headquarters & Barracks

Soifon thinks about Yoruichi while she has her hand in her pants sitting within the throne of the Shihōin Crest Room .

"Yoruichi !" Soifon blushed thinking about Yoruichi naked, her hand moves up and down around her crotch while she's wearing her clothes. Before Soifon could start to remove her clothes and really masturbate, she is interrupted by the sound of a crash.

"OWWW !" Omaeda screamed as he falls on his ass and distracts Soifon.

"Omaeda ! How dare he distract me from my Lady Yoruichi Fantasies ? " Soifon shouted as she angrily chuckled her left fist and storms out the room with an angry look on her face yet see Omaeda crash into several tables within the dining room. Soifon grabs him and holds him by the neck, Omaeda is frightened seeing Soifon's killing intent.

"Oops ,sorry Captain ! " Omeada said to his Captain with sweat dripping from his brow.

" YOU FUCKING IDIOT ! You can't even clean the mess hall without a disaster, how the fuck did Central 46 allow you to be my Vice Captain for 75 fucking years ? " Soifon angrily stated.

"I just tripped and fell, the floor is so slippery !" Omaeda stupidly replied.

"Of course it's slippery dumbass ! It's wet , don't run around a wet floor. I swear man if it wasn't for your fucking inbred incest spawned family connections bribing Central 46 , i would've fired you on the first day." Soifon maliciously stated.

"Come one, i'm a good Vice Captain !" Omaeda replied with a stupid look on his face.

"Your kind doesn't belong in a squad based on Stealth, even your Zanpakutō is too flashy to be considered an assassination weapon." Soifon said her Vice Captain coldly stating the facts.

"But that's not true i'm..! " Omaeda stated as he desperately tries to defend his irrelevant opinion.

"Useless Omaeda, you're completely fucking useless as a Soul Reaper, how the holy fuck you even become part of the Gotei 13 much less Vice Captain is beyond me. You can't even use level 20 Kidō right and you need Incantation to use Bakudō #1 Sai properly, it took you 50 years just to learn the name of your Zanpakutō , and your Shunpo and swordsmanship skills are still worse than Hanatarō and he's a 7th seat and you suck worse in a hand to hand fight than Hanatarō as well ." Soifon scorned her useless Vice Captain.

"But that's no way to..!" Omaeda stated as he tries to imply he's useful but is yet again cut off by Soifon who punches Omaeda in the stomach and then kicks him into a wall and hits him multiple times with a broom.

"Why can't you be like i was when i was Vice Captain 100 years ago under Lady Yoruichi ?No breaks for a week until i see at least some competence from you that's at the level of a 10-year-old retarded child ." Soifon demanded in a threatening tone.

"Okay !" Omaeda replied covered with bruises on his face a comical lump on his head when all of a sudden a man with a red ninja outfit appears to talk with Soifon.

"What's the RCF(Reversal Counter Force) doing here ? " Soifon asked.

"You have a mission to investigate a series of murders in the Rukongai." the RCF guard answered.

"Very well then, assemble the Executive Militia , we will find and punish this murderer." Soifon stated.

"Can i join ? Please let me go with you !" Omaeda asked begging Soifon by grabbing her leg as the Vice Captain pathetically pleads.

"No, you would just get in the way !" Soifon responded with a cold demeanor and kicks Omaeda into a wall with her foot.

(A/N: Okay Soifon was never Vice Captain 100 years ago, Omaeda's father Marenoshin was but no one really gives damn about the canon Vice Captain 100 years ago, if anything if he's anything like his incest spawn son, he sucks and he's a condescending asshole so pardon the fuck out of me if i ignore that minor canon fact because i happen to think Soifon is far more competent to be Vice Captain 100 years ago than Omaeda's retarded father)

11th Division Headquarters & Barracks

Soifon thinks about Yoruichi while she has her hand in her pants sitting within the throne of the Shihōin Crest Room .

"Yoruichi !" Soifon blushed thinking about Yoruichi naked, her hand moves up and down around her crotch while she's wearing her clothes. Before Soifon could start to remove her clothes and really masturbate, she is interrupted by the sound of a crash.

"OWWW !" Omaeda screamed as he falls on his ass and distracts Soifon.

"Omaeda ! How dare he distract me from my Lady Yoruichi Fantasies ? " Soifon shouted as she angrily chuckled her left fist and storms out the room with an angry look on her face yet see Omaeda crash into several tables within the dining room. Soifon grabs him and holds him by the neck, Omaeda is frightened seeing Soifon's killing intent.

"Oops ,sorry Captain ! " Omeada said to his Captain with sweat dripping from his brow.

" YOU FUCKING IDIOT ! You can't even clean the mess hall without a disaster, how the fuck did Central 46 allow you to be my Vice Captain for 75 fucking years ? " Soifon angrily stated.

"I just tripped and fell, the floor is so slippery !" Omaeda stupidly replied.

"Of course it's slippery dumbass ! It's wet , don't run around a wet floor. I swear man if it wasn't for your fucking inbred incest spawned family connections bribing Central 46 , i would've fired you on the first day." Soifon maliciously stated.

"Come one, i'm a good Vice Captain !" Omaeda replied with a stupid look on his face.

"Your kind doesn't belong in a squad based on Stealth, even your Zanpakutō is too flashy to be considered an assassination weapon." Soifon said her Vice Captain coldly stating the facts.

"But that's not true i'm..! " Omaeda stated as he desperately tries to defend his irrelevant opinion.

"Useless Omaeda, you're completely fucking useless as a Soul Reaper, how the holy fuck you even become part of the Gotei 13 much less Vice Captain is beyond me. You can't even use level 20 Kidō right and you need Incantation to use Bakudō #1 Sai properly, it took you 50 years just to learn the name of your Zanpakutō , and your Shunpo and swordsmanship skills are still worse than Hanatarō and he's a 7th seat and you suck worse in a hand to hand fight than Hanatarō as well ." Soifon scorned her useless Vice Captain.

"But that's no way to..!" Omaeda stated as he tries to imply he's useful but is yet again cut off by Soifon who punches Omaeda in the stomach and then kicks him into a wall and hits him multiple times with a broom.

"Why can't you be like i was when i was Vice Captain 100 years ago under Lady Yoruichi ?No breaks for a week until i see at least some competence from you that's at the level of a 10-year-old retarded child ." Soifon demanded in a threatening tone.

"Okay !" Omaeda replied covered with bruises on his face a comical lump on his head when all of a sudden a man with a red ninja outfit appears to talk with Soifon.

"What's the RCF(Reversal Counter Force) doing here ? " Soifon asked.

"You have a mission to investigate a series of murders in the Rukongai." the RCF guard answered.

"Very well then, assemble the Executive Militia , we will find and punish this murderer." Soifon stated.

"Can i join ? Please let me go with you !" Omaeda asked begging Soifon by grabbing her leg as the Vice Captain pathetically pleads.

"No, you would just get in the way !" Soifon responded with a cold demeanor and kicks Omaeda into a wall with her foot.

Meanwhile in Rukongai District 40.

September 7 ,2001 7:30 P.M. Sasakibe and his Team of 10 unseated officers arrive at the scene where they see 100 dead civilians in their wake.

"We're too late! The monster already rampaged here." Sasakibe said to his squad mates.

"What's going on ?" said one young tail blond hair unseated officer.

"The monster already killed 400 civilians and seems to be heading westward ." Sasakibe stated.

"It's heading to the Seireitei !" said a bald elderly unseated officer.

"There are several hundred injured here, contact Squad 4 immediately." Sasakibe replied.

Sōgō Kyūgo Tsumesho (綜合救護詰所, Coordinated Relief Station)

September 7 ,2001 7:40 P.M. Yasochika Lemura arrives at Unohana's office to report to her the message he got from Sasakibe .

"Unohana we got an emergency !" Lemura stated out of breath from running across the Seireitei.

"What happened 3rd seat Lemura ?Why are you out of breath ?" Unohana asked with a questioned look on her face.

"Hanatarō was injured again from those Squad 11 thugs while he was cleaning the sewers, i was tending to his injuries when i got a call from Vice Captain Sasakibe, i rushed as fast as i could back to the barracks with Hanatarō ." Lemura explained to his Captain.

"Is Hanatarō okay ? And what did Sasakibe report ? " Unohana asked while folding her arms.

"Hanatarō is alright and Sasakibe Reported that a monster attacked Districts 80, 79 , 63 and 40, he has requested medical help for hundreds of injured Runokagi civilians. " Lemura answered.

Hueco Mundo

September 7 ,2001 7:50 P.M. Night time falls within the Soul Society while Aizen is within Hueco Mundo in Las Noches sitting on his throne.

"Lord Aizen, Grimmjow has escaped our grasp and has brought his Fracción (Spanish for Fraction) with him to the Human World " Tōusen said to the mulleted ex Captain.

"Let him do as he pleases for now; discipline him later, i have more important things to do" Aizen responded with a claim tone.

"But Lord Aizen, Grimmjow's recklessness could compromise our plans " Tōusen stated with worried look on his face.

"Grimmjow would be dealt with later, besides he's going to miss out the demonstration of a new weapon i found that is right within the Soul Society as we speak " Aizen replied with a calm tone.

"It seems everything is going according to your plan, i swear your new friend was more than generous enough to give us this new kind of Hollow." Gin remarked with a sly grin as always.

"We would see what this monster could do. If this monster is as powerful as we think it might be, creating the Ōken (王鍵, King's Key ) would be far easier. " Aizen replied looking at the screen from his Throne with an evil grin on his face as he folds his hands together.

Karakura Town 100 meters above the city

September 7 ,2001 7:55 P.M. Grimmjow arrives within Karakura Town 100 meters in the sky , Grimmjow with his Fracción Shawlong Kūfang , Edrad Liones , Nakeem Grindina , Yylfordt Granz and Di Roy Linker come out of the Garganta . They have their eyes closed and concentrate on finding people with spiritual energy.

"Just as i thought, so they did call backup from the Soul Society . Did anyone see you leave Hueco Mundo ?" Grimmjow inquired Shawlong.

"Of course not Grimmjow !" Shawlong answered.

"What ?" Grimmjow asked.

"I felt several strong Reiatsu on the way here. That doesn't register with Ulquorria's intel." Shawlong stated to Grimmjow.

"Whatever , that retard was never really useful ! Start a full-blown search. Shawlong , Edrad, Nakeem , Yylfordt and Di Roy , let's destroy this area, kill everything that moves." Grimmjow stated with a menacing tone.

"Right !" all the other Arrancars replied.

Meanwhile at the White Way Gate(白道門, Hakutōmon)

The mysterious young woman comes to the west gate, the same girl who killed hundreds of mobsters in District 79 Kusajishi and hundreds of civilians in other districts she reaches the gate and confronts the mighty Jidanbō Ikkanzaka .

"Open that gate tubby, Fū came to kill Genryūsai Shigekuni Yamamoto and destroy Seireitei." demanded the young green haired woman.

"Are you stupid ? You wouldn't last 5 minutes against me much less against Yamamoto, he is the God of Shinigami " Jidanbō asked the young woman with shocked look on his face.

"Okay so if Fū kicks your ass, then Fū can go through the gate and kill your God ? No Problem." Fū remarked with an arrogant look on her face as she charges at Jidanbō with a kunai in her hand but she is easily overpowered by a shock wave generated by Jidanbō's axe and gets knocked into a building.

"How can you hope to make it into the Seireitei and kill Yamamoto when you can't even take a weak slash ?" Jidanbō asked the girl while laughing.

"Asshole !" Fū replied as she uses Shunshin (瞬身の術 Body Flicker Technique) to move at 366.7 ft/sec( 250 MPH )and appears behind Jidanbō and kicks him with enough force to knock him from the gate.

"What is this girl ? She kicked me down with a single kick." Jidanbō asked himself as he sees Fū surrounded by a bubbling blue Reiatsu-construct as energy tail forms around her. Jidanbō gets back up to fight back against Fū .

"Come on big guy, i just got started !" Fū stated mocking Jidanbō .

"Are you done talking ?" Jidanbō asked the young Shinobi .

"I don't remember you asking at all !" Fū arrogantly boastered .

"Very well if you're in a hurry to die so be it ." Jidanbō shouted as he swings one axe vertically at Fū and smashes the ground but Fū holds it back with one hand.

"That was pathetic !" Fū replied.

"What are you ?" Jidanbō asked with a shocked and terrified look on his face but then shakes it off by laughing.

"It's been awhile since someone has tried to break through without a pass and block my axe, but let me enlighten you , no one in the last 300 years has been able to get past me, i can kill 30 Hollows easily with one swipe. Time for my Pon Jidan Damatsuri Da (十のヒット祭り Jidan 10-Hit Festival) Jidanbō chanted as he smashes the ground multiple times where Fū is at "ONE ! THREE ! THREE ! FOUR ! ,FIVE, SIX, SEVEN, SEVEN, SEVEN um.. EIGHT, um.. SIX " Jidanbō stupidity shouted as each strike cases dust clouds to rise up from the ground however his axe are once again blocked by Fū's left hand.

"It's that all you got ? How boring." Fū arrogantly questioned.

"Not bad but it's time i show you my true power !" Jidanbō stated as he pulls out a second giant axe he then pumps up to the point his face turns red and veins pop out of his arms and his forehead, the armour on his left shoulder and left arm shatters from the increased power "My greatest must-kill attack... Banzai Jiidan Damatsuri (バンザイJまつり10,000 Year Hit Festival) ." Jidanbō chanted as he swings his axes at high speeds and hits Fū but Fū creates a blue aura around her body.

"Time to die !" Fū shouted as her Reiatsu shoots up and creates a shockwave that easily overwhelms Jidanbō and destroys his axes, the Reiatsu sends him flying, hitting the gate and knocking him out from the impact to the gate. Fū increases her Reiatsu increases to the point that the Spiritual Wave Measurement Lab measures a rapidly increasing power within the west gate.

Meanwhile at the 12th Division Headquarters & Barracks

The Spiritual Wave Measurement Lab measures the blast wave within the West Gate.

"We got a huge Reiatsu !" Akon said this colleagues looking at the computer.

" How huge is it ? " Hiyosu asked.

" It's in the Orange, it's around Lieutenant level " Rin replied with a worried look on his face.

"What is the RYK reading ? " Hiyosu asked.

" 2,500 RYK and rising !" Rin replied again with a worried look.

Mayuri walks into the room to see what's going on.

"What's going on here ?" Mayuri asked .

"We got an intruder that has 2,500 RYK . It's the same spiritual pressure from before." Akon answered.

"2,500 RYK ? Jidanbō is only 250 RYK, any RYK level within the thousands is around Lieutenant level, how did it go from 10 RYK to 2,500 RYK so fast ? " Mayuri questioned with a shocked look on his face.

"Master Mayuri i was trying to warn you about that ! This must be a Bount ." Nemu stated with a worried look on her face.

"We got a Bount, alert the Captain Commander . Nemu, get my tools ,we have an interesting new research experiment to catch" Mayuri stated as he walks out the room with Nemu out to the battlefield, meanwhile Akon gets a call from Rangiku Matsumoto.

"Akon is that you ?" Rangiku asked.

"Yeah Lieutenant Matsumoto what's going on ?" Akon answered with a question.

"We're under attack by Arrancars , there very powerful. 5 of them have appeared in Karakura Town and are battling Captain Hitsugaya, Vice Captain Renji Abarai , 3rd seat Ikkaku Madarame , 5th Seat Yumichika Ayasegawa and Rukia Kuchiki as well Ichigo Kurosaki, we need to release the limiters." Rangiku explained to the raven haired technological wizard with the sound of panic on her face.

"Hold on, we will go to Yamamoto to lift the Limiters, just hang on there. " Akon replied with a stern voice.

Meanwhile at Karakura Town

Rukia kills Di Roy easily with her Shikai however Grimmjow appears to fight Rukia and Ichigo.

"Who's the strongest, oh well i will just have the kill the both of you Nice to meet you soul reapers, i'm Arrancar 6 Grimmjow." Grimmjow said to the two of them.

Meanwhile Renji is fighting Yylfordt Granz who is distracted by the death of Di Roy Linker.

"That fucking piece of shit Di Roy, to think he was once the strongest of us all back when we were merely Adjuchas , now he gets himself killed, ever since Grimmjow fucked him up, he lost most of his power." Yylfordt said to himself .

"Howl Zabimaru (蛇尾丸, Snake Tail) " Renji chanted as he sends his Shikai towards Yylfordt but the blonde haired Arrancar effortlessly blocks the Shikai barehanded using Hierro (Spanish for Iron) .

"Hahaha, what a weakass Zanpakutō , i didn't even need to block it." Yylfordt said to Renji as he arrogantly taunts the Red haired Vice Captain.

Meanwhile Ikkaku and Yumichika stare down with Edrad Liones.

"That person who killed Di Roy was lucky, Di Roy was the weakest of the group but you two are up against the strongest." Edrad arrogantly boasted.

Meanwhile at the 1st Division Headquarters & Barracks.

Yamamoto gets news of the attack at the West Gate.

" WHAT ? We are being invaded, send forces to the west gate immediately, also bring back Soifon and Sasakibe." Yamamoto commanded.

Meanwhile in Rukongai District 40

Soifon and Sasakibe are searching for the attacker of the Rukongai when they get a call from Yamamoto.

"The Seireitei is under attack by a Bount !" Soifon said to the white-haired Vice Captain after getting the call.

"Call back the troops. Guess the Bount is intending to invade the Soul Society." Sasabike replied as they go back to take on the Bount.

Meanwhile within the Seireitei.

"The West Gate is about to be breached by a lone Royka force amassed outside, the West Gatekeeper have been incapacitated and our defenses have been breached by an unknown threat, all authorized personnel must be dispatched within the Seireitei , threat level is orange ! Authorization of deadly force is necessary." the P.A. commanded as all troops scramble to the West Gate.

Meanwhile Nanao gets news at runs out to the battlefield.

"A level orange threat, it's been awhile since we had those i'm not going be denied a battle." Nanao said to her Captain as she rushes out.

"Wait little Nanao, it's too dangerous !" Shunsui stated.

"Just who do you think you're talking to ? I'm your Vice Captain for a Reason." Nanao stated as she scolds Shunsui while tipping her glasses to scare Shunsui .

"It's only a level orange threat, she needs some exercise once and awhile Shunsui." Ukitake stated.

"Fine then, let's see how they deal with that threat, it's been awhile since i saw Nanao fight." Shunsui replied.

Meanwhile at the White Way Gate

30 unseated officers rush to confront Fū , Fū takes them all out with just a Reiatsu shockwave blowing them back with her Reiatsu. They all try to stab her but it has no effect on the Shinobi.

"Our Zanpakutōs have no effect !" stated one bald unseated officer.

"It's not even cutting her !" said another unseated officer with red hair.

Fū slams them into the Sekkiseki walls , Fū comes at Jidanbō with blue Chakra cloak around her and with 2 Tails emerging from to kill Jidanbō but is blocked by Hisagi who manages to hold back the attack with just his sealed sword.

"Sorry but i can't let you get much further !" Hisagi stated coldly.

"Finally someone a bit more challenging, even if it's a piss poor Vice Captain, you're in Fū's way of destroying the Soul Society." Fū arrogantly boasted.

"How arrogant ! You have to go through us first Bount." Hisagi stated as he points his sword towards her.

"Bount, no Fū's a Shinobi(忍者 Ninja). We're in another league above those weak Bounts." Fū arrogantly replied as she uses Shunshin , this time moving at 1,466.7 ft/sec(1,000 MPH) or Mach 1.3 behind Hisagi . Hisagi manages to block a lunge aimed for his back.

"Not bad, you move pretty fast !" Hisagi stated as he prepares to block her attacks.

Hisagi blocks a series of attacks from Fū's Kunai . Hisagi dodges a lunge from Fū 's Kunai and blocks a horizontal slash aimed at his neck and blocks a slash aimed at his head but Hisagi is hit by one blow that hits his chest which damages him badly and causes a deep wound on his chest.

"Hahahaha! You're too slow !" Fū laughed as she comes at Hisagi again.

"How can she damage me this badly without a Zanpakutō ? I must end this fast." Hisagi said to himself as he puts two hands on his sword. Hisagi dodges her Kunai attacks and swings his sword horizontally and manages to cut Fū across the chest and cut her Kunai in half, she falls staggering to the ground. Fū holds on to her chest.

"Bastard !" Fū shouted.

"Damn, that was a nasty hit but at least she is down for now. Had she hit a few inches closer, i would be dead ." Hisagi said to himself while holding on to his chest however Fū's wound regenerates easily and the green haired Shinobi gets back up and goes to attack Hisagi.

"Not bad but not good enough ! " Fū shouted as she shakes off the wounds.

"High Speed Regeneration ?" Hisagi shouted shocked to see her regenerate. Fū then uses Shunshin to get Behind Hisagi and come at him with her claws.

"DIE !" Fū shouted coming at him but before Fu can kill Hisagi , Iba comes at Fū from behind with his Kidō blast.

"Hadō #31. Shakkahō (赤火砲, Red Fire Cannon)" Iba chanted as he hits Fū with a powerful Kidō blast that knocks her back, the blast creates a 30 foot radius blast and dust clouds surround the blast.

Nanao and Izuru arrive at the scene after seeing the explosion from the door within the gate, they see the creature get back up.

"What's going on with that creature, is it a Hollow ?" Izuru asked.

"That Reiatsu is different, it's moving like it has a body of it's own but that aura is no doubt a Hollows Reiatsu." Iba stated.

"Fū mad! Fū kill you all and destroy Soul Society !" Fū shouted as she charges at Iba with her claws.

"Hadō #1. Shō (衝, Thrust)" Nanao chanted as she points at Fū with her index finger and generates a small force that thrusts Fū 50 feet into an abandoned building. Iba comes an draws his Zanpakutō and cuts the building in half, the slash has no effect on Fū and Fū flings him across a building with just her hand.

"Sealed Zanpakutō's won't work on her ! We need to take this thing out with our Shikai's. Raise Your Head Wabisuke (侘助 the Wretched One )" Izuru chanted as he uses his Shikai to hit Fū down after hitting her 4 times with the hilt. Fū tires to get back up but she can't move.

"Fū can't move !" Fū states as she struggles to move her body.

"Wabisuke doubles the weight of any object it strikes. Right now your body weighs over 1,000 lbs." Izuru explained to Fū.

"Now time to capture her Carriage of Thunder. Bridge of a spinning wheel. With light, divide this into six! " Bakudō # 61 Rikujōkōrō (六杖光牢, Six Rods Prison of Light) " Nanao chanted as she uses the binding spell with her index finger at Fū generating a spark of yellow energy. That energy summons six thin, wide beams of light that slam into Fū's midsection, holding her in place.

"Damn it !" Fū shouted with anger on her face.

"Is this girl connected to the Arrancar that invaded Karakura Town a few days ago ? " Izuru asked.

"No it's a Bount with Hollow powers !" Hisagi answered.

"According to the Intel division, they have Hollow mask remains and Hollow holes, this one looks completely human yet has the power of a Hollow, it also has no Zanpakutō." Nanao stated.

Suddenly Fū generates a third tail and easily overpowers the Kidō and releases a powerful shockwave overwhelming the Lieutenants within the area.

"Impossible, she overpowered a Level 60 Kidō with just Reiatsu and canceled out my Wabisuke." Izuru said while being overwhelmed.

"What are we up against ? Just how much more Reiatsu this creature has ?" Nanao asked.

"This is insanity, this spiritual pressure is crushing me !" Iba answered.

"It hasn't even absorbed Reishi yet it's power continues to grow stronger." Hisagi stated as he looks with shock and awe.

"And where's it's doll ? Is it even a Bount anymore ? " Nanao replied.

Meanwhile at the 12th Division Headquarters & Barracks

The Spiritual Wave Measurement Lab measures a massive increase of power.

"It's in the Red, it's Captain Level . The spiritual power is 25,000 RYK and rising." Rin said to his colleagues with a frightened look on his face.

"We got serious problems now, the enemy is as strong as a Captain." Hiyosu stated as then a call is suddenly heard on the phone. Rangiku is calling again , pleading for the limiters to be removed.

"What's going on here ? We're in serious trouble." Rangiku asked them in a quiet tone while notably in a panic.

"We're having technical difficulties, the Soul Society is under attack right now." Akon answered in a panicked tone.

"What ? Damn it !" Rangiku stated as she tries to muffle her screams.

"Hang on there Rangiku !" Akon stated.

"What's going on with Vice Captain Rangiku ?" Hiyosu asked.

"Those Arrancars are more powerful than we imagined, have we got authorization yet ?" Rangiku asked them.

"Response time has been delayed due to the attack on the Soul Society . It would take longer than expected." Rin replied.

Meanwhile at Karakura Town.

Ichigo and Rukia are standing next to Grimmjow when Grimmjow stabs Rukia into her chest, the horrific impaling shocks Ichigo.

"I should've figured it wasn't you woman !" Grimmjow said to the raven haired Shinigami with a grin and tosses Rukia aside like she was garbage.

"Rukia !" Ichigo shouted with despair as he sees her tossed and struggling to live, he charges blindly out of anger to a grinning Grimmjow.

Meanwhile an explosion occurs within the city as a massive Reiatsu rises from the background in the form of a 600 foot wide tornado.

"BANKAI!" Ikkaku shouted out as he emerges out of the smoke "Ryūmon Hōzukimaru (龍紋鬼灯丸, Dragon Crest Demon Light) ."

"That's pretty impressive that a 3rd seat could have a Bankai!" Edrad said to the bald-headed Shinigmai.

"I haven't release enough Reiatsu to impress you !" Ikkaku replied as he spins around his Bankai and comes at Edrad.

They both clash attacks with each other and creates a massive Reiatsu explosion , Ikkaku collapses from exhaustion while he falls face first into the ground below.

"Ikkaku Madarame , huh ?" Edrad said to the bald Shinigmai after the dust clears revealing that he has lost his left arm as well as the left side of his abdomen "I'm glad i asked what his name is." Edrad said as his last words as he falls 300 feet to his death and dies in seconds from the massive loss of blood.

Meanwhile Hitsugaya is fighting in Bankai against Shawlong at only 20% looks at Rangiku.

"Rangiku, what's going on ? Why is it taking so long to remove these limiters ?" Hitsugaya mumbles to himself.

"A Captain level Shinigmai using Bankai and that's all you can do ? I'm very disappointed . Apparently i did pick the wrong foe." Shawlong said to Hitsugaya as he mocks the young Captain .

The fighting continuities within Karakura Town . Renji with Bankai at only 20% of his real power struggles against an unreleased Yylfordt Granz who blocks Renji's Bankai with ease and then uses Sonído ( Spanish for Sound ) to cut Renji across the chest .

"D-Damn it !" Renji swears with frustration after getting cut with Granz's blade and holds his chest.

"Hahahahaahhahaha! Is that the best your little Bankai could do , bro ?" Yylfordt Granz arrogantly taunted as he mocks the red-haired Shinigmai.

"What's taking Rangiku so long to remove those limiters ? At this rate i'm going to die." Renji said to himself.

"Let's end this silly game !" Yylfordt taunted with pride and arrogance.

Suddenly Yylfordt is punched by Ururu who has entered Genocide mode and proceeds to choke the Arrancars and punch him repeatedly in the face.

"What the hell ?" Yylfordt asked while in a state of fear and pain.

" Dangerous ! You are dangerous, you are a threat to us, i must kill you " Ururu replied with a cold soulless glare as she violently pounds the blonde haired Arrancar with a series of punches and kicks as she strangles him with her right arm.

"Damn it , Damn it !" Yylfordt shouted as blood drips over his face as he swings his Zanpakutō at Ururu "Skewer Del Toro (Spanish for Of the Bull ) " Yylfordt releases his sword and impales Ururu while using Sonído, he's about to eat her but Jinta saves her and counterstrikes Yylfordt with his Kanabō but fails to damage him , Renji then intervenes and saves both of the children, but Yylfordt's horn stabs through his Bankai .

"Before i kill you, let me tell you my name and rank, i'm Arrancar Quince (15) Yylfordt Granz ." Yylfordt boasted.

Meanwhile at the downtown area, Hitsugaya fights Shawlong , Shawlong notices Yylfordt has released.

"Guess Yylfordt decided to end it quick either that or he has been pushed to the limit by a powerful counterattack he wasn't expecting, i seriously doubt the latter." Shawlong said to himself.

Hitsugaya dashes at Shawlong moving at 500 MPH at Bankai at 20% but Shawlong easily blocks the attack with his own Zanpakutō .

"Your Ice petals are disappearing !" Shawlong stated.

" So what ? " Hitsugaya replied panting.

" I assume that each of those Petals are a countdown to your Bankai before it runs out. You're Bankai duration is decided by the number of petals you have , am i'm correct ? " Shawlong asked the young Captain.

"Yeah, so what !" Hitsugaya answered.

"Being young, it's likely you have not yet fully mastered your Bankai. It would be boring to kill you while you aren't Bankai released , therefore i should have some fun with you while you still are in Bankai form, using my full power." Shawlong replied as he grabs his sword and releases a yellow Reiatsu from his body.

"This is bad !" Hitsugaya said to himself as he braces for the Arrancars attack.

"Snip Tijereta (Spanish for Earwig )" Shawlong chanted as he uses his release from and immediately uses Sonído moving at 1,833.3 ft/sec(1,250 MPH). Before Hitsugaya can even react to his movements, he has a large cut across entire body. Shawlong's newly formed claws inflicts a devastating blow across Hitsugaya's entire body and causes massive blood loss.

"What ? ARRGH !" Hitsugaya shouted while under agonizing pain.

"I suppose i could tell you my real name before you die , my name is Arrancar 11th Shawlong Kūfang . Please to meet you little Captain." Shawlong said to the young Captain as he cleans his claws covered in Hitsugaya's blood. Hitsugaya struggles to breath as blood drips from his body.

"Damn it , i shouldn't of held back too long . I could've killed him when i had the chance however his power increased so much now that i can't damage him." Hitsugaya said to himself.

Meanwhile at the White Way Gate.

Meanwhile Nanao, Hisagi, Iba and Izuru surround Fū and prepare to fight her.

"This is bad, she's getting stronger!" Nanao said to her comrades.

"It's that tail ! Since she gained it, her Reiatsu skyrocketed to the point she even overpowered Wabisuke's effect effortlessly" Izuru stated.

"We need to take out that thing before it gets any stronger . We need to use a combined attack." Iba stated as he prepares to attack Fū .

"On it , Hadō #4. Byakurai (白雷, Pale Lightning)." Hisagi chanted as he shoots a lightning bolt from his finger.

"Hadō #31. Shakkahō (赤火砲, Red Fire Cannon)." Iba chanted as he fires a large red fireball at Fū.

"Hadō # 33 . Sōkatsui (蒼火墜, Blue Fire, Crash Down)." Nanao chanted firing a blue fireball at Fū.

"Hadō # 58 .Tenran (闐嵐, Orchid Sky)." Izuru chanted as he fires a horizontal tornado blast at Fū.

All the blast combine together to create a huge 500 foot radius explosion that creates a massive plume of smoke covering a great distance, however the creature is not affected at all.

"Damn it no effect on it at all !" Nanao stated with shock and terror written on her face.

"What can we do against this thing ?" Iba responded.

"Not even a starch on the creature !" Izuru replied with a terrified look on their face.

"I guess i have no choice but to use it, Reap... " Hisagi chanted as he goes to use his Shikai but before Hisagi could release his Zanpakutō , Fū releases a blue arm made of pure energy and moves it.

The wave destroys and blows away 10 buildings within a 200 foot radius easily defeating the Vice Captains and surrounding seated officers and injuring several hundred Rukongai civilians that live nearby the West , Izuru , Iba and Hisagi are buried within the debris of fallen buildings. Iba suffers a broken right arm, Izuru suffers from a mild concussion and several burns on his arms, Hisagi is bleeding from his head and arms.

"It took all of us out with ease !" Hisagi stated holding his head as blood drips out of it.

"What a monster! It broke my arm with just Reiatsu." Nanao replied lifting off several heavy wooden beams with her left arm while her right arm is broken and hanging.

"Looks like we're done for !" Izuru shouted with burns on his arms.

"Fū smash weaklings !" Fū replies as she concentrates her chakra arms to come at the injured Vice Captains . The monster comes towards them but is stopped by Kenpachi who holds back the arm with just his eyepatch on , Fū is also hit from behind by a Hadō # 33 fried from Byakuya.

"Hadō # 33 . Sōkatsui" Byakuya chanted as the blast creates a 500 foot wide blast. Kenpachi then appears to cut's Fū's arm off with a single slash.

"About time i get a decent battle. I was just wondering how boring this would be." Kenpachi stated smiling of the thought of a battle.

"Stay of this, i saw him first ! Know your place !" Byakuya replied rudely to Kenpachi with a condescending yet stoic tone.

"It's not my fault if i slice you up by mistake !" Kenpachi said to the stoic Squad 6 Captain.

"Idiots, let's focus on killing this thing . Careful not to overkill this creature, try to make sure the body is recognizable." Mayuri stated breaking up their fight

"Forget your experiments , Mayuri ! Yamamoto's life is threatened as well as the Soul Society ! My loyalty lies only in my debt to Genryūsai-sama , i can't let you live Bount." Sajin stated.

"Scatter Senbonzakura (千本桜, Thousand Cherry Blossoms)" Byakuya chanted as his blade separates into a thousand slender, tiny blade fragments, which then fly away from the hilt, leaving only the sword's handle in Byakuya's hand.

"Roar Tenken (天譴, Heavenly Retribution)." Sajin shouted as his sword creates a 165 foot long, 50 foot wide giant phantom sword.

"Rip Ashisogi Jizō.(疋殺地蔵, Leg-Cutting Jizō) " Mayuri chanted as his sword transforms into a golden three hook blade with poison leaking from it.

They all attack Fū at once, Fū regrows her arm and dodges their attacks and fires a sound wave towards the wounded Vice Captains.

"Crap, we can't escape !" Izuru replied as the blast hits the area where the injured Vice Captains are at but Unohana deflected the blast with one finger.

"Captain Unohana ! I'm glad to see you !" Izuru gladly stated.

"Likewise former 3rd seat Izuru Kira." Unohana replied as her Squad arrives to carry away the wounded Vice Captains and tending to injured Rukongai civilians.

"What to do Captain ?" one of the unseated officers asked.

"Get all the injured people into the Seireitei , there not safe here and make sure every district between 1 and 15 are evacuated, the casualty radius is bound to expand further at any given rate." Unohana commanded .

"What do i do ?" Isane asked.

"Make sure everyone is in safety !" Unohana replied.

Meanwhile at the 1st Division Headquarters & Barracks.

"What now ?" Yamamoto asked with a frustrated look on his face.

"Arrancars have invaded Karakura Town. There far stronger than expected." Akon answered.

"What, it seems Aizen is going all out with his assault . What is the RYK reading there ?" Yamamoto asked.

"Captain Hitsugaya's foe's RYK is 15,000 RYK ever since he released his sword, Rangiku's foe is 500 RYK and has yet to release his Zanpakutō , and Renji 's foe is 5,000 RYK released . Hitsugaya has sustained serious injuries and Renji is barely hanging on there, if we don't hurry, they would die." Akon explained to Yamamoto.

" This is bad, Hitsugaya is only 12,000 RYK with Bankai with a limiter, Renji is around 3,000 RYK Bankai with limiter and Rangiku is only 120 RYK with a limiter. Where's the other two Arrancars mentioned in the report ?" Yamamoto asked.

"Rukia Kuchiki and Ikkaku Madarame disposed of them, both of them are seriously injured from there fights but we detected a six Arrancar, this one far stronger than the others." Akon replied.

"What is it's RYK ?" Yamamoto asked.

"50,000 RYK without releasing it's sword." Akon answered in shock.

"It seems that even the Substitute Soul reaper is going to have trouble fighting his battle alone, you're authorized to lift the limiters. Hurry back , Ichigo Kurosaki and his team won't last much longer." Yamamoto commanded.

"Right Captain Commander !" Akon replied as he uses Shunpo to leave the area.

"50,000 RYK base ? Just having between 10,000 to 100,000 RYK is the Reiatsu of an average Captain using Bankai. Could Aizen have already developed Vasto Lordes ?" Yamamoto thinks to himself .

Meanwhile at Karakura Town

Meanwhile Hitsugaya tries to clash against Shawlong's released form but is easily overwhelmed by Shawlong's speed and power. Shawlong easily rips through Hitsugaya 's ice wings while Hitsugaya is only 20% of his actual power.

"Just what i come to expect from a Captain ! I admire you for fighting me even though there's a vast power gap between you and me." Shawlong arrogantly stated .

"I will defeat you Shawlong !" Hitsugaya replied while panting and trying to catch his breath as blood runs down his forehead.

"You're power is running a bit low young Captain, it seems . You only have 9 left." Shawlong proclaimed with confidence.

"15 minutes have passed by, why hasn't the limiters been removed yet ? I must stall for more time , not to mention learn more about these Arrancars, i can kill two birds with one stone, however i wonder how long my body could hold out." Hitsugaya thinking to himself.

"It seems you are at your limit, time to end this !" Shawlong stated.

"Wait Shawlong, you said something about you being the 11th Arrancar , before you finish me off, tell me what that means, does that mean you're the 11th strongest Arrancar ?" Hitsugaya asked the tall lanky Arrancar .

"I might as well tell you, you look like you're about to die anyways. Our number as Números isn't in the order of strength but the order of birth, but that's only for people below like me . Números are born from the Hōgyoku and created to be Arrancars then given a number given according to our birth, however there are 10 Arrancars that excel in killing power 1 being the strongest and 10 being the weakest, there called the Espada ( Spanish for Sword ) , not even my own power compares to that of the Espadas and one of them is here commanding us to kill the Shinigami." Shawlong explained to Hitsugaya.

Meanwhile at another part of town, Ichigo swings his Shikai at Grimmjow to attack him but Grimmjow effortlessly repels the Shikai with his pinky and sends Ichigo flying from the force wave .

"Come on, turn Bankai, i don't want to waste time fighting you at this pathetic little state of yours." Grimmjow taunted while Chappy the Rabbit inside Rukia's Gigal tends to Rukia who is severely and fatally injured from Grimmjow's attack.

"Are you okay Rukia ?" Chappy asked the fallen Shinigmai.

"Do it or i will punch you full of holes like i did to your fine bitch and then have a little fun with her if you know what i mean." Grimmjow stated with a fanatical tone and sadistic smile.

"YOU BASTARD ! You will pay for what you did with Rukia !" Ichigo replied with anger consuming him as he puts his two hands on his Shikai and then releases enough Reiatsu to engulf a city block in a blue Reiatsu " BANKAI " Ichigo shouted as his robe is replaced with a long-sleeved, ankle-length black coat with red lining that is closed at his chest, his sword actually shrinks his 1.75 meter sword down to a Daitō (大東 Japanese long sword) with a black blade instead "Tensa Zangetsu (天鎖斬月, Heaven Chain Slaying Moon)".

Meanwhile at the 12th Division Headquarters & Barracks .

Akon rushes back to the office and requested to remove the limiters.

"We got authorization, remove the limiters !" Akon stated while tired and out of breath.

"Took you long enough Akon !" Hiyosu responded.

"Rin get Rangiku on-line one immediately !" Akon demanded.

"Yes Akon !" Rin replied.

Karakura Town ... 5 minutes later

Rangiku is meanwhile playing dead while Nakeem is watching Shawlong fight Hitsugaya .

"We're not going to make it at this rate, it's been 20 minutes ! At this rate , we're going to die !" Hitsugaya said to himself.

Meanwhile Nakeem notices that Rangiku is still breathing. Nakeem comes towards her to finish her.

"Still nothing, damn it , they're late !" Rangiku thinks to herself.

"You're still breathing ?" Nakeem said to Rangiku looks at the busty ginger with a stoic look on his face as he comes at Rangiku and is about to step on her but the busty Shinigmai gets a call from Akon.

"Sorry Lieutenant Matsumoto, we had a bigger emergency in the Soul Society, you're hereby authorize to use full force." Akon said to Rangiku as she easily blocks Nakeem's foot with her right forearm while talking to Akon.

"Thanks , a second later and we would be all dead." Rangiku replied as she calms down "Boy thank god that big guy stood unreleased otherwise i wouldn't had survived fighting him at 20% power." Rangiku thought to herself as she calls both Renji and Hitsugaya who are fighting Yylfordt Granz and Shawlong Kūfang .

Meanwhile Hitsugaya stares down at Shawlong ready to fight the Arrancar despite weakened.

"I can beat him , if i use enough power however how long would i last with this injuries." Hitsugaya said to himself as he hears Rangiku call him.

"We've got permission to break the restriction !" Rangiku stated with a comforting tone in her voice.

"It finally came? What took so long ?" Hitsugaya asked him.

"It's about damn time !" Renji proclaimed.

"Gentei Kaijo!" Rangiku shouted as she prepares fight Nakeem.

"Gentei Kaijo!" Renji shouted as he prepares to fight Yylfordt.

"Gentei Kaijo!" Hitsugaya shouted as he fights Shawlong.

A massive beam of energy appears over Renji, Rangiku and Hitsugaya as they release their full power.

" Gentei Kaijo ? " Shawlong stated with shock as Hitsugaya freezes Shawlong with just his Reiatsu.

" What is that ? " Yylfordt asked is burned by Renji's Reiatsu.

"What the...?" Shawlong asked shouted while his left arm is frozen.

"Hell ?" Yylfordt replied looking at his burned left face and horns.

"Gentei Kaijo(限定解除 Limit Release)... " Hitsugaya said to Shawlong as Shawlong tires to shake the ice off his arm.

"Captains and Lieutenants who travel to the Human World have a seal placed on their powers, called a limiter so we don't create unnecessary ripples in the Human World." Renji explained to Yylfordt who is recovering from his burns.

"When a power limit is placed on a Captain or Lieutenant, their symbol of their Squad appears on a certain part of their body until the limit is lifted, it puts an extreme restraint on our Reiatsu." Rangiku said to the Arrancar.

"Cutting us off up to 80% of our full power, in other words... " Hitsugaya stated while preparing to strike Shawlong .

"After breaking our limiter , our power level... " Rangiku stated.

"Is 5 times greater !" Renji replied as he uses his Bankai to easily overpower Yylfordt , the Arrancar manages to block the attack by grabbing its jaws but is pushed back and loses his left arm in the process.

Meanwhile Nakeem attempts to punch Rangiku but she simply blocks it with her forearm.

"You're too slow, when you arrived you showed great speed, what was that technique ?" Rangiku asked as Nakeem then disappears and reappears behind her

"It's called Sonído ! " Nakeem answered as he launches an attack at her moving at 366.7 ft/sec ( 250 MPH) but before he can land a hit she disappears and reappears behind him and moves at 586.7 ft/sec (400 MPH).

"We Shinigami have a similar technique called Shunpo (瞬歩,Flashstep)" Rangiku replied as the Arrancar tries to attack but before he can react he is dealt a large slash wound on his back " Here's another name Growl Haineko (灰猫, Ash Cat)"

"It's over Shawlong Kūfang !" Hitsugaya pronounced to Shawlong "Ryūsenka (竜霰花, Dragon Hail Flower)" Hitsugaya chanted as he lunges his sword forward.

"Retreat, Retreat !" Shawlong shouted but then he sees Nakeem dead on the floor with cuts all over his body and his mask . Yylfordt to run away but is blasted by Renji.

"Hikōtsu Taihō (狒骨大砲, Baboon Bone Cannon) " Renji chanted as Hihiō Zabimaru fires a dense blast of concentrated spiritual energy from it's mouth. The blast completely obliterates Yylfordt entirely.

Shawlong tries to flee moving at 1,833.3 ft/sec(1,250 MPH) But Hitsugaya dashes at 4693.3 ft/sec (3,200 MPH ), Hitsugaya easily catches up to him and stabs him, causing Shawlong to turn into a huge pillar of ice. The ice then shatters, killing Shawlong however Hitsugaya collapses from his injuries he endured being in just 20% power .

"Orihime come here, Captain's been badly injured." Rangiku shouted as Hitsugaya falls to the ground.

Meanwhile at Junrinan (潤林安 Lush Forest Peace ), part of West Rukongai.

Ganju see people running from the Rukongai district , he bumps into Isane and Hanatarō who are evacuating civilians.

"What's going on here ?" Ganju asked.

"The Soul Society is attacked by a Bount." Isane answered.

"Everyone is being evacuated to safety !" Hanatarō stated .

"Crap not those bastards again , they almost destroyed the Soul Society once." Ganju replied with terror.

"Can you help us get people to safety !" Hanatarō added.

"Fine i'll help out !" Ganju added as he rides his boar when suddenly a huge explosion occurs at the gate.

"What's going on here ?" Ganju asked with a frightened look on his face.

Meanwhile at the White Way Gate .

Mayuri is sent flying into the wall with his left arm gone, Kenpachi is knocked away and Sajin hits a house and Byakuya's blades of his Senbonzakura blown away from the shock wave created by Fū, slamming the ground . Fū created a 100 foot diameter, 10 foot deep hole near the gate from her Reiatsu.

"Fū smash !" Fū states with building rage as she goes smashing everything in her path.

"Bankai: Konjiki Ashisogi Jizō (金色疋殺地蔵, Golden Leg-Cutting Jizō) " Mayuri chanted as he summons a giant creature with the body of a caterpillar in a red cape with a grotesque golden baby's head and arms with a silver halo hovering around its head, near the back of the halo are 4 bells, 2 on each side. It emits its own individual, red Reiatsu upon release " Time to get a new research experiment." Mayuri stated as he has his creature breathe a massive poison that paralyzes Fū in her 3 tailed state the poison spreads through such a wide area, Byakuya , Kenpachi and Sajin evade the poison.

"Fū can't move !" Fū struggles to move.

"Of course you can't Konjiki Ashisogi Jizō breathes a poisonous derivative of my blood which is lethal to anyone who breathes it." Mayuri explained to the green haired Shinobi as she manages to move but barely, she manages to generate a Chakra arm that blocks the massive caterpillar.

"Incredible, you still have the strength to move your body, how interesting given my poison severs the brain signals controlling the neural impulses for movement in the person's entire body yet they can still feel pain in that arm . Still you can't overpower the effects of this poison." Mayuri explained to Fū.

Fū leaps in the air and is about to attack Mayuri with a Cero-like beam but Kenpachi leaps in the air and hits her down with a powerful vertical slash. Fū then gets up to try attacking Kenpachi with her Chakra arms but Kenpachi knocks her away.

"Bankai: Senbonzakura Kageyoshi (千本桜景厳, Vibrant Display of a Thousand Cherry Blossoms)" Byakuya chanted as he drops his sword straight down the ground. The sword phases into the ground, as though it were a pool of water. Energy ripples expand out, turning the surrounding area dark, and within seconds, two rows of a thousand giant blades rise up from the ground. Those thousand swords then scatter and countless flying blades pierce Fū while she tries to get back up. Fū struggles to move back up but the wounds and the poison takes it's toll on her body.

"Fū can't move !" Fū shouted coughing up blood.

"Now time to capture you like a Pokemon !" Mayuri replied as his Konjiki Ashisogi Jizō produces numerous blades which extends from its chest and charges towards Fū with Retractable Blades and then skewers Fū , then eats her alive.

"Looks like it was thanks to our combined attacks that it was defeated and the Soul Society is safe from danger." Byakuya stated.

"What a boring way to go ! I was hoping things pick up around this fight." Kenpachi replied with a disappointed look on his face.

Suddenly Mayuri's Bankai explodes and is destroyed by the emergence of the 4 tail which covers her entire body in a blue monster grows knight helmet like skull, spike protrusions on its shoulders made out of beetle blows back the poison from the from his face to her chakra tails became completely solid, and his eyes lost its characteristics and became empty glowing circles, surrounded by a black mask of chakra with a dark blue-violet aura around it.

"What the ? Impossible!" Mayuri shouted shocked as his Bankai explodes with overwhelming amounts of spiritual energy that is dense enough to weigh down the concrete around it the creature charges at Mayuri but it's hit down by Sajin's Bankai .

"Bankai: Kokujō Tengen Myō'ō (黒縄天譴明王, Divine Retribution, Black Ropes of Ruination)" Sajin shouted as he creates an entire giant 100 meter (330 foot) tall armored samurai that strikes Fū down to the ground and creates a massive shockwave.

Meanwhile at the 12th Division Headquarters & Barracks.

The Spiritual Wave Measurement Lab measures a massive increase of power.

"250,000 RYK , no it's 500,000 RYK ! IT'S CRIMSON." Rin said in terror.

"This is bad ! How can it keep increasing it's power so fast ?" Akon asked with fear written in his face.

"I don't know, but it must have something to do with those Tails, each tail increases the Reiatsu of that creature by 10 times each." Hiyosu answered.

Meanwhile they get a call from Rangiku from the Human World.

"We need backup for Ichigo Kurosaki, he's losing to his foe." Rangiku said to Akon.

"How's your Captain ?" Akon asked.

"Not too good, he's incapacitated and is currently being healed by Orihime Inoue! We need backup !" Rangiku answered while sitting on the rooftop while Orihime heals Hitsugaya who suffered fatal injuries from his fight with Shawlong Kufung .

"Sorry backup can't be provided, the Soul Society is under attack by foe that has over 250,000 RYK." Akon replied.

"Damn it !" Rangiku stated.

"Hang on, we will try to get someone here somehow as fast as we can." Akon replied.

Meanwhile at Karakura Town.

Ichigo moves to attack Grimmjow with his Bankai but Grimmjow easily steps out of the way and grabs Ichigo's sword with his bare hand.

"He caught Tensa Zangetsu barehanded, impossible just what the hell is he ?" Ichigo said to himself as looks with shock and terror on his face.

Grimmjow then uses it as leverage to throw Ichigo a great distance by Kicking Ichigo in the stomach causing Ichigo to cough up blood and then sending him across a mile north from his house in the suburbs and Ichigo goes through a streetlight in downtown Karakura town and creates a 30 foot diameter 10 foot deep crater from his violent fall. Grimmjow dances in the air and then comes down at 1,508.6 feet per second(1,028.6 MPH) then once close to Ichigo. Grimmjow dashes at 4,525.8 feet per second(3,058 MPH) with a dashing punch but Ichigo manages to block the punch but Grimmjow lands a kick on his face and sends him flying 100 feet. Renji tries to go aid Ichigo but is stopped by Rangiku.

"Where do you think you are going ?" Rangiku asked Renji.

"Ichigo is in trouble, we need to help him !" Renji answered as he tries to rush to save Ichigo but staggers from the deep slash wound across his chest.

"You're in no condition to fight, besides even if you were, you would only get in Ichigo's way. Ichigo fought your Captain on equal footing with Bankai whereas your Captain easily overpowered your Bankai. For Ichigo to be this badly outmatched, means this guys is probably even stronger than Byakuya, Hitsugaya and Ichigo combined . Even if all of us fought together in perfect health, we would barely be able to defeat him given we were almost bested by those Números that aided him." Rangiku explained to the red-haired Vice Captain.

"Damn it, i feel powerless to do anything, where is backup ?" Renji asked.

"I don't know what's taking the Soul Society so long to response ?" Rangiku answered.

Meanwhile at the White Way Gate .

Fū gets back up from Sajin's strike with barely a starch on it's body.

"Impossible not even a starch. Kokujō Tengen Myō'ō has so much immense destructive power that i have never thought about not being able to defeat an opponent in one attack, much less them making a counter-attack." Sajin stated in shock and terror.

Sajin swings his sword down again but the creature smashes the sword easily with it's bare hands and punches it into the Seireitei walls and knocks Sajin into the wall. The monster releases a powerful roar and charges up a powerful Cero-like beam to finish off the unconscious Sajin but Soifon kicks the monster while in Flashcry mode away.

"Sting all Enemies to Death Suzumebachi (雀蜂, Hornet)" Soifon shouted as she forms her Shikai gauntlet and appears behind the creature and stabs her in the back but the Shikai fails to penetrating it's Reiatsu armor.

"It had no effect, that Chakra is so immensely powerful and dense not even Shunkō (瞬閧, Flash Cry) combined with Suzumebachi could punch through it." Soifon responded with shock.

The Tailed beast hits Soifon with it's tail and repels a sneak attack from Byakuya's Senbonzakura Kageyoshi and Kenpachi's frontal assault slamming his hand to the ground and creates a 2,000 foot radius explosive wave that knocks them all away. The monster focuses on Soifon and charges up her blast and fires it at her.

"Shit !" Soifon shouted.

"All Waves, Rise now and Become my Shield, Lightning, Strike now and Become my Blade Sōgyo no Kotowari (双魚理, Law of the Twin Fish)." Ukitake chanted as he uses Sōgyo no Kotowari to knock away the beast a mile away from the and Byakuya get back up and use their full power.

"Flower Wind Rage and Flower God Roar, Heavenly Wind Rage and Heavenly Demon Sneer Katen Kyōkotsu (花天狂骨;"Flower-Heaven Bone of Madness) " Shunsui chanted as his swords transform and then he attacks the creature with his power.

"Bushōgoma (不精独楽, Lazy Spinning Top)" Shunsui chanted as he creates both blades facing in opposite directions creating large wind blades that fire toward Fū from Katen Kyōkotsu. The wind blades join together forming a spinning circle of wind that upon contact with Fū envelops Fū with tornado-like intensity causing damage to Fū and causes it to be dizzy.

"There's no need to hold back anymore !" Kenpachi shouted as he removes his eyepatch and releases a massive amount of Reiatsu overwhelming everything in a mile forming a massive golden-yellow skull shaped form of Reiatsu.

"Shūkei: Hakuteiken (終景: 白帝剣, Endscape: White Emperor Sword )." Byakuya chanted as he condenses each and every single one of his blades into a single, potent sword, drastically increasing its cutting power. The spiritual energy and pressure of this form released is immense causing the ground to shake and shatter around a 200 foot radius . The blade appears bright white and its aura takes the form of pure white wings form on Byakuya's back, as well as a halo-like circle, made of concentrated spiritual energy .

They both strike the monster with immense power and creates a massive explosion destroying everything within a mile radius of the violently blow away buildings within the West Rukongai, winds created by the shockwave easily demolish wooden houses and rip apart concrete and overwhelms everything with a dense Reiatsu .

"Now that was more like it though what's the deal getting involved ?" Kenpachi asked with slight anger to Byakuya.

"It doesn't matter , it's dead !" Byakuya stated as the monster get back up and regenerates from it's wounds .

"I guess it still has a bit power left. Go finish her off." Kenpachi arrogantly demanded.

"Who do you think you are ? " Byakuya asked with slight arrogance and annoyance to his tone.

"What, i don't like finishing off those who are weaker than i am . Stop complaining and do it." Kenpachi demanded.

"I refuse ! Finishing someone off is a job suited to a brute like you." Byakuya stated with a demanding tone and a bit more arrogance and stoicness.

"What ? How about we settle this, loser has to kill that weakling there." Kenpachi replied with prideful boasting.

"You can feel for yourself whether this would be too much for you." Byakuya stated generating millions of blades around him.

"Great, i always wanted to fight you !" Kenpachi replied with an excited tone without his eyepatch and raises it.

However suddenly the creature emerges in it's 5th tailed form and creates a massive shockwave disrupting their attacks.

"Damn, this thing doesn't know when to quit!" Kenpachi stated with a shock look on his face .

"What the hell now ?" Byakuya questioned with a slightly frightened look on his face.

The creature starts to transform again, this time it becomes a massive 300 foot , blue, armoured kabutomushi, with six of its seven tails resembling green insect wings, along with the seventh tail, all growing from the end of its abdomen. Its eyes seem to be covered by a knight helmet like skull, it also has spike protrusions on its shoulders, and six legs. Three on each spiritual pressure created by the monster is so immense that even Kenpachi and Byakuya could barely stand .

"Great looks like this thing has gotten alot stronger. Just how much spiritual energy this thing has ?" Kenpachi asked with slight fear.

"Impossible, i can't move my body, no being should have this much power." Byakuya answered.

"What is this spiritual power i'm sensing It's as if this creature might be a Vasto Lorde or even stronger . Even i'm having trouble breathing in such immense spiritual pressure." Ukitake stated as he tries to stand up to the massive Reiatsu and struggles to breathe .

Meanwhile at the 12th Division Headquarters & Barracks.

The Spiritual Wave Measurement Lab measures Critical on the energy scale.

"THIS IS NOT GOOD! 25,000,000 RYK. NO IT'S 250,000,000 RYK... NO IT'S OVER 25 BILLION RYK. " Rin stated.

"THAT'S MADNESS! This is unlike anything we ever sensed before." Akon added with extreme fright on his face.

"IT'S THE END OF THE WORLD !" Hiyosu replied while hiding underneath his desk when Rangiku calls to note that Ichigo is in trouble.

"Where's the backup ? Ichigo can't hold out much longer ! We're going to die here." Rangiku asked them.

"The Soul Society is... " Akon stated before hearing a loud explosion.

Meanwhile at the White Way Gate.

The 7 tailed horn creature roars and blows away Ukitake , Shunsui as well as Byakuya and Kenpachi miles away with just it's roar.

"Incredible, just her roar is that powerful !" Ukitake responded with shock as Shunsui manages to emerge from the rubble of a collapsed house.

"That beast knocked the wind right out of us !" Shunshi stated as he struggles to get back up while the 7 Tails then punches through the Sekkiseki walls with it's bare hands ,the walls which were made to negate all Reiryoku and destroys the entire Sekkiseki barrier around the west gate.

"Incredible, it did that with just it's raw power, that's impossible no creature is that powerful." Ukitake stated as he's shocked with fear and sweating as the wall within the Seireitei are all weighed down by the immense spiritual power weighing them down, buildings are shaking within the impact of the shattering of the Sekkiseki walls as violent shockwaves and aftershocks create lightning storms above the Seireitei as a violent rush of energy engulf the entire area from the barrier.

"DANGER, HIGH ALERT! The Sekkiseki barrier has been breached, evacuation immediately ." the P.A alerts.

Meanwhile within Sōgō Kyūgo Tsumesho (綜合救護詰所, Coordinated Relief Station).

Meanwhile Unohana is in the barracks with Lemura and Harunobu Ogidō 8th Seat of the 4th Division as well as the second leader of the first relief team when they feel the aftershocks.

"What a strong spiritual pressure!" Unohana said to her squadmates as she senses the massive spiritual power and could barely move yet sees her two officers down on the floor.

"Captain !" said the 3rd seat struggling to breathe.

"Bakudō # 92 . Kūkan Shīrudo(空間シールド Spatial Shielding ) " Unohana chanted as a massive green barrier made of spiritual energy engulfs the entire 4th Division in a barrier protecting them from the Reiatsu shockwave outside as well as most of the Seireitei .

"Captain, that was a forbidden spell just now wasn't it ?" Ogidō asked the Captain.

"Please forgive me but had i not used that, you guys would of died as well as everyone else here in the barracks and the Seireitei . The spell was designed to repel outside attacks and breaching Reiatsu, you guys are safe for now." Unohana answered.

"Captain what should we do ?" Lemura asked.

"Evacuate all the patients underground, i would take care of this threat by joining Shunsui and Ukitake in combat." Unohana answered drawing out her sword.

"But Captain, you can't use that here in the Seireitei." Ogidō stated with fear.

"I have no other choice, the monster has already destroyed the Sekkiseki walls." Unohana replied as she walks out of the barracks and goes to the battlefield.

Meanwhile at the Seireitei

Shunsui and Ukitake are about to use there Bankai on the 7 tailed beast as the beast looms closer to Sōkyoku Hill.

"Damn it, at this rate i would have to use my Bankai." Shunsui stated with a worried look on his face.

"We're forbidden to do such a thing! If any of us Shintachio(伝説のシニア隊長 Densetsu no shinia taichō meaning Legendary Senior Captains ) release Bankai, we could accidentally destroy the entire Seireitei." Ukitake replied.

The 7 tailed Horned Beetle charges up a huge bluish-black beam in it's mouth but suddenly Yamamoto appears in front of the creature using Shunpo and punches the creature miles away with his punch, the monster hits a mountain outside of the Rukongai district.

"Ikkotsu (一骨, Single Bone) " Yamamoto said with a serious tone on his face.

"Captain Commander !" Shunsui and Ukitake said shocked to see Yamamoto on the frontlines.

"Stand back Captain Ukitake and Captain Kyōraku , let me crush this thing." Yamamoto commanded.

The creature is within a mountain outside the Rukongai district. Yamamoto uses Shunpo to cross the distance of 24 miles in 3 seconds or moving at 8 miles per second(28,800 MPH)or Mach 37.5.

"Fū Kill Yamamoto !" the monstrous 7 Tails said in a deep dark demonic tone.

"You have caused enough destruction to the Seireitei, at least with you out here, i don't have to worry about you killing anyone else. Reduce All Creation to Ash Ryūjin Jakka(流刃若火, Flowing Blade-like Flame)." Yamamoto chanted as the release of his Zanpakutō comes with an extreme release of spiritual pressure affecting all in the area, and can be felt for miles upon miles across all of Seireitei.

The 7 tailed Horned Beetle charges at Yamamoto who swings it's tails at him and hits Yamamoto through a large rock formation but Yamamoto gets back up like nothing happened even though he has some blood coming from his head.

" You really are your attacks are strong but you're young , your attacks are too straightforward." Yamamoto said to the while block the lashing 6 tails with his left hand and manages to grab one of the tails and rip it out with his bare hand .

Yamamoto dodges a charging attack from the 7 tails that goes through a 2,000 foot high mountain and levels it with ease. He sees it come toward him again but he grabs the horn with his bare hand and breaks it with his left then puts his sword guard on his mouth and leaves his two hands free and generates fire around his body.

" Shoneen (双骨炎 Flaming Double Bone )" Yamamoto chanted as he uses a powerful two-fisted punch that combines Ryūjin Jakka and Sōkotsu (双骨, Double Bone) to destroy much of 7 Tailed beetles abdomen and do serious damage causing it to crash into the ground.

"That took care of that insect !" Yamamoto stated.

But before Yamamoto could reseal his sword, the creature charges up a powerful blast at point-blank range of energy ball from above the 7 tails mouth that expands 100 feet in diameter and is gathering Chakra bubbles around it.

"So you still got that much power ?" Yamamoto asked with shock.

The monster fires the massive blast but Yamamoto dodges, however the blast comes towards the Seireitei .

"So that's your target, not on my watch, Bakudō # 96 . Kūkanten'i (空間転位, Spatial Displacement)." Yamamoto chanted as he teleports the blast using the Kidō to distort space from near the Seireitei to 100 miles away where a massive 30 mile radius explosion occurs.

" Had that blast hit, the Gotei 13, Seireitei and Rukongai would've been completely destroyed " Yamamoto stated.

(A/N:This is the same forbidden Kido spell Tessai used Tessai along with Jikanteishi to escape with Kisuke Urahara and those who would become the Vizards from their first skirmish with Sōsuke Aizen 110 years before the start of the Ryoka Invasion. )

The 7 Tails then appears behind Yamamoto and shoots a smaller blast at Yamamoto but Yamamoto uses his left arm to deflect it into a mountain and explodes destroying an explosion that is as large as the Seireitei. Yamamoto takes damage on his left arm but he is still able to raise his sword and attack the 7 Tailed Horned Beetle.

"Sutorōkuen no Hasen(ストローク炎の破線 Dashing Flaming Stroke)" Yamamoto chanted as he combines his Ryūjin Jakka and Hitotsume:Nadegiri (一つ目・撫で斬り, The First: Killing Stroke ) and with one swing of his sword cuts the massive tailed beast in half and then destroys the creature with an immense pillar of flame as wide as the Seireitei and dwarfing it in height. The pillar of flames light up the night sky across the Rukongai and Seireitei . Yamamoto eliminates the creature with the power of his Shikai and seals back his sword but his left arm and chest is burned from deflecting the Cero like blast into the mountain and is worn out by the attack .

"That was a nasty encounter, what the hell was that ?" Yamamoto asked as he sees the beetle revert back to her human form and falls to the ground "Whatever this is, this is definitely the doing of Sōsuke Aizen." Yamamoto thinks to himself as he carries the burned remains of the woman.

Meanwhile at Karakura Town.

Grimmjow smashes Ichigo into a carter a 30 foot diameter 10 foot deep crater from the struggles to get up Grimmjow spits at the ground.

"God you suck, is that all your Bankai gives you, a meager speed increase ? You're a serious disappointment." Grimmjow arrogantly mocked as he looks at Ichigo with a disappointed look on his face.

However as the smoke clears Ichigo reveals that he has recovered from the brutal beating and unleashes a black red Reiatsu .

"Getsuga Tenshō (月牙天衝, Moon Fang Heaven-Piercer )" Ichigo shouted as he launches a powerful blast in the form of a crescent moon and hits Grimmjow, Grimmjow manages to block the attack and sustains a large burn on his chest and a massive cut extending from his right thigh to his left shoulder as well a cut on both of his wrists and the left side of his pants and struggles to catch his breath as he is out of his own Reiatsu .

"What the fucking hell was that ? Ulquorria never told me about that technique Shinigami." Grimmjow asked with a psychotic grin as he looks at the damage into his body.

"Am i still disappointing you Arrancar ?" Ichigo asked with a grin on his face.

Suddenly Ichigo is interrupted by Hollow Ichigo partially and Hollow Ichigo tries to take over his body.

"You're weak Ichigo, let me take over. How long you think you could take this guy on your own ? You're already at your very limit ! " Hollow Ichigo remarks.

"Leave me alone!" Ichigo shouted as he struggles to control his Inner Hollow, he gets back to reality and sees that Grimmjow only has medium injuries to his body "His wounds is only a flesh wound, he took a direct hit with a Getsuga Tenshō and yet it barely even cut through his skin. Damn it, i only have around 2 or 3 times with his Black Getsuga (黒月牙, Black Moon Fang) . That technique was originally Hollow Ichigo's technique, the more i use it , the more Hollow Ichigo tries to take over." Ichigo said to himself.

"Hey Shinigami , Don't tell me you're already at your limit ? And just when you were actually worth killing, now it's my turn try to maintain that form for a bit longer so i can enjoy killing you " Grimmjow stated as he pulls out his Zanpakutō. His Zanpakutō's tsuba resembles a rigid, crooked "S," while the sheath and handle are light blue. Before Grimmjow could Release, he is interrupted by Kaname Tōusen "What the fuck are you doing here Tōusen ?" Grimmjow asked as he looks with a shocked and angry look on his face.

"Sheathe your sword, Grimmjow !" Tōusen commanded with a calm , stoic look on his face. Grimmjow sheathes his sword back in it's holder and looks at Tōusen.

"Tōusen , isn't he one of the Captains who left with Aizen ?" Ichigo stated to himself as he see them talking to each other.

"Why the holy fucking hell are you here ?" Grimmjow asked with an annoyed look on his face.

"You know why i'm here You take it upon yourself to invade the real world, you mobilized five Arrancars and then lose them all in are in violation of your orders, Aizen is furious ! Grimmjow come ,your punishment will be decided in Hueco Mundo." Tōsen stated with a commanding harsh threatening tone as he opens up a Garanata to Hueco Mundo.

"Whatever, blow it out your ass you gay ass cocksucking hypocrite." Grimmjow replied as he spits at Tōusen's face.

"You are so going to pay for that." Tōusen said with slightly anger in his voice as Grimmjow walks away with Tōusen .

"Were you going ?" Ichigo states with anger.

"Shut the fuck up, we're going back... to Hueco Mundo ." Grimmjow answered.

"Fuck You , you come here, attack us and just leave on a whim ?" Ichigo stated with anger in his tone "STOP FUCKING AROUND AND GET BACK HERE!" Ichigo states with fury.

"Gimme a break! You're lucky he came, i can tell just looking at you that move of yours you hit me with damages your soul. You could only handle two or three more of those attacks but even if you use over 100,000 of those attacks, it's irrelevant against my released form." Grimmjow gloats with arrogance in his tone.

"Released form ?" Ichigo asked with shock.

"That's right, this Zanpakutō isn't just for looks . You can barely cut me while i'm in base form. Don't forget it, just pray you never hear this name again , Grimmjow Jaegerjaques , the sexta (6th) Espada. Next time you see this face and hear this name, it would the last thing you ever heard !" Grimmjow stated with an arrogant tone as him and Tōusen leave to Hueco Mundo . Renji arrives at the scene to try to aid Ichigo, Ichigo is battered and broken both psychically and mentally from his fight with Grimmjow .

"The Arrancar returned to Hueco Mundo , did you win ?" Renji stated with a monotone voice.

"I couldn't protect anyone and i couldn't even defeat those who wounded us, i lost." Ichigo answered in a sad reflecting tone.

"Come on Ichigo you're alive, that means you won right ?" Renji stated trying to cheer up Ichigo.

"Don't lie to me if you were me, you wouldn't say is close to death thanks to my weakness." Ichigo replied in a depressing tone.

Meanwhile at Urahara Shōten (浦原商店, Urahara Shop ).

Ururu is being healed by Tessai within Kisuke's shop with Tessai using healing Kidō on her.

"Shudō (首藤 Way of Healing)# 1 Keikatsu (啓活, Opening Revival)" Tessai chanted while healing Ururu's wounds from her being gored in the chest by Yylfordt 's release form.

" It's okay ! Ururu You would live " Kisuke said to Ururu holds her hand.

Tessai focuses on healing Ururu while Jinta is thinking what happened with Ururu .

"I couldn't do a thing back in that battle." Jinta states to himself.

Meanwhile in the Shinobi World.

Aizen arrives within a major city in the Shinobi world where he goes on top of a building with a balcony consisting of a large metal face with its tongue sticking out which looks out over the city . Aizen arrives inside the building where he meets a spiky short blueish black man wearing a long, dark cloak with red clouds, a red interior, and a chin-high collar hiding his face in the shadows.

"Everything is going according to plan!" Aizen said to the mysterious man in the cloak.

"It's been 3 days since we met Aizen and i must say your proved to be an excellent foe Shinigami , not since my battle with the 4th Hokage have i met a foe like you ." said the mysterious man.

"I must say you are tough to kill ever in your weakened state Madara Uchiha. You lived a long life for a human, you're almost like a living ghost " Aizen stated as Madara walks out with an orange mask covering his face.

"We fought each other that time and i must say you would be too tough to kill." Madara stated with confidence.

"I must say this could be the beginning of a new alliance Madara, everything went according to our plan. Thanks to the tailed beast you sent me, soon the Soul Society and the Shinobi world would destroy each other." Aizen stated with an evil grin.

"I apologize for not being able to utilize it's full power at the moment. Edo Tensei limits the output of power you can bring back the user by the amount of Chakra within the body of the user. Bringing back a Jinchriuiki was not easy and i needed your help with your Reiastu to bring back this Jinchiruiki "

"Not a problem, though bringing back a Jinruchiki with a fragment of it's Bjuu almost killed us though, to think it was hard to control even under Edo Tensei but thanks to your Sharrigan and my Kyoka Suigestu, we were able to control it . Still for Yamamoto to burn through Edo Tensei when it's suppose to regenerate infinitely is a testament of his power and proof we're not ready to take him on yet ." Aizen stated explaining the success of their mission.

"It's quite ingenious using the Gentei Reiin(限定霊印, Soul-Limiting Symbol) on the human Jinchiruiki. Fu's original power was Jounin Class without the Bjuu powers, it's almost as if you intended to spread false intel about the power of the Jinichruiki." Madara explained to the former Captain.

"I didn't mean to do it for that, i merely wanted to test the exponential increase in power within the Bjuu state and test whether it's possible to increase the power of our armies to that extent, once the Hoyguku is completed in 3 months, we should be ready to make our move." Aizen stated.

"And thanks to our attack, we just caused a war that would weaken the Shinobi World and the Soul Society , once the Winter War occurs, the Shinobi and Shinigami World would be weakened by their war with each other and we can sweep in and destroy what's left. If everything goes to plan, both words would be ours !" Madara replied.

Omake 1:Kurotsuchi University

Mayuri has a computer screenboard out with drawings of the subject matter with Nemu at the side.

"Today were going to discuss the RYK system." Mayuri stated as he points out the RYK.

"RYK (Reiryoku Yelid Kapacity) is the measurement for the amount of Reiryoku (霊力, Spiritual Power) within a person." Mayuri states as he goes to another slide clip.

"The RYK level should not be confused for Power levels in DBZ, their power levels are worlds apart from this series." Mayuri states pointing a clip of DBZ power levels.

"An average human only process 1 RYK, they are not spiritually aware and are the weakest in this category." Mayuri states pointing at the screen of a normal human.

"An average Shinigami of Academy student level processes somewhere between 1 RYK and 5 RYK. If a human process 2 RYK or Higher, they might gain spiritual awareness." Mayuri stated as he points a picture of Tatsuki.

"The minimum level needed to become an unseated Shinigami is 10RYK and the maximum level is 100 RYK. " Mayuri stated as he points at a picture of his own officer Rin Tsubokura.

"The minimum level needed to become an seated Shinigami is 100 RYK and the maximum level is 1,000 RYK. " Mayuri states as he points at a picture of 10th seat Makizō Aramaki .

"The minimum level needed to become an 2nd seated Shinigami or Lieutenant is 1,000 RYK while the maximum level is 10,000 RYK. " Mayuri said to the audience as he shows a picture of Nemu.

"And the minimum level needed to become a Captain is 10,000 RYK while the maximum level is 10,000,000 RYK." Mayuri stated as he shows a picture of himself.

"When Reiryoku levels are higher than 250 RYK in the human world, they can destroy their surroundings. In order not to cause unnecessarily high damage while there , all Shinigami Captains and Lieutenants have their spiritual energy reduced by about 80% when they enter the human world by use of a spiritual limit, represented by a seal called the Gentei Reiin(限定霊印, Soul-Limiting Symbol), which resembles the symbol unique to their extreme cases, where their full power is needed, they can request a limit release. The command to release the seal is Gentei Kaijo (限定解除Limiter Release) ." Mayuri states as he shows a picture of Hitsugaya fighting Shawlong.

"I hope you found this entertaining and a learning experience ." Mayuri stated as he stops the tape.

(A/N: My first official fanfic and a crossover of two of my favorite series , this is going to be a massive project that is far from a one shot and i plan to make it a 2 part series, tell me how you like the story, feel free to critique and Fave this story.

Update:Looking back at the actual Bleach Plotline, it makes no sense that Shinji met Ichigo on September 2,2001 considering that day is Sunday so to fix this problem with continuity, Ichigo's semester would begin within September 3, 2001 which falls on a Monday in the same year and put Shinji's introduction within the same day instead of the following day and put the Arrancar attack with Yammy and Ulquorria on Tuesday September 4,2001. The same with the Grand Fisher Battle around June 17,2001 which fell on a Sunday that year which is a continuity error given there wouldn't be any school Ichigo wouldn't need to skip out on if Bleach's storyline continuity is suppose to take place within the year 2001 A.D. Not much changes here aside from improving grammar here and a bit more explanation of how Fu became a rampaging Hollow)