Bleach Shippuden 64 : Prelude to Total War

(A/N:This fan fic would resume the original writing of where we let off 2 years ago. Reading fan fics like VOGOshiki's Qunicy's Fairy Tail and Life and Death of Erza Scarlet, and reading Dark Machines fan fics and draconichero20's Fairy Without Wings series i've regained the will to resume writing fan fics, however the following chapters would be a collab between Dark Machines and some epic fights between the Akatsuki and the Vadnereich. I'll explain what i intend to do with these characters later on.)

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Soul Society

October 6,2001.

Obito awaits for the rest of the Akatsuki to appear within the same spot within the Frozen wastelands within the Soul Society. Zetsu then appears from the ground .

"So this is the Invisible Empire of the Qunices?" Zestu asked the orange masked wearing ninja.

"The original stronghold of the Quincy Empire. People tend to think that the Quincy War 200 years ago was the pinnacle of the conflict within the Soul Society, they would be wrong. The very first Quincy existed 1,000 years ago , his name was Juah Bach." Obito answered explaining the first Quincy.

"So why are we here again?" Zetsu questioned Obito.

"To see how powerful are these Vandereich! If they truly exceed the power of the Gotei 13 as legend have it."Obito replied.

"Hopefully you know what you're doing !Remember, your current level of power was barely enough to handle the likes of Kisuke, Isshin and Yoruichi." Zetsu stated.

"I held back in that fight , our interests was mere obtaining the girl and testing the full extent of Ichigo's powers. This time i'm going to go all out , much i did against Minato and when i controlled the Nine Tails 16 years back. In fact i've only gotten stronger since then thanks to my secret weapon." Obito replied.

"Remember, you can only use that power for a full minute at best, you've yet to fully master it, especially given Kumai takes most of your reserves as it is." Zetsu said to Obito.

"Don't worry, i've have everything planned!" Obito replied.

"You might want to keep up the goofy act, the others are arriving any second now." Zetsu stated.

"Oh right, i almost forgot the plan. If Itachi catches wind of my plans, it can spell trouble."Obito replied going back to his Tobi persona.

"You distrust Itachi that much?" Zetsu asked.

"Itachi is unpredictable and uncontrollable, anyone who can betray his own clan like that is not someone you can trust." Tobi answered with his serious voice.

The Gragangta opens again only for the other Akatsuki to appear.

The other Akatsuki all arrive within the same area as well joining Obito in his fight against the Vanderiech.

"So Tobi beat us to the start again!" Sasori said to the others.

"It's Tobi, if he's good at anything, it's running away." Deidara replied

"Deidara Senpai!" Tobi shouted as he rushes to hug Deidara only to dodge the hug.

"I wasn't aware you guys went that way." Kakuzu said to Deidara in a joking way.

"If you do, i have to kill you for Lord Jashin, homosexuality is a sin punishable by death." Hidan replied.

"Well considering your bond with Kakuzu, i'm surprised you too aren't making love already." Deidara stated with a mocking tone and his mouth hands smiling.

"WHAT DID YOU SAY FAG?" Hidan shouted threatening to cut Deidara's head off.

"That's enough!" Pein yelled with his booming voice.

"It's almost like we're a happy family."Sasori said with a sarcastic tone.

"Yep, Deidara Senpai is like my nee san." Tobi replied with a ridiculous tone.

"So you all know the plan?"Pein asked.

"Yep, our job here is to make sure these Vandereich assholes play ball with us and accept Jashin as their lord and savior." Hidan explained to the rest with everyone facepaliming.

"No idiot, it's to kill them and steal whatever valuable goods they have here." Kakuzu replied with everyone else facepalming.

"Seriously we can do without the jokes."Konan said to Kakuzu

"Who said i was joking?" Kakuzu asked her.

"You can't even use that money, they use a different currency here." Sasori stated.

"Money is money, i don't care !More importantly, i hope those Quinces have some valuable hearts to take." Kakuzu said to the rest with his grim, eire glare.

"Quinces ? I fucking hate Quinces ! Those fucking bastards mocked the Lord, i can hopefully kill some of these assholes after what they did to me in that shifty town." Hidan shouted going on a rant about his humiliation in the hands of Ryuken.

"Still sore about getting your ass handed to you for underestimating your opponent?" Kakuzu asked with a arrogant,smug tone.

"At least i wasn't beaten by a fucking kid !"Hidan replied laughing at Kakuzu.

"That kid you stated beatened me would've kicked your ass. Immortal or not, there was no way you could've broken out of that Ice Prison." Kakuzu explained to Hidan,

"I'm quite disappointed that Captain didn't use it on me , that would've been fun. Shame he held back when he fought me." Kisame said to Kakuzu.

"It seems more like he couldn't control his powers, he was only able to match me that long because i underestimated him. I won't make that same mistake again."Kakuzu replied.

"This is the same guy who managed to capture the Shukaku currently in the procession of the Gotei 13, he's not one to underestimate. His power varies from being an insignificant A level threat to a S Class threat. I can attest to you by experience that people were foolish to underestimate me in a fight when i have token down the Kazekage." Sassori explained to the others.

"Anyways, enough talk, let's proceed to the mission!"Pein said to the group as he heads to the Quincy lair.

"It's been too long since by sword got any action, perhaps this would be the best time to cut loose a bit."Kisame said to the others with an intense smile on his face.

All the Akatsuki head to the base of the Vanderiech.

"Aizen, you think having Sasuke on your side is going to change things ? It's about time i start to put my trump card against you." Tobi said to himself as the Ataskui head into the base.

Meanwhile at the Gotei 13

Yamamoto is talking with Shunsui, Unohana and Ukitake about the security breach

"To think the Shinobi would get this far within the Soul Society."Shunsui said to Yamamoto.

"That means were in greater danger than before." Yamamoto replied.

"They're likely after the One Tails that was captured by Captain Hitsugaya." Ukitake explained to Yamamoto.

"It's surprising that Toshiro was even able to pull off this, he really got lucky there!Then again his Bankai is a wild card like Kurosaki." Shunsui stated.

"So any clue what we should do about the Jinchriuki in our custody?" Unohana asked the Captain Commander.

"The only option is to execute him but we must do so with the Soyguku. If we kill him without it, there is a chance the Bjuu within him would rampage and cause casualties."Yamamoto explained to the commanders.

"Don't we need the approval of the Soul King and Central 46?" Ukitake asked Yamamoto.

"We're working on that, at this point we have to wait at least a month before a verdict is held." Yamamoto explained to his students.

"Still don't you think killing him is going to far?"Shunsui asked Yamamoto.

"In case you weren't aware, this kid is no ordinary kid. He's of Kage class, one of the strongest Shinobi to exist, if he taps into his powers alongside his Bjuu powers, he can be a serious threat." Yamamoto explained to Shunsui.

"Besides,Captain Kurostuchi has tired for weeks to extract the Bjuu and so far, nothing has worked. It's too much of a risk to allow him to live." Yamamoto stated.

"I see, so it has to be this way!"Ukitake replied.

"Quite the eventful week we had ?Frist Ichigo breaks out and goes on a rampage in Las Noches, then the Kasumoji's attempted a coup and then Reigial creator tired to do the same. We barely have any breaks in between."Shunsui explained to Yamamoto.

"And there isn't going to be any ! We're in a tight situation here with an enemy force that can potentially destroy the soul society as if having the Espada and Arrancars weren't bad enough and we have lost Orihime to these guys, there's no telling what else can happen" Yamamoto stated with concern.

"Not to mention they have the power to bring back fallen Hollows and people going by the reports we read before the terrorist attack in Karakura Town. Grand Fisher was brought back from the realm of the Hellverse via unknown means, something even the Hōgyoku doesn't seem capable of doing. We're dealing with a force that is unpredictable and very dangerous." Unoahana explained to the Captains.

"Which is all the more we must train and prepare ourselves for the absolute worst." Yamamoto replied.

Meanwhile at Mayuri's Lab

Gaara is within a Seikseki prison cell with a strong barrier around it. Mayuri looks at the cell and noticing a glow of power around the Jinchruiki.

"This is seriously discerning! Despite being within a Sekiseki barrier, a barrier meant to neutralize Reaistu, he's still radiating power. Still, there's no way he can escape this barrier I placed, this barrier is meant to restrict any Reiastu that's within it." Mayuri said to himself as he walks away from the cell.

Meanwhile at the Kurosaki Clinic

Kon is playing the act of Ichigo and spending time with the and Yuzu are having their snacks with Kon with Orihime there.

"I'm glad you're always here with us big brother." Yuzu said to Kon hugging him.

"Is it me or is Yuzu a bit possessive?"Kon said to himself.

"So Ichigo, are you dating Orihime?" Karin asked Ichigo.

"Yep, me and her are going out !" Ichigo answered as he hugs Orihime.

"Damn it Kon, if i wasn't promised that hot Gigal, i would totally kick your ass right now." Ririn said to herself thinking back to Kisuke's deal several days back.

4 Days ago

Kisuke was talking to Tatsuki about Ggai's and telling her the truth about Ichigo as a Shinigami.

"What's going on ?Why am i in Orihime's body?" Rinirn asked.

"It's simple, you're going to be taking the place of Orhime from day-to-day life." Kisuke answered.

"What? Why ,me?" Rrinrin asked.

"Why me?" Kon shouted.

"Let's bring you up to speed. Ichigo would be training for a while so he can rescue Orihime. We need you and Kon to pose as them and pretend to date each other." Yoruichi explained to Riririn.

"Here's my offer if you go along with this!" Kisuke said to Ririn as he shows her her premeant new body.

"Whoa,she's hot!" Rirrin stated.

"Do this favor and you can have it." Kisuke replied.

"You're lucky i have made a promise Kon." Rirrin mutters to herself.

"You said something?" Kon asked her

"Nothing !" Rinrin replied.

On the rooftop of the Clinic, Isshin calls Shinji to ask about Ichigo's progress

"So how's my son doing?" Isshin asked.

"His learning curve is pretty fast, it took us a half a century to even get the progress he's doing right now."Shinji explained to the former Captain.

"Well it's something he got from his mother after all." Isshin replied thinking about Masaki.

"So she was the one who helped you out 20 years ago?" Shinji asked about her.

"Yep, had not for her, neither me or Ryuken can beat that monster Aizen or that Hollow White." Isshin answered.

"Aren't you afraid of that Hollow controlling you ? After all, it was you that he bit and that's how your son got that infection that plague him now." Shinji asked Isshin.

"I don't need to worry about that, Ikumi has been helping me out with controlling that monster. Ikumi's a natural prodigy at that." Isshin replied.

"Funny that,she was only average at Kido, then again she was trained by Yoruichi so it explains why she was able to control that power despite not being as good as Kido as the Vice Captains of Squad 8 and Squad 5. It's believed she joined Aizen's squad to spy on him from within." Shinji stated.

"Yep, she helped opened my eyes to that creep. Too bad she got cursed with this poison!" Isshin replied.

"So how far are you in controlling that hollow within you?" Shinji asked.

"My body isn't as good as it used to be. It's gotten old and more heavily fatigued, then again raising 3 kids and being out of partice for 20 years would do that to you. I wouldn't try to bring that monster out and risk being controlled by it. However if i have no choice, then i'll need to take some training to control this demon." Isshin explained to Shinji as he describes the monster in him.

"So when are you going to tell him the truth, the truth about his Shinigami father and his..." Shinji said to the former captain only to be cut off mid sentence.

"I already told you, only when the time is right. As of right now, he's only halfway ready for the truth. At this point, it's a good thing he's survived this long! His recklessness almost got him killed back at Las Noches."Isshin explained to Shinji.

"Like father like son!" Shinji replied.

Meanwhile at the Vizard Hideout

Ichigo is clashing with Kensei again for the 150th time only to have his mask shattered again.

"Damn it !" Ichigo shouted.

"That's 150 times ! You need to give up while you can." Kensei said to Ichigo as he finally collapses from exhaustion.

"Boy, he's been fighting all day !He really needs to rest his body before he kills himself out of exhaustion." Lisa said to the others.

"Yep! That idiot's never going to make it to Aizen if he can't even take a breather." Hiyori replied.

"To think it's already 9:05 P.M. Time flies when you watch someone get their ass handed to them."Shinji said to the rest of the Vizards.

"I was going to quit, either way, it's getting late." Kensei stated as he puts away his Shikai.

"Oh come on, this isn't boot camp you know, you can go to sleep anytime you want." Lisa said to Kensei.

"And what, ruin my sleep cycle?I want to be prepared at all times."Kensei replied as he heads to his room.

"Well that's Kensei for you, then again he has a point, we need to prepare ourselves for the very worst from the Shinobi."Shinji said to himself as he picks up Ichigo's body.

Meanwhile at the Vandereich base

The sound of an explosion rocks the place as Akatsuki breach into the hideout and prepare their assault.

"What the hell was that?" one of the Sterrin Ritter shouted as the Akatsuki make their assault on the palace.

Kakuzu shoots fireballs at 10 regular quinces killing them easily and goes to kill one with a punch but it's blocked by slim man with narrow pale blue eyes and short black hair,

"It seems i'm not the only one who process Iron Skin." Kakuzu said to the person who blocked his harden punch.

"They don't call me The Iron for nothing, names Cang Du." Cang Du said to the masked Akatsuki and he goes to kick Kakuzu, however he blocked with a harden elbow.

"This should prove to be interesting." Kakuzu replied as he dodges his claw slashes. While Kakuzu is dodging the attacks, a Robot appears with a Minigun and shoots spirit energy at him.

"That should take care of the pest!" BG9 said to Cang Du.

"Watch were you're shooting at!" Cang Du said to the robot as Kakuzu turns around taking minor damage from the shots.

"Energy weapons? Not bad, not bad at all! Time to stop toying around." Kakuzu said to the Quncies as he gets serious and blackens his whole skin.

Deidara is trading explosives with a slender young girl with long, straight, dark brown hair and brown eyes.

"Boy it's like i'm in love, a babe who appreciates fine art." Deidara said to the young woman throwing explosive projectiles at Deidara which Deidara counters with clay birds

"Don't call me babe ! I have a name you know ,I'm Bambietta Basterbine, Letter E, which is for "Explosions." Bambeitta replied as she shoots exploding blasts that explode anything they touch.

"That's a fine piece of art, explosions that turn anything into a bomb. " Deidara said to Bambietta as he summons his C-2 Dragon to go and fight Bambietta.

"I must admit, it's not everyday i encounter such a handsome devil who uses explosives, i think I'm going to like you." Bambietta replied with a smile on her face.

Meanwhile Sasori is watching Deidara and Bambeitta throw explosives at each other watching everything around them getting destroyed.

"Those idiots are going to end up destroying everything at this point." Sasori said to himself as he watches explosions happen around him only to see someone attempt to attack him. long, Sasori dodges an arrow fired by by a man with black hair and dark eyes with visibly light pupils.

"Looks like you're quick on your feet human!" the creepy man said to Sasori.

"Honestly, you have to do better than that." Sasori replied as he shoots needles towards As Nodt only for him to dodge them as well. The Quincy fires needles and hits Hiruko dead on with the reishi thorns

"Looks like i got you ! I'm Äs Nödt, the designation "F" - "The Fear". My power brings the worst fears out to terrorize you by spreading throughout your nervous system. " As Nodt explained to Sasori only for Sasori to remove his Hiruko puppet and reveal he's a puppet body with the thorns still in his body.

"Unfortunately for you, i long gave up having a nervous system or organs, my body is a puppet!" Sasori said As Nodt as he summons his Third Kazekage Puppet.

"I see , you're not going to be an easy opponent." As Not replied as he takes out his bow and fires normal arrows at Sasori but Sasori dodges it.

Sasori then dodges another arrow from a large, brown-skinned, bald, obese man with dark fingernails and a long, white beard that forms an upside-down V shape wearing sunglasses.

"He's not your only opponent ! My name is PePe Waccabrada designation "L" - "The Love"." Pepe said to Sasori.

"God, what a freak!"Sasori said to himself.

"Feel my Love!" Pepe said to Saosri as he shoots a heart shaped blast at Sasori only for it to have no effect.

"It's not going to work! Our opponent is not a human." As Nodt replied as he shoots more arrows at Sasori.

Meanwhile Kisame is up against two opponents who surround him. One is a broad, towering individual, standing at almost twice the height of the average Shinigami, with black hair which extends downwards to form a chinstrap beard and another is another man far larger and more muscular than the average person, with brown skin and black hair arranged into cornrows. He exhibits numerous ape-like characteristics, possessing pronounced upper-canines, sharpened fingernails, and patches of dark hair along his forearms and fingers. Kisame dodged blows from the two hulking monstrous men and takes out his Sameahada.

"Not bad, you guys are pretty strong! My blade is thirsting for your chakra and your blood. Care to tell me your names?" Kisame said to the brutes.

"Jerome Guizbatt, designation "R" - "The Roar". " the ape like Shinigami answered as he goes to use his power and roars and becomes even Larger.

"Driscoll Berci ,designation "O" - "The Overkill". " the other brutish Shinigami answered as he throws an arrow the size of a Javelin at Kisame only for Kisame's sword to asborb it easily.

"Not bad, however not good enough!" Kisame replied as he strikes down Jerome and Driscoll with one hit .

"UUGH!" Both brutes shoted as they are incapacitated with ease.

"Too bad you're ablites are not that strong!" Kisame said to the two brutes only to see someone else appear. The man has a very large, muscular build. He wears the standard Sternritter uniform, with the addition of a yellow and red-orange luchador mask covering most of his head and face, leaving his chin and nose exposed. His mask has a star pattern on the forehead and thick markings around his eyes, nose and cheeks. His boots and gloves are red. He has brown eyes and a blonde mustache. In addition, he wears a wrestler champion's belt with a large round buckle rather than the standard Wandenreich belt buckle. The buckle bears the Wandenreich insignia

"I'm here to smite you villains, Mask De Masculine , designation "S" - "The Superstar." the masked Wrestler answered as he flexes his muscles which cause Sahemada to growl with hunger.

"You chakra is much stronger than the ones i just took down, looks like this is going to be an interesting fight." Kisame said to Mask as he unwraps the bandages of his sword and goes to fight the masked wrestler.

Meanwhile Hidan gets hit by multiple arrows but stands there and licks the blood from Giseele's arm he cut.

"Why isn't he turning into a Zombie ? I'm Sterrin Ritter Z, Giselle Gewelle ,"The Zombie". He's even licking my blood!"Giseel shouted as he stands there shocked that Hidan isn't becoming a zombie.

"He's not being poisoned by Lethal doses of Reishi either, it should be killing him! I'm Askin Nakk Le Vaar ,Sterin Ritter "D" - "The Deathdealing " the Aizen looking Quincy said shocked that his opponent isn't dying from fatal doses and sees the guy drawing a cricle around himself from his own blood

"Maybe he needs to be weakened frist ! Leave this to me ! My power is to weaken and paralyze opponents for i'm NaNaNa Najahkoop , Sterrin Ritter "U" - The Underbelly ."Morphine Pattern" (モーフィーン・パターン, Mōfīn Patān)." Nana repiled as he shoots a blast towards Hidan that forms a gird Pattern on Hidan's rather than hurting Hidan, Gissele takes damage herself and is weakened.

"How did he hurt me with an attack that hit him ? He clearly got hit and it wasn't even deflected." Gisee shouted as he can't move.

"You guys are such dumb shits who don't know Jashin. I can't die , isn't it clear that you can't kill me!" Hidan explained to the Sterrin Ritter fighting him only to get hit away from his cruse circle by a slender man with light hair shaved into 5 parts. He has a number of markings similar to leopard spots on the right side of his face and wears full-framed glasses. His attire is the orders signature hooded-cloak, a variation of the Sternritter's typical white uniform with several buttons along his cuffs and pants, and coattails underneath a leopard print vest.

"Uggh!Asshole!" Giseele shouted as he feels the same blow that hit Hidan hurt him.

"Leave this guy to me ! After all it takes an immortal to beat an Immortal . After all i'm Shaz Domino ,Sterrin Ritter "Σ" - "Sigma." Shaz said only to get cut in half by Hidan's Scythe.

"So much for immortal you stupid shi... "Hidan laughed only to be shocked by the fact Shaz completely reformed in front of him despite being cut in half.

"As you were saying?" Shaz asked Hidan.

"Damn , i envy your ability! You must be a worshipper of Jashin!" Hidan said to Shaz shocked and impressed by his immortal .

"Nope, my god is Bach!" Shaz replied.

Meanwhile, Itachi is fighting against Multiple Quinces at once. One of his opponents being Bazz-B.

"Fire Style Fireball Jutsu." Itachi chanted as he shoots a fireball toward the pink haired Quincy but the Quincy catches the fireball, surprising Itachi and negates it.

"Come on, you got to do much better than that! They don't call me the Heat for nothing! Bazz B, Stterin Ritter H, The Heat." the red haired mohawk Quincy stated as Itachi then gets serious.

"I see, however can you withstand these flames ? Amaterasu." Itachi chanted as he sends a small blaze of black flames towards Bazz B but the Quincy was still able to counter that with his power.

"Burner Finger 3." Bazz B countered as he shoots three beams of heat through he flames negating them which forces the Uchiha to dodge the attack.

"Looks like you're not bluffing when you say flames won't be of much use to you." Itachi said to the mohawk Quincy only to see another Quincy appear from behind .

"Looks like you left yourself open." said a middle aged Quincy as he points his guns at Itachi and shoots at him with his Quincy no sooner did the smoke clear, Itachi is covered with his Sunasoo ribcage.

"To think i was forced to use Sunasoo so early into the fight , this is going to be a tough fight." Itachi said to himself.

"Nice reflexes, to react at point blank range like that is most impressive for a human." The older man said to Itachi.

"But out of this Robert, get your own bastard is mine!" Bazz-B shouted.

Meanwhile, Zetsu is fighting against two Qunicies who resemble twins by spitting themselves in two.

"This is quite odd, to see two people that look the same." Both Zetsu stated.

"Like you guys are the one's to talk, you're two are a bunch of plant people." the two twins replied.

"That's not very nice is it." White Zetsu stated.

"Who are you guys again?" Black Zetsu asked.

"We're the Loyd and Royd Brothers, were both Sterrin Ritter Y"Yourself , we're not the others within the vanderiech , when the quncies are in trouble, we're hear on the double, we're faster than the others, you're face would be on the ground before you can touch us " Both of the stated in the most campy tone yet while playing the Mario Brothers cartoon rap theme with one of them rapping the theme while the other one breakdances like it's the 1980's again.

"Enough playing around!" Black Zetsu said to the brothers as he goes to attack them.

"Man Black Zetsu, you're quite the party pooer, i actually loved that rap. Oh well , Parasitic Clone Jutsu." White Zetsu chanted as he creates 12 clones of whtie Zetsus to come towards Lyod and Ryod however all the clones are devoured instantly by a gaint mouth that goes back to a small Lolicon with chin-length blonde hair and purple eyes. Her attire is a variation of the Sternritter's typical white uniform, consisting of a skirt in place of the signature trench coat, gloves, patterned leggings, and a white cap with goldtrimmings, which features a black peak and the Wandenreich insignia emblazoned on its also wears a golden heart buckle on her waist.

"Ahh, that was tasty, can I get some more?" the little girl said chomping on 12 clones.

"Okay, this is just strange." Black Zetsu shocked at what he saw.

"She's so cute ! She's totally waifu material."White Zetsu said with a perverted, disgusting, pedophilic tone.

"Uggh! You're a fucking Lolicon? God no, even the Akatsuki have standards." Black Zetsu repiled with rightful disgust of such loathsome thoughts.

"I'M NOT A LITTLE GIRL ! I'M HUNDREDS OF YEARS OLD ASSHOLES!" Lilloto shouted as he goes to attack the Zestus.

Meanwhile Konan is within a tough fight of her own notably exhausted while having her paper wings. She's being pursued by a tall and well-endowed girl of slender build. She is light-skinned with long wavy pink hair and short bangs that frame her forehead and green eyes. Her attire is a variation of the Sternritter's typical white uniform, consisting of a frilled skirt, frilled gloves, frilled boots, leggings, a belt with a heart-shaped buckle, a large purple bow with a white Wandenreich symbol around her neck, and a white cap with gold trimmings, which features a black peak and the Wandenreich insignia emblazoned on its front, turned sideways.

"Take this!" the pink hair girl shouted as she makes her arm into a massive muscular arm and punches Konan but Konan shields herself with a paper shield around her body, she's still sent flying 20 feet into a pillar,Konan gets up, she's uninjuried but shaken by the force of the blow.

"This woman, she hits as hard as the Fifth Hokage ! Had not for this paper shield of mines, i would've been screwed." Konan said to herself as she catches a breather only to see another Quincy above her. The Quincy is a tall and well-endowed woman, with long, green hair. She has blue eyes, prominent eyelashes and thin, thunderbolt shaped eyebrows. Her attire is a heavily modified and revealing variation of the regular Sternritter's white uniform, consisting of the typical double-breasted jacket, which she keeps tied up to reveal her midriff and unbuttoned, as well as removing the fabric on the sides, to display her cleavage, and a pair of short-shorts which are held up by a black belt with a green heart buckle attached to the side. She also wears a white cap on her head with gold trimmings, which features a black peak and the Wandenreich insignia emblazoned on its front, and a pair of ankle-height shoes.

"You're getting sloppy Meninas!" the blonde hair woman shouted as she uses a lightning attack slimair to Chidori to strike Konan going straight through her and causing a lightning explosion.

"Come on Cancide, that's not right stealing someone's kill." Mennias complained to the green hair Quincy only to see the body of Konan turn to papers and all the papers turn into paper bombs.

"You left your guard down!" Konan said to Cancide as she detonates the bombs around her. The explosion clears up to reveal Cancide took minor damage thanks to Blut Vene which hardened her her outfit is covered in dust and she's notably pissed off with lightning covering her body.

"FUCKING BITCH ! YOU RUINED MY FUCKING OUTFIT ! EVERY FUCKING MORNING I HAVE TO MAKE SURE MY OUTFIT IS PERFECTLY CLEAN! I SPENT MOST OF MY TIME ON MY BEAUTY AND YOU FUCKING RUINED IT!" Cancide shouted in an immense rage as she takes out her bow. She takes out a short bow in a collapsed state within a heart container on the side of her belt; when Candice clicks the heart, the bow pops out above her. There is a heart centered at the middle of the bow with the two arms branching out of it. The arms of the bow are shaped like lightning bolts.

"This is not good! Both my opponents are on par with Kages! This is going to be a very rough fight." Konan said to herself as she sees Cancide about to attack.

"Galvano Blast (ガルヴァノ ブラスト, Garuvano Burasuto)" Candice shouted as she fires a powerful, 5 gigajoule blast of electricity at Konan, Konan barely dodges the arrow as it hits a pillar and turns it into dust.

"Are you insane Cancide? You're going to end up destroying the whole palace with that much lack of control." Mennias said to Cancide .

"I DON'T GIVE A SHIT !SHIT ! SHIT!" Cancide shouted only to see Konan behind both of them.

"Shikigami Dance Storm." Konan countered as she launches hundred of paper kunai with explosives in them forcing the two to dodge her attack.

"You're the first in a long time to evade my lightning attacks,maybe this won't be so boring!" Candice said to Konan.

"I'm not letting you have all the fun now!" Mennias replied as she bulks up both her arms and takes out her bow. The bow she takes out is a small bow in a collapsed state within a heart container she keeps on the side of her belt.

Meanwhile, Pein is up against two very strong opponents himself.

"These quinces are much stronger than i thought, the ones Konan are fighting against are on par with the strongest current Kages while the two i'm fighting particularly have the power of god amongst them." Pein said to himself as he negates an attack thrown at him by a Mysterious Quincy wearing a long white cloak fastened at the front with three buttons and with a black Hagal rune on its side. The cloak obscures its face with shadow, leaving glowing eyes.

"Perdina, leave this guy to me, you're attacks aren't going to work against someone who can deflect your moves so easily." said a young boy who summons mupilter guns that shoot reishi rounds towards Pein only for Pein to negate them with his shockwaves.

Meanwhile Tobi is fighting against two very strong Qunices. One is a black young man with short white hair and a black mark shaped like a crosshair over his left eye, which is constantly shut. Underneath a long white cloak, he wears white gloves embroided with a winged X; a light-colored, sleeveless shirt with a light brown, furred pauldron on his right shoulder; light brown pants; white pant legs with missing sections near his calves which are attached to his shirt; and light-colored shoes. He wears a light brown, furred bicorn on his head with a small Wandenreich emblem on either side. The another Quincy is a tall and broad muscular man with light, shoulder-length hair. He wears a winged helmet and a white cloak fastened at the front with three buttons and a black Hagal rune on the left-hand this cloak, he wears a red cape held by a pin on both shoulders, gauntlets on either arm, black pants with a white X-shaped belt and disc-shaped buckle, and white shinguards with discs on his kneecaps. Underneath his mask, Gerard has black sideways M-shaped marks covering the sides of his face, and wears a thin black braid around his scalp.

"Why aren't my shots hitting him? They seem to be hitting directly at him but nothing is hitting is this even possible? I'm Lille Barro Sterrinritter "X" - "The X-Axis",as well as the leader of Yhwach's Schutzstaffel (親衛隊 (シュッツシュタッフェル), Shuttsushutafferu; German for "Protective Echelon", Japanese for "Elite/Imperial Guards"). My power is capable of piercing any defense. My rifle can pierce anything i fire at with perfect accuracy. I simply pierce everything between the muzzle and the target, leaving its power unable to be blocked by any barriers as a result. Yet my opponent is not being hit ?What is going on ? No one should be able to dodge or block this!" the young black man said to himself getting are frustrated at the fact none of his shots are hitting the Shinobi.

"You're quite good at running little man but let's see how you can run from this for I am the almighty Gerard Valkyrie, Streinnriter M" - The Miracle, as well as one of Yhwach's Schutzstaffel (親衛隊 (シュッツシュタッフェル), Shuttsushutafferu; German for "Protective Echelon", Japanese for "Elite/Imperial Guards")." Gread bragged as he goes to attack Tobi only for his attack to attack him.

"Thor Senpai!" Tobi said with a stupid fanboyish tone as he goes to hug him.

"Thor?" Gread asked scratching his head.

"Can I get your autograph?"Tobi asked as he pulls out a a Thor comic and pen.

"Come to think of it, the man you confuse me with does have a uncanning resemblance to me! Guess you humans really have a good choice of worshiping a real to think of it, Thor Varlyile is a pretty good ring to it, don't you agree Lille." Gread said to Tobi as he actually gives him an autograph that says Thor while Lille faceplams with his gun arm.

"This is fucking ridiculous!" Lille replied as he uses his X Axis gun to shoot Tobi only for the shot to pas through him again.

"YIKES! DON'T MUG ME! Take my money just don't take my milted edition comic." Tobi shouted while having his hands in the air.

"Quit fucking taunting me!" Lile shouted as he shoots at Tobi causing him to comically dodge the shots.

"Come on, do you really need to shoot him while getting an autograph? You're a real bad sport." Gread said to Lille with a stupid grin on his face.

"Did you forget he's the fucking enemy."Lile shouted losing his calm composure.

"You must be Thor's brother Loki, i don't remember Loki being a scary black man with a gun, then again isn't Thor a woman? Ah you guys are imposters !You don't even have a hammer! You're just trying to take my limted edition comic would not allow it, as he would now do his ultimate Jutsu." Tobi said as he goes underground.

"He dug underground?"Gread said to Lile .

"Time to blast that fucker down , he can't turn intangible if he's underground." Lile shouted as he shoots mupilte blasts down the hole Tobi went down only to see Tobi appear behind him and hit him with a rolled up comic.

"Fanboy Style: Wack a Mole Rolled up Comic Jutsu." Tobi chanted as he hits both Lille and Gread with the same comic he got the autograph attack comically does no damage but irritates both of the Qunices.

"He's fucking with us!" Lile shouted losing more of his cool.

"I don't get it, he doesn't even seem that strong at all, he seems pitifully weak and yet he's making fools of the both of us elites." Gread said to Lile.

Tobi appears out of the ground and gives Gread a mallet and take his sword.

"Now you're more like the real Thor ...Oopsy daisy!"Tobi said to Gread only to "accidentally" drop his sword into the hole.

"How did he just do that?" Gread said to himself.

"This bastard is fucking with us but why? What does he have to gain pissing off two Schutzstaffel. No it seems way too spacious, in that same time he took Gread's sword, he could've very easily used it to stab him with. Wait a second, what if this guy already knows how our powers work ? That explains why he's not actually fighting. Still he can only keep up such and act for too long before he runs out of power." Lile said to himself as he sees Gread actually playing whack a mole.

"Stand still you bastard!" Gread shouted as he tries to hit Tobi.

"I'm surrounded by idiots!" Lile said to himself as he facepalms himself with the gun arm.

Gread actually manages to hit Tobi causing a comical lump on his head.

"Owwie!" Tobi whined as he comically rubs on his forehead.

"So what did I win?"Gread asked with a stupid grin on his face.

"This pie!" Tobi answered as he grabs a pie from his pocket.

"Mhh, I like Pie!" Gread replied as he goes to grab the pie only for Tobi to accidentally trip over.

"Oops!" Tobi shouted as he falls and the pie hits Gread in the face causing a comically paper bomb explosion that despite destroyer everything n a 20-foot radius does no damage to the Quincy.

"God, how can one be so stupid to fall for such an obvious trick." Lile said to himself, one again facepalming himself.

"Ahh man, this is like the episode of SpongeBob in which Spongebob blew up a whole town because he didn't know the pie was a bomb and he tripped and hit Squidward with it. Tobi really loves Spongebob and cartoons." Tobi said Gread who is noticeably angry that the clownish Shinobi is toying with him.

"That's it, you're going down Quincy!" Gread shouted as he gets angry and goes to attack Tobi.

"Hurry up Obito, I can't hold these guys more than 5 minutes. You might want to do as we discussed before it's too late." Tobi said to himself as he evades attacks from Lille and Gread .

Meanwhile at the throne room

Hachswalth sits by the throne room sensing how things are going.

"It seems like Aizen went back on his word ! He's going to regret crossing us, still these spiritual energies i'm sensing seem much more Human and more akin to Quinces. Still even though we're only 10% of our peak power and unable to access our Quincy: Vollständig (滅却師完聖体 (クインシー・フォルシュテンディッヒ), Kuinshī Forushutendihhi; German for "Quincy: Complete", Japanese for "Monk of Destruction: Complete Holy Form"), we should still be beyond the current Gotei 13's power, even the weakest of Setrin Ritters should able to handle a brute like Kenpachi even with diminished power and no access to increasing their powers and for what i've known, even Aizen's Espadas shouldn't be able to match the hax of my Serttin Ritter. Who the hell is attacking us?" Hachwalth said to himself only to see Obito grab him.

"We need to talk!" Obito said to Hachwalth as he uses Kamui to teleport themselves into another dimension.

Meanwhile in Obito's Kaumi Dimension

Hacswalth and Obito arrive at the center of the kumai dimension.

"Who the hell are you?And why are you attacking our base?" Hascwalth asked the Shinobi as he comes at Obito with his sword, moving so fast that even the Shinobi is caught offguard however he summons a Sunasoo ribcage to protect himself from the Quncies blow only to see the ribcage crack and break.

"It seems even with your diminished power, you process a great deal of raw is the frist time i was ever forced to use the power of Sunasoo so soon within a battle." Tobi said to Hacshwalth.

"So that person fighting Lile and Gread is merely your clone, presumably the one you're sacrificing intangibly for to divert them." Haschwalth stated observing the battle.

"How precevive, then again you're not second in command without a reason. That's because i didn't come here to fight you, i came to send you a message and to give you an offer." Tobi replied.

"Trying to weasel your way out of this by attacking my Majesty palace , not going to made a mistake abandoning that intangibly of yours, for that only left you open to attack." Haschwalth replied as he raises his spiritual engender ans goes to attack Obtio.

However the attack doesn't work as Obito is surrounded by an immense aura that generates a towering behemoth of chakra the size of a small mountain. It has the characteristic tengu nose, a forehead protector-like plating on its head, two locks of hair falling on either side of its face, a hole in its chin, and a vertical mark extending across its left eye, similar to Kakashi's own signature scar. It wields a katana.

"That's where you're wrong, by sacrificing my ability to turn intangible, i put all my attack on pure power with my Sunasoo. What you see here is nothing but pure raw power manifested . You see, i'm not yet powerful enough to combine my Kamui with the perfected state of Sunasoo. If i had such a power, you would need the full power of your prime to even has a chance against me." Obito said to Haschwalth as he swings his massive sword and creates a 15 mile wide shockwave which Haschwlath blocks against pushing him back a bit.

"I see, you took us here to avoid destroying the base! Looks like you're serious about talking, if you wanted to, you've could've killed every Sterin Ritter aside from the Schutzstaffel and myself. Why would you attack us them ?Why not just talk to us?" Haschwalth asked the Akatsuki.

"Because i know you won't take us seriously unless we show you were worth respecting. After all, if we don't establish our power, you might think we can be token advantage of, much like how Aizen has perceived you guys being weak and being easily token advantage of." Obito answered explaining the plan.

"So how did you find the prefect counter to the Sterrin Ritter's powers?" Haschwalth asked.

"Simple, you guys interested me, after the fight with Karakura Town, i became familiar with the Reishi of quinces, i sensed you guys out here and i had Zetsu seek you out and did some studying on you. It took about a week to get the intel we had on you, besides don't you recall Aizen already knows where you are and is already plotting against you. Let's just say that it won't be long before he sells you out to the Gotei 13 and that's only assuming he doesn't kill you first. His Arrancar Army is growing stronger in preparation for the takedown of the Soul Society and the ninja world, Aizen is no less powerful than i am currently. If you wish to protect yourselves and get stronger, it's best you listen to my offer." Obito said to the qunicy leader as he hands Haschlwath a scroll.

"What is this?" Haschwalth asked.

"Techniques that would vastly improve the Sterrin Ritter and the Vandereich, but only if you listen to what i have to say next. About double crossing Aizen first and screwing over the Gotei 13." Obito answered.

Bakc within the Vandereich palace

The Quinces and Akatsuki are still fighting each other. Pepe is down on the ground dying from the poison infecting his body.

"I told you to keep up on your feet. Even if a drop of this poison hits you, you lose and die."Sasori said to Pepe as life ceases him his body as he has 5 deadly senbon laced with poison into his heart.

"Not bad, however not impressive enough considering I've not gotten serious." As Nodt barged.

"It's surprisingly you're able to keep up for so long despite being hit by hundreds of my deadly needles, blades and my Iron Sand. However like i said, there isn't a single person who can stand up to my poisons. Even if you're as strong as Yamamoto, you will die from my deadly poisons no sooner it even affects your cellular structure." Sasori said to the Quincy only to see him appear to shred his skin like a snake.

"My Blute Vene is different from the others, I can shed my damaged old skin for a new one once it's token too much poisons never touched by a real body." As Nodt explained to the puppet Shinobi.

"Most impressive!" Sasori replied with a smile on his face.

"Like I said, it's not over yet." As Nodt shouted only to hear their commanders voice.

"Yes it ,cease this fighting at is your leader?"Haschwalth replied with his booming voice which makes all the people stop fighting at once. A large explosion occurs form a distance at the same time Haschwalth made his announcement.

"I'm right here!"Pain answered as he walks past Perndia and Gremmy.

"Perhaps we should talk for a bit alone." Hachwalth said to Pein.

" Fine, everyone stand down." Pein demanded as everyone stops fighting.

Out of the last explosion, the smoke clears revealing Deidara once again lost another arm and his clay dragon is in bits.

"Goddamn it, why do I always lose an arm when fighting someone strong?" Deidara shouted holding onto the stump of his left arm.

"Not bad, i haven't had fun like that in a while, too bad your giant clay dragon was on big ability turns anything my reishi touch into a bomb, face it art guy, you're no match for me , i'll admit you're very cute so i might just spare you. I wasn't even going all out." Bambietta said to Deidara.

"Normally I would give you the finger and not give up, however, I know when even my great art is outmatched. Man, to think there was an even greater artist than myself out there." Deidara said to Bambeitta actually admitting defeat.

"I like you, had you fought most of the other Sterrin Ritter, you would've won but i'm just not the right opponent for Lord Hascwath told us to stop fighting." Bambeitta replied as she holds onto Deidara's face and gives him a kiss on the check .

"I think I might be in love!" Deidara replied with a blush on his face only for Obito to ruin the moment being an annoying ass.

"Oh, Bambi and Deidara, sitting in a tree! KISSING... " Tobi mocking saying to the two explosive maniacs only to get hit by bombs by both.

"FUCK OFF ASSHOLES!" Bambeitta and Deidara shouted.

Everyone is looking at the two terrorist psychos bombing Tobi.

"Looks like those two are bonding well fast." As Nodt said to Sasori.

"Tell me about it, they're so much alike it's scary!"Sasori replied.

"Those idiots are going to end up blowing the whole world before we can hope to talk it over." As Nodt responded with a facepalm.

Meanwhile, Robert and Bazz Bazz have managed to stalemate Itachi with his armored Susanoo.. Neither of them are damaged but all exhausted fighting.

"Didn't think I would encounter a human who processes such skill that wasn't a Quincy." Robert said to Itachi while panting and putting his gun in his holster.

"To think he's made me used my Burning Finger 5 and he survived it." Bazz-B replied as he puts away his crossbow.

"I must admit, it's been a while since I've seen the mastery of fire and highspeed techniques since my departed friend Shisui." Itachi to the quinces praising their skills and power.

Meanwhile, Kakukzu puts back his five heart masks within his body and Cang Du dehardens his body while BG9 puts away his minigun.

"5 against 2 was hardly far odds."Cang Du said to Kakuzu.

"On the contrary, it 's a drawback given each contain my hearts and if I lose all 5 of them, I die."Kakuzku replied.

"Still, I've cut your head off several times and your limbs and yet you just sew on your wounds like nothing happen and you too mupitler shots from BG9's minigun with barely a scratch. I thought I was tough with the combination of Blunt Vene and my special ability, you're almost like a zombie."Cang Du stated showing amdriation of Kakuzu's strength.

"Uh, Kakukzu, a little help here?"Hidan said to the masked shinobi as Kakuzu realizes that Hidan's head is on the floor yet again.

"God, not this again!" Kakuzu facepalmed himself as he heads toward Hidan.

Giselle and Nanana, as well as Askin, look at the served head of Hidan's body with his body on the floor too. Shaz regenerates being decapitated by Hidan .

"Okay I got to admit, that's fucking cool. I wish I had that ability, so I didn't have to have that asshole staple my head. You have no idea how much that hurts my body and pride."Hidan said to Shaz praising his regeneration ability.

"You didn't do too bad yourself,just a shame I'm not one who can die curse Jutsu got me good!"Shaz replied respecting Hidan.

"I think Shaz made himself a new friend." Askin said in a sarcastic tone.

"Great, another freak with a freak." Nanan stated.

"Like any of us are ones to talk."Giselle replied as she looks at Hidan with Hidan looking at her as Kakuzu sews his head back on.

"Ouch, fucking asshole , that fucking hurts!" Hidan shouted.

"Quit complaining." Kakuzu replied callously as he sews his head on.

"Let me take care of that." Giseele said to Kakuzu as she grabs Hidan's half sown head and uses her savila and blood to fully attach Hidan's head on his body withotu any pain.

"Boy, I think I'm in love!" Hidan smiled as he grabs Giselle.

"Sorry to disappoint you but I'm a man." Giselle replied

"WHAT?" Hidan shouted with a shocked look on his face.

"Looks like you got saved by a tranny." Kakuzu laughed.

"Shut up! I'm going to kill this faggot." Hidan shouted.

"You can't kill me, I'm like you after all !Besides I'm still a woman in heart, I just don't go with men." Giselle replied.

Meanwhile, Kisame and Mask are both shirtless and both healing from deep wounds on their body. James is watching celebrating the match.

"Now, this is the type of fight I look forward bad it had to end so soon." Kisame said to Mask.

"Likewise, it's not every day I encounter a real man like you, a mainly man who knows about heroism." Mask replied.

"This was the match of the century, this was like Hogan vs the Ultimate Warrior in terms of awesomeness." James chanted with fanboyish delight.

"I wouldn't having a rematch one day!" Kisame stated.

"Same here!" James replied.

Meanwhile, the Zetsus stop fighting the Loyd and Royd who have become Zetsu's due to their powers to mimic and copy powers and Lilotto there munching on vines that they created in the fight.

"This was fun!" White Zetsu said to the Vandereich.

"Mind I'm hungry! Anyone gotta to eat that corpse?" Black Zetsu asked looking at the dead corpse of PePe.

"Nope, that's mine!" Lilotto replied as she stretches her mouth but is stopped by Kakuzu.

"Give me a minute with this corpse." Kakuzu said to the little girl.

"Wasn't aware you swing that way."Lilotto stated teasingly.

"Shut it, I wouldn't go with another man even if you paid me. I want his heart." Kakuzu replied as he plunges his hand through Pepe's chest and rips out his heart and devours it.

"So can I have the corpse now?" Lilotto asked the Akatsuki member.

"Go ahead, I have no further use for him." Kakuzu answered as he tosses the body to Lilotto who completely devours Pepe's corpse.

"Man she's hot!" White Zetsu said to his twin brother.

"Just shut up pedophile!" Black Zetsu replied mad he was unable to eat Pepe's corpse.

Meanwhile, Konan is worn out fighting both Candice and Mennia who are notably worn out and have minor damage to their bodies as well as Konan.

"You owe me a new outfit."Cancide said to Konan mad that her clothes were ruined within the fight.

"Calm down, we can get easy replacements to these outfits." Mennias replied as she dusts off the damage.

"Thank god the fighting stopped, if had to fight much longer, they likely would've killed me." Konan said to herself.

Meanwhile, Perndia, Lile, Gemmy, Gread all look at Tobi hanging out with a young man with long, shaggy black hair and two tongues. He wears a white, double-breasted, collarless trenchcoat. He is also barefoot.

"Looks like Nianzol found himself a new friend." Gread said referring to the young man hanging with Tobi.

"I know it's quite odd how child like they both are." Gemmy stated.

"Aren't you still a child?" Gread replied with a question irritating the Quincy.

"I'm not a kid, I'm just short."Gemmy responded with an irritated look on his face.

Pein and Haschwalth both come out of the Throne room.

"We all need to get going." Hachwalth said to the Quncies.

"Why?" Lille asked.

"We have the Royal Guard coming, we need to head out of here, this instant." Hashcwalth said to the group.

"But were can we can all go?"Bambeitta asked.

"We already know were." Hascwalth replied.

Meanwhile in Aizen's Lair

Aizen is in his throne room sipping tea with Gin watching.

"So you went through and disposed of the Vanderiech?" Gin asked Aizen.

"Nope, the Royal Guard should do that. Even at their diminished capacity, they still would be too risky to send my entire Arrancar Army at this point. Their leader Haschwalth is strong enough to beat even someone as powerful as myself with the Hōgyoku, i don't think i can possibly win against him even with his diminished strength." Aizen explained to Gin.

"You've been on a role lately, you've had the Soul Society kill off the Kasumoji Clan leader and you had the Reigal operation shutdown. Now you're doing the Quinces dirty." Gin said to Aizen as he drinks tea.

"It's insurance, even if gain the power of the Oken, the threat of the Vanderiech would be too great for someone like myself to take down. 1,000 years ago, the Vandereich came close to destroying the Soul Society. Even the Captain Commander himself was overwhelmed by the might of the Vandereich, Yamamoto nearly lost his powers by obtaining a release state beyond that of a Bankai and even then, it wasn't enough." Aizen explained to gun.

"So how powerful was this Juah Bach and the Vadnereich?" Gin asked Aizen.

"Much stronger than the current Gotei 13 , in fact an average Sterrin Ritter would each outclass the current Gotei 13 Captains aside from the Shintachio and the Shintachio pale in comparison to the Schutzstaffel. Even the Royal Gaurd themselves would likely not be strong enough to beat them but Bach himself, even up against Yamamoto, the strongest Shinigami to exist and the Shinigami hailed as the God of Shinigamis was not strong the Soul King was powerful enough to defeat the likes of Juha Bach and even then, Bach escaped last second."Aizen explained to the former squad 3rd Captain.

"How did one human gain powers to contend with the Soul King." Gin asked.

"Simple, it's the same way intend to become a god !He was born with an immense power, a rare power said to be a fragment of the Soul King's powers. There are rare humans who are born with immense powers, ones that can rival gods. Bach was both with the power of the Soul Kings Eyes, the eyes who can see the future! There are people born with various powers of the Soul King that grant them different abilites. The Soul King's Hearts grants one the power to grow stronger the more damage they take, the Soul King's Right hand allows one to govern stagnation, the Soul King's Left Hand governs Evolution, The Soul Kings Right Leg Governs Structure, The Soul King's Left Leg Governs destruction, the ability to destroy matter. The Soul King's mind governs memories, The Soul King's Blood Governs Reishi itself and the Soul King's Soul regulates Space and Time itself." Aizen said to Gin explaining the origins of the Soul King.

"I don't get it, how can such pieces of the Soul King exist when the Soul King himself is still alive?" Gin asked Aizen.

"It's because the Soul King himself was once a human that apon Shinigami exists mainly because of his power, almost everyone carries a manifestation of his power for he was the one who created Reishi. No one knows the true extent or origin of his powers,however many believed that a higher power existed within the planes of this universe that granted him the powers over life and death. The battle between him and the great Hollow Demon Kurota happened 10,000 years ago, the battle was catastrophic destructive as the destructive power of the fight nearly destroyed the entire Human World. The resulting battle created so much darkness and toxic energy around the world, Hollows were born from the remnants of the malevolent energy caused by the first Hollow and destroying life on earth. The Soul King in other to save the world created 4 Worlds , each as large as our world and sacrificed his mortal body to be the seal to the great Hollow Demon within his own realm. Originally to maintain the balance of souls, he passed parts of his original body, maintaining a fragment of his power within a select group of humans entrusted to him to maintain the worlds balance before the era of the Shinigami." Aizen explained to Gin explaining the history of the Soul Society.

"So these handful of humans and a human was the origin of the Shinigami?" Gin asked.

"Shinigami as we know them didn't even exist until recently. These handful of human who became gods became violent and corrupt with power, various atrocities and destruction have been arrtuibted to these humans who became corrupted with power, wars have been waged by said humans and didn't die down when they died either. The formation of Shinigami began when the very first Shingiami invented the Zanpakutō and brought order to the Soul Society, the second Shingiami to emerge became the one who formed the Gotei 13 to not only maintain the balance of souls but to maintain order within the human world and Soul Society."Aizen explained to Gin.

"So what became of these demigods ? " Gin asked Aizen.

"The Soul King realized the mistake he made giving humans with no training powers was and formed the Royal Guard not only to protect himself from would be gods, but to kill those who have fragments of his powers and intend to use them. The first 1,000 years of the Gotei 13's existence was much more bloody and ruthless than the Gotei 13 we have today, Shinigami became assigned to deal with the grand scale threats of Hollows and their own rouges and the Royal Guard ruthlessly hunted down and killed any and all who shared the bloodlines of the Soul King's fragments, this was to prevent the potential threat of multiple clans or even races processing the same powers. The Soul Kings own inexperience and naivety caused this !However the one major failure of the Soul King was preventing the creation of the Quincy race which proliferated under it's creator Qunices were never meant to exist however they proliferated up until 200 years ago when the final solution was enacted on them. The Soul king's own incompetence and desire to prevent chaos only lead to more chaos." Aizen explained to Gin.

"You sure do know alot about the forbidden history of the Soul Society." Gin stated.

"Fortunately, we happen to have come across one of the fragments of the Soul King. Orihime's great power comes from the spirit Gekido Toai Tenshi, an goddess that represents the spirit of the Soul king, the power of that spirit allows for her to bend space and time to her whin, a power that makes it the second most dangerous power to be obtained by a human ,next to the eyes of the Soul King. The previous race known as Angels were formed when the founding creator 2,000 years ago attempted to destroy the world and recreate it, ruling as a god, this is what resorted to the genocide of Angels. Angels are seen as a greater threat than any creation aside from the Toabgio and under the order of the Soul King, anyone that has the Angel Bloodline must be wiped out. Angels process great power but great power that can easily corrupt and cause imbalance between the balance of souls. Now we have one and one that has the direct spirit of the Soul King, which ensures our victory over the Soul we get Bach killed off, i will seize the eyes of the Soul King myself, combined that with the power of the Legendary Hollow,Ten Tails and the Hōgyoku, i will become a real god." Aizen explained his plan to Gin.

"And not to mention with Sasuke on our side, we can ensure that not even Madara can stop us." Gin stated.

"Even more so with the Hollowifcation of Sasuke Uchiha combined with the Sharrigan." Aizen replied as he sips some tea.

"So any ideas of your next course of action? " Gin asked Aizen.

"We're going to strengthen the Arrancar Army, i especially would need to find a Former Espada to fill in the ranks." Aizen answered.

"You mean Neliel? I thought you got bored of her, hence why you let Syzael and Ninorta ambush her 25 years ago." Gin stated.

"You saw how much stronger Skullak has become have you Gin ? His power and potential exceeded what i originally thought possible for an Arrancar to obtain. I never thought an Arrancar can advance beyond a given level, not without the full power of the Hōgyoku awakening their powers. Skullak achieved the strength of the Frist Espada in a short amount of time training despite previously being only as strong as the current Third Espada. Also considering how close of friend Skullak and Neliel were at one point, this would not only keep him as our pawn but also help keep Orihime at the palm of our hands. With Skullak under the illusion of a united family, his power would continue to grow and with Orihime under his tulegate, her power would grow as well."Aizen explained to Gin.

Soul King's Palace

6:00 A.M. October 7, 2001.

The Royal Guard all meet within the Soul King's Soul King appears to be humanoid in physique, with slicked-back dark hair, oval eyes with black sclera and unusual pupils and very thin does not have any arms or Soul King exists within an unusual barrier that is framed on either side by bright white curtains as the focus point of a large, elegant room. All 5 of the Royal Guard have assembled within the Palace to give a report. One of them is a slender and well-endowed version of her plump self with her long hair left down. Another one is a dark-skinned man with thick, black hair that is shaven and dyed green on the sides of his head. He wears a variation of the Shinigami shihakushō, featuring instead a green undergarment, and a shortened hakama that exposes his lower legs. Worn over this is a white, sleeveless puffer jacket that bears the Royal Guard emblem on its back, as well as the alternating circle and diamond pattern of a captain's haori along the bottom. His attire is completed by gold-framed sunglasses with blue lenses, and a pair of green slippers that are gold trimmed and have a shoe-like appearance. One is a lean-built and very tall man with black hair arranged into an outlandishly large pompadour, or "regent" hairstyle, with tapered sideburns. He frequently chews upon a small stick. Instead of the standard Shinigami uniform, he wears a waist-length white jacket that leaves most of his chest exposed but still bears the Royal Guard emblem on its back, as well as the alternating circle and diamond pattern of a captain's haori along the bottom. His attire is completed by a black hakama, a large yellow sash around his waist and a pair of sandals. One a large and broad individual with a bald head, red eyes,bushy eyebrows and a long black beard. He wears the standard Shinigami uniform beneath a white, long-sleeved haori decorated with the Royal Guard's emblem. The top of his uniform is open enough to expose his hairy chest. He also wears a large set of redprayer beads around his neck and a pair of single-toothed tengu geta and one is a slender and very youthful woman with fair skin and long, black hair that is adorned at the back by a large golden ornament in the shape of a crescent moon with numerous small lines radiating outwards. She wears the standard Shinigami uniform beneath a white long-sleeved haori, over which she dons a further white robe fastened at the front near the center of her chest. She also wears a pair of extremely thick-soled okobo.

"It seems like finding the Vanderiech has failed." said the breaded man.

"The Vandereich has fled the dimension that I govern and are beyond my realms of power." the Soul King said to his guard.

"Shouldn't we pursue them ?These guys are a threat!" the Pompadour Shinigami asked.

"The Vandereich are of not our concern, they've fled to the world of the Shinobi, they're not a threat that moment Tenjirō." the Soul King replied to the man.

"That brings us to the problem of the Shinobi, are we just going to sit here and do nothing ?" said the purple haired woman.

"That's not a priority here, I know you're the most recent of the Royal Guard members Kirio Hikifune, however, remember the purpose of the Royal Guard. I have spent much of my power containing the seal within the great Hollow, I also am the one who governs the balance of souls. The sole purpose is to regulate the flow of souls in and out of Soul Society. Without my existence, all known dimensions connected to Soul Society will begin crumbling into non-existence . I gave up my freedom and mortality to be the sole abitror of the world, I can only manifest my power once every 1,000 years for a brief moment without destroying the world. The world almost ended 1,000 years ago with Bach attacked the Soul Society, that was the only time in 9,000 years was I forced to emerge .This is all the more reason I need the Royal Guard, to act as the Elite and extensions of my own is why you will only intervene if there is no other option." The Soul King explained to the purple haired Shinigami.

"Still, there's no denying the power of those Shinobi , they have the entire Gotei 13 on the defensive." said the six armed woman.

"That is true, however, the Shinobi are not beyond the power of the Gotei 13. Did you forget that Yamamoto is the one who runs the Gotei 13 ? Yamamoto is like the sixth Royal Guard member within the Soul Society, I'm known as the creator of the Zanpakutōs that very few beings, even amongst the Royal Guard can contend with his power. The only one of us who can honestly claim to be stronger than that old geezer is someone of my caliber can't compare to those monsters and I'm the great Ōetsu Nimaiya, the God of the Zanpakutōs." the black Shinigami bragged talking about his power.

"I'm not sure if you're correct about my power being stronger than Bankai is one of the few I question I can stand a chance against and that's even with my own Zanpakutō's when it comes to a straight up sword fight, both you and Yamamoto outmatch me in the battle of swordsmanship. I only have raw power going for me compared to you guys." Ichibie replied being modest about his power.

"Don't be ridiculous Ichibie, you're Zanpakutō has the strength to weaken opponents in battle, something that is unheard of within Shinigami history. You're also the only one here who became a Royal Guard member without obtaining the third release. Mainly because before you died, you were one of the few extremely powerful humans to ever exist, you process unique powers granted to you by your former religion as a human that made you ascend past an average Captains level, 1,200 years ago, you became the only Shinigami that retained your original human powers and after your brave heroism in the fight against the Quinces and how you originally killed the Second in Command of the Vanderiech, you were rewarded your rank to serve under the Royal Guard. You process the rare power to negate someone with powers via names, hence your title "Monk Who Calls the Real Name." The Soul King explained to the Black Shinigami.

"I'm still green to you guys, I'm still not up there with the likes of you. My only notable strength so far has been. I'm merely a Scientist with extremely extensive skills in nuclear physicists, I don't feel like I belong here unlike you guys who have lived much longer lives than myself." Kifiune stated.

"There's a reason why you're here though. You're one of the few people who ever achieved a Third Release known as Sankai and the only one who has mastered it's use without sacrificing your Shinigami powers, something that only the Royal Guard are capable of doing and the only one who can achieve that without being a member of the Royal Guard is Yamamoto. Besides, you're unparalleled within Kido Skills, being the second best Kido user within history outside of the Kido Crops. While your power might be the weakest of the Royal Guard due to your lack of experience, lack of raw strength and lack of kenjutsu skills, you more than makeup for it with your intelligence and wit. You also have an impressive track record. You were one of the key Captains who defeated a Quincy on the level of the ascended Captains, you helped modernized the Gotei 13 and most notably, you're the one originally responsible for developing the theory of artificial souls, as well as the means of inserting them into the body, Gikongan. Hence why I dub you "God of Science" , sometimes, it's not the strongest power that makes for the best warrior, it's brains and a good heart." The Soul King explained to her.

"Still we can't just ignore the threat of the Shinobi and Aizen, if they're unchecked, they can be a threat to us. As someone who goes by the epithet "God of Assassins" and someone who originally founded the Hakuda techniques and gave birth to the Onmitsukidō , I can not allow such threats to continue to grow stronger. It's best we take them down before they become an even bigger threat and we should pursue and kill Bach before he ever reawakens." the 8 armed woman said to the Soul King.

"Your skilled with Hakuda as the legendary Senjumaru Shutara , being the very first teacher within the arts over 1,300 years ago, you helped reformed the Soul Society in ways thought unimaginable at the time. You've praised both your ability to use the Shunpo techniques and Haukda techniques but also a master Assassin who has defended the Soul Society for 200 years prior to becoming a Royal Guard. You're known for being legendary in your speed and hand to hand combat. Which is why i dub you "God of the Iron Fists." The Soul King said to the 8 armed woman.

"Not to mention we also have me, Tenjirō Kirinji, the "God of Healing". I'm the one who invented Medical Kido, a man who have taught the best healer in 1,500 years how to heal people and save countless Shinigami lives. Unohana is by far the best student to exist. Funny enough, we also wield some of the strongest water powered Zanpakutōs to exist, however, unlike her, I can draw water from the environment and make myself even stronger. Not only that, I also invented the special hot springs training." Teinjiro bragged.

"It's best you guys don't worry about the issue within the Gotei 13 and the Shinobi you forget my powers as a god ? As the Soul King, I can see into the future. Trust me when I say that there is much more that's going on than what appears to be on the surface, if things are going the way they are, we can see a dramatic change in the Soul Society. Only when things get out of hand, that's when you interfere." The Soul King said to the Royal Guard.

Teniten 7 Meeting

Sunday October,7 2001 12:00 P.M.

All the Captain Commanders from all 7 Nations gather together on satellite TV's to have their meeting with Yamamoto. All the Captain Commanders gather together for the first time in 201 years ago.

The leader of the Oshu Nation is a tail, middle-aged man with grayish brown hair spiky with a very long beard with an eyepatch on left eye and mechanical left arm. He wears the standard Captain Commanders Uniform. The leader of Kyowakoku is an elderly dark skin man with balding gray hair but no facial hair ,he appears to have a scar on his face going from his left check to his right eyebrow and carries a staff which conceals his Zanpakutō. His Haroi seems to be a distinct. The leader of the Nanbei Division resembles a young 16-year-old petite woman with shoulder length short brown hair, she physically resembles Sakura Haruno. The Leader of the Houbeki division is a distinctively American looking Shinigami with long blond hair within a ponytail wearing a cowboy hair , he has some noticeable stubble and has a very muscular body being around 6'2", his Captains robe is a distinct cowboy trenchoat he personally wears and conceals his Zanpakutō within an old fashion Rifle resembling a Winchester rifle. The leader of the Shirushiōkoku branch is an elderly tan skin man who has a turban on his head who wears a standard Captains robe who is notably short.

"As you all know, the threat from Shinobi World is much greater than we expected. There are 5 Shinobi Nations with 18 smaller Shinobi Nations nations with 12 Knight like Shinobi Nations and 7 Samurai like Shinobi Nations, this means we have at least 42 Kage level Shinobi advancing and they know the weakpoints of the Soul Society." Yamamoto explained to the other Captain Commanders.

"Maybe if you strageized much better, you could've prevented so much of your comrades dying." said the young female Captain Commander.

"Excuse me for not thinking on the spot when the Soul Society was being attack Coluptua Cinábrio, not everyone has your tactical genius." Yamamoto replied with an annoyed look on his face.

"That's your problem Yamamoto, you always try to solve things with brute force , you have no strategy within your attack. You honestly could've called for our help much sooner. Coluptua Cinábrio has a point about you." said the old man with the turban on his head.

"Always taking her side Ajhad Sumer,then again you never liked me personally to begin with." Yamamoto stated.

"After the way you treated our people , you're surpised Aijano was divided into two?" the Shirushiōkoku leader said to him.

"You're country refused to be part of the grand Aijano nation because of some cultural and religious differences you can't seem to get over." Yamamoto explained to the Captain Commander.

"You're quite the warmonger Yamamoto for someone who wants peace." the Oshu Captain Commander said to elderly Captain Commander.

"Considering your Nation's history with the Kyowakoku and Hokubei Nations back 1737 years ago in which you brutally occupy the nations,you're not one to talk." Yamamoto explained to the Oshu Captain Commander.

"Don't blame me for what my ancestors did Yamamoto, if anything you're one to talk about genocides and wars considering you committed countless massacres yourself ,especially during the Second Shinigami war in which you butchered thousand of Oshu citizens singlehandley." the Oshu Commander said to Yamamoto.

"Don't play the victim here , you're armies killed thousands of Aijano citizens, you armed the infamous

"Only because you wanted to take back the South Aijano region back in those days and we weren't allowed to wage war directly at you." the Oshu Commander replied.

"You're still upset that South Aijano seceded with the precious Sekiseki stones you were hogging up. We at least disturbed them to the other nations."Ajhad stated

"At the price of making us enslaved to your economy? You've been ripping off the other nations and monoplying the flow of that simply to make yourselves wealthy while our country starves to death with the lack of resources." said the Black elderly Captain Commander.

"It's called Capitalism, we as a country need to thrive you know. Had not for us taking the Sekiseki stones, we would be a poorer region than your country. Yamamoto's reign with North Aijano left us in a state of destitute, which is why we rose up and took their Sekiseki stones to survive. Maybe you should run your government better rather than blame us Kongu Muasbique." Ahad explained to the elderly Black Captain Commander.

"Why shouldn't i? Between ,your country , Oshu and Houbeki always started conflicts with our country and they've exploited our resources , which is why i'm more than happy to side with Yamamoto during the Shinigami Wars Aijano has always been there for us unlike you." Kongu Muasbique replied to the Oshu Captain Commander.

"You're really going to hold my birth country responsible for my actions as Captain Commander." The Oshu Captain Commander responded.

"Honestly i thought we were beyond childish bickering, we're supposed to be better than this as Captain Commanders." Coluptua Cinábrio said berating the Captain Commanders.

"What do you expect from a bunch of old men always bickering with each other?" the female leader of Goshu replied.

"You still mad that you have the smallest amount of landmass out of all the countries ? Also you're not much better from the rest of us so drop this girl power crap." the Houbeki leader asked teasing the bitchy Goshu captain.

"I hate you the most , you're damn country has a history of enslaving indigenous people Maxim Primeo." the Goshu Commander said to the Houbeki Captain Commander.

"Says the woman whose entire Nation exists because she slaughtered a group of indigenous people." Coluptua Cinábrio replied.

"Don't pretend you're innocent bitch, you killed almost as many people as i did." the Goshu commanded shouted.

"Difference is Ikazna Ikaruga is that i've lived longer than you and fought in the Great Warring era in which we had no choice but to kill and i don't frankly pretend to be this morally superior bitch you tend to do. Maybe you're mad that you're starting to age." Cinabrio explained to the middle-aged looking woman.

"Why you little ... " Ikazna growled.

The Soul King appears on the monitor and talks with the Captain Commanders.

"Enough already! You guys are not here to talk about you bigotry, petty politics or your hatred for one another, you're here to talk about the growing threat of the Shinobi. It's amazing that even after 200 years, you're hatred for one another hasn't died out." Soul King said to the Captain Commanders.

"Our apologies for our behavior." All the Captain Commanders replied.

"The Soul Society is at a great risk, the last in 200 years . You guys need to unite as one again,i've assembled you all here to work together . The Shinobi being stronger than expected is surprising to all of us, Yamamoto himself while not as tactical as Cinabrio anticipated most of the threat and thought he could've handled it alone. There's no point bickering over what could've been done to make things better, instead we should be preparing for the upcoming Winter War . It's clear at this point we can't win divided but together we stand strong." The Soul King said to the Captain Commanders.

"So what's the course of actions?" Shanodart asked.

"In 2 months, the Teniten 7 would launch a joint assault against the strongest remaining Shinobi Nation Kumokagure, we will take out the Kage there and capture the 8 Tails, we would then attack the remaining Shinobi Nations and force them to surrender or wipe them all out." The Soul King explained to the Captain Commanders.

At the same time within the Shinobi World


12:00 P.M. All the 4 Kages and the acting Kazekage gather within the Raikage's office to discuss the ninja alliance alongside 5 Kages broadcast to various countries around the world in other to get a large unity army formed with all Shinobi Nations with multiple tv screens to simulcast with various Shinobi heads around the world.

One of the Head's labeled under "Leader of Gelel" is a tall young man with white skin, neck-length blonde hair and green eyes. On the left side of his chest is a symbol. He's wearing a medieval armour complete with helmet and a red cape, a black shirt underneath and a green cloth on his neck. and even elbow-length black arm warmers. He is riding on his horse which is covered in metal plating for protection.

The other head on the tv screen under "Leader of Land of Nickel" is a light brown skin young man who has short, curly, dull blond hair, green eyes who is farily short and thin with an average build wearing Samurai armor and has a Katana on the side. The other head on the tv screen under "Leader of Land of Lead" is a light skin middle age man with Mid-length, curly, graying black hair, blue eyes who is very short and of average weight also dressed as a Samurai . The other head on the tv screen under "Leader of Land of Steel" is a black man with very dark brown skin, Mid-length, curly, light brown hair, hazel eyes who is very tail and has an average build also dressed as a Samurai and the other head on the tv screen under "Leader of Land of Silver" is another black man with Long, straight, graying brown hair and green eyes who is very tall but also thin.

The other head on the tv screen under "Leader of Yugakaure" is a white , middle-aged man who has Mid-length, curly, graying dull blond hair with blue eyes who is of average height and is Fairly muscular wearing an outfit like a Kages with a light red coloring on his outfit with the symbol of the village. The other head on the tv screen under "Leader of Gestukagure" is a pale skin man with Long, straight, auburn hair, green eyes who is also very tall and very muscular. The other head on the tv screen under "Leader of Beisu Island" is a white male with short, wavy, golden-blond hair, purple eyes who is also very tail but thin. The other head on the tv screen under "Leader of Yumekagure" is a white woman with Short, wavy, red hair, brown eyes of average height and the other head on the tv screen under "Leader of Shimokagure" is a woman with light brown skin with Mid-length, wavy, sea green hair, Lemon-yellow eyes who is tall and fairly muscular.

The other head on the tv screen under "Leader of Land of Demons" is a woman with Light brown skin, Short, curly, graying dark orange hair, green eyes who is of average height and quite muscular. The other head on the tv screen under "Leader of Land of Swamps" is a man with Light brown skin,Short, straight, golden-blond hair with bright pink eyes who is slightly above average height and quite muscular. The other head on the tv screen under "Leader of Land of Forests " is a man with Light brown skin with Mid-length, curly, dull blond hair, blue eyes and is very tall with an average build and the other head on the tv screen under "Leader of Land of Jungles" is a middle-aged black man with mid-length, wavy, graying white hair, blue eyes and is tall and quite muscular.

The other head on the tv screen under "Leader of Land of Light" is a middle age woman with Light brown skin, Mid-length, curly, graying blue hair, dark pink eyes and is tall of average height. The other head on the tv screen under "Leader of Land of Darkness" is a middle-aged white man with Short, wavy, graying light brown hair, yellow eyes who is tall and thin. The other head on the tv screen under "Leader of Taikagure" is a young man who has ink black eyes and has long, dark brown hair. He also wears a light yellow kimono jacket and light grey pants with a red scarf around his neck and a turquoise haori. He also ties his hair in a lower ponytail. And the other head on the tv screen under "Leader of Tushikage" is a middle-aged white man with Long, wavy, graying dusty green hair, yellow eyes who is short and thin.

"We gathered today to discuss the issue of the The Tenien 7." Mifune said to the other Village Heads of smaller Village Nations.

"The Tenien 7?" the Leader of Gelel asked.

"Allow us to explain about the Teniten 7."A answered.

One hour-long explanation later.

"So the Tenien 7 is that powerful and that much of threat to the world and we need this world traveling gates to reach them?" the Leader of Gelel asked.

"Pretty much and thanks to Shikamaru and Shikaku, we have everything mapped out for our assault." Tsunade explained to the others.

"Leave it to those geniuses to have everything planned but to plan all this within a day? That's no doubt Shikaku's handiwork. He was the mind that helped Hiruzen repel my army."Onoki stated.

"To think the son also had a hand in that too." A stated.

"That's youth to you nowadays, very talented generation we got."Tsunade replied.

"So what's my role in all this?"The young Gelel leader asked.

"And all the more reason i contacted you Temjuin. The powerful knights of Gelel are known for their immense power. We will await until the Land of Rivers brigade and Amekagure brigade . As Supreme Commander of the healing division, it's my duty to ensure protection and safety of all people who are being token into medical care. The strategy is that the 12,000 enlisted knights would form a formation line to slow down and halt Shinigami reinforcements as long as they can while other units start taking territory inch by inch. Konoha's unit, our unit would build a small campground for the medical unit under Sakura to take care of close to the Runogaki around 65 miles north of the Seteriet. Sakura and i would make that the base of operations and the main center to launch a full-scale assault. Shizune meanwhile would protect Konoha with her 3,000 reserved Shinobi that was protecting the Land of Fire and absent from the invasion." Tsunade explained to the Gelel Leader.

"As leader of the Land of Gelel, i Temjuin would glad assist the war effort." said the Land of Gelel leader.

"Sunakagure with assistance from the assistance of 4 of the 7 Samurai Nations assault the border between Kyōwakoku and Aijano, the wind users would use long-range offensive and the Samurai would use their swordsmanship to hold off the assault . Land of Nickel has 1,200 samuris,Land of Lead has 2,000 samurais,Land of Steel has 4,000 Shinobis and Land of Silver has 3,000 Shinobi with Sunakagure 2,100 Active Shinobi. The 12,300 forces hold off the 3,000 Kyōwakoku forces. Seeing the fact they're outnumbered 4 to 1, they request backup from the other 3,000 forces." Baki explained to the Samurai leaders.

"As leader of the Land of Lead, I Ayumu Michi would glad aid within the war effort." said the Land of Lead leader.

"As leader of the Land of Steel, I Takashi Noboru would glad aid within the war effort." said the Land of Steel leader.

"As leader of the Land of Nickel, i Atsuko Jiro would glad aid within the war effort." said the Land of Nickel leader.

"As leader of the Land of Silver, i Rikuto Takuya would glad aid within the war effort." said the Land of Silver leader.

"Kirikagure is be teleported into the east end of Aijano within the Great Soul Ocean alongside the Yugakure , Yumegakure,Benisu and Shimokagure forces as well as Getsugakure, they're going to occupy the Sand Soul Beach. Using weapon summoning Jutsu, they're going to send for a small armada of battleships to repel the naval assult from Goshu,Nanabei and Houbeki while using powerful water jutsu users to use the water within the sea to enhance water attacks and keep the other sides at bay." Mei explained to the leaders shes addressing.

"As leader of Yugakaure, i Yori Shiro would glad aid within the war effort." said the Yugakaure leader.

"As leader of Beisu Island, i Akio Jiro would glad aid within the war effort." said the Beisu Island leader.

"As leader of Gestukagure, i Nori Minoru would glad aid within the war effort." said the Gestukagure leader.

"As leader of Yumekagure, i Yori Honoka would glad aid within the war effort." said the Yumekagure leader.

"As leader of Shimokagure, i Kenta Koharu would glad aid within the war effort." said the Shimokagure leader.

"Kumokagure with the Land of Demons, Land of Swamps , Land of Forests and Land of Jungles would capture the border between South Aijano and Aijano and use it's Alitery brigade to launch cannonballs into troops within the South Ajinao border. Kumokagure has 6,000 Active Shinobi, Land of Demons has 500 Active Shinoi,Land of Swamps has 600 Active Shinobi ,Land of Forests have 1,000 Active Shinobi and Land of Jungles have 1,000 Active Shinobi. The Shinobi forces 9100 forces hold off the 6,000 forces within the border."A explained to the leaders he's addressing.

"As leader of Land of Demons, i Momoka Katsu would glad aid within the war effort." said the Land of Demons leader.

"As leader of Land of Swamps, i Jurou Katsuro would glad aid within the war effort." said the Land of Swamps leader.

"As leader of Land of Forests, i Minato Sota would glad aid within the war effort." said the Land of Forests leader.

"As leader of Land of Jungles , i Momoko Haruko would glad aid within the war effort." said the Land of Jungles leader.

"Iwakagure would assault the Oshu Continent border with Aijano with a powerful army of Earth style users and use recovered land of sky jetpacks to launch an aerial assault while the Earth ninjas form defensive walls halting the advance of would be assisted by Land of Light, Land of Darkness and Taikagure. Tushikage leads the assault." Onoki explained to the leaders he's addressing.

"As leader of Land of Light , i Aimi Michiko would glad aid within the war effort." said the Land of Light leader.

"As leader of Land of Darkness, i Akiko Sayaka would gladly aid within the war effort." said the Land of Darkness leader.

"As leader of Land of Taikagure, i Shibuki Sayaka would gladly aid within the war effort." said the Taikagure leader.

"As leader of Tushikage, i Shun Ayumu would glad aid within the war effort." said the Tushikage leader.

3 more screens then turn on at the same time after the other village heads. One is a village head from Tanigakure, a hidden village within the Land Rivers. The village head is a middle aged man with Light brown skin, Mid-length, curly, dark brown hair,brown eyes and is very tall with an average build and the Kusakagure Village head is a woman with brown skin, mid-length, wavy, dull blond hair with hazel eyes who happens to be very tall and voplutous

"About time you make an appearance Hanzo."Tsunade said to the old man.

"Sorry had been busy with paperwork, it's been ages since I've seen you Tsunade." Hanzō replied.

"Yep, you look like you've seen better days honestly."Tsunade stated.

"Not everyone can just find a way to cheat aging like you Tsunade but rest assure my power hasn't waned much."Hanzo replied.

"Despite the past of you being a relentless dictator, you always came through helping us within the past. Considering you're the most powerful Shinobi out of all existing Kages and village heads, i must make a special request for you. " Tsunade asked Hanzo.

"What is it Sanin?" Hanzo asked.

"That you would aid in defending the main rescue team from any high level Shinobi. You will form an encirclement formation around the rescue unit. You are to defend them from any threat Kage level or above for you are probably one of the few Shinobi alive that can contend with a Captain Commander Class Shinobi aside from Killer Bee and Mifune." Tsunade explained to Hanzo.

"Very well i'll aid but you did say something about 7 Captain Commanders. How can we fight that many opponents when you state only 3 Shinobi are strong enough to beat them?" Hanzo asked.

"Our intention isn't to match them head on !The Aijano Branch process 3 key weapons which can be used as leverage against the rest of the Soul Society. The Jōkaishō, a powerful construct of power that is said to be so powerful that the weapons can level an entire country . The Sōkyoku , a large halberd which the Gotei 13 uses at Sōkyoku Hill to execute Shinigami who have severely broken the law and Kidōhō (鬼道砲, Kidō Cannon) , a weapon that can destroy a small dimension the size of a Country. If they fall into our hands, we can get the upper hand on the Shinigami." Tsunade explained to the group.

"We also power to seal a Bankai's power with these medallions , however we can only make seven of them due to limited material. However if 4 or 5 Kage Class opponents can stall a Captain Commander Class Shinigami long enough, we can rescue Gaara and put down the threat of the Soul Society." A stated.

"Very well then, as Head of Amegakure . I would have 2,000 forces to aid your battle against the Soul Society." Hanzo replied.

"As Head of Kusakagure, i Yumi Ryouta would gladly aid the war effort and send 1,500 troops." Yumi said to the Kages.

"As Head of Tanigakure,I Ken Etsuko would gladly assist in the war effort and send 1,000 troops." Ken said to the Kages.

"Very well, we would discuss more details within the upcoming weeks, you're all dismissed."A said to everyone as all the monitors went off.

"Very well, now all that's left is to prepare for war and assign leaders within units. Thanks to Shikamaru and Shkikau who thought this all overnight, this cuts down our preparation time by half. At the rate things are going, we should be able to launch our assault at the end of the month the latest. Naruto, let's hope you're able to advance even further in your training before then." Tsunade said to herself.

Meanwhile at Amegakure

Pein and Konan stand on top of the tower with Konan removing her Hanzo disguise.

"This is going to be a far bigger problem than we thought."Konan said to Pein.

"I know, Hanzo is immensely powerful. I was merely lucky he was severely weakened by old age and lack of practice otherwise, I would've lost to him." Pein replied.

"Still the Five Kages don't suspect a thing about Hanzo's disappearance thanks to our powers." Pein said to Konan.

"Perhaps we should get Aizen to assist us within this matter."Konan asked Pein.

"Considering his vast powers and the girl he processes, he would prove extremely useful for our charade." Pein replied.

"Our plan is to capture Naruto and Ichigo Kurosaki at the same time, however, we must maintain the appearance Hanzo is alive."Konan said to Pein.

"With Aizen's Kyoka Suigestu, Orihime's healing prowess and the Hoygoku even Hanzo should be tamed to do our bidding."Pein replied.

They both get a phone call from Aizen which Pein picks up.

"So the job is done?" Aizen asked Pein.

"Unfortunately some were able to escape but we got most of them dead. We have an interesting idea thanks to Konan regarding the Kyuubi and Ichigo" Pein answered.

"Go on, I'm interested in hearing it." Aizen replied.

Somewhere within the Shinobi world

Hachwalth is within a new throne room within the shinobi world within an undisclosed location. Sitting on the throne is a tall man with a long face, broad chin, and pronounced cheekbones. He has long black hair, which reaches to his lower back, and reddish-brown eyes with thin eyebrows. He has well-kept mutton chops and a connected mustache, but is otherwise clean-shaven. His usual attire consists of a white, double-breasted trench coat, which has the Wandenreich symbol in the middle, with large buttoned cuffs and lapels, white trousers, and trench boots. Over this, he wears a tattered, ankle-length black cloak, which has a red ribbon near the neck and is fastened to the left with a single large button.

"It seems like that Masked Human really helped us out." the old man said to Hacschwlath.

"Had not for him, Aizen would've sold us out directly to the Royal Guard Lord Bach." Hacschwalth replied.

"It's awfully generous he's allowed us to hide within this world from the Shinigami. At our current state, not even you or I can contend with the Royal Guard." Bach said to his follower.

"Better yet, he gave us these scrolls, we can learn more techniques while recovering our lost power." Haschwalth said to the Quincy leader.

"And get our long overdue revenge! However it's best we lay low for a while, that is until my powers return." Bach replied as he goes back to sleep.

"Good night Lord Bach!" Haschwalth said to the Quincy leader as he leaves the room.

Meanwhile at the Akatsuki Hideout

Tobi is by himself when Zetsu appears.

"So how did you find the secret civilization within the Moon?" Zetsu asked Tobi.

"All thanks to the very Garganta and Senkaimon technology and abilities we acquired. I learned about the Moon Civilization when upon my deathbed I was able to get Gedo Mazo out of the moon. I was never able to reach the moon myself prior to the recent month but thanks to the Shinigami and Arrancar ability to dimension hop, I reached the moon and hid the Quinces there right under Aizen's nose." Tobi explained to his cohort.

"Why spare them? They seem like they can be a big nuisance or threat later on." White Zetsu asked his boss.

"Because Aizen is a cunning and dangerous man, as we speak he's probably plotting against me as we speak. Ywach's immense power might prove very useful to us when the time comes." Obito explained to Zetsu.

"Why make then stronger?"Black Zetsu asked.

"Who says it's not without a cost, that scroll would not activate their powers until a full year has passed. Do you really think I would allow them to get stronger before myself? It's leverage to get them in line in case I need them for assistance. By the time the scroll is unsealed , we would've obtained the power of the 10 Tails and Aizen would be long gone." Obito explained to Zetsu.

"So you're intending to use them when the war breaks out?" White Zetsu asked.

"Precisely, Ywach himself also has grand power comparable to the Six Paths. I sensed his presence and despite being dormant, he had great power far surpassing anything I've ever sensed in my life. Even Hashirama's legendary power pales in comparison to that power output however once I obtain the Hōgyoku from Aizen and capture all the Tailed Beasts, Ywach's powers would then become my power with ease and not only would I create a world without lies but be undisputed ruler of any world to exist." Obito stated as he sits on his throne.

"Now comes the waiting game, I wonder what Aizen is plotting to do next." Zetsu wondered to himself.

Las Noches Throne Room

"I gathered all of you here to look for one of our missing Arrancars that has been gone for 25 years."Aizen said to his Arrancar Army.

"You mean Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck?" Harribel asked her boss.

"Precisely, it's believed she mysteriously vanished on April 24, 1976 around 3:00 P.M. No one has been able to recover her body or anything despite searching for her body for decades."Aizen explained to the Arrancars.

"April 24 was her birthday,I remember the good times we both had together." Skullak stated.

"Why does this matter all of a sudden? Neliel probably ran away because she was weak."Ninorta shouted with a notable look of frustration and guilt.

"Because in order to strengthen the Arrancar Army, we need every last Arrancar on stand by. To fight the oppressive Soul Society and Gotei 13, we must stand united as a force. Thanks to Orihime's powers, she can bring back any Arrancar who has fallen, even those who have died many years ago which greatly exceed any ability to exist as many of you know from the heinous act of terrorism prepurated by Ichigo Kurosaki." Aizen explained to his Arrancar Army.

"That racist bastard is going to pay for his attempted massacre, i would ensure that Lord Aizen." Skullak stated with intense anger.

"We barely survived that assault, to think a mere Nino had the strength to defeat 3 Parrvion Espadas and 5 Espadas at the same time." Dorodoni replied.

"We really been slacking on our training if a mere brat can easily defeat all of us at the same time." Gantenbainne said to the other Arrancar.

"I miss Neliel, me and her were pretty close friends being we were female Espadas and formed a sister like bond. I would do anything to get her back." Cirucci said to the rest of the Arrancar.

"Neliel was one of the finest Arrancars to exist,it's ashame i didn't find her when i was King of Hueco Mundo, she would've easily became my Right Hand Man." Baraggan explained to his Arrancars.

"It was Neliel who trained me and helped me control and improve my powers, her combat prowess would prove very useful for the upcoming war." Ulquiorra said to his colleagues.

"But before we proceed with searching for the former 3rd Espada, Orihime proceeded with the operations."Aizen said to Orihime as Orihime walks out of the shadows.

"Yes Lord Aizen." Orihime replied as she arrives towards two sandwich bags of ashes labeled "Zommari" and "Luppi".

"That was the most we can recover from the two. Konan and that Neji guy did a serious number on them, it wasn't easy having my stealth insects collecting a ton of Luppi's ashes on foreign land. Anyways there's at least 100 millgrams of his remains within that bag. As for Zommari, took me a whole week to recover his ashes given how much sand is in Las Noches." Syzael said to Orihime.

"Don't worry, reviving them should be no problem. Sōten Kisshun (双天帰盾, Twin Sacred Return Shield)" Orihime chanted nonchalantly as she creates two oval shields around the ashbags and manages to revive both Arrancars at the same time.

Luppi and Zommari are fully revived and restored to their fighting capabilities and are completely intact from the ashes they rosen from.

"We're alive! But how?" Luppi asked shocked to see himself alive.

"It must be Lord Aizen, he revived me when one of the Vizards killed me 20 years back. It was some obese Vizard, i almost had him given his non violent nature but he put on his mask then killed me." Zommari answered explaining his encounter with death.

"No you guys were brought back to life by Orihime. It wasn't me this time." Aizen replied as he sips down some tea.

"I can't believe we're alive!" Luppi said to everyone only to see disapproving glares.

"Why bring him back?"Cirucci asked Aizen glaring at Luppi.

"Seriously any weakling that died at the hands of a human isn't worth my respect." Yammy laughed mocking Luppi.

"Why bring back that rapist asshole?"Harribel asked.

"Because like i said, we need every Arrancar for the upcoming war. Regardless of what you think of Zommari and Luppi's failure , incompetence or personal character flaws, we need to stand more united than ever before. Had we had more Arrancars and stronger Arracnars, Ichigo's little terrorist attack wouldn't of happened or would've been prevented. The event itself has reawakened my eyes to the reality that i overestimated the power of the Arrancars and underestimated the power of the Gotei 13. Initially i thought that the Espada should be able to take multiple captains at once but it seems that you guys need to train more to get stronger because even with the weakening of the Gotei 13, we still can't take all 7 Shinigami Nations alone at this point."Aizen explained to the Arrancars.

"Don't worry Aizen, I won't disappoint you!"Zommari replied.

"But the time for training is not for now at the moment. You're job as Arrancars are to split into teams and search for Neliel and her Farrcion within Hueco Mundo. Skullak, you're going to go with Dordoni, Cirucci and Ganbatnerine search for Neliel within the western part of Hueco Mundo." Aizen said to Skullak and the others.

"Western Hueco Mundo? That's around enemy territory." Skullak stated.

"Relax, as long as you avoid the mountainous region that is Western Hueco Mundo, you would be fine. Besides you can more than defend yourself from assault." Aizen said Skullak.

"Got it!" Skullak replied.

"Stark, you would go with Grimmjow, Neliel Zommari, Harribel and Aaroniero to search for Neilel within the oceansides of East Hueco Mundo." Aizen commanded the Arrancars mentioned.

"No problem!" Barragan said to Aizen.

"I don't know much about Neliel but i know she sounds pretty awesome."Grimmjow replied.

"I would be glad to find my senpai of this former position."Harribel said to Aizen.

"I won't let Aizen down again!" Zommari replied as he begins to head out.

"Ulquorria, you're going to be with Nnoitra, Szayel, Yammy, Wonderweiss, and Luppi in North Hueco Mundo's Arctic Wastelands." Aizen said to Ulquorria.

"God shoot me." Ulquorria said to himself as he sighs having to deal with Yammy,Nnoitra,Wonderwesis and Luppi.

"Oh boy Ulquorria, we get to be in a team again." Yammy cheerfully stated.

"Great, I'm stuck with nothing but brutes." Syzael said to Ulquorria.

"You're the only one who's sane within the group." Ulquiorra replied.

"I don't intend to let Aizen down this time."Luppi said to the group.

"Wait, who's going to search for Neliel in the Southern Hueco Mundo Wastelands?" Syzael asked.

"Leave that to me!" Sasuke as he appears with Karin, Sugiestu, and Jugo.

"A mere human walking Southern Hueco Mundo? Are you foolish?! Southern Hueco Mundo is a Volcanic wasteland with feral Adjuchas and Feral Vasto Lordes. I lived within Eastern Hueco Mundo prior to meeting Aizen 30 years ago, i fought for survival for countless years within those parts. Regardless of how powerful a human is , there's ho way they can survive both the insane heat and all the enemies, especially with barely any food. I was glad to leave that part of Hueco Mundo." Ulquorria explained to Aizen.

"This would be Sasuke's final test of training, I'm pretty sure you sensed how strong Sasuke is deep down don't you Ulquorria?" Aizen asked.

"Still you think it's smart to send him out like this?"Syzael questioned.

"Sasuke has proved himself worthy, after all had not for his bravery and heroism yesterday none of us would be standing here. He was able to defeat Partos within his Second Resurrección. I also owe my life to his friend there Karin, had not for her quick healing, i've might've been a goner." Skullak explained to Syzael.

"We still have Orihime you know ? She just brought back two people who died just a few weeks ago turned to ash."Syzael cold stated.

"That's not the point, had i not been revived last moment, Partos would've blown up Las Noches with a Grand Ray Cero. We came too close to dying. Speaking of which Aizen, what is the plan to deal with Moradarth? He's getting too close to matching out numbers. If he can make a mere Farrcion that powerful, i dread to think about La Gaurdia." Skullak explained to Aizen and the others.

"Don't worry Skullak, you're concerns about Moradarth are legitimate but with our Akatsuki alliance and with some intel we're gathering from Partos, Modrarth is not a big threat at the moment. However , we can't be too careful, the main reason i'm sending you to find Neliel and revived Zommari and Luppi is to strengthen our army, both in preparation for the Winter War and in preparation for Modrarth's own assault against us. Sasuke is much like Ichigo Kurosaki now, he has the infusion of his Shinobi powers and the powers of a Arrancar, he would be most useful for our upcoming war."Aizen explained to the group.

"And you would prove to be very useful to my revenge against Itachi and Konoha and reviving the entire Uchiha Clan to stand tall over the ruins of Konoha."Sasuke replied as he prepares his quest with Karin, Jugo and Sugiestu.

"Ulquorria said it would like hell there, i don't think i'm ready." Karin said to Sasuke.

"We have no choice, in order to achieve my goals of revenge, i must train to become the strongest." Sasuke stated.

"I have faith you can do it Sasuke! I have also trained there for 3 years to improve my fighting powers so i can exact my revenge on the man who wiped out my clan. I was the one who asked Aizen to put you there because not only do you have the potential to surpass every Espada here, you also have the same goals as myself and the same code of honor as myself."Skullak explained to Sasuke.

"Surpass every Espada? Ridiculous, there's no way a mere human can defeat me, a man who has the power of a god. "Barragan stated with an arrgoant tone.

"He's not wrong, Shinobi ass you know are very powerful on their own. The strongest of Shinobi can match the strongest of Shinigami and Arrancars alone, there's no telling how much stronger a Shinobi can become when he's given the same power as an Espada along with his own powers."Harribel stated with a calm demeanor.

"Still to claim to surpass every Espada is a bit absurd. I don't doubt my analysis of his potential surpasses even Ichigo Kurosaki however it's rather farfecthed to claim he can beat all of us eventually." Ulquorria stated with his own cold demanor.

"Right now Sasuke with only Farrcion level training regrading his Hollowifcation has already surpassed the first 5 Espadas and greatly surpasses Ichigo Kurosaki's current level. His power is insanely strong as it is now...There's no telling how much stronger his potential can get. Now everyone is dismissed and should search for Neliel." Aizen commanded as all the Espada level Arrancar begin their search.

Tousen then walks towards Aizen to tell him some news.

"So did you get anything from Partos?" Aizen asked Tousen.

"Yes we did, thanks to Orihime's powers, we were able to revive and kill him repeatedly and prolong his toture until he talked. It's believed he's willing to talk now."Tousen answered.

"Good i would like to personally talk with him. Did you revive the other Arrancars that assisted him?" Aizen asked Tousen.

"Yep, they're in prison. Should we preeminently get rid of them?" Tousen asked.

"No, they would be turned around to my side and my ideals, however Partos at this point is disposable. Orihime come with me? "Aizen said to the orange haired human.

"Yes, master."Orihime replied with an emotionless stare as she comes with Aizen.

Meanwhile at Las Noches Prison

Partos is badly beatened while his arms are bounded by ropes attached to walls. Blood drips down the floor from his face as he has been bludgeoned repeatedly with a nightstick.

"You thought you can escape talking with death, did you? You didn't take into account Orihime's god-like powers into reviving you. I must admit, you're the most fun I had with integration. I tortured you over 180 times and killed you at least 30 times before you talked. I must admit, Moradarth really thought ahead with killing you with that nano bomb poison but that has been removed from you thanks to Orihime."Borutā said to Partos.

"Please, no more! I've suffered enough!" Partos whined as he struggles to breathe.

"No more? You came here with the intent to kill us all and you think you can just beg for mercy and we spare you? You might've confessed but I'm far from done with you." Bourta said to Partos.

"That's enough!" Aizen said in a calm voice as he appears towards Partos with Orihime, Gin, and Tousen.

"No, let's see some action."Gin replied with a sarcastic smile.

"Bourta I'm disappointed in you promoting something so crass and crude in front of a lady."Aizen said with a gentlemanly tone.

"Sorry Lord Aizen, I got carried away." Bourta replied.

"Now clean up this cell, the stench of blood is ruining the mood." Aizen said to Borutā.

"Okay Lord Aizen."Borutā replied as he begins cleaning.

"Orihime, heal our friend here."Aizen said to Orihime.

"Right Lord Aizen." Orihime replied as she heals Partos of his wounds and fixes his clothes.

"Now that I took care of that, I'm willing to hear you out. Tea?" Aizen asked the Arracanr as Tousen puts a table and chair there for both of them to sit down on.

"Thanks, Lord Aizen." Partos answered as he drinks tea with Aizen.

"So are you ready to talk ? Where's Moradarth and his base?" Aizen asked Partos.

"He's within Western Hueco Mundo."Partos answered.

"We already know that, we want to know his exact location."Tousen shouted impatiently.

"Relax Tousen, sometimes the best way to get intel is to let the person talk at their own pace." Aizen stated.

"Sorry Lord Aizen!" Tousen replied.

"It's over 5,000 miles west from here. It's a massive fortress that looks similar to Hueco Mundo in size and scale but the fortress is a bit weathered and half buried in the sand. It's within the Middle of the Grand Hollow Canyon. A 5 mile high, 20-mile wide canyon. The canyon is surrounded by mountains and sandstorms are very common, making the place a perfect place to hide." Partos explained to Aizen as he drinks the tea.

"So any intel on his forces?" Aizen asked Partos.

"Moradarth plans to infuse your Hōgyoku after stealing it from you with his own so he can rule Hueco Mundo. He's nearly close to completing it." Partos answered which shocks Aizen.

"That's impossible, it would take many years and many souls to create the Hōgyoku I've made. Over the course of 140 years since I started the Hōgyoku project, I created a total of 71 Hōgyokus, most of then burning out after a single use. One has to kill two Captain level souls at the very least to forge the Hōgyoku which is the equivalent of 20,000 human souls. Western Hueco Mundo is the most barren of all parts of this realm, there's no way he could've killed that many souls and even if he did, that Hōgyoku would've burned out from a single use. The only way to sustain the Hōgyoku is to have a large reserve of Reisutōnsage . "Aizen explained to Partos.

"But we happen to have that in Western Hueco Mundo in large reserves within the canyon. If anything the bombs I planted contained Reisutōnsage ."Partos replied.

"So anything else you wish to tell me? Like the Eitles within Moradarth's command?"Aizen asked.

"Fine. Rokku Daun, the 10th strongest Arrancar who can steal powers. Paunsu and Uingu Supan are the two 9th Espadas no different from our Ninth Espada. I didn't see the 7th Arrancar there but Eipu Feisu Zodd I saw, he was the 8th Espada who is the older brother of Demoura. Then there's the 6th Espada Sunappu Doragon, the 5th Espada Sukaru. The 4th Espada Waipu Cifer, Ulquiorra's older brother, the 3rd Espada Wiādou Rufu Starrk , the Second Espada Jeff Sheall and ..." Partos explained to Aizen only for Aizen to have a shocked look on his face.

"Jeff Sheeal? He's still alive?" Aizen said to Partos shocked about this reveal.

"So you do know him?"Partos asked.

"I grew up within the 63rd Rukongai district in west Rukongai. My father Kosuke Raizen Milkaruzuchi and my mother Mary Anne Aizen were people I cherished within my whole life. My father became an enforcer amongst Kumoi Kasumoji's organized crime clan and he helped keep my family afloat. At age 100, I started to get involved in helping him clean up the neighborhood." Aizen explained to Partos.

"How about your mother? Who was she?"Partos asked.

"Mary Anne Aizen originally born Miraein Aizenberg was the kindest and sweetest woman I've known. She was a former Shinigami Vice Captain who deserted the Gotei 13 over 350 years ago from the present day. She was a student under Koga Kuichi and in line to becoming Captain of Squad 5 and was already the 6th most powerful Shinigami at the time of her life, however she dwelled deep into the corruption of the Gotei 13 and leaked Gotei 13 secrets to the Runogkai and attempted an uprising against the Gotei 13 but failed and was implemented in several terrorist attacks. She was considered a high priority threat by the Gotei 13, especially given her moniker " The Shadow Reaper". She was a beautiful woman of European ancestry who stood around 5'6" and had long brown hair she kept in a ponytail. During her years as a Shinigami, she went under the Alter Ego "Espada" and wore all white and fought assassinated criminals and warlords across the Soul Society, which includes corrupted Shinigami." Aizen said to Partos explaining his mother.

"You're parents sound pretty legendary." Orihime stated.

"That's because they were. My father Kosuke Raizen Milkaruzuchi was a high-level enforcer for the Kasumoji was a fairly strong man , he stood around 6'3" and was extremely muscular and had a Red Pompadour hairstyle and dressed like a feudal era crime enforcer. He grew up dirt poor and lost his family to a bloody massacre over 410 years ago. He grew up much of his childhood dirt poor and became an enforcer to Kumoi Kasumoji at age 160. Despite never training under the Shinigami Arts, he was immensely powerful, able to contend with even a Captain Level Shinigami. He was known as the"Red Bear" because his primary weapon was a clawed gulanet he made from a Bear Like Adjuchas level Hollow he killed with his bare hands modified by Kumoi to fire Ceros. If my mother was the brains of the duo, my father was the muscle." Aizen replied explaining his father.

"So you're parents were part of Shiro Rōnin (白浪人White Wave Man)? I heard about the terrorist organization. A high-profile terrorist organization that has attempted to overthrow the entire Soul Society." Gin asked.

"Originally they were the worst of enemies, having fought each other 50 times while my mother was Vice Captain of Squad 5. However, their common bond was both were anti-government and had an extreme hatred of corruption. Kosuke became an Anarchist after learning that the massacre of his family was caused by a war between the Gotei 13 and Teikō Undō." Aizen explained to everyone.

"Teikō Undō ?Wasn't that popular resistance movement for justice ?"Tousen questioned Aizen.

"Teikō Undō originally started as a "Freedom Fighter " movement within the Third Shinigami War, a group of former Shinto priests unhappy with the discrimination of faiths under Yamamoto, including a certain recent religion but that discussion is for another day. After her defection, both Kosuke and Mary Anne Fell in love with each other and gave birth to me. They fought within Kumoi's fallen rebellion despite my mother's odds with Kumoi's sexist the failed rebellion, my mother gave up fighting to raise me." Aizen explained to everyone as he slips more tea.

"Sounds like your mother cares for you a lot. Most Hollows are created from remnants of our previous soul and even the ones naturally born as Adjuchas, they barely know their parents unless their parents were part of a clan. It's been over 1,000 years, I don't know whether I was born an Adjuchas or created to be one when I was a Gillian. It's hard to tell given memories from when you're originally on Hollow don't transfer well when you become a Gillian. In fact, only a handful of created Hollows even remember when they were originally human beings." Partos explained to Aizen.

"She did and I agree , hence why my goal is to give back the humanity of all Hollows. As I was saying, on May 29, 1801, A.D. , I came home after running an errand for Kumoi Kasumoji who was my father's employer and the only thing that kept us apart from the streets. We were terribly poor nor terribly rich, just enough to keep us keep us within decent living. My mother and father had me trained under Kumoi and help him fight off rival gangs and petty criminals . Under my training with Kumoi, I became 3rd seat level. However, no amount of training could prepare me for what happened next." Aizen explained to Orihime.

"What happened?"Orihime asked.

"I saw my house in flames as well as the whole neighborhood. People were running for their lives and being slaughtered by Shinigami. They weren't just going after criminals or fugitives like my parents, they were killing everyone indiscriminately. I rushed to see one my close friends badly injured from a Shinigami Kido spell. My mother was at one point the 6th strongest Captain of the Soul Society and my father was much stronger than that ,said only to be outmatched by a Kenpachi, Ginrel Kukchi, and Yamamoto in terms of raw power. Despite the young age of Tessai and Sora Hitsugaya, they had Reiastu far surpassing an average Captains power and rivaling my parents. My parents were then killed by a barrage of Sotasukis from them and they disappeared.

"Me and Jeff spend days wandering the burned down district. We were starving half to death wandering the destroyed wastelands of our hometown. We saw over 200,000 dead bodies everywhere. It was then I met the man who changed my life, Seigen Suzunami." Aizen stated mentioning the man.

"You mean one of the great war heroes of the Quincy-Shinigami War?" Gin asked.

"Seigen Suzunami was my mentor much like my mother and father was. My mother's ideas of revolution grew with my power. He and experimented with the Quincy Hollowfication also helped mold me into the man I am today. However 155 years ago, Kisuke got to his students Fujimaru Kudō and Matsuri Kudō and they integrated into the Soul Society,giving up their quest for revenge. He was defeated by the hands of Kisuke's students as well as Isshin Kurosaki ,Kisuke and stopped a 1,000 Menos army from invading the Soul Society. I, however, finished him off. I was able to drain his entire life force and I inherited his immense power. Me and Jeff began perfecting what he started. We killed countless people together while fighting anyone we pleased to achieve our goals. Jeff was the brains of the group, Jeff was the one who originally developed the Hōgyoku idea after learning how the Ōken and Ōin were made. We came up with the idea of absorbing souls to form the Hōgyoku. And you know the rest from Jeff." Aizen explained to Partos.

"So all Jeff said was true about you?" Partos asked Aizen.

"More or less. Care to tell me about the first Espada." Aizen asked Partos.

"Konbō Mifune Sōdoītā the right-hand man of Lord Moradarth. The one you near killed 80 years ago." Partos stated.

"He was one of my toughest opponents, I praise his strength." Aizen replied while sipping tea.

"So now that I told you everything, you're going to spare me ? I promise to be loyal to you for now on." Partos asked Aizen.

"I'll let Orihime decide your fate then."Aizen replied as he walks away from the table and Orihime sits down with him.

"Thank goodness, I heard about you. You're the pure-hearted woman Aizen captured." Partos said to Orihime joyful of her appearance.

"Yep, I'll spare you." Orihime said to Partos as she hugs him.

"Oh thank you.." Partos replied only to notice that he's starting to burn up.

"Spare you that is from existence." Orihime smiled as she gains a more sinister tone as Partos stands to burn.

"ARRGGH!" Partos screamed in agony as he struggles to move as his body slowly turns to dust. He is completely vaporized from existence.

"Nice call Orihime!"Aizen said to Orihime.

"He knew too much information, if any of the Arrancars learned about what you had to do to achieve your goals, it can deeply compromise everything you worked hard for." Orihime explained to Aizen as she stands up.

"My never thought Orihime had it in her to kill people so casually."Gin said to Tousen.

"Orihime now follows the path of justice. Nothing can stop her from achieving our goals." Tousen replied.

"So what to do about Modardarth? "Gin asked.

"We must strengthen the Arrancar Army as soon as possible, we're in for a huge war. If my calculations are correct, Moradarth has about a half a year to complete his Hōgyoku. Meaning we need to deal with the Shinobi before April or we're going to be in trouble."Aizen replied.

"Shall we begin planning our attack?" Tousen asked .

"Leave them for now, rushing into battle would only be disastrous for us. Come Orihime." Aizen said to Orihime as they both walk out of the jail with Tousen following suit with Gin shocked by Orihime killing Partos beyond repair.

"Aizen you really did manage to change Orihime. To think a pure-hearted woman like herself just became a callous cold murderer, what did you do to her?" Gin said to himself.

Meanwhile at Western Hueco Mundo's Las Noches

Moradarth is sitting in his throne room when his minion Taranstu appears with intel.

"Bad news, that rat Partos spilled the beans." Taranstu said to Moradarth.

"That's impossible! That poison was designed to render even the Hōgyoku's regeneration impossible." Moradarth stated shocked that Partos survived.

"That's the thing, it wasn't Aizen, it was this human Orihime who has powers silmair to your brothers." Taranstu replied.

"How is it possible for a human to wield such power?" Moradarth asked shocked that humans can revive the dead.

"She revived him 30 times and Partos was tortured to death that many times until he finally talked. Aizen now knows our location and operations."Taranstu answered.

"This is bad, we're still not done completing the Hōgyoku, we need more time." Moradarth replied with a panicked look on his face.

"However here is some good news. The Espadas are looking for a former Espada by the name of Neliel."Taranstu explained to Moradarth.

"Neliel, one of the original Espadas? I don't see why Aizen cared so much when he allowed Ninorta and Syzael to murder her."Moradarth asked wondering Aizen's intentions.

"Eitherway the Espadas are all scattered apart looking for her." Taranstu stated.

"That means Las Noches is unguarded right?" Mordarath asked with a wide grin.

"Yes but it's best advised we don't attempt an invasion. Powerful humans known as the Akatsuki guard the place."

"ridiculous, how can humans equal an Arrancar?" Moradarth asked dumbfounded that any human can rival an Arrancar.

"I have several video footages of them contending against the Espada and fighting off Shnigami Captains. They're no joke, also there's also Aizen who is too powerful to be fought and the mysterious human known as Madara Uchiha."Taranstu answered explaining the Akatsuki.

"Fine you win, we'll hold off on the invasion, however, I want to send my own team to hunt down the Espada Neliel and win her over to our side."Moradarth said to his minion.

"Didn't you say she was dead?"Taranstu asked.

"My Hōgyoku is complete enough to revive the dead without burning would be a valuable aspect to our La Guardia once I convince her Aizen sold her out."Moradarth replied.

Meanwhile at Aizen's Throne Room.

Aizen is watching the Espadas search for Neliel when Gin shows up.

"Boy seems like you got the Akatsuki to provide security this time. " Gin said to Aizen.

"After Ichigo's little stunt last week, I can't take any chances,especially after yesterday's episode." Aizen replied.

"So how long you think this game of treasure hunt would last?" Gin asked Aizen.

"You act as if I known where Neliel is at already." Aizen replied with a calm,devious smirk.

"I know you long enough to know you always have a plan ahead and a reason behind your motives." Gin stated.

"Each of the 4 continents surrounding the main continents also has they're unique hazards and conditions that would put them to the test. Each of the 5 continents are connected to each other like the Soul Society making a Super Continent. Each continent is over 2,500 miles wide and long. We're within the largest of Continents which is Central Hueco Mundo which is a vast Desert where 90% of all Hollow preside. Most Arrancars come from this part of the world and never been to the outside, mainly because the conditions outside the central range are too dangerous for most Hollows. A perfect test for the Espada." Aizen explained to Gin.

"So I assume that's not your only reason?" Gin asked Aizen.

"In reality, it's to see not only the loyalty of the Espadas and to bait Modrdarth into attacking." Aizen replied.

"So looks like the Shinigami and Shinobi are being played like a fiddle towards each other." Gin stated.

"Soon everything would come to order, especially without secret weapon currently in development." Aizen replied.

Southern Hueco Mundo

Sasuke is already being overwhelming by the intense heat within the region. Active volcanoes erupt throughout the area which stretches across the horizon.

"I knew this was a bad idea!" Karin said to Sugiestu.

"Be thankful I can generate water otherwise we all be dead." Sugiestu replied as he's worn out considerably as well.

"Are you sure you want to do this Sasuke?" Jugo asked.

"Yeah what are the chances that Neliel is here in the first place?" Karin asked Sasuke.

"There's no chance that she's here. This place is beyond the survivability of most Arrancars. Only the toughest of beasts can survive here. I know Aizen already knows the location of this Neliel but that's hardly important. The real reason I'm here is to put my body through the ultimate resistance test. I will never beat Itachi at my present state, not without pushing my body to a limit far beyond what it can handle. This is merely a trial. From Aizen's Intel , the temperatures get hotter and the Air Pressure gets denser. There are over 90 Adjcuhas that have adapted to this climate and as a result became each as powerful as Partos when he enhanced his power the first time around and 10 Vasto Lordes, including one that is the Lava King of this part of Hueco Mundo."Sasuke explained to the group.

"What about food?" Suigestu asked Sasuke.

"Volcanic lands usually have an oasis where food is grown. We just need to find it in this sea of lava." Sasuke replied as he becomes noticeably exhausted.

"Sasuke, you can't handle these conditions, it's just too exhausting." Karin shouted as she barely can stand as sweat comes down her head.

"I'll save you all. Water Style, Water Dome Jutsu." Sugiestu chanted as he forms a water dome protecting them from the intense heat.

"That was close!" Karin said to everyone.

"To think we're at the outer tip of this intense is not merely a test of power but adaptability. I barely lasted 30 seconds out in this blazing inferno lands. Aizen stated there are 5 heat grades that can felt the closer you get to the entire of the Continent. The first 500 miles, the temperatures are 140 °F with air pressure around twice as dense as average , enough to cause serious first-degree burns. Around 1,000 miles further, temperatures reach 176 °F, the Average temperature of a sauna and air pressure reaches 4 times normal density. 1,500 miles further is where temperatures reach the boiling point of water 211.97 °F and Air pressure is 6 times as dense. Further down 2,000 miles is 475 °F, akin to an Oven on very high and air pressure is 8 times denser and around 2,500 miles from here, it's peaked at 2138 °F and the air pressure is 10 times denser and that's merely the air temperature." Sasuke explained to the others,

"Why such intense heat?" Karin asked.

"Because it's believed that there was an intense battle here 2,000 years ago which caused immense damage to this continent which created an immense ,never-ending flame at the center surpassing even the heat intensity of Amaterasu. It's believed that the lava temperatures range from normal to hotter than the surface of the sun depending on how much further we 're all free to leave here if you want." Sasuke explained to everyone.

"No way I'm leaving you here Sasuke. I promised to help you no matter what." Karin replied.

"Let's face it Sasuke, you stand no chance out here without me as your water sources, besides I heard that bastard Kisame fought the Four-Tails. If I have any chance of beating him and taking his sword, I need to also adjust to temperatures hotter than Lava." Suigestu said to Sasuke.

"Also I wish to control my powers."Jugo stated.

"Fine, let's stick together." Sasuke replied as the three of them rest in the water dome.

One Week later


Sunday October 14,2001 2:00 P.M

A and his forces begin mobilizing the Kumokagure armed forces. Over 3,000 Kumokagure troops are marching around the city during a military drill. Mabui and A walk around inspecting the forces as they see 200 tank like canon batteries moving around the city.

"Looks like everything is in order." A said to Mabui.

"I already looked over everyone within the list. I assigned Darui as Division Sub-Commander of Squad 1, C as Captain of the Genjutsu division of Squad 1 and I assigned myself as Captain as the intelligence division. Omoi is Vice Captain of the Surprise attack Division with Samui being the being the Captain of the Surprise Attack Division. We're still working on the rest but we should be done soon." Mabui explained to A.

" Don't assign that idiot brother to any duty. He's only to assist me and the Nine-Tailed Brat, he's our trump card however he's a fucking moron. Putting him in any unit would throw the battlefield into chaos. The only reason I even consider him on the battlefield is we have no choice." A stated only to get distracted by the sound of cheers as Killer Bee set up his own concert.

"Oh boy, I don't like where this is going. I'm going to get a medical group and some repairmen." Mabui said to herself.

All 3,000 Kuomkagure ninja gather to see Killer Bee rap on a stage on a 500-foot high hill like building.

"Yo say ho...Now listen to me. Master Kin polished my style and added more Passion. It's a New Enka Rap ! It's called Gokasku! So thank you." Killer Bee said to the crowd.

"DROPKICK!" Raikage shouted as he kicks Killer Bee with a powerful Dropkick which smashes Killer Bee through the building and into the ground level on the street.

"Man bro, that kick was as strong as ever..."Killer Bee said to Raikage.

"Idiot, this isn't the time for your shitty rap songs, we're fighting a war! Start taking this seriously or I'll confine you again!" A shouted.

"Fine, man war is no fun!" Killer Bee replied.

"It's not at all, however, we have no choice do we? " A responded with a depressed glare.

"You're thinking about what happened to dad aren't you brother." Killer Bee asked him.

"To think I have to be allied with the son of the Yellow Flash who took my father's life, it's beyond insulting and yet we have no choice. Let's hope he won't let us down." A said with a tone of depression.

Eastern Hueco Mundo

Stark, Grimmjow, Neliel Zommari, Harribel and Aaroniero to search for Neilel within the oceanside of East Hueco Mundo. The intense rainfall and storms throughout the continent make this a completely different part of Hueco Mundo than one is used to. Windspeeds blow at over 150 mph making it hard for people to move within the torrential rain and makes viability pretty low.

"How much longer do we have to keep searching." Lillynette shouted who tagged along with Stark as wind blows which make it hard for her to move.

"We need to keep looking."Grimmjow replied as they search for Neliel within the insane amount of rain trying not to slip and fall.

"The rain feels like we're being pelted by bullets." Zommari complained as the rain hits really hard.

"So this is what Aizen want us to do ? Chances are he knows were Neliel is, he['s putting us to the test having to endure immense never-ending rain and wind that barrages the land as well as the tidal waves that strike this flat plain." Harribel said to herself only to see another Tidal Wave heading towards them.

" Tidal Wave!" Aaroniero shouted as he rushes towards a high rock with Harribel and the other Espada.

"Damn I so what to go home and rest! We barely got any sleep in a week." Stark said to the others.

" Quit complaining, Aizen didn't teach us to be weak, we need to endure this."Harribel replied as she treks through the immense rain.

Two Weeks later


Sunday October 21,2001 2:00 P.M

Mei is with Aoi and Chojiro who are at the shipyards watching Battleships being constructed. 20 Ninjas then gather around a 150-footfoot wide Battleship and use a giant summoning scroll to summon the battleship into the scroll.

"Not bad, looks like the portal Shinobi Navy is going to get some action again." Mei said to her comrades.

"Yep,Kirikagure is famous for its Naval power as well as having the strongest water users. We won't lose this war." Ao said to Mei.

"You're lifelong experience in the battlefield is why I appoint you Sub Division Commander of Squad 2." Mei replied.

"Thanks, it would be an honor to serve you Lady Mizukage." Ao replied humbly.

"Chorijo, I appoint you as Captain of the Kinjutsu division."Mei said to CHojirio.

"But, I'm not that good..I'm strong yeah but I'm no Zabuza or Kisame. What if I fail ?" Chojiro asked with uncertainty on his face.

"We don't have time for your uncertainty, you still lack the confidence in your young age." Ao said to Chjiro.

"Young Age?" Mei said to herself getting frustrated.

"You need to manage yourself better, such lack of confidence would get you killed." Ao said to Chojiro scolding him for his complete and utter lack of confidence

"Manage!...Marriage." Mei said to herself misinterpreting what Ao is saying to Chojiro.

"You can't you afford to be late to react in the midst of a battle." Ao said to Chojiro.

"Young Age...Late..For..Marriage."Mei said to herself misinterpreting what Ao is saying to Chojiro.

"How else you think I was able to live over..." Ao said to Chojiro only to see the Mizukage walk up to him with a creepy smile.

"Shut up or I'll kill you!" Mei said to Ao.

" Shit!" Ao said to himself.

Northern Hueco Mundo

Ulquiorra,Nnoitra, Szayel, Yammy, Wonderweiss, and Luppi are within North Hueco Mundo's Arctic Wastelands freezing from the immensely cold temperatures. The temperatures are over −96 °F with wind speeds blowing at 60 MPH and snow combined with hail and freezing rain pelts the Arrancars. They've been forced to endure the frozen hell for 2 weeks. They get out of the cave when they're subjected to cold temperatures.

"Let's resume the search." Ulquorria said calmly unaffected by the temperatures.

"How can you be so unfazed by these temperatures? I'm freezing my fucking balls off." Ninorta shouted trying to struggle to move.

"Quit complaining. You try living in Southern Hueco Mundo, this is refreshing by comparison." Ulquiorra replied with a cold distant stare as he walks away with Yammy.

"Quit being such wimps and let's continue searching." Yammy said to Ninorta trying to act tough but is shivering as well.

"Says the bitch shaking."Ninorta replied laughing at Yammy only to slip on some ice and hurt his head.

"Hahaha! Seems like you fell on your ass." Yammy laughed only to slip and fall on his ass too.

"You were saying little bitch ? "Ninorta laughed pointing his finger at him.

"Wanna fight bitch ?" Yammy shouted.

"Bitch Please, I'm the strongest Espada here!" Ninorta arrogantly taunted.

"Says the guy who's the only 5th." Yammy replied.

"At least I'm not the weakest Espada." Ninorta responded which pisses off Yammy.

"Say tat to my face bitch!" Yammy shouted getting up towards Ninorta's face.

"Weakest Espada , and what?" Ninorta replied with a mocking grin.

"Motherfucker, I'm going to kick your ass."Yammy shouted as he charges up a Bala.

"Bring it on bitch!" Ninorta shouted as he charges up a Cero with his tongue.

But both shiver from the cold temperatures and hug each other to warm each other up but push each other off.

"Are you two morons going to fight all day are we going to get going?" Ulquorria asked him.

"Coming Ulquorria." Yammy shouted in joy as he rushes towards Ulquorria leaving Ninorta and Syzael alone.

"God why the fuck are we searching for Neliel here? "Ninorta asked Syzael.

"Because Aizen doesn't know we got rid of her." Syzael answered.

"This almost feels like god is punishing me for my sins here. We got, to tell the truth, or we're popsicles." Ninorta shouted.

"And what, get executed by Rubodron or Skullak ? They're already on to us, telling the truth and getting yourself killed isn't worth keeping your balls I have a feeling Neliel is still alive." Syzael explained to Ninorta.

"What makes you think that ?"Ninorta asked.

"Because you think someone as strong as her would be killed so easily, even with our sneak attack? I doubt Aizen would be sending us on a wild goose chase, I also think that this is to test our abilities to our limits to make us stronger. Besides you always knew she was alive all this time. An Espada that strong wouldn't die from a fall like that." Syzael explained to the 5th Espada.

"Well, in that case, we must brave this storm. I will get stronger, however, when we find Neliel, we're killing her for good got it?" Ninorta asked his partner in crime.

"So shall I assist in killing her?" Syzael asked.

"If she's still a child , by all means, do so. She wouldn't be worth my blade, however by some chance she's back to her prime state, I want my shot at her and want to kill her myself so I can show her the gap in power between her and me. That bitch thinks the women can be as strong as men, I'll make sure she's my pet for a bit after I defeat her before killing her. "Ninorta ranted only to be distracted by Luppi's shouting.

"Get me out of this shit you retarded asshole!" Luppi shouted as he's trapped within a snowman created by Wonderwesis who sticks a carrot on Luppi's nose.

"HAHAHA! You pathetic shit, you're that retards bitch!" Ninorta laughed as Syzael takes out his phone.

"Sorry but this is just too good to not take pictures." Syzael replied as he takes pictures of Luppi's humiliation.

"Luppi the Snowman, this is just too funny." Yammy laughed.

"I'm surrounded by idiots!" Ulquorria said to himself facepalming himself.

3 Weeks Later


Onoki, Atasuchi, and Kurostuchi are within a weapons production fallaicty producing jetpacks, kunai machine guns, and paper bombs.

"Looks like things are going to plan, in the next week we should be ready to attack tomorrow." Kurostuchi said to Onoki.

"Good, I did appoint you as Captain of the Long Range Division of Squad 3." Onoki replied.

"So what's my rank and position?" Akatsuchi asked.

"You're Captain of the Defense Division of Squad 3 while Kistuchi is the Sub-Commander of Squad 3." Onoki answered only to put out his back.

"Having back problems ? Maybe you should sit this war out." Kurostuchi stated.

"As if, none of you guys know how to do full-scale warfare...AH MY BACK!" Onoki replied hunching over to back pain.

Western Hueco Mundo

Sunday October 28,2001 3:00 P.M

Skullak, Dordoni, Cirucci and Ganbatnerine search for Neliel within the western part of Hueco Mundo. The sandstorms make it hard to see and the high wind speeds and dry air exhaust them greatly of their stamina and the sandstorm blows tiny shards of glass sharp enough to even make small cuts on Arrancars.

"How long have we been out here?" Cirucii asked worn out.

"3 weeks."Skullak answered who is unfazed by the extreme winds blowing.

"I almost forgot you been here during your 3-year training." Cirucci stated.

"Yep, according to Aizen's intel, Neliel was last seen near this continent. It's best we start searching."Skullak replied.

"I have a feeling we weren't just put here to search for Neliel."Cirucci said to Skullak.

"You would be right. This is a form of training. After Partos attack yesterday, Moradarth is more dangerous than ever. If he can turn a low-rank Arrancar like Partos into a serious threat, there is no telling how much stronger La Guardia has become. That and going by intel, there has been various pictures showing Neliel wandering the 4 directional continents. This seems like a wild goose chase but it's possible she's out there. "Skullak explained to Cirucci.

"So you're guessing Ninorta attempted to kill her but failed?" Cirucci asked.

"That scumbag Misogynist never had respect for women, let alone a woman who was stronger than him. My hunch is that he wasn't alone in beating her either. There was no way in hell someone who was merely 8th Espada at the time could've beaten her in a fair fight. If I were a betting man, my money is betting on the fact that Syzael had something to do with it. Hence why despite my best efforts, I've not found any evidence of their crime. If only Rubodron was chief of the Exquella at the time, we would've caught them scumbags." Skullak explained to Cirucci becoming increasingly angry.

"Syzael has been a thorn in our side for too long. It's thanks to that asshole, I lost my rank as an Espada." Cirucci stated.

"Same here." Ganbatnerine replied.

"That Nino has no honor whatsoever." Dordorni replied while resisting the sandstorm.

"At least you lost honorably to Grimmjow, I was barely able to fight back against that bastard Zommari and he's still alive."Ganbatnerine said to the others.

"Unfortunately as much as I wish to kill Syzael for his crimes, he's needed by us however no sooner the Winter Water ends, I'm taking him and Ninorta out. I don't care how long it takes." Skullak replied as they walk through the sandstorm.

Meanwhile throughout Konoha

Sunday October 28,2001 4:00 P.M

The result of training has paid off as all the notable Shinobi have completed their training with one day to spare. Lee is within his 6th gate state in the middle of a forest on the outskirts of Konoha that is in flames. He turns back to normal after using Morning Peacock.

"Nice, looks like the results of my training has come through." Lee said to himself as he puts back on his weights

Meanwhile, Ino, Shikamaru, and Chōji perfected the Ino Shika Chō formation on three 100 foot high rock formations.

"Shinreino Sekiryoku(心霊の斥力Psionic Repulsion ) " Ino chanted as she levitates the rock 20 feet in the air.

"Chō Harite ( 超張り手Human Jackhammer )" Chōji chanted as he smashes the rock with a single punch.

"Kage Nohao Kōgeki (影の刃を攻撃 Shadow Blade Strike) " Shikaku chanted as he summons a shadow tendril that is shaped like a katana that comes towards the rock and slices the rock in half.

"Nice, looks like we all achieved the level of Captains." Ino said to Shikamaru.

"Now we can avenge Asuma Sensei." Choji stated.

"Let's hope we cross paths with that bitch." Shikamaru replied.

"We'll see about that." Inocihi said to the group as he appears with Choza and Shikaku.

"Bring it on!" Ino replied as she prepares to fight Inoichi.

"Take this!" Inoichi shouted as he levitates 10 rocks around himself and sends them flying at his daughter.

"Nentōde Henkō ( 念頭で偏向 Mind Deflection Justu )" Ino shouted as she easily blocks the rocks and holds back all the rocks and threw them all back at Inoichi who stops them and shatter the rocks with ease. He is then paralyzed by Ino.

"Shinranshin (心乱身の術 Mind Destruction Jutsu )" Ino chanted as she binds Inoichi and paralyzes him .

"Your training has paid off Ino." Inoichi explained to his daughter.

"Thank you, dad." Ino replied as she cheers about her training.

Meanwhile, Chōji is within his giant state holds his own his father while his dad is also within his giant state.

"That's enough son, you've proven to have gotten much stronger." Choza said to his son.

"Thanks, dad." Choji replied.

Meanwhile, Shikamaru dodges all the Shadow Tendrils from his father and goes to capture his father but his father avoided the attack. But Shikamaru gets him with a Shadow from behind but Shikaku also has him bound.

"Looks like we're even." Shikamaru said to Shikaku.

"Indeed, you've grown son." Shikaku replied.

Meanwhile, Konohamaru is moving around at high speeds despite using Shishi Kajūshīru ( 四肢の加重シール Four Limbs Weighting Seal ) and manages to chop down 10 trees within 5 seconds. Konohamaru removes the beads and jumps in joy of his sudden strength increase.

"Yeah, I've become so much stronger. I truly am a genius."Konohamaru shouted only to be hit by a tree and get a comical lump on his head.

Meanwhile, Shizune and Anko are both exhausted from their training . Anko is within her Curse Mark Lv2 state who reverts back to normal with both Shizune and Anko worn out.

"To think you can use the full extent of your curse mark. You came a long way in just one month. You've surpassed me." Shizune said to Anko as she passes out.

"Shame you can't join us in the war Shizune. However while I might have control of this power, my Curse Mark has too many drawbacks. I can only maintain sanity for 5 minutes and I can't use anything too flashy more than 3 times otherwise it would take me over. This power is last-ditch at best. I'm still not confident I can defeat any of the opponents Kakashi,Gai or Kurenai fought but I can at least give them a serious beating." Anko said to herself.

Tenten and Neji meanwhile are above the surface doing their training with Tenten attacking Neji blindfolded with kunai and shrunken with her arms covered with weighted gloves and Neji wearing weights on his legs. Both of them are attacking at high speeds with Neji hitting Tenten's barrage of kunai with accurate strikes with Gentle Fist despite weights limiting his speed and Tenten having a blindfold on her.

"Nice! My accuracy is dead on and yet you can counter ever hit despite having weights on your feet." Tenten said to Neji.

"I can say the same with your accuracy with those kunais. Had I not blocked all those hits, I would've been a pin cushion. It's amazing how much you improved on your aim and how you can throw Kunai accuracy while blindfolded." Neji replied.

"I'm not done yet Neji, I'm going all out this time. Sōgu: Tenjin Ranman (操具・天刃乱万 Ninja Tool: Million Blade Chaos ) " Tenten chanted as she summons multiple weapons connected with strings to her fingertips from both of her scrolls, directing them towards Neji each with exploding tags. Among the pile is 500 machetes, 600 mases, 700 spears ,400 long swords, 500 Wind Demon Shurikens , 10,000 Senbon and 3 Kusarigamas.

"Eight Trigrams: Palm Rotation" Neji countered as he does his rotation canceling out Tenten's attack but one projectile is aimed at Neji's blind spot.

"Gotcha!" Tenten shouted as she uses a string to pull a sword towards Neji.

"Gentle Fist Art: Body Blow." Neji countered as he creates an explosive wave of chakra destroying the sword, protecting himself from the attack.

Tenten removes her blindfold and weights on her arm and Neji removes the weights.

"Man this is proving to pay off well." Tenten said to Neji.

"Indeed,I won't lose to another Shinigami."Neji replied.

Meanwhile, Kiba and Shino are training without Hinata outside the city limits within the hillsides . Shino has millions of his insects surround two massive 50-foot high rock and he uses all of the insects to levitate it from the ground using up very little chakra.

"Looks like my insects have gotten much stronger." Shino said himself as he then has his insects devour the two massive rocks within seconds.

Meanwhile, Kiba replied as he points at a small 100-foot high hill and goes to take out the hill.

"Zetsu: Gatsūga (絶・牙通牙 Absolute: Fang Over Fang )" Kiba chanted as him and Akamaru dash moving at 1833.3 ft/sec (12,500 MPH) which hits the 100 foot high , 500 foot diameter hill and punches through it leaving a rifle like exit wound making the entry hole 5 foot in diameter and the exit hole 15 feet in diameter.

"Yeah we did it Akamaru." Kiba said to Akamaru.

"ARFF!" Akamaru replied happily as he rubs up to Kiba.

Meanwhile, Sakura and Tsunade clash attacks which result within a large explosion. Sakura emerges from the smoke unharmed but worn out from the attack while Tsunade has some burns on her body which she regenerates from.

"Impressive, you managed to combine water and earth together to create your own elemental attack." Tsunade said to Sakura.

"All thanks to you." Sakura replied.

"You also manage to even heat up water with Chakra. I must say, at your rate, you can surpass even me in no time." Tsunade explained to Sakura.

"So you think I'm on Naruto's level yet ?" Sakura asked Tsunade.

"You'll find out tomorrow." Tsunade replied.

"I wonder how Kakashi Sensei is doing."Sakura asked the Hokage.

"He's likely finishing his training with Gai." Tsunade answered.

"I hope Naruto has gotten stronger." Sakura said to herself.

Mount Myōboku

Sunday October 28,2001 6:00 P.M . Naruto has achieved perfected Sage Mode. Naruto has yellow, toad-like irides with orange pigmentation around their eyes. Naruto is staring down 5 clones of Captains while standing right there to fight is also wearing the red coat that Jiraiya wore while he's alive.

"Senjustu : Shinkirō Nentōkopī ( 蜃気楼念頭コピーSage Justu : Mirage Mind Copy Justu ) " Shima chanted as she creates a clone of Hitsugaya, Komamura, Soifon ,Byakuya and Kenpachi to fight Naruto

"Bankai :Senbozakura Kageyoshi" Fake Byakuya chanted as he sends a wave of petals 100 feet high towards Naruto but Naruto dodges the attacks and easily punches a hole through Byakuya's wave of blades and through Byakuya.

"Way of Onmitsu, 5th of the Shihō Inazuma Tejun (稲妻手順 Lightning Step )" Fake Soifon chanted as she doubles her speed and moves at 120,000 ft/sec( 81,800 MPH) " Soifon chanted as she moves at high speed but Naruto is merely standing there .

"That was far too slow!" Naruto said to the clone of Soifon as he punches her in the face and destroys the clone.

"Kyodai Hiryū (巨大氷竜 Giant Ice Dragon)" Fake Hitsugaya chanted as he shoots a 75-foot Chinese dragon towards the Genin.

"That's not going to work!" Naruto replied as he reflects the attacks back with his barehand and freezes the clone . He then does a dropkick which shatters the clone with ease.

"Tennohiha (天の火を刃Fire Blade of the Heavens)" Fake Sajin chanted as he generates flames around his massive giant's sword and swings it at the Genin but Naruto catches it with both hands and throws Komamura throw the ground dispelling the clone with no damage to his arm.

"Not going to work!" Naruto said to the clone as he punches the air which punches a hole through the Bankai.

"Kendō: Ryōdan (剣道:両断, Way of The Sword :Bisection )" Kenpachi chanted as he swings his sword horizontally with two hands creating a massive shockwave however the Naruto takes no damage despite being hit in the neck with the blade .

"That was nothing ! Rasengan" Naruto replied as he destroys the clone with a Rasengan casually.

Suddenly his master Fukasaku comes at him at Sage Mode and tests his strength with a flying kick which Naruto blocks. the elder frog jumps up very high and Naruto follows suit.

"You've made great progress ! You've seen to fully mastered the Frog Kata in such a short amount of time." Fukasaku said to the blonde haired shinobi.

"That's not the only thing I can do in this state, Shadōw Clone Jutsu (影分身の術Kage Bunshin no Jutsu)" Naruto chanted as he creates 4 clones of himself around the elder frog.

"I can do the same! Shadōw Clone Jutsu (影分身の術Kage Bunshin no Jutsu) "Fukasaku countered as he makes four clones to counter Naruto's

Naruto and his clones clash with each other 50 times at high speeds until both land on the ground. Fusakasku is noticeably exhausted as well as Naruto.

"The rate that you have progressed is far faster than anyone I've ever trained. However, you're own overall power is still weaker than Jiraiya's. What limits your power is the Kyuubi within you, with the Kyuubi if you ever learn to control it would greater surpass Jiraiya's and any Kage to exist aside from the Frist Hokage, however, the extent of your power is limited by that demon at the same time. If you draw too much of your own chakra out, you risk having him take over and that's what makes your current strength weaker than that of Jiraiya, however what truly makes you stronger is your mastery of Sage Mode which allows you to draw out more natural power and boost your strength far higher than Jiraiya's Sage mode can ever do." Fusaksku explained to Naruto.

"I know, however, I have at least the power to avenge my master now from the man who killed him in the first place, I know I have enough power to at least do that." Naruto stated.

"Still, note that while your power is great, you can only maintain Sage Mode for 5 minutes. We could extend the time of Sage Mode considerably, however, your Kyuubi prevents us from giving you our power, which would increase not only the time in Sage Mode but triples you Sage Mode's power. The other problem is using in the heat of battle, you must remain still for 5 minutes in order to use that power." Fusakasku explained to Naruto.

"What ? That's totally useless, what have I been training for ? What's the point of all that power if I can't even use it?" Naruto asked.

"Remember you have Shadow Clones for a reason, you can create up to 3 to be here within the mountain soaking up Senjutsu power as a backup. You also have your toads and us to provide backup in case you're clones run out of power." Fusakasku stated.

"Oh, right, I forgot!" Naruto replied with a dumbfounded look on his face.

Hinata is training with Gama, of the strongest fighters within Mount Myōboku. She manages to defeat the mighty Gama with a single punch after a clash of fists and sends Gama flying into a pile of rocks.

"Looks like someone has gotten a lot stronger." Naruto said to his girlfriend as he walks towards her.

"Yep Naruto, not only have I've improved my Gentle Fist, I've also increased my physical strength so I can keep up with you." Hinata replied as she hugs Naruto.

Gama gets back up impressed by Hinata's improvements.

"It's amazing how strong a human became over a short period of time." Gama said to the Hyuga member.

"It's thanks to the power of love that I've become strong." Hinata replied as she blushes admitting that.

At the same time

Vizard Hideout

Sunday October 28,2001 6:00 P.M .

3 weeks have passed since Ichigo has begun his training to master the full power of his Inner Hollow is now clashing evenly with Kensei's Shikai and Hollow Mask. Kensei is actually struggling to keep up with the young Shinigami despite his years of experience.

"Kūkiha(空気刃 Air Blades)" Kensei chanted as he swings his blades toward Ichigo but the carrot top Shinigami blocks the attacks with his own.

"Saku Getsuga ( 裂く 月牙Ripping Moon Fang)" Ichigo chanted as he fires a series of 20 Getsugas countering Kensei's attacks a which forces Kensei to dodge the attacks.

"Is that all you got?" Kensei asked Ichigo in a mocking tone.

"Not even close! Zanzō (残像 Afterimage)" Ichigo chanted as he creates 12 afterimages of himself moving at 300,000ft/sec(204,500 MPH) , the enhancements of his speed thanks to his Evolución is making him move at 266 times the speed of sound. Kensei is barely able to keep up with Ichigo's raw speed within this state.

"He's moving so fast ! I can't even keep up ! Is this the power of his Bankai ? At this rate.." Kensei said to himself as he struggles to keep track of the real Ichigo.

Ichigo then appears behind Kensei charging up with his Reiastu flowing around the sword.

"Kuroi Getsuga(黒月牙; "Black Moon Fang")" Ichigo countered as he swings his sword with both hands and fires a powerful Black Getsuga Tenshō towards Kensei but Kensei dodges the attack.

"Boy, is it me, or is he getting even stronger." Hiyori said to the others only to see Ichigo charge up a Cero from his sword.

"Tell me about it,he's starting to even use Ceros." Lisa replied as she sees Kensei charge up his own Cero.

"Not bad Ichigo, it seems you got down the Cero training as well, however, let's see if you can use it right."Kensei said to Ichigo as he fires his green Cero towards Ichigo.

"Very well then!"Ichigo replied as he fires a black and red Cero towards Kensei which clashes and causes a beam collision fight between the two.

"They're clashing Ceros!" Love said to the group.

"Everyone take cover!" Lisa shouted as they all take cover.

"I'll form a barrier to protect us." Hachigen said to the group as he protects the other Vizards from the possible explosion of those beams.

"Ichigo has come a long way, to think he's now firing Ceros! Just a month ago, he can barely keep up with Hiyori, now he's on par with Kensei at 10% of his power. You really have improved Ichigo, however, if what the Shintachio and Kisuke and Yoruichi both fought is true, it just might not be enough. Even someone on the level of Shunsui and Ukitake had difficulty beating just one and that's considering the fact that even with our Hollowifcation,we still don't compare to the to improve so fast in just 3 weeks whereas it took even someone like myself 30 years to achieve where he's at, Then again it could be because of the fact his father was one of the most talented Shinigami to exist and his mother was... "Shinji thinks to himself only to hear a large explosion distract him from his thoughts.

The explosion clears up within the Vizard training ground to reveal Kensei has minor wounds from Ichigo's attack. Kensei is worn out with his Shikai cracked from the attack with his shirt torn. Ichigo is standing at the site of the carter with his Evolución still intact and undamaged. However, the form shatters and he collapses on the group.

"Man, that was a powerful Cero, had I been only fighting in Shikai or Bankai without this mask, you would've killed me right there. That Cero while powerful drains your energy and it's not fully controlled at this state. It's best you avoid using a Cero at this point, you're too inexperienced in terms of Reiastu control.A misfire of a Cero of your caliber can destroy Karkura Town with ease and if you someone manage to condense the Cero too much, you drain yourself of energy and your Inner Hollow would take over. Until you master even decent Reiastu control, I only suggest you use Ceros no more than 3 times a day and only against a Kage Class Shinobi. In fact, I suggest you only use a Cero to increase the range of your Getsuga Kussakuyari (月牙掘削槍 Moon Fang Drilling Lance ) ,with that, you might be able to beat a Kage." Kensei explained to Ichigo.

"Might? I've gotten much stronger! I know I can take those assholes who attacked Karakura Town." Ichigo stated.

"You think they were using their full power there ? They were merely holding back ,you have no idea how strong they were. They nearly killed Ukitake, a Shintatchio, had not for your friend Orihime, he would be dead. Even someone like myself doubt they can beat anyone that strong and that's even with my Bankai and Evolcion, I've been a Captain for decades and I've obtained a power greater than most Captains to ever exist, what thinks a greenhorn like you has a chance?" Kensei said to Ichigo explaining the power of the Kages.

"I don't care if I'm outclassed, as long as there is a way to win, I can said it yourself, if I can hit them with that, I can at least beat one. I have a chance against them , that's all that I need." Ichigo replied as he stands back up worn out of Reiastu.

"You did well Ichigo, I'm surprised you have progressed to such an extent. However you need rest, you need to recover your Reiastu, you fired a total of 3 Ceros today, your final one being the most controlled. I do warn you that attempting to train now would exert your energy and you Hollow would come out , don't rush things so fast Ichigo, we still have 2 months before Aizen's planned war , you've come a very long way from this point forward. Imagine 2 more months on this path, you might even reach the point you can take all 5 Kages at once and rival the Royal Guard and Yamamoto,however, you're never going to achieve that power if you kill yourself before doing so. Don't worry, we will get Orihime back and make Aizen pay for everything he has done." Shinji explained to Ichigo.

"You know, it would be nice if I check on how my friends are doing, fine, I'll take a break but after school, I want to continue this training,"Ichigo stated.

"Fine, you deserve some time off!" Shinji replied.

"Hopefully my friends have also gotten stronger as well."Ichigo said to himself.

Meanwhile in Karakura Hospital

Uryu dodges more arrows from Ryuken and shoots arrows at Ryuken but Ryuken dodges the arrows. Ryuken seems to shot Uryu through the heart but it was a hologram.

"Vorsprung ( German for Projection )" Uryu chanted as then appears behind Ryuken.

"A hologram?" Ryuken said to himself shocked to see his son form his next attack.

"Verbindlich ( German for Binding)" Uryu chanted as he binds Ryuken down with a Ginto which forms ropes around his father's body.

"Brennen (German for Burning )" Ryuken countered as he burns the ropes around his body.

"Schwingende ( German for Vibrating Bolt )" Uryu and Ryūken chanted as they both fire a spinning drill like arrow which cancels each other out but Ryuken takes out another arrow.

"Not bad but I can fire more than one of these arrows at once. Schwingende ( German for Vibrating Bolt )" Ryuken chanted as he fires another drill arrow.

"Spiegelt ( German for Reflect )" Uryu counter as he deflects the arrow back at Ryuken who dodges it.

"Not bad Uryu, you really have improved greatly son." Ryuken said to his son.

"Thanks, dad." Uryu replied.

Meanwhile at Kisuke's shop

Soifon trains Chad to get stronger within the underground training ground. Chad using both his armored arms charges towards Soifon who's in her Shikai. Chad clashes fist with the Captain keeping up with her speed.

"El Directo." Chad shouted as he fires the blast from his right hand but it misses only to see Soifon coming at him. He dodges her stinger and goes for anotherEl Directo at point blank range but she dodges the attack.

"I must admit Chad, didn't think a big guy like you can be so agile and quick. You almost had me there with that move." Soifon said to Chad as she disappears from sight and arms for the right arm but Chad manages to telegraph the blow and comes at her with a right hook which she narrowly dodges.

"Not going to fall for the same trick twice!" Chad said to Soifon as he goes for a strong punch but she dodges out of the way only for her to evade again.

"Way of Onmitsu, 5th of the Shihō Inazuma Tejun (稲妻手順 Lightning Step )" Soifon chanted as she doubles her speed and moves at 120,000 ft/sec( 81,800 MPH).Soifon moves so fast she is almost invisible to Chad's eyes and goes to attack him with Suzumebachi but Chad bobs and weaves several inches away from her stab intended to hit his face and goes to punch Soifon.

"El Directo." Chad shouted as he fires the blast at point blank range hitting Soifon within the check and smashes her into rock. Soifon manages to get up with not scratch on her.

"Excellent job, you've improved your speed and striking power considerably. Had not for Kyōkonaishi ( 強固な意志 Iron Will ) , I would've taken some serious damage." Soifon said to Chad.

"Thanks."Chad replied with his usual stoical tone while giving the thumbs up.

"Now to test out my new technique I've been working on." Soifon said to herself.

1st Division barracks

Sasakibe is clashing attacks with Renji and Rukia with each of them within their Shikai state.

"You two have improved in just a month." Sasakibe said to the two Vice Captain he trained for a month.

"Thanks to your training. Man, i can take 10 Special Jounins at once." Renji stated.

"Same here."Rukia replied.

2nd Division Barracks

Vice Captain Ibiki has finished training newly appointed 3rd seat Banbu Rubi in using his Shikai.

"Nice, now I can help fight with the Vice-Captains." Rubi said to her superior.

"Good, it's funny how we trained on Sunday when we're supposed to have a break but whatever gets progress done faster." Ibiki replied.

3rd Division Barracks

Izuru is done fighting against 3rd seat Rikū Togakushi, 5th Seat Taketsuna Gori and 6th seat Asuka Katakura.

"Man we all made progress today, each of you guys are near Vice Captain level." Izuru said to the others.

"Thanks Captain Kira." all of them replied.

"I really have become much stronger in just a month didn't i Waibisuke?" Izuru said to himself.

4th Division Barracks

Ukitake is done clashing swords with Hanataro, Harunobu, and Isane.

"You've all become stronger, however, you still have a long way to go." Ukitake said to the squad.

"We have 2 more months, I say we continue on." Hanataro replied shocking everyone.

"I've never seen Hanataro more determined." Harunobu stated.

"He's determined to protect as many people as possible after the Konoha fight." Isane replied.

Meanwhile 50 miles north of the Seireitei

Hitsugaya is training within a mountain range within the outskirts of Rukongai clashing attacks with each other. Shunsui is within Shikai while Hitsugaya is in Bankai using Tensō Jūrin.

"You've improved your strength and power and the rate you can hold Tensō Jūrin." Shunsui said to Hitsugaya.

"Thank you Captain Kyokaru, I couldn't have gotten this far had not for you." Hitsugaya replied.

Meanwhile at the Kuchiki manor

Byakuya is doing Jinzen training with Senbonzakura within his inner world. Byakuya clashes blades with his Zanpakutō and fight evenly with him.

"Looks like at this rate, i might be ready to progress to the next level." Byakuya said to his Zanpakutō spirit.

"Glad to have helped you progressed." Senbonzakura replied.

Meanwhile at District # 3 Īsuto shūryō

40 miles north of the Seireitei , Kenpachi trains with Unohana on top of a 2,400-foot high mountain. Kenpachi's Kendo slash created a powerful fissure slash which is 2,400 foot long, 36 foot wide and 660 foot deep .The slash in total generated 28.6 Megatons of TNT force, over 1900 times the force of the Hiroshima Bomb. Unohana is standing at the right side of the fissure cutting into the mountain. Unohana Shikai Mantra ray was cut in half from the slash with her losing her left arm.

"Man, you're this powerful and you've yet to achieve Shikai. That last attack nearly split the entire mountain in half. You really have become a monster Kenpachi. With 2 months more of training, you would easily achieve Bankai and become the ultimate asset for the war. However, at this point, you're strong enough to beat a Kage. Provided you can use that attack more than 3 times." Unohana explained to Kenpachi as he drops to the ground and falls unconscious using up too much power.

Kurosaki Clinic

Sunday, October 28,2001 8:00 P.M. Ichigo arrives home after 3 weeks of being away from his home. He takes advantage that no normal human can see him to look through the window to see his family hanging out. He then sees them leave after dinner with Kon with Ichigo jumping upstairs to his open window within his house and going into his room which surprises Kon no sooner he comes into the room.

"Ichigo, what are you doing here ?"Kon asked.

"I've been given a 24-hour break to spend with my family." Ichigo answered.

"I've been on my best behavior Ichigo, I swear."Kon stated looking nervous.

"I know Kon, no need to worry about that. Kisuke told me you're on your best behavior." Ichigo replied.

"So how's training going along?" Kon asked.

"Good, however, my heart is still struggling without Orihime. I just hope she's alright." Ichigo stated with a solemn tone.

"Don't worry Ichigo, you would rescue her like you do with Orihime." Kon replied.

"To be honest, I feel like charging into Hueco Mundo right now and rescuing Orihime, however after the beating I took last time, I don't wish to go through that again. Between the Akatsuki and Espadas and Aizen himself, there's no way I can win at my current state. This month of training made me realize how much of a fool I was when I came charging into Hueco Mundo and in general. I was lucky I even made it so far rescuing Rukia, I felt so invincible back several months ago but now I've woken up to that illusion and seen first hand...Still, I would kill to have the power to rescue Orihime right now."Ichigo said to himself within a depressed tone.

"Don't feel down Ichigo, you've come a long way since you started this will become invincible eventually. You're really immense strong and it's only been a month into your training. Your power is more or less on the level as those monsters that attack Karakura Town a month ago and it's just in the first month of training. You just need to keep training, soon you can take 10 Aizen at once." Kon explained to Ichigo only for Yoruichi to appear.

"He's right you know." Yoruichi said to Ichigo.

"Yoruichi what are you doing here? "Ichigo asked.

"Just making sure you're not pulling some stupid stunt and attempting to rescue Orihime." Yoruichi answered.

"I learned my lesson, not only did I nearly die but so did everyone including Orihime. My current level of power isn't nearly enough."Ichigo stated.

"Tell you what. How about we spar within Kisuke shop for a bit?" Yoruichi asked.

"But I'm too worn out to do a full fight."Ichigo answered.

"Fine, we'll clash a bit without using our full power then." Yoruichi replied.

"I want to quickly spar, I want to test how far I've gotten with my abilities." Ichigo stated as he leaves his human body for his Substitute Shinigami body.

"Isn't this your day off? You should be resting at the moment." Yoruichi asked him with a smirk on her face.

"I still intend to do that, however, a quick spar to test my strength wouldn't be too bad." Ichigo replied as he leaps out of the window and hovers 20 feet above the streets of his house.

"Might as well get my evening exercise." Yoruichi replied as she takes out her Zanpakuto.

Both Ichigo and Yoruichi clash swords with each other with Ichigo within his base Shikai State and Yoruichi within her sealed sword state. Ichigo clashes strikes with Yoruichi generating shockwaves within the air causing rumbling within the neighborhood. Yoruichi dashes towards Ichigo moving at 12,000 ft/sec( 8,180 MPH) however Ichigo manages to block her strike but barely and then goes to try to overpower her sword strike but Yoruichi generates enough Reiastu and concentrates it putting a crack within Zangestu.

"Not bad Ichigo, you've massively improved your speed and power training with the Vizards. You boosted your speed even in Shikai. It's almost as if I'm fighting you within your Bankai state back in the Soul Society, however, take a good look at your sword." Yoruichi said to the orange-haired Shinigami.

"What?What happened? We clashing with even strength yet my blade almost cracked!" Ichigo asked the former captain as he looks at the small crack of his blade.

"However you're still not on my level, not yet! While you have the raw power and even speed to keep up, you're lack of Reaistu control and your lack of refinement still, puts your significantly below someone of my caliber. When two blades of equal power clash, the one with the sharper edge wins. While you have immense stamina to fight, you're poor energy control limits the effectiveness of your attacks by 80%." Yoruichi explained to Ichigo as they hover over the streets.

"80%? You're saying my attacks can be 5 times as strong?" Ichigo asked shocked at how much power he wastes.

"It's of no surprise! Your spiritual energy is rather difficult for you to control. You've begun half the process of controlling your immense Reiastu. With such a low skill of controlling your Reiastu, it's incredibly difficult to use high-level techniques without exhausting yourself nor use the technique to its full potential. Against a Kage level Shinobi, the difference between how well you can control your Reiastu and how you can't make a big difference. At your current level, you're able to defeat most captains with ease however with your fluctuating Reiastu and lack of technique, you be lucky to last even 5 minutes against a Kage. You've made incredible progress in just one month Ichigo, however, you still have ways to go before you can use the full extent of your potential." Yoruichi explained to Ichigo.

"I had no idea I had that much power within me."Ichigo stated.

"How else were you able to defeat 5 Espadas?The trade off to your lack of control of your power is that you have greater stamina that someone like myself, even more so with your inner Hollow, at least when using basic level attacks and even attacks like Gestuga Tensho, however using your strongest techniques take a massive toll on your stamina reserves. Had you have perfect mastery of your Reiastu, you could have effortlessly defeated all the 5 Espadas you beaten without having to use your Vizard Mask or even Bankai." Yoruichi explained to Ichigo as they continue to stand in the air.

"What? You're kidding me right? Do you know how monstrously strong each of those guys were? You're saying I could've taken them down without Bankai if I learned to control my Reiastu?" Ichigo asked the purple-haired Ex-Captain.

"Shinji told me that you have fought for 8 hours straight in your Bankai state, a feat not possible even by most Captains, not even the Shintachio could do. Only someone with the potential to become a Captain Commander within the future can maintain a constant stream of Reiastu for that long." Yoruichi explained to the Substitute Shinigami

"So you're saying I have the potential to be as strong as Old Man Yamamoto?" Ichigo asked Yoruichi.

"Maybe not that powerful, you would need 1,000 years of training and the ability to produce sub-zero temperatures before you can surpass Yamamoto or even last 5 seconds against him, however within a decade, you can easily become qualified to become a Captain Commander Tier Shinigami. However, the amount of power you hold is beyond what most Shinigami can ever achieve within a lifetime even with hundreds of years of training. Such a great power with basic Shinigami Reiastu control alone can make all the difference in this upcoming war." Yoruichi explained to Ichigo.

"But wait, if I refine my Reaistu, wouldn't it take away my stamina reserves?" Ichigo asked Yoruichi.

"Mastering your Hollowfication was just one of the few training forms we had planned BTW. The next step is controlling your Reiastu. You're one of the few Shinigami have immense power and can learn to maintain a high stamina reserve while using that same power to enhance your speed and your power tenfold from your physical limits. Most Shinigami either trade greater boosts of power and speed at the cost of stamina and defense or greater stamina and defense at the cost of speed and power. With the Hollow within you, you can have the benefits of all that, however, i warn you the training would be very difficult however if you can pull this off, then you can be the key to winning this war entirely." Yoruichi explained to Ichigo as she puts away her Zanpakutio while Ichigo goes back into his human body.

"Don't worry, any training to get back Orihime would be worth it no matter the cost and to protect as many people from what happened when the Akatsuki attacked. I would never forgive Aizen or the Shinobi for their actions and I won't rest until they're all brought down." Ichigo said to Yoruichi as she goes to leave.

"Well you're supposed to be resting today, if you don't rest, you're going to burn yourself out." Yoruichi replied as she leaves the house with her Shunpo.

"Smartass! Then again she's right, I can't burn myself out. I still have 2 more months before the war begins, a small break won't hurt."Ichigo said to himself as he gets ready to shower when he comes across Kon.

"So I was able to get everything done as you asked for."Kon said to Ichigo .

"Thanks, Kon, you've been of very great help in the last month. I owe you for comforting my family during my absence and helping me maintain my grades."Ichigo said to Kon.

"It's so not easy honestly sucks I can't flirt with any pretty ladies and stuck doing boring homework and school..however given the sacrifices you're making, this is nothing and I would be glad to help out the guy who put his neck out to protect me when Kisuke wanted to dispose of me." Kon explained to Ichigo

"You're welcome, Kon. Once I'm done with this war, I would want to live a normal life and thanks to your help, I can easily transition to the life I want with the woman I love." Ichigo replied as he goes into the shower before going to be.

Mount Myōboku

Sunday, October 28,2001 9:00 P.M. Naruto is relaxing by himself when he gets his message from Shima.

"You got a message from the Hokage." Shima said to the blonde haired Shinobi.

"So that means it's time to go to avenge Jiraiya Sensei." Naruto replied.

"Not afer a good nights rest, you are to report to the Hokage at 9:00 A.M tomorrow, that's when the invasion will begin to go underway." Shima said to Naruto.

"All right mom!" Naruto replied as he goes to bed.

Naruto then sees Hinata walk into the room who seems distraught for some reason.

"What's wrong ?" Naruto asked.

"I'm worried, worried that i won't be strong enough to help you or that you might die." Hinata said to Naruto concern that she might've not gotten strong enough to keep up with Naruto.

"Don't be ridiculous, you've gotten much stronger Hinata. I'm glad to be with you." Naruto said to Hinata as he hugs her close to him.

"It's just that, compared to how much stronger you gotten, I still feel weak by comparison."Hinata stated looking down.

"Power is based on confidence, it's not that you're weak Hinata, it's that you doubt yourself too much which weakens your resolve." Naruto replied as he feels on her hair.

"But i'm scared, these Shinigami are so strong and i heard there are even stronger Shinigami out there. What if we're both still not strong enough?" Hinata asked Naruto only to be kissed in the mouth by Naruto.

"You helped me get my resolve back when everything seemed hopeless. I doubted myself when i destroyed Konoha in my rampaging 6 Tails form and was confined by Danzo. When you kissed me back then, you restored my resolve. My soul was healed up, 16 years of weights anchoring me down are being uplifted. I feel completed. I owe you everything for helping me out in my time of need and i would help you however you want." Naruto explained to Hinata holding on to her check.

"You're right, i can't keep doubting myself. I have to stand up for myself. I'm glad I'm in love with you Naruto." Hinata stated as she hugs Naruto and kisses him again.

This time they're both alone. No Espada breathing down their necks. Naruto grips onto Hinata as the two make out with each other . Naruto and Hinata embraced each other in a romantic passion lost in there world as the two make out with each other. Naruto and Hinata's lips met once again in a deep passionate lip lock. Hinata put her hand on Naruto's cheek and Naruto follow suit . From this action, Naruto was starting to find it hard not to become aroused and overtaken by Hinata's beauty .

Naruto and Hinata kept their grip on their lips as their tongues wrestled inside of their mouths constantly ending within a stalemate. Hinata felt her face growing hot. She was becoming very sensitive to Naruto's touch and suddenly felt as if she wanted more. Her body was carving Naruto to even further and deeper with her. Naruto then began fondling Hinata's chest so masterfully. He rubbed his hands around the edges of the very large breasts, breasts each as large as his head and caressed the boobs.

"Oops, sorry about that Hinata, i got so caught up. I forgot about the fact we can't do that until you're married. Isn't that part of your clan rules?"Naruto asked Hinata.

"Since when do you care about rules?"Hinata replied giggling.

"You have a point." Naruto replied as he goes on top of her and starts removing her pants.

(A/N:Warning there is Lemon at this scene. If you don't want to read it, scroll down until you see the message that tells you to continue from here )

Naruto began to run his tongue around her right nipple and began to run his course on her boob. It tasted good to him, it tasted better than anything he tasted before . Her untouched virgin breasts were never touched this way and Hinata began to blush immensely.

"Naruto..." Hinata moaned as her body begins to heat from the friction being caused by the pleasure she's getting.

"Yes, Hinata!" Naruto asked her as he stops briefly thinking she wasn't ready.

"Don't stop, continue!" Hinata answered as Naruto goes back to licking her boobs.

Naruto moves his tongue gently over her right nipple while he uses his strong hands to fondle Hinata's breast . Naruto then sucks on her nipple and then teases her a little with a little bite from his teeth.

"This is incredible , it feels like my body is getting closer to her." Naruto said to himself as he flicks his tongue over Hinata's nipple and uses his right hand on her breast .

"Naruto..this feels so good!" Hinata moaned as Naruto then grabs the left breast it and holds onto it pulling it up a little bit.

"I'm really enjoying myself with you!" Naruto stated.

"I can tell Naruto!" Hinata replied as she leans back while still sitting on Naruto's lap .

Naruto uses his pointer finger and thumb to grab her nipple on her left breast and slowly rub his fingers across it. Naruto then squeeze the nipple a little between his two fingers then massage her entire breast with his left hand a little as well. Naruto then cups the entire thing in his right hand moving while his hand to massage over it. Naruto then applies his tongue work on the nipple and then simulates her body. Hinata then moans from the pleasure with her panites becoming wet and the juices she emitted pours out and drips onto Naruto's pants.

" Hinata, you're wetting my pants!" Naruto said to the busty teen while blushing.

"Ahh Naruto!" Hinata humbly replied with a deep red blush as Naruto lets go of her bare breasts and then focuses his attention on the breasts.

"You don't mind if i...remove!" Naruto nervously asked her only for Hinata to answered for him.

"Didn't I say do whatever you want to me, don't be so nervous!" Hinata replied as Naruto regains his senses.

"You're sure about this Hinata?" Naruto asked her.

"I'm fine!" Hinata answered as she then lays down on her bed and Naruto goes on top of her.

Naruto kisses her in the mouth then he starts to kiss down on her , then he touches Hinata's blue panties and then slowly removes her panties and tosses them aside showing her beautiful, untouched vagina.

"Hinata you have such a beautiful vagina!" Naruto said to Hinata with a more perverted , instinctive attitude as he becomes more accustomed to Hinata.

"Ahh..Thanks Naruto ! Naruto gentle."Hinata said to Naruto as he puts himself between Hinata's legs and then goes the rub his hard shaft against Hinata's vaginal opening.

"It's so tight and I haven't even entered yet!" Naruto said to his lover

"Ahh... Naruto! " Hinata moaned as she's turned on by Naruto rubbing himself against her wet vagina.

Naruto then begins to thrust slowly into her . The first strong thrust ends up breaking Hinata's hymen.

"ARGGHH!" Hinata screamed out in pain.

"Hinata are you alright?" Naruto asked his lover.

"I...I'm a virgin s-so... it's supposed to hurt the first time i heard!" Hinata replied as the two of them kissed again.

Naruto and Hinata make out for a while. Naruto kissed her until the pain went away, then Naruto continued with the pounding. With a penetrating, downward maneuver Naruto is in control of the depth and force of penetration of each thrust as he slowly thrusts into her while passionately kissing his lover. Hinata lies on her back with a leg on each of the muscular Shinigami's shoulders. Naruto then places his knees beside her waist then leans forward and ravishes his lover. Naruto then rests his hands on top of Hinata's thighs to steady and control the movement.

"Boy,'re really tightening up!" Naruto said to his lover as he thrusts deep inside his lover.

"MMM...AAHHH...HAAH!" Hinata moaned as she's left unable to speak a word and is speaking moans and groans.

"Are you okay Hinata?" Naruto asked Hinata.

"I'm fine, it no longer hurts, if anything i feel great ... please move however you like." Hinata answered as Naruto then continues to thrust into her and locks his lips with her.

Naruto continues to be on top and gently thrusting his lover slowly and finely as possible while Hinata relaxes sand contract her vaginal muscles. Naruto lies on top of her and place her legs up over his shoulders while he rocks back and forth inside Hinata. Naruto's upper-body stamina makes it easy for him to maintain this position. Naruto pleasures his partner with the intoxicating motion of his thrusts.

"Naruto-Kun is inside me.. this is amazing. I can't believe that I'm really doing this. It feels so unreal." Hinata said to herself as she feels every inch of Naruto inside her.

(You may now continue from here to avoid the lemon)

After catching their breath they gazed at each other for several moments before sharing a tender kiss. Both of them were exhausted and Naruto was ready to fall asleep.

"I love you Hinata." Naruto said to Hinata.

"I love you Naruto." Hinata replied as she snuggles with Naruto under the sheets covering their nude bodies.

Kurosaki Clinic

Sunday, October 28,2001 10:00 P.M. Isshin is on the rooftop when he gets a call from Ikumi.

"We're in very big trouble." Ikumi said to Isshin.

"What do you mean?" Isshin asked.

"We're out of time! I've yet to gather all the evidence about Aizen's connection and yet the Shinobi are going to attack the Soul Society tomorrow." Ikumi answered.

"Tomorrow! Damn it, we came too late !" Isshin stated.

"We can still prevent much of the bloodshed if I can prove Aizen is starting this mess."Ikumi stated.

"You found a possible trial to this?" Isshin asked,

"I've yet to reach Konoha, I'll try my best to reach that village as soon as possible."Ikumi replied.

" Hopefully you can soon, you're the only one who can prevent complete disaster." Isshin replied.


10:00 P.M. Yamamoto calls on the P.A about an emergency.

"There has been an emergency. There's a Cod Red emergency. The threat of a 100,000 Shinobi assault against the Soul Society to happen tomorrow between the hours of 6:00 A.M. and 6:00 P.M. All Squads from the Gotei 13 are to have a mandatory shutdown at this. Anyone caught outside the barracks would be punished. We must rest until tomorrow to prepare for the invasion against the Soul Society who are staying in the goes fo all captains and Lieutenants, make sure everyone in your squad is here for the shutdown. The entire Country of Aijano has been put under martial law and a state of emergency." Yamamoto said over

To be continued…

( A/N: Yep, I decided to backtrack on the idea of killing off the Vandereich and yes there is going to be a potential third part of the Bleach Shippuden Trilogy. However, I'm going to do things much differently here than canon and improve the Quinces radically within that arc. I intend to make them much less evil in canon similar to how Vogoshinki is intending to do with the Vander in his Erza fan fiction, however, unlike that fan fiction, I intend to maintain most of the Quinces hax and powers and personalities to some extent. Here are the major changes planned ahead for the fan fiction itself.

Also if you wondering why the Vandereich didn't curbstomp the Akatsuki here like they would've in canon, it's because of several major reasons !One Bach who gives the quinces their powers hasn't fully recovered his full strength at this point and hence why the Quncies were at only 20% of their canon strength the way they were matched up with members of the Akatsuki helps things as well but most importantly, some Qunices like Discorri and Jerome aren't that strong to begin the Akatsuki been fighting these guys at full strength, they would've been curbstomped by Bamabietta alone with stronger members like Pein and Obito being cubrstomped by Haschwalth. After all Canon Schutzstaffel for example would be comparable with the likes of Hashirama and Madara at their prime alone which is more than enough to beat the Akatsuki and Ywahch Pre Almighty would be at least Juubi level.

Also, there's a reason why I have some Akatsuki and Quinces lose here. In the case of Pepe, I flat out don't like him and no one would blame me killing off that retard. Bambeitta beating Deidara makes sense,especially when you consider her base state was enough to curbstomp Shikai state Shinji at her full power, meaning Bambeitta at 10-20% of her power would be on par with Shinji's Shikai or Shinji with Hollow Mask+Shikai, both as we established in this story, Shinji FAR outclass Deidara physically given Deidara without C-3 or C-4=Grimmjow,also considering her ability is to make shit explode and Deidara rides a giant bomb, it's only natural he eventually loses and yes Bambeitta would have a bond with Deidara because two sociopathic terrorists make a cute for Hidan losing to Shaz, it's only natural given Shaz is completely immortal and as strong as Hidan is, he would still be unable to fight without a head.

Also i'm going back on not making Masaki a Qunicy, honestly if Kubo wants to rip off Minato and Kushina, he should at least do it right. Yep i'm going to be retconning Masaki as a Quincy in this works, but unlike canon, do it much better. For example, she's going to be given much more training and experience prior to fighting White, she's going to lose her Qunicy powers trying to save Isshin and Ryuken and she's going to die powerless like she should've in canon. In fact for those who are a fan of Fairy Without Wings, i plan to make Masaki the Marriane of this fan fiction. A pure, grade A badass. No seriously, Masaki is going to have much more within the plot than some cheap plot device to give Ichigo a Quincy.

Speaking of Kushina, i also intend to make her better than canon too. I feel she had so much potential but was squandered by Kishimoto's sexist underwriting of female characters. Kushina should've been much more honestly, she was stated to being not much different from my story i already had her promoted to Special Jounin at age 16 around the same time as Minato, i also established she was trained in Tajiutsu and chakra control by Tsunade in this fan fiction and she was established to be Kage Class in my story( With merely Taijutsu )I mean it's not far out considering with her Jutsu, she restrained the motherfucking Nine Tails. I also implied she was ANBU class within this other words, she's extremely skilled in Taijutsu and has decent Ninjutsu thanks to training with Tsunade (She has knowledge of C Rank Wind Jutsu and Knowledge of D Rank Water Jutsu).I also plan to make her partially mastered the Kyuubi in this series because it wouldn't make much sense to have not at least mastered Killer Bee level V1 or V2 will still be inferior to Killer Be and never be able to fully tap into Kurama's power( Largely due to her pregnancy preventing her progress with mastering her power),eitherway expect much better and much more epic Kushina in this story than canon.

Speaking of sexist writing, am i the only one who finds the two Royal Guard members that are women have ridiculously retarded gimmicks like sewing and cooking ? Fuck that shit. I changed Shurata into being the "God of the Iron Fist" and making her a master class assassin because when i think of hot ,8 armed women with eyepatches i think master assassins . Also i'm not making Hifiune fat here, her slender form looks much better, not to mention her entire gimmick is lame , someone who invented the Ginokgan is just a cook ? Nope, she's going to be Mayuri on steroids in this i'm seriously toning down the campness of the Royal guard and make them more competent and dangerous and making them far stronger than canon given they're the fucking Royal Guard. They should at least be about 20% of the Soul King's base power. Also i changed Teinjiro's thing into god of healing because it sounds more badass and he's going to be the Tobirama of the Royal Guard. I'm toning down the ridiculous of Oresrtu, he will still be a Killer Be Expy, but he's going to look less like Skips and Mudfalp from Transformers two. Ichibe would remain unchanged because hes's the only one who scream Royal Guard out of anyone here.

To give a perspective of power levels, the Royal Guard are a massive disappointment regarding their use. In canon when compared to the top tiers of Nartuo, they're inferior to even Sakura power wise post Kaguya battle and probably might lose against non Sage Kyuubi Mode Minato given they're at best only Country level given they got godstomped by Lille,Predina,Gread and Askin who feat wise are only as strong if not slightly weaker than Prime Madara and Prime Hashirama. Not here within my series! Here with Sankai, they make Prime Hashirama and Madara pale in comparison by a massive margin and each of the Royal Guard should at best be able to take on even Obito with the Juubi fused within him. As for Yamamoto, he's going to still be the strongest Shinigami but you would see why as time comes.

As for the Soul King, i'm recotning him big time. I established him as being the Six Sages of Bleach,even more so with the Kurota being the Juubi of Bleach. The Soul King much like the Six Sages thought by dividing his power to a handful of humans in the forms of his former parts of his mortal body that peace and order would be maintained but instead caused chaos. The Soul King being the inventor of Reiastu and the existence of all power will be a much more powerful character than in canon and won't just bow down and die. I also written a reason why he can't intervene in the world for more than a few moments,yes he's going to have something beyond a Bankai and Sankai and that would be his Sprit Sword . Also that form he's within canon Bleach, that's merely his cocoon state, i have plans for how his true power looks.

As for Sankai, i've established in previous chapters that you literary become one with your Zanpakutō and become virtually a god like being, which is what i put Dangai Ichigo's powers at . In order to become a Royal Guard member, you must master this third power and maintain it without losing your powers. It's also the power of most Captain Commanders. To give a perspective, an Average Captain Commander should easily be as powerful as Prime Hashirama and Prime Madara much like Yamamoto is within canon, however the difference is that Yamamoto is going to be much stronger than canon. Mind you his Bankai alone is easily capable of destroying all of Japan, hell prolong use of it makes it possible he can destroy a whole continent overtime, and that's all with Bankai...Let's just with Sankai, even Juubi Madara would be sweating bullets and Ywach himself in Almighty form might get a run for his money.

I'm going to take a bit more time off to resume returning chapters of Bleach Shippuden and try to iron out the many spelling and grammar errors within this fan fiction and try to clean up any mess I have made in my earlier days but let me get out of the way what I'm not going to be retconning.

1)I'm not retconning Unohana to be 2,000 years old or Shunsui and Ukitake ! I already spent a shit ton of time improvising a backstory for them that is superior to their canon portrayal. I know it might contradict things a bit but I personally can't see how either are around the same age as Yamamoto in the first is also not dying in this story either, that would never have the spirit of Minghai powering him might be maintained and I'm on the fence on killing Yamamoto off, but if he's going to die, he going to go down swinging far more than canon

2) The recent retconing of Shunsui's power level is absolute bullshit ! He goes from barely struggling with Stark(Who mind you is much weaker than Mask in canon) to suddenly stomping an Elite Sterrin Ritter on the level of Yamamoto or the Royal Gaurd.I'm maintaining Shunsui's PTS power level within the Bleach Shippuden series( Meaning he's around Average Kage level here), however unlike Kubo, i'm going to actually show Shunsui training to become Captain Commander level, something Kubo should've done in the actual canon. I mean Unohana, who mind you is stronger than Shunsui and Ukitake was beaten by Kenpachi who even with Shikai isn't Yamamoto level yet and yet Shunsui with no explanation suddenly ascends to Captain Commander level so don't ask me why Shunsui loses to Kage X or only barely beats Kage Y, the answer is that Shunsui is nowhere near Captain Commander level,even by his own admission and Bleach Shippuden is within PTS Bleach levels so no i'm not revising the Jiraiya vs Shunsui battle here. In fact, i'm going to use the excuse of "True Zanpakutō" and state Shunsui hasn't fully achieved mastery of his Zanpakutō.

3)Unohana is not the first Kenpachi here, i already established a storyline in which there was several Kenpachis before her , including my expy of Erza within this fan fiction who was the actual first. Mainly because i refuse to entertain the idea of Kid Kenpachi beating Unohana or the entire Kenpachi mental barrier retcon,she is going to be much more badass and i already designed a real Bankai for her. Trust me, i'm going to make good use of Unohana's badassery. Also before you ask, going by feats and the fact Kenpachi with Shikai Unohana, Unohana is only Kage level,especially when you consider Gemmy's meteor feat would be too much for Unohana. Speaking of Erza or rather hey expy, she's going to get retconned considerably to adjust for any possible plotholes and to fit nicely with the plot. Unohana however is going to be the lovechild of Erza and Mirajane in terms of badassery here and yeah it's going to show alot within the Soul Society Invasion Arc.

4)Yachiru is not going to be Kenpachi's Bankai spirt, I refuse to incorporate that idiocy within the plot.

5)I already have an even more badass Shikai and Bankai for Kenpachi so don't bother asking me if I'm going to import that from canon. I will, however, make Kenpachi's canon Bankai his Sankai if that makes you all feel better.

6) The terrible editorially mandated ending of Bleach is not happening at all.

Anyways sorry for the long wait for the chapter to come out. I've been very busy preparing for college within the Fall. Also truthfully speaking I was holding out making this chapter because I wanted to see more things from the Vanderiech before making this chapter.

For those who are worried about this taking another few months, don't fear, though. I haven't been spending the last few months doing nothing and in fact been brainstorming new ideas to expand the plot. I tend to spend the next month polishing over the retcons and writing out the next few chapters in advance and we would finally get to the inevitable final arc of Bleach Shippuden which would lead to Soul Ninja.

Hope you all enjoy the Lemon at the end with Hinata and Naruto and the brief insight of Aizen's backstory and how he became the monster that he is today. Some people who are more genre Savy can see who I directly based his parents and backstory on going by the hints I put there and yes the whole Espada thing has the context within this P.A