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"We won't make it."

"We have to try."

"And if we succeed, and that's a very big if , what then? Where will we go? How will we communicate? How will we survive? We don't even know if our kind even exist in another word."

"True, but we do know that if we stay here any longer, we'll die."


"Kamui, you are my sire and I will follow you as the leader and guide you are. But as your childe, I have the right to express my opinions. In this case, I think you're taking a serious gamble. I can't afford to lose you. I need you. I'm still learning the ways of this world. If I don't find a lodestone soon, I will die and all your efforts will be wasted."

"He's right, brother. We need him. He's the last of the Magebloods. If he dies than our loss is guaranteed. Our people have already fled to Terra. I've received word that they are ready to receive us if we go, but if we do go than we will be unable to defend ourselves for at least a day or so to regain our strength from a trek like that. I'm only saying we should be careful."

The violet eyed youth stared at his twin in silence as he thought. He would give anything to protect his brother, and his duty as his companion's sire demanded he do the same. He knew the risks. Heavens above, did he know them. He had heard the horror stories of previous groups daring the dangerous path from this hellhole of a place to the whispered sanctuary of Terra.

Some were never heard from again. Some reappeared years later babbling about the mirror world of Terra they called Earth. Others…did reappear. Well, what little there was left of them. He shuddered at that particular memory…

Just as a large explosion echoed close-by.

"I didn't think they were so close," the green-eyed twin murmured in shock.

"Run!" Kamui hollered and the others followed as fast as their vampiric feet could take them. They didn't dare change shape in this uncertain territory with the blasts and gunfire echoing behind them.

"Bloodthirsty humans! And they dare to call us mass-murderers," the blonde childe muttered under his breath.

If they could just find a clearing large enough for them to conduct the necessary ritual, then they just might be able to escape. But their hopes dropped even further at the sound of baying.

"Sire, they have Gabriel Hounds!"

Kamui let out a particularly colorful curse that made even his brother blush and they put all they had into their feet.

"There!" the green-eyed twin hollered, pointing to a small clearing by a creek.

Not considering the consequences, the three vampires turned and made for the clearing. Once they stood on the small circle of grass, the three took one another's hands and focused on the small ripple the defined the separation between worlds. If they could find it, and fold it so the bulge weakened the fabric of the universe just enough for them to pass through, they'd make it. But they were on a time constraint and they were already tired. Not a good combination.

A howl sounded from only few meters away and their concentration was broken.

"Gabriel Hound!"

A soft melodic whistle sounded for a brief instant and sphere of swirling golden spirals encircled the group. Subaru turned to the mage to thank him then paled. The blonde was currently struggled to hold back the hungry jaws of a Gabriel Hound that had made it through before his shield could be raised. His bloody fingers were clamped on the hound's lower jaw hoping to keep it just out of reach of his throat.


At his brother's cry, Kamui joined his twin in forcing the monster off his childe. They Hound growled and brought his jaws down hard on Fai's right arm just as a stray paw flashed forward and caught him on the left side of his face. Fai screamed until Subaru managed to jam his sharp nails into the creature's spinal cord, effectively killing it.

The razor sharp teeth relaxed their grip and together with Kamui, the twins wrestled the body off Fai and assessed the damage. Fai's arm was broken and currently useless until it healed and the same went for his eye. The beautiful blue eye was now a mess of blood and goo that made even Kamui's hardened nerves shiver.

"I'm sorry Fai, but we have to do this now before the shield fails on us," he murmured.

Fai shuddered and moaned in agony but nodded vaguely in understanding. The mage knew his limits when his magic was concerned.

Carefully, the three hoisted Fai back to his feet, mindful of his wounds, and tried to focus once more. Together they managed to fold the ripple just enough that they could go through if they went now.

On queue, they engaged their respective powers, those innate to their vampiric origins and those born into Fai's blood and they began to dissipate and merge with the Void of Time.


That voice would always be Fai's downfall. His concentration wavered as he spun to glimpse the owner of that voice.

Then the threesome were nothing but a thought as they traversed the silent Void of Time.

Then sound pummeled their ears and drops of water stung their skin. Fai shrieked as he fell hard on his already wounded arm and Subaru struggled over to the childe to help him leaving Kamui to take note of their surroundings. The cold claw of fear gripped his heart at the sight.

They were surrounded by a grass field much bigger than the one they just left. Trees like none he'd ever seen before encircled the clearing and rain poured nonstop from gray clouds above. He stretched out his senses and felt no vampire for miles around.

This was not Terra.

It couldn't be…

This couldn't be…

He shuddered.


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