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And so...

Chapter 1

"Kamui! Kamui!"

Fighting down his growing panic, Kamui gathered himself and staggered back to his brother who was currently cradling his childe.

"Kamui, he going into shock. He needs to drink," Subaru explained, his eyes belaying the fear his words just barely managed to hide.

"On it." The young pureblood quickly pushed back his sleeve and slit his wrist pressing the dripping wound to Fai's mouth. The wounded vampire coughed as the warm, red liquid slipped down his throat. "I can't hear anyone, Subaru. I can't reach far enough. I need your help."

Subaru nodded. "I'm here," he whispered.

Sighing in relief, Kamui placed his free hand in his brother's and reached out once more, this time drawing from his personal reserves as well as Subaru's. His mental finger sought and stretched, searching for a vampire. Just one. Nothing.

He could feel the rain as his hit his skin and soaked through his clothes. His head ached as he continue to push further outward in his desperate search for life. They could not be the only ones.

He was just about to give up completely when he felt the faintest response. Desperate, he grabbed the tiny tendril of thought with all his might and yanked, hard.


:Please…help us! Please…pl-:

His concentration slipped and he was forced to release the only strand of hope and return to the current reality. His head pounded painfully as he opened his eyes. It took him a few seconds to realize he was hunched over with his forehead resting on Subaru's shoulder and Fai held close to his brother's chest beneath his face. He must have fainted from the strain of reaching so far. Even the rain had slowed to a mere sprinkle.

"Sorry," he whispered weakly. "I must've-"

"Easy, brother. Easy," came the equally quiet reply. A hand reached up and held Kamui's head against Subaru's shoulder when he tried to lean back. "Relax. Rest. We'll move to a more comfortable location when you can stand."

Consciously relaxing each muscle, Kamui hummed in response. He closed his eyes and released his pent up breath, finally taking stock of their situation. They had escaped the Gabriel Hounds, true, but not unscathed. Fai was wounded, badly. And even as a vampire, it would take time for him to heal completely. Not to mention the wounds the young mageblood bore that weren't visible.

Subaru was exhausted and left to take care of the ailing Fai and Kamui's own exhausted self. It was times like these that he was reminded how much he loved his brother and how much he truly couldn't stand life without him.

He must've fallen asleep again because when he woke, Subaru was nowhere in sight and he was laying on the damp grass. Panic raced through his veins and he sat up, his eyes immediately seeking out his missing brother. A hand placed itself on his shoulder and he whirled around, tackling the unknown newcomer to the ground only to recognize the twin emerald eyes and back off, apologizing profusely.

"It's alright, Kamui. Hush, it's alright. Hush, I'm sorry I left you. I'm sorry, I'm sorry," Subaru chanted.

Once the two purebloods were settled under the relative shade of a large tree, Subaru pulled the now resting Fai into his lap leaned back into Kamui's embrace. They lay there as the rain-laden clouds moved on allowing the smaller, more innocent puffies move in.

"I was able to find someone, but I couldn't hold the connection for long," he said.

"And you'd like to try again?"

The elder of the twins squeezed Subaru in an affirmative reply. "If you can spare the strength."

"I can."

A beat of silence passed for Kamui to gather up with strength and draw upon Subaru's in preparation to reach out once more.

When he finally did, he stretched in the direction of the unknown mind he'd sensed earlier, and after a few false starts, found it again.


:Please, if you can hear me, help us.: he called.

:Who is this?: came the shaking reply, as if from someone unused to speaking mind-to-mind.

:My name is Kamui. Please, I beg of you, help us!:

:How many of you are there?:

:Three including myself. Please, it hurts to hold this connection. You're too far. I'll send you an image of our surroundings and hopefully you'll be able to find us from that.:

For a moment, there was nothing, then, :Very well.:

Relief flooded Kamui as he relayed an image of the clearing his group currently inhabited and released the mental hold once more.

Free of the strain, he opened his eyes. "They're coming, Subaru. They're coming for us. Subaru? Subaru?"

Violet eyes darted downward to see a dark head cradled at the base of Kamui's neck with an ill blonde curled in his lap. Smiling, Kamui closed his eyes, took a deep breath and relaxed for the first time in ages. Perhaps they had made it to Terra, just not in the place they'd intended. There were vampires here, that was certain. So maybe they were safe after all.

Soon they could relax in the safety and comfort of their own with no humans at every corner waiting to slaughter them in their beds.


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