Summary: He had been alone for a long time, but then he found a trail that brought him to a human settlement.

So this is where it's a little complicated - I wrote this, but then when I tried to plan out the next bit, it didn't work and ended really quickly. But then I still wanted to write that bit. And then I had another idea for what could have after this bit that's completely unrelated to the first bit. So I'll be trying to write that bit too. Which means there's going to be two 'paths' here since I felt a bit weird about posting two different stories with the same prologue.

Set sometime after the current arc (180+).

'Kin' here isn't used to specifically mean being related by blood - it's more 'any werewolf is Kin'.


By Dark Ice Dragon

He lifted his muzzle to the sky and sniffed the air, ears flicking back and forth. This was the closest he'd been to a human settlement in a long time and… they had changed. The buildings were far taller and looked sturdier than the huts he had used to see; it was also brighter than he was used to at this time of night. He had hoped to slip in unnoticed but now…

He would be seen. Easily. His bulk was still twice that of a human's, no matter how much their technology had changed from the last he'd seen it.


He took another deep breath, almost tasting the scent he'd been tracking ever since he'd caught a whiff of it some moons back. He was so close - but why had his Kin hidden himself amongst the humans? There had been no answer to his howls, but he could hear the noisy humans from where he stood. His Kin had most likely been unable to hear him.

He wavered, the instinct to stay away from the humans warring with the knowledge that there was Kin somewhere in front of him.

Lips pulling back over his fangs and his ears flattening, he made his decision: he would go to his Kin and then… he didn't know. They would decide after meeting.

He dropped to all fours and began to make his way to the human settlement.

No name for this guy because it's been so long since he's needed it that he forgot.

His Kin? M-21. ;)