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Summary: A rolling blackout causes a lockdown at the BAU without any electricity.

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Kurt Vonnegut said "Here we are, trapped in the amber of the moment. There is no why."

Hotch stood by his office window looking out at the night sky, watching the electricity quickly leave the Virginia neighborhoods in total darkness.

Hotch didn't have to turn around to sense Emily but he heard her sigh.

"I guess they don't know how long these rolling blackouts are going to last, huh?" Emily asked leaning on the door frame to Hotch's office.

"No" Hotch said turning around in his dimly lit office to the brunette.

Hotch inwardly sighed at the dark haired beauty in his office.

"I hate rolling blackouts" Emily said walking over to the window "And I can't believe this caused a lockdown at the BAU."

Hotch shook his head at Emily, "At least no one was in the elevator during the blackout."

Emily chuckled "Yeah, can you imagine being trapped in there all night?"

He watched her head towards the door, pausing to turn around "Garcia's having a little s'mores feast in the break room, if you want to come."

"Sure" Hotch said walking out with her pleased that the only good thing coming out of this situation was spending time with Emily.

The two walked into the break room to see the dimly lit room warmed up with a electric grill and a s'mores covered Reid.

The dark haired agents both smirked at the younger man who seemed so childlike and heard Morgan behind them laughing at Reid.

"Kid" Morgan said walking up passing him a napkin "The idea is to eat the s'mores not wear it."

Reid turned pink, trying to wipe his face only to have a protective Emily punch Morgan in the arm and walk over to tenderly wipe Reid's face.

"Don't pick on him" Emily said glaring at Morgan.

Morgan just shrugged his shoulders and sat next to Garcia making the s'mores.

"Where's JJ and Dave?" Hotch asked enjoying watching Emily's tender side to Reid.

"Trying to finish up their case reports by hand to join us" Garcia said placing the s'mores on paper plates.

"Isn't Kevin still here?" Reid asked smiling a thanks at Emily who ruffled his hair.

"He said he had a surprise for me but I have yet to see it" Garcia said.

All the lights left in the BAU flickered out and Garcia cursed the darkness.

"It's all right" Hotch said "The emergency generators will kick in."

"But I haven't finished making my chocolate goodies" Garcia said holding up an untoasted marshmallow.

Morgan took that opportunity to steal it.

"Hey!" Garcia cried out, as the backup lights flicked on.

JJ and Dave walked in carrying candles and flashlights.

"Where are my s'mores?" JJ asked handing the unlit candles to the group while Dave handed Morgan, Hotch and Emily the extra flashlights.

"Only made half" Garcia said glaring at the electric grill in front of her.

"So what do we do to pass the time?" Emily asked, she'd never admit it but she nervous of the darkness and felt a bit claustrophobic.

"We could tell ghost stories?" Garcia suggested.

"Are you insane?" JJ asked horrified "We work catching serial killers and you want to tell a ghost story?"

JJ shook her head and Emily was glad that it was her who vocalized against that idea, she was also against the idea.

"Look, I don't care what we do" Dave said, "I'm just tired and want this blackout and lockdown done."

"Telling a ghost story wouldn't be so bad" Morgan said looking over at Hotch.

"Fine" Hotch said looking out at the corner of his eye to see JJ and Emily groan at the suggestion.

"Ok" Garcia said brightly passing out her treats "Who first?"

"I'll go" Morgan said grinning mischievously.

Morgan told his story which horrified and terrified Garcia, JJ and Emily.

And then the lights the back up generators went out again causing everyone to groan.

Hotch noticed Emily in the candle light and reflection of the flashlight looking tired and sleep deprived.

"Maybe everyone should try and get some sleep." Hotch suggested "Maybe we all go up to the conference room and rest up there."

"Are you freaking kidding me?" Garcia said horrified "After that scary story? I don't think I'll ever sleep again."

"I second that." Emily murmured feeling sluggish.

"Hotch's right." Dave agreed seeing JJ lose the battle with sleep.

"Fine" Emily said reluctantly and looked over at Morgan "After this is over, I'm kicking your ass."

Morgan just smirked at her and helped Garcia up to get the candles and flashlights.

Reid, Morgan, Garcia and Dave walked across the bullpen to the conference room.

While Hotch, Emily and JJ went out of the break room, Emily saw something move across the ground.

Turning around to flash the light on it she said "Oh my god!"

"What?" Hotch and JJ said in unison turning around to her.

"I saw something move across the floor." Emily said holding her flashlight tightly.

"What?" JJ said scared "What did you see?"

"I don't know." Emily whispered looking all over the hallway.

Hotch lightly grabbed Emily's arm and said "There's nothing there. It's just your imagination from the story."

Emily shook her head and said "No, Hotch. I saw something. I swear it."

"Come on" Hotch murmured, shaking his head, "Let's all try to get some rest."

The trio made the trip across the bullpen to the conference room but Emily turned her head back and saw someone running down the hall of the BAU.

"I know I saw something" Emily whispered in the midst of fear, sleep deprivation and cabin fever.

"Small is the number of people who see with their eyes and think with their minds." Albert Einstein

To Be Continued...

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