Hey guys, this is the first story I'm publishing and to be honest I'm really nervous. I hope you guys will like it!

This is the first chapter and believe me when I say that things are really going to change a lot, nice things are going to happen but also some sad things will happen. The first chapter is pretty short but it'll only be once, from the second chapter we will only have long chapters. Hope you guys enjoy it!

Chapter 1

'Let him be here soon', I thought as I left the small hospital. It was already midnight, but it was always like that. Me working till midnight trying to save a patient. I loved my job to death and I still think I made the right choice by coming here, because these people needed me. Ten months ago I was in Seattle working in the hospital when suddenly my chief called for me:

"Dr. Swan I got an answer on your letter," my chief said as he held a letter in his hands. 'This was it', I thought. "Do you want to read it yourself or do you want me to tell you?" he said with a smile on his face, I let out a deep breath and then asked him to just tell me. My hands were shaking too hard to hold the letter. "They accepted your offer Bella. You're going to Iran," I didn't know what to say. After all my dream was coming true. Yeah, you would think a stupid dream probably, but all I wanted to do in my life was become a doctor and help people like in Iran or in Iraq to heal because here we have enough doctors but there everyday tons of people day. "Hey if I knew you were going to cry I would have never told you," my chief teased, "These are happy tears chief. Happy tears."

A week after he told me I moved here and since then I have healed tons of people but I have also lost a lot of people. In the beginning it was so hard for me, but I started getting my emotions under control. It still was hard for me but I could move on faster. But the couple of weeks there were so many attacks that I couldn't keep up anymore. I needed help, and I needed it fast because people were dying because the lack of help.

So I called Seattle and asked if they could do something for me. Two days I got a call from my chief telling me that there was a volunteer who wanted to come very badly; his name was Edward Cullen. He worked at the hospital in Port Angeles and would be here in a couple days. I thanked god every day for sending another doctor here. We would be able to save more people.

"Bella, we are going to have dinner at my house, you want to come?" Angela asked. She was a volunteer who was here for almost three years and was married to Ben Cheney, who was also a volunteer like her. They lived their lives like there was no tomorrow, I always envied them because I couldn't do that. "Dinner at this time? No Ang, I think I'll pass, I'm really tired. I will probably be out the moment my head touches a pillow," I said with a smile.

Angela was my best friend here. She's the only person with whom I could talk for hours and not get bored at all. We hit of the moment we were introduced to each other. "Okay then, but I do expect you for breakfast! You're losing too much weight women!" I nodded with a laugh, Angela made me think of my mother in a way.

Ah my mother, she was a free soul. She would never do this because it would be too much to handle for her. Renee only saw the happy sides of people. She would be crushed if she came in contact with the reality, she was a free bird who laughs and travelled all the time dragging my father Charlie with her. The only reason my father followed her was that he loved her to death. He would go anywhere she went. They are like magnets, she moved, he moved. That night I went to sleep thinking of my time with my parents, what a beautiful time it was.

The next morning I woke up with this crazy feeling that I didn't recognize but it made my smile for some reason. I pushed it a side and took a nice shower. I towel dried my hair and for the first time in months I didn't put my hair in a ponytail, I just left it loose. I got dressed in two minutes, because Angela was waiting for me. I took my white doctors coat and then ran to Angela's place.

She was already at the door waiting for me. "Wow, look at you, I didn't even know you had such beautiful hair," Angela teased "Good morning, Angela. Breakfast ready?" I said as I passed her and went inside. "Yep, just waiting for Ben to get dressed," she said very enthusiastically and with a big smile plastered on her face.

"Ang, why are you so cheerful this morning?" I asked as I hid my own smile. "Promise you won't tell Ben?" she said as she leaned closer. I nodded furiously because she really got me curious "Bella, I think I'm pregnant. First I thought that being late for a couple days was not such a big deal but today I'm ten days late, and that's longer than usually," she whispered "Oh my god Angela, that's amazing!" I whisper-yelled, "come to my place today so I can do a check- up. She nodded as Ben came in "Good morning ladies!" he said with a grin as he sat next to Angela.

Ben was always happy, like constantly teasing and telling jokes. He reminded me of my mother in a way. Even on the bad days he would pull out a joke to get us to smile. "So what were you two talking about?" he asked as he poured us a cup of tea, "Nothing honey, we were just talking about this and that," Angela said as I nodded. "Yeah sure, you two were probably gossiping like those old women do," Ben teased as Angela and I laughed.

After breakfast we all went to the small building were all our patients are, we simply called it our small hospital. I did my morning check-up and most of my patients were getting better, to my surprise. It had been three days since someone had died and that really made me the happiest person in the world. I just hoped we could keep it up.

We didn't have that much material, but with the things we did have we tried our hardest to save these people. "Good morning doctor Bella," I turned to the coming sound and saw Roma greeting me with a big smile on her face and a plate in her hand, "Good morning Roma, and what did I say about the doctor part? Please just Bella." I said with a smile as I walked outside with her, "I'm trying, but I always forget. Sorry Bella," she said with a frown which made me laugh "It's okay Roma".

Roma was the town teacher, that's why she speaks English so well. A couple months ago in one of the many attacks Roma's husband Tariq got hurt. I had tried my hardest to save him that day and I succeeded. Roma was so thankful that she came to visit me every day just to say thank you, that's how we became friends.

Most of the time she also brings me some food because she knew that some time I would skip a meal because of my work. I didn't mind, she did. "So what do you have for me today?" I asked with a smile, "I made you a delicious apple pie, your favorite," She was an awesome cook, but her apple pie was my favorite, no one's apple pie could compare to it "You're a saint!" I said so thankful that she actually made the time to do those things for me. "Next to you I'm nothing doctor..uh Bella" she corrected herself quickly before I could say something. "Let's not get there Roma," I said because we once had this discussion and it took us one and a half hour to agree to disagree. Not going there again.

"How is Tariq?" I asked changing the subject, "He's fine, great actually. His happier since he started working on the field again. I don't think he liked being home," "that's probably because he wants to take care of you sweetie and not the other way around," she thought about it for a second and then nodded, "I think you're right, with him being the man and all. I just worry you know, these last weeks we had so many attacks that it just scares me to death to think that one night he won't be coming home to me," she said with a frown. "Hey, now don't go there. We have to think positive, okay?" she nodded with a sigh.

"I need to get going. I have a class in ten minutes," Roma said and handed me the plate, "Thank you Roma, you really are the best!" she giggled as she started to walk away, "bye Bella," she said as she waved, I waved back at her and watched her walk away. Just when I wanted to walk in to the hospital I had that crazy feeling again. I got all tingly and felt butterflies in my stomach. 'So strange,' I thought by myself.

Suddenly a voice called out to me which made me shiver, "Excuse me, are you doctor Swan?" I turned to see to whom this beautiful voice belonged. In front of me stood a beautiful man with a crooked smile on his face and with a hint of amusement in his eyes. His hair was a strange color, something between blond and brown, like bronze. 'What a man', I thought as I took him in. Oh shit, he asked me something! What did he ask again? 'Think Bella, think!' I thought when I remembered that he actually had asked me if I was Bella or not.

"Uh yes, I'm doctor Swan, and you?" I asked silently cursing myself for stammering like an idiot. "I'm Edward Cullen, the volunteer," he said as he held out a hand to me. 'Oh kill me now', I thought as he told me he was Edward because that meant I was supposed to not only work with this gorgeous man but also live with him. 'It's your fault anyway! You offered the hospital to let the doctor stay in your cottage!' I cursed myself for coming up with that idea. "It's great to have you here doctor Cullen, we could definitely use another doctor," I said and really meant it because having him here meant that we could save more people.

"Edward please, and I'm sure you were doing great, doctor Swan," he said with a convincing smile. "Thank you Edward, and please do call me Bella" I said as I smiled at him. "Great, now can I get my hand back Bella?" he said with an amused expression as my face went tomato red, "Oh I'm sorry, I wasn't thinking," yep God was torturing me.

"It's okay. Now what would you like to do first, show me the house or the patients?" he asked "It's not really a big house, actually it's more of a cottage. I'll take you there so you can rest a bit and pack out. Today no patients for you, believe me you need your rest first," I said as I started to walk to the cottage, "Is that the doctor talking or the partner?" he called out, "Both" I answered with a grin.

After showing Edward the cottage which really isn't that big I led him to his room, which was right next to mine. I then went downstairs and made some tea and cut the pie that Roma gave in pieces. I was sure Edward would love the pie too and some tea would make him relax. I knew that Edward and I would become great friends.

Okay, there was an attraction but if you put that aside, I really thought he was a great guy with whom I could have fun but also long talks with. Call it a feeling, or what, but I just knew it. This was just the beginning of something beautiful.