20 years later

"I could have killed anyone at that moment, especially those soldiers but it was too late. Nothing would have changed what happened to my Edward. He died there, in my arms" I tell you. "I hate them so much" you answer while wiping away my tears. "I know sweetie" I try to smile at you. "What did you do after that?" You ask me.

"I took him to his favorite place, here…Forks. My parents, his family, Ben and Angela we all got here and arranged the funeral. I didn't exactly do a lot. I didn't even talk to anyone back then. I was in some kind of a shock, I couldn't believe that he was gone,

"But of two things I was certain, I was and still am his wife and secondly I will always be with him and he will always be with me. I have never and will never leave Forks or our house. He wished for us to live there, my beautiful Edward…" I sigh, you look at me with tears in your eyes.

"Mom, did dad know you were pregnant with me?" you ask curiously. "No, I didn't found out till after two months after his funeral. Grandpa Carlisle did a check up on me because they were worried about me. I was sick all the time, then I found out I was pregnant with you. It was like I was brought back to life"

"The best present you ever got? The one you were talking about the day you got married.." you wait for me to continue "Yes sweetie that was you, that are you. It was that night or day I got pregnant… my last day with Edward. He made sure not to leave me alone" you nod and look back at his gravestone.

"I love you dad, happy 20th anniversary. You too mom" you come and hug me and then plant a big wet kiss on both my cheeks.

"Promise me EJ that you won't marry some stupid girl and leave me any time soon" I look at you with pleading eyes. "Well about that mom, there's this beautiful girl at home waiting to meet you but I do promise that we won't get married any time soon, we're still not ready for that" You tell me with a big smile on your face. Oh sweetie you remind me so much of your father.

"In that case, let's go home and meet this girl…Uhm" I looked back to Edwards gravestone. "It's ok mom, I'll wait in the car" you kiss my cheek "Bye dad, talk to you soon" say your goodbye and then I watch you walk to the car.

"He's your copy, you know. Same hair, same eyes, same smile even his walk. EJ doesn't know yet but we will be back here in a couple hours, our families are coming to Forks. They have missed you too, love, so much,

"Now, I have to go home and meet this girl. I hope she's good enough for him, you know" I sigh and place two roses on your grave "I love you my beautiful Edward. Happy 20th anniversary."

The end

So alternate ending or not? I'm waiting for your thoughts and revieuws! :))