I'm just going to skip all the chit chat and head straight to the point here. This story takes the most basic crossover plot of Zero; mainly, Louise summons someone other than Saito. This time though, it isn't just one.

The story in itself was inspired partly by Corvus no Genmu's 'Familiars of Zero'. While I didn't take any of his familiar ideas, it did get me thinking on who would be a good match, and then I thought of the perfect ones.

Since anything more would be pure spoiler material, I'm just gonna kick things of here. Remember, since I'm writing this here, it means that I don't own anything related to either Negima, or Zero no Tsukaima.

Chapter I: A New Purpose

Four figures flitted about in a dark, unending void; a place untouched by time; where space alone ruled, until its creator called out a command to it. Of course, as said creator was no more, the four beings could only really hope for a new life; not that any of them would have cared… or so they would let on. They were nothing but puppets in the grand scheme of everything after all; no more than mere puppets to be used and thrown away by their master once their purpose was fulfilled.

Masterless, all they could do now was continue their existence with their own thoughts.

The eldest, the most unique among them was calm, but at the same time, yearned to feel the light of day again, so that he might one day enjoy the thrill of combat, as he had in his last moments.

The second eldest, undisputedly the wildest among them wanted nothing more than to be out of this prison be out and free, even if it meant serving another; at least he'd have some semblance of freedom.

The second youngest, perhaps the closest to their master's original design in terms of thought, wished nothing but the fulfilment of his master's own ambitions; yet he knew that such a wish would not be granted; and so now he wished for nothing but a new master.

The youngest of them all, the coldest personality, as befitting her nature and abilities, and the only female, was indifferent to all this; yet even she felt some longing to be out in the world again.

"I beg of you…"

Four sets of eyes widened all at once, as a voice filled the emptiness around them, a green light forming a gateway right in front of their eyes.

"My slave who lives somewhere in the universe!"

"Slave?" all four thought, one in curiosity, another with annoyance, the third with an inkling of hope, and the last with indifference.

"Oh sacred, beautiful and strong familiar spirit!"

Sacred and beautiful? Certainly not them, although the three males thought for a second whether their 'sister' would agree with their thoughts. Still, if they were being called for their strength, then that was something they had in spades.

"I desire and here I plead from my heart!"

There was desperation in that voice; the voice of a girl, probably no older than those in the ragtag group that they had opposed during their last walk in reality. A desperation that all of them felt, deep down in their own cores, for they had no heart to truly yearn with.

"Answer to my guidance!"

That was the only thing they needed to hear. With a determination that many would not have expected of them, all four of the puppets given life reached out for the portal that would give them escape.


It was pathetic really, that Louise had started to expect the coming of an explosion whenever she tried to cast any form of magic. And since a stronger spell meant a stronger explosion, it was even less of a surprise for her that the spell used to summon one's familiar had produced her strongest explosion to date.

Instantly, her boasts –or should she have called it a hopeful bluff– of summoning a familiar stronger than any of her classmates' came to her. Even if she did –and that was a BIG 'if'– manage to summon a majestic creature, there was no way that Kirche would ever let her live it down if said creature was killed by the very magic that brought it here in the first place. She really hoped that, at the very least, her familiar would survive, even if it was just something like a mouse.

Once the smoke cleared, and her familiar became visible, Louise simply froze in place, staring with complete despair. What stood before her would forever cement her name as 'Louise the Zero' among all her classmates. It was far from her wishful dreams of powerful dragons or majestic Gryphons. It was even worse than simply getting a mundane creature like a bird or cat; at least then she would have had something in common with her favourite sister.

It was a commoner. A group of commoners at that, siblings if she had to hazard a guess.

All four of them were dressed similarly, even the one that was obviously female. A simple button up, long sleeve shirt with a standing collar in various colours, matching pants, and just as simplistic shoes. They had silvery white, spiky hair, but clearly, none were old in the least, and slightly pale complexions.

The one at the very front had his hair kept down in a rather simple manner, with a multitude of bangs framing his face, but well groomed nonetheless. His clothes were as grey as his eyes, the colour of stone. His single raised eyebrow was the only thing that hinted at his curiosity at the situation.

The one right behind him had the same bangs, but were much longer in comparison, wilder as well; his silver locks flaring about like a white flame, even as the wind caused it to wave about. His clothes were a light red with orange trims, and his glaring eyes, a mix of blazing gold and burgundy. A frown was set upon his features, though for what, she wasn't sure.

The next looked the most different among them. Like the first two, he had bangs framing the right side of his face, as well as his forehead. The other side though, was kept completely clear, the rest of his hair flaring out behind him, as if it were caught in a permanent gale. His attire was pure white, and his eyes, an odd silver that shined with… amusement? Joy? Louise really couldn't tell.

The last was the most well kempt in appearance, her hair reached neck level with only a slight tuft of the silver locks fanning out at the right side of her head. Both her eyes, and clothing were as blue as the sea. Unlike her brothers, the girl's expression was unreadable, opting simply to stare at Louise with an emotionless gaze.

"This makes all you said worth it! I never would have guessed you'd summon a bunch of plebeians."

The words of her long time rival, and the laughter that followed brought her out of her musings.

"Sh-Shut Up! It was just a little screw up!" the pinkette tried to defend herself, a blush borne from embarrassment upon her face.

"That's our Louise the Zero. She never fails to meet our expectations!" That remark from another student had all of them laughing again.

"Mr. Colbert!" Louise shouted, her desperation clear in her voice. "Please! Let me try the summoning once more!"

Mr. Colbert shook his head, refusing the idea. "I cannot allow that, Miss Vallière."

"Why not?" asked the girl.

"It is strictly forbidden. When you are promoted to a second year student, you must summon a familiar which is precisely what you just did." He allowed a small pause as he stared at the odd quadruplets.

"But they can't be my familiars!" Louise shouted vehemently, flailing her arms, "I've never even heard about a commoner for a familiar before, much less four of them."

"That may be true, but regardless, no matter how odd this may be, these four are still the very beings you've summoned. The springtime summoning is a sacred rite that can and will only be performed once by each student, regardless of the outcome. Whether you like it or not, you have no choice but to accept them as yours, so please just continue with the ritual," he explained tiredly, as if he was dealing with a particularly difficult situation.

"Are you the one that summoned us?" four voices asked in sync, though the only reason that the teacher and students were able to tell that it was a question was because of the tone. In response, Louise whirled around and shot a scathing glare towards her summons. This didn't seem to affect them at all, however, as each of them continued to look at her with the same expression as before.

The impromptu staring contest finally ended with Louise conceding to the combined force of four greatly different, yet similar stares, heaving a sigh as she got right in front of the boy in grey. "As if getting a bunch of commoners wasn't bad enough, I don't even understand what they're saying. And to make things worse, one of them is a girl!"

"All of you had better be grateful. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for commoners like you," she said, only to get flat looks in return, causing her anger to rise.

With a huff of annoyance, she raised her wand skywards, "My name is Louise Françoise Le Blanc de La Vallière. Pentagon of the Five Elemental Powers; grant your blessings upon these humble beings, and mark them as my familiar!" she chanted, before tapping the grey garbed boy on the head, then the one in red, then white, and lastly, the girl in blue.

She ignored the quirked and/or twitching eyebrows that they raised and went back to the grey clothed boy, jumping slightly to place a kiss on his lips. His shocked reaction would have been something funny to many of those that had met him in the battlefield, as he recoiled, taken aback.

His 'siblings' all grew wide-eyed by that point, and flinched back as well. Of course, that didn't stop Louise from doing the same thing to them, although she was a bit hesitant with the female of the group.

Before any of them could even voice their thoughts, a burning pain shot through all of them as runes started to graft themselves upon their bodies: the grey eyed boy on his forehead, his wild haired brother on his right hand, the white clad boy on his chest, and the girl on her left hand. Yet, despite the agony of it the branding, all four endured it with nothing but clenched hands, and teeth until it ebbed away.

"What the fuck was that for!" the boy in red shouted, sending a glare towards Louise, causing her to step back at the sudden outburst. Although she didn't understand what he said, his actions and expression made it clear as day what his intent was.

Still, she recovered soon enough, her normal posture returning as her face flushed scarlet. "H-how dare you! What kind of commoner speaks to a noble in such a tone!" came the pinkette's retort, her seething gaze now focused on her aggressive familiar. Clearly, they understood the intent behind Louise's word, as the gold-eyed boy's face grew angrier.

Just as the aggressive male looked as though he was about to make his own comeback, he was stopped when his grey clothed counterpart raised his hand in a 'halt' motion.

"Stop this senseless arguing, Quartum. She cannot understand you anymore than we can understand them," he ordered, an underlying threat in his tone as he kept his eyes narrowed on his violent 'brother'.

Quartum's response was less than compliant, now focusing his heated gaze upon the boy in front of him. "Don't think that you can order me around, Tertium."

Grey eyes narrowed even further, as a frown made its way to Tertium's features. "That's Fate, to you, Quartum. I dropped that name a long time ago, and abandoned it completely in my last fight."

"So you really have betrayed our master?" the one in white accused, speaking for the first time.

"Believe what you wish Quintum," replied Fate, now glaring at the other boy. "All I said was that I threw away my old name. Whether that means I abandoned our master is up to you to decide."

The argument between the three continued, even as the rest of the students were ushered back to the castle that was Tristain Magic Academy, leaving only the blue clothed girl and her summoner to watch the dispute. It was only when things started looking like the beginning of a fight when Louise had finally had enough.

"Would you three SHUT UP!" ordered the pink haired girl, her wand pointed straight at them, engulfing them in a mighty explosion.

Suddenly, a strong gust of wind blasted out, blowing away the smoke, and Louise found herself with four glaring, silver haired familiars staring straight at her.

"I repeat myself: WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT FOR?" Quartum demanded, much louder than last time.

Louise's eyes widened. "I understood that!" she exclaimed, completely ignoring her familiars cry.

"And it seems that we understood that," Fate supplied, his glare now replaced by a small, amused smile. "That was rather violent for a translation spell, wouldn't you agree?"

"I…" Louise paused, her face flush with embarrassment, "that was supposed to be a silencing spell," she admitted sheepishly.

A small chuckle was the grey clothed male's only response. "Well, it doesn't really matter," he said, right before his face cleared of all humour. "Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but your name is Louise right? I may not have understood your language, but a name is easy enough to pick out."

Louise nodded in confirmation.

"Are you the one that summoned us? Our new master?" this time, it was the one with silver eyes that spoke, getting another nod of confirmation from Louise.

"That's right. As of right now, you four are my familiars," she announced, with what small amount of pride she could garner from completing a successful summon, even if it was just a bunch of commoners. The 'new master' comment wasn't missed though, and she idly wondered whether she actually was the first to have human familiars, or perhaps they were simply servants under a now late noble. "Yes," Louise decided, "That was definitely the case."

"Pft… this annoying little brat! This is our new master!" the red clad boy exclaimed disbelievingly. "You've got to be kidding! She's just what, thirteen? And you expect her to be our master?"

"That's not the best argument to make when you yourself were beaten in seconds by a ten year old," Fate commented snidely, earning him a seething glare.

"Hey, that kid managed to beat you too!"

"True, but at least I managed to put up a fight, as opposed to you, who barely stood a chance," the grey eyed male countered, quieting his gold eyed counterpart before turning towards Louise, who was looking at them rather strangely.

"Since we all already know your name, I think it should only be right that we tell you ours now shouldn't it, miss Louise?" another nod, this time returned by one of his own. "In that case, allow me to go first. My former name is Tertium Averruncus, but I'd prefer it if you called me Fate," he introduced himself, giving her a slight bow before giving a stony glare toward his brother in red.

The gold eyed boy grumbled, but complied nonetheless. "Quartum, Averruncus of…" that was as far as he got before Fate hand landed on his shoulder, gripping tightly. Being the physically strongest of them all, Quartum had no delusions that the older Averruncus could easily kill him, much as he hated the thought of it. His message was very clear though. The motives behind it, he wasn't quite sure, but the order was clear. This once, he would obey completely. "Just… Quartum Averruncus."

"And I am Quintum Averruncus," Quintum followed, already getting the order from the Averruncus of the earth. While normally, he wouldn't bother with an order from someone who he considered a traitor, he would allow it, if just for now.

"Sextum Averruncus," the final one spoke, for the first time since her summoning, her tone not betraying her stoic features.

All of them bowed once each, making Louise just a little bit relieved. "Oh well, at least they show proper respect… except for that Quartum. Odd names though, but who really cares? Still… it would have been better if they were some sort of magical creatures instead."

She started walking back to campus with those thoughts in mind, her new familiars following closely behind, with two of them sending the one in the lead a curious glance of their own.


And done! Okay, I know what some of you may be thinking, Fate is acting a bit OOC. However, in my defence, he's been receiving a large amount of character development lately… while fighting. What you saw up there was merely what I believe would be the outcome of his personality, combined of course, with the fact that the Lifemaker is gone and that summoning a familiar does end up with them brainwashed, if only slightly.

The personalities of the other Averrunci are ones that I built up from what little I know about them. Honestly, there have been three people already that have taken Negi and the Ala Alba as Louise's familiars, but none of them gave much mind to these guys, and I honestly believe that giving a person of mass destruction like Louise the four surviving 'puppets' created by the Lifemaker, who is pretty much the Negima world's equivalent for Brimir (or is it the other way around) opens a lot of possibilities. Not only do they hold more power than what those in the Zero universe are capable of, unlike Negi and crew, these guys don't pull their punches… or at least not as much. Plus, it also adds in one plot point that the other Negima characters simply wouldn't give: them trying to become more 'human'. The idea for this struck me while I was re-reading the fight between Negi and Quartum. Mainly, Negi's parting words.

As a final note, I'd like to ask all of you a question: Which Averruncus do you think should beat down on Guiche? I'm fine with all of them at a time if that's what you people want, but honestly, I just can't decide. I do hope that you don't ask for Sextum though. Among all of them, she's the least likely to have a motive.