Author's Note: Sorry for the long delay yet again. Here's the new chapter. There's about a two week timeskip since the last chapter, so enjoy.

"Namine, I just don't know what to do anymore," I said as we talked on the phone. "Kairi all but hates me now."

"She can't hate you, Xion," she said, trying to reassure me. "You're her sister, the only immediate family she has left."

"She doesn't seem to care about that anymore," I said, my voice starting to break with tears. "Ever since she lost her baby, she's changed for the worse. I don't know what to do anymore."

Namine was silent for a minute. "I'm sure it's not just the baby thing," she said. "I know it has to do with my father too. Xion, I'm begging you, please, get out of there and live with me and Tifa and Cloud."

"I can't leave Kairi alone with him," I said. "It's hard to tell what he'll do to her with no witnesses around."

"I know what you mean," she said. "I still...think he had something to do with mom disappearing."

"Everyone does," I said. "It wasn't like Shera to just leave like that." Namine's mother, the only person other than mom who had ever seemed to care about Cid, couldn't have disappeared of her own volition. But there hadn't been sufficient evidence to pin her disappearance on Cid.

I tried to change the subject quickly. Her mother wasn't something Namine liked to dwell on more than she had to, especially since it was most likely she was dead after all these years. "Anyway, I'll try to maintain my sanity and get Kairi to go get some help. Talk later?"

"Sure, Xi-Xi," she said. "Bye."

"Bye," I said, hanging up my phone and laying it on the nightstand. I buried my face in my palms and curled up in a ball, remaining that way for near an hour. I heard a knock on the door and hesitantly stood up to answer it. It was Kairi, her face bruised from a previous fight with Cid. "What do you want, Kai?"

"I'm going out tonight," she said coldly. "Just thought I'd tell you before you flip out when you see me gone."

"Kairi, you need to stop," I pleaded. "I...have a bad feeling."

"You can take your bad feeling and shove it up your a..."

"Kairi shut up and listen to me!" I screamed. "I hate seeing you like this! You're my sister and I love you! Don't throw your life away like this."

"You're not my mom," she said, cutting to the bone.

"I know I'm not mom. I couldn't hope to be half the woman she was, but that doesn't matter," I defended. "If she could see you now, she would be so hurt!"

"But she can't. She's dead," Kairi spat. "Now, I'm leaving. Probably see you tomorrow or something..." Kairi stormed off. I heard the door slam and her car roar to life.

When I was sure she was gone, I slammed my door, locked it, and threw myself against the wall to the side. I slid down to my butt and buried my face in my knees, starting another crying fit. I couldn't handle my sister acting like this. It was like someone had taken Kairi and replaced her with this hateful monster. But the harsh reality was that it really was Kairi. She really had given up on life. I picked up my cellphone and dialed Xorik's house number. When the phone was answered, it wasn't Xorik on the other end. "Hello," a woman's voice said.

"Hello?" I said, not recognizing the voice right away. "Is Xorik home?"

"No, this is Lexil," she said. "Xorik's with Kirox, trying to fix Kirox's car. It wouldn't start this morning, so they had it towed to a garage."

"Oh, ok," I said. "I was going to see if he wanted to come pick me up. I just need to get out of this house."

"I can only imagine," Lexil said. "John's been...filling me in on what's been happening with you these past months. I'm sorry."

"I'm fine," I lied. "I just worry about Kairi."

"I know," she said. "It's understandable to be concerned for your sister when she's out of control."

"I'm sorry if it seems like I'm burdening you with my problems, Lexil," I said.

"It's no problem," she said. "Just don't give up on her. Some fragment of that girl who used to be Kairi is still in there somewhere."

"Thank you, Lexil," I said.

"Call me Lexy," she added.

"Alright, Lexy," I corrected. "Well, I'd better go get something to eat. See you around sometime?"

"Bye," she said. "See you next time you come to Xorik's."

"Bye," I said as I hung up the phone. I got up and collapsed on my bed. I stared at that chair Kairi would sit in when she used to come to my room. I sighed and flipped over, trying to drown out all my memories with song lyrics in my head.

A few hours passed. I was beginning to worry about Kairi, even though I was used to her not calling. Something just...didn't feel right.

My phone started to vibrate, and I recognized the number as Kairi's. "Kairi, I'm so glad you called I've been worried…" I was cut off by the sound of another voice.

"Are you Kairi's sister?" the man asked on the other line. "She was trying to say something like 'Call Xion' a few minutes ago before she blacked out. She's been in an accident, and it's not looking good."

My whole being froze right there. Kairi was in an accident? It just couldn't happen! I wasn't ready to lose the only family I had left! "Where is she now? And what happened?" I asked frantically.

"I found her car wrapped around a tree and she was thrown out of it. She'd landed about twenty feet away from the car. I called 911 immediately and my wife and I tried to help her as best we could. She was cut up pretty bad and I was surprised she was even still alive," he said. "She's on her way to Destiny Memorial Hospital, but the man in the ambulance said he didn't think she was going to make it."

"I'll be there as fast as I can," I said. I ran out to the yard and stole Cid's truck. I'd be willing to take whatever beating he'd throw at me later, just as long as I made it to Kairi in time!

I entered the doors of the emergency room and saw them wheeling Kairi into a room. I plowed past nurses and orderlies as I ran to her side. "She's crashing," I heard a doctor say. Her heartbeat was frantic and all I could do was cry as I watched my sister die. Finally, the monitor flat-lined and the doctor grabbed the defibrillator. A nurse pulled her shirt off so the doctor could shock her back to life. "Charging to 100," he said as he placed the paddles on her chest. He shouted "clear" as he unloaded the charge into her heart. Nothing happened. "No, charge to 200." He tried again. Once again, he was unsuccessful in his attempt to bring her back. My heart broke and I cried rivers. It wasn't easy to stay when three large men were trying to pull me back, but I managed to overpower them and watch as the doctor charged the defibrillator to 300, his last attempt to revive the person I loved most.

"Kairi, no," I screamed. "You can't die, not yet! Please, come back to me!"

He shouted "Clear" one more time and unleashed the last surge of electricity into Kairi's heart. Her back arched from the jolt and she flopped down onto the bed. This time, her heart rate picked back up. I was relieved until she started screaming and sat up. "No, please, help me!" she screamed as she squirmed, trying to get away from the nurses.

"Calm down, miss," a nurse said, holding Kairi's legs so she wouldn't kick anyone.

Kairi started to breathe erratically and thrash back and forth. They struggled to hold her down as another doctor injected a sedative into her arm. Kairi's attempts to free herself calmed down as the drug took effect. Her screams became whispers, and she was soon asleep. They took her off so they could treat her wounds, and I was forced to sit in the waiting room.

After waiting for a few hours, the nurse who tried to calm her down came to me. "Are you Kairi's sister?" she asked.

"Yeah," I replied, still disturbed from the chaos earlier.

"She's awake and wants to see you," she said. "Her room is the third one on the left."

"Thank you," I said as I ran to her room. I saw Kairi lying in her bed, looking out the window and clutching one of those Gideon Bibles against her chest as much as her many bandages would allow. "Kairi, I'm here," I said as I entered and pulled a chair next to her bed.

"Xion, it's so great to see you again," she said. It was strange. Just that morning, she'd yelled at me, but now she was acting as if she were normal again. "I…I didn't think I'd ever see anyone again."

"It's a good thing they got to you in time," I said. "You could have died."

"The doctor said...I was dead," she said. "Xion..." Tears were streaming from her eyes. "I died...I should be dead."

I wrapped my arms around her. "When I was lying there, on the ground outside my car, I was in so much pain. I kept thinking 'This is it. I'm going to die here and I'll never be able to make up with Xion, Sora, Namine, Serah, or anyone.' I was so scared. I took what was supposed to be my last breath on the ambulance. The next thing I knew, I was awake and so scared. I didn't know where I was. I could have been in Hell or anything for all I knew."

"But you're alive, Kairi," I said. "Kairi I love you so much and I'd never been more scared than when I was watching them try to revive you." My tears were being soaked in her hair and the bandage wrapped around her head.

"Xion, I love you too," she said. She choked out her words through her sobs. "I'm...sorry for...everything I've done to you these past few months. I...don't know...what...came I...need help."

"The first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem, Kairi," I said. "As soon as you're recovered, we're going to an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting. They'll help you there. You're not alone, Kairi. You never were alone. You didn't give up on me, so I never gave up on you."

Kairi tried to calm herself enough to speak clearly. "I know...thank you so much!" she cried.

A doctor entered the room, holding a chart. "Kairi Kinneas, I'm not going to lie to you and say that your recovery will be quick. You've got multiple, deep lacerations that will take a long time to close, even with stitches. You're lucky you didn't get a concussion," he said. "Actually, you're lucky you aren't dead. Also, I'm afraid to say this, but the police want to speak with you once you are able to."

My heart sunk in my chest. "She's not...going to jail is she?" I asked.

"Maybe not," he said. "She didn't hurt anyone, and this is her first offense, so they may just stick her with a fine and a 1-year driver's license suspension. Besides, I'm pretty sure that nearly dying has taught you a lesson, hasn't it, Ms. Kinneas?"

Kairi looked down at her lap and sighed. "Yeah, it has," she said. She couldn't say anymore for the tears.

"That's good," he said. He looked at me. "And I'm assuming you're her sister, Xion?"

"Yeah, I am," I said. "Can I...stay here with her until she recovers?"

"Stay as long as you like," he said. "Spend as many nights with her as it takes her to recover and be discharged." He flipped a few papers and focused on the back one. "Kairi, I wish you the quickest recovery possible and I'm glad we could save your life. It would have been a shame for someone as young as you to die so horribly."

"Thank you," she said. "I'm happy I'm not dead..."

The doctor left the room and we were finally alone again. "Xion, if it's ok with you, I'm going to go on to sleep," she said. "I'm so tired."

"Alright, Kairi," I said, moving over to the empty bed beside hers. "I think I'll try and get some rest too. I love you."

"I love you too, Xion," she said, turning her head over and closing her eyes. My heart broke that she was in so much pain, but at least that was all that happened to her. If just one thing had been different, I wouldn't have been talking to her just then. I would have been crying over her dead body. The thought scared me, so I banished it from my mind. I rolled over and closed my eyes, drifting off to sleep faster than I thought I would.

Author's Note: So, Kairi is now on the road to recovery, but now she'll need her friends and family even more than ever before. Thanks for reading and enjoying. Until next time...