Ouran Highschool Host Club/ Fruits Basket cross over Plot Bunny

Summary: The Hosts all thought her to be a commoner, and that was true in some ways. But what they didn't know was that Haruhi's mother was a Sohma, and Haruhi is cursed too! Her history comes out one day when Akito visits her at Ouran. What Akito didn't know what that someone was spying from a window watching their confrontation. What is Haruhi going to do?


* You can have Haruhi related (closely) to any of the other Zodiac Members

* She has to be good friends with Kyo, seeing as they are both out cast animals

* Either cursed as a Fox or Wolf, you choose

* Rated T or M, doesn't matter

* Now this is just me, but I would like to see when Akito confronts her, her (or him if you are going by the anime) to pull her hair… (lol)

* Pairings either Tamaki/Haruhi or Kyouya/ Haruhi please.

* That's all, anything else is up to you

* I would like to be linked to the story if you do write it, and please give credit to me for the plot. Thank you!