A/N: Had to repost this. I looked at it and realized a left out a huge part of the ending. Not so much as big in words, but it explains a whole heck of alot.

"Come on, one more bite." Randy smiled, holding the spoon to the little girl's mouth.

"Hehehehe." She giggled as some of the mashed vegetables trickled down her chin.

"Josslyn, you're a messy eater." Austin chuckled and grabbed a wipe for her mouth.

"Like father like daughter." Randy gazed at the little butterball in the highchair before him. Sometimes it amazed him how in love he was with that little girl.

"And what a good father you are." Austin came up from behind and wrapped her arms around him. "You better get goin', I'll take it from here."

"Thanks, babe." He reached behind him and tussled her hair before getting up from the table.

"Do you need me to come in today?" She asked as she took his seat.

"No, I got it. Hey if David's got everything under control, I'll take off early and meet you guys at the park."

"You wanna meet Daddy at the park, yeah?" Austin asked Josslyn, who giggled her approval.

"Bye babe." Randy leaned down to kiss Austin. "Bye baby."

"Byyyeeee." Josslyn mimicked as he kissed her forehead.

Stephen's eyes were fixed on her picture, almost as if she would change if he looked away. Her hair wouldn't be so black, her eyes so sapphire.

"You've been staring at that picture for the past twelve months, it ain't goin' anywhere."

"…I know that." Stephen slowly looked over his shoulder at his cellmate.

"O'Shaunessy, let's go." An officer called out as he walked up to the cell.

"Take care of yourself, fella." Stephen said.

"I hope you find her." His cellmate nodded.

"Oh I will."

"Savor that first taste of freedom." The guard said, watching from his post as Stephen was escorted through the gate.

"Wait O'Shaunessy, your belongings?" He called after him.

"Got 'em." Not bothering to turn around, he held up the picture.

"One, two, three..." Austin counted as she helped Josslyn take little steps through the grass.

"Umph." Jossyln looked surprised when she fell on her bottom.

"It's ok, baby, we're getting there." Austin couldn't help but laugh. "Oh, someone's calling. Is it daddy?" Austin asked as she pulled the phone from her pocket. "Hey babe."

"Hey, listen. Things are busy so I'm gonna be a little late." Randy said.

"No it's fine, is everything alright?" Austin asked.

"Yeah, just you know gym memberships pick up in the Spring."

"Ok well take your time, I think I'm gonna take Josslyn for some ice cream while we wait." Austin said as she watched the baby roll around on her blanket.

"Ok I'll see ya in a bit. Love you."

"Love you." Austin said before hanging up. "Ok come on baby, how bout we get some ice cream, hmm?" She scooped Josslyn onto onto one hip and grabbed her blanket.

"What's the rush there, sweet?"

Austin froze. The air got sucked out of her chest, pricks were running all over her skin. That voice, all too familiar, one she'd fought to forget.


"Surely you can spare a moment to the father of your child."