This is another story to my Valentine's Day story. I hope you like it.

Dudley was at home thinking about everything that happened that day.


Dudley and Kitty had confessed their love for each other and all it took was a few notes and a plot from Snaptrap. It had been the best Valentine's Day ever!


Dudley had already told his mom and she was inviting Kitty and her mother over for dinner tomorrow. She was busily cleaning the house and Dudley was worrying something was going to go wrong. He didn't notice his mom come up to him until she tapped him on the shoulder and made him jump a mile.

"Dudley, calm down! Everything will be fine tomorrow night!" she said.

"How did you know what I was thinking?"

"It's a mother's instinct."

Dudley gave her a funny look. "Alright, Keswick lent me the mind reading scope." his mom said while holding the scope.

Dudley did his usual evening routines and went to bed with a lot to think about.

The next day at T.U.F.F. HQ –

Dudley and Kitty were mind- chatting with Keswick's new device while working on the computers. (It was a slow day) Here is the conversation.

Dudley: Are you nervous about tonight?

Kitty: Totally!

Dudley: Me too. I hope my mom is okay with me dating you.

Kitty: Wait, how does she not know it's me but she knew who to invite to dinner?

Dudley: I told her I was dating someone… but I didn't tell her who.

Kitty: If you weren't my boyfriend now and we weren't mind chatting, I would slap you! Your mom still thinks I'm your secretary! Plus, I'm a cat. Snap! What are we going to do?

Dudley: I don't know. I've been worrying all night! But my mom is an understandable person. Remember when she let me stay a secret agent? I'm sure this will happen the same way.

Kitty: Well all we can do is hope for the best. You're probably right. Our mom's will probably understand. We may not have anything to worry about.

They had a lot to worry about.

Later that night-

Dudley and his mom were getting things ready and with every second that ticked by, Dudley grew more and more nervous. When the house and dinner were finally ready Dudley was about to explode. Then he started thinking, "Hey, calm down. Kitty probably isn't worried. So why should you be?"

Kitty WAS worried.

On the way to Dudley's, her stomach started to cramp up and her palms got all sweaty. She felt like she still didn't have her whiskers from when that weapon Dudley threw when he was a new agent cut them off.

"Kitty calm down." said her mother.

"How did you know what I was thinking?" she asked.

"Your whiskers are doing that weird twitchy thing that they always do when you're worried."

Kitty tried to calm down, but she couldn't. Dudley tried to calm down, but he couldn't.

Eventually after what seemed like forever, Kitty finally reached Dudley's house. Kitty nervously knocked on the door and Dudley nervously answered.

"Hey." said Kitty.

"Hey." Dudley replied.

They started to mind chat.

Dudley: Where's your mom?

Kitty: Huh. I thought she was right behind me.

Dudley: Nervous?

Kitty: Oh yeah.

Then Kitty's mom walked in and so did Dudley's mom at the same time. The two mothers stared at each other for a while. Dudley and Kitty kept looking back and forth at their parents.

"Peg?" asked Kitty's mom.

"Do you two know each other?" Kitty asked.

The mothers didn't answer instead they started glaring at each other and got into a fight like the one's Kitty and Dudley used to have.

The two started to mind chat again.

Kitty: Should we run?

Dudley: Yes, let's.

With that they sprinted out the door. When they got to an alley about three blocks from Dudley's house they mind chatted again so no one could hear them.

Dudley: What was with them?

Kitty: I'm guessing they used to be enemies.

Dudley: They'll never let us be together if they used to be enemies!

Kitty: We'll be lucky if they even let us see each other!

Dudley: Surprisingly, this isn't making me feel better.

Suddenly there was the sound of bickering.

Kitty: Someone's coming! Hide!

They hid behind some trashcans and listened.

"I can't believe my son is dating your daughter! They can't be together! We're enemies and you two are cats!"

"I can't believe I agree with you!"

Dudley and Kitty both knew this wasn't a good sign. Then Dudley hiccupped. Kitty gave him a look that meant, Dudley!

In no time, their mother's found them.

What the heck is going to happen now?

To be continued