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Opportunities, Missed and Otherwise

Consciousness returned in a flash, combat honed instincts evaluating and assessing his situation and surroundings before his eyes were even open. His last memory, the one of killing the demon replayed through his mind as he picked through it to find the pieces of information that he needed. In a blur of motion his eyes were open, surveying the room, and he was on his feet. A quick internal check showed he was back up to snuff, rolling his shoulders as the cloak once more became a leather jacket he headed to the closed door. Opening the door he stepped out into what he believed to be a second story hallway, figuring someone had been thankful for the save and put him in the room to recover, and headed for the stairs.

Reaching the bottom of the stairs he found what looked to be the people who owned it caught up in renovations. His entrance had however gained him the attention of one of the women sitting on a stool chipping off burnt paint. The woman's face lit up and she screamed "Prue, your special friends awake!" Moments later another woman was standing in front of him, just as –if not more- attractive as the other and a little taller. She eyed him questioningly, with something else flashing in her eyes for a moment, seeming to decide on a course of action before speaking.

"Where are you going?" Her voice was strong, calm and focused as she spoke. But what drew his attention was the way her tongue peeked out and licked against her ruby red lips.

A part of hated him hated himself for it. When Elia had been taken from him he had thrown away his humanity to become The Hound, he had thought himself done with it. Ever since he had arrived in this reality though it had begun to come back almost immediately, the cold lump of rock he called a heart had first started beating again when he had seen the pain and love for her watcher in Faiths eyes. Finding alternates of those he had loved like family had re-awoken the protective instinct in him, even if he hid it well and now here he stood staring at woman, a witch, and actually thinking of answering her question. Before the return of his damnable emotions he would have simple pushed her aside, if she had been lucky enough to survive, and gone about his business and now he was stuck here reeling in his hormones like some love struck teen.

Drawing his gaze from her lips to her eyes he spoke. "I'm going to find my bike." Stepping around her and walking away before he finished speaking, his hand paused gripping the doorknob when she spoke.

"Part of the ceiling needs to be replaced, the walls need to be repaired and repainted, and some of the furniture needs to be fixed. You can help, right?" As she spoke he could hear the slight tremble in her voice, it was more reassuring herself than actually questioning.

"Yeah… maybe." He tried not to notice the emotion that made his voice deeper and huskier than usual. "Maybe." Wanting to get away from this situation as quickly as possible, Xander opened the door and left the Manor as fast as he could, without actually running.

Walking down the sidewalk, hands in his jeans pockets, he tried to push the thoughts and feelings the woman, no Prue had stirred up in him. He shouldn't be feeling like this, it was a disservice to Elia's memory. He needed to ride, to clear his head but to do that he had to find his bike. Add to the fact the city was a big place, time had been rewound so it was somewhere he had been the day before, plus he had been out of commission for who knows how long. That meant that anything could have happened to it and it could be anywhere. Xander angrily grumbled "I need to find my damned…." In mid-step Xander flowed apart in a wave of black and red flames.

Two and a half miles away wisps of black red flame began to appear in the air before crashing together and resolving into the surprised form of Xander. "….bike." Leaning on its kickstand a few feet from him was his bike, and he was happy to see it he really was but taking a look around he realized that something had happened. Feeling the same tingling he had felt when he appeared in the Manor before fighting Shax he began to curse. "Fuck, couldn't let me have a normal fucked up day, could you. No you had to add this shit to it." He'd already figured out what was happening, he had a new power. The first time Cerberus had had been there and he had attributed it to him, but now he was alone which meant that he had teleported himself. This just made everything perfect, because now on top of problems he already had, he had to deal with learning to control and use a new ability.

Releasing a grunt of frustration he straddled his bike, closed his eyes and cleared his mind. Opening them he started the engine and pulled away from the curb into the flow of traffic, intent on getting out of this city before it did anything else to him. As Xander rode away he payed no attention to two men getting out of a black muscle car, the driver a tall man with dark hair and a roguish smile while the other was taller with sandy hair and a trustworthy face. Neither did he notice a well-dressed man in a suit watching the men from across the street. In a stroke of unusual luck he was able to ride away without getting mixed up in anything else.


Someone was out to get him, that was the only explanation that he could come up with. He had been riding on the highway, leaving San Francisco behind him when he remembered he had no idea how to find this 'Source' so that he could get to Tempus. No idea that is except the house which contained the woman he was currently running from. Gritting his teeth in frustration he had turned around and headed back into the city before realizing he didn't know where the house was, he had originally teleported into it and he had teleported again outside of it. He could try teleporting again but there was no way he was going to risk his bike, so that was out. He'd almost crashed the bike when it happened, his vision blurred then solidified and somehow he felt where they were.

No that wasn't right he didn't feel, he simply knew, knew that he could find them by reaching out through his power. He knew where they were, four in the city- three together (most likely the women) and one alone, the final one was to the west of the city back towards Sunnydale. Locking in the pulse of the three gathered presences, he bore down on the throttle, hurtling through the mid-day traffic like a man on fire.

A fifteen minute ride later found him sitting on his bike, feet on the ground, looking across the street at the manor house. He wasn't scared to go in, no not at all. There was just something about the Manor house, something inviting and yet wrong underneath he just couldn't put his finger on it. Pushing that line of thought aside he got off the bike and headed towards the front door. Gripping the door knob he began to turn before realizing that it would most likely be locked, slightly surprised when he found the door to be open. Pushing it aside he stepped into the foyer, a feeling of something washing over him, like it was looking at him, before vanishing.

Walking into the living room he found it empty, hearing voices coming from the adjoining room he pushed open the door and found the three witches talking to a blonde haired man, who he almost wanted to hit. The conversation died down when they noticed him, all eyes coming to rest on him. For a moment no one spoke, Piper, Phoebe and Leo stunned that he had actually come back while Xander and Prue's gazes were locked on one another. Then his head tips forward a fraction, just enough for the lip of the hood of his cloak to hide his eyes. "Tempus, where do I find him?"

A small tremor of shock ran through the room before it was replaced by tension and distrust. What were the chances that the being that had saved them from Shax's attack would randomly ask about the demon they had just found out had been messing with time in an attempt to have them killed. The events that took place next did not increase their desire to trust him any further. Annoyed with the lack of an answer Xander spoke again "Or The Source, tell me where he…" stopping as he felt power coalescing behind him. With speed and skill born of familiarity he threw his elbow backwards into the surprised face of Cole. Following through with the spin motion he turned around grabbing one of Cole's outstretched arms in an arm lock, causing him to straighten out on instinct to avoid damaging his arm. Using the rigidity of Cole's body he slammed his chest and face into the islands surface, cracking it, then with a greater application of force snapped Cole's shoulder out of the socket and drove his body harder against the island causing it to break.

As Xander drew his arm back and let it ignite the room broke into a chaotic orchestra of movement. With a yell Phoebe threw herself forward to cover her boyfriend's downed form, Prue yelled for him to stop and Piper tried to blow him up. As Xander stumbled backwards from the force of Piper's attack Leo let his head fall into his hands at the prospect of something else he would have to repair. "Son of a bitch! I risk my neck going to the underworld to get information and this is my thank you!" groused Cole as he gently shouldered Phoebe off of him and sat up glaring at Xander.

Taking charge of the situation Prue placed herself between her sisters (and their boyfriends) and Xander and tried to mitigate what was possibly a volatile situation. "Okay everyone needs to calm down, now." The authority in her voice demanding that she be obeyed, she looked at Phoebe and Piper " You guys take care of Cole," before whirling on Xander anger in her eyes "and you, we need to talk."

She placated her sisters concerns and ignored Cole's still angry glare. With one last look at her sisters, that clearly said do not follow me, Prue walked up the stairs with Xander following close behind. All the while trying to disregard the heat that spread through her body as she felt his eyes on her.

Minutes later

Xander had not been happy to find out that Tempus was dead. A perfect target to take out his anger on and get himself back under control, gone, this really wasn't his day. Right now all his annoyance and anger was targeted on the insufferable little witch standing in front of him that seemed to take pleasure in messing him up. Prue wasn't in any better shape, yeah the guy was handsome but damn if he wasn't getting on her nerves with his entitled and aggressive demeanor. It wasn't like it was her fault that Tempus was dead already or that he had anger issues.

One moment they're in the middle of the room glaring at each other, the next her back is pressed against the wall, their lips mashed together. The claws on Xanders left hand digging a furrow into the wall beside Prue's head as she bit his lower lip drawing blood, which is swiftly licked up by her tongue, as she demanded entrance into his mouth. Prue's hands entwined in his hair, keeping him close while their tongues dueled for supremacy, passing back and forth between the confines of their mouths, teeth occasionally nipping at a tongue as it retreated. A low throaty moan escaped Prue's lips as Xander lifted her leg pressing it against his side as his hand slowing ran up her thigh, his claws leaving goose bumps and a trail of heat in their wake.

Xander alternated between biting and licking on Prue's neck, his tongue and teeth teasing her warm skin and the fast pumping vein that rested beneath. As Prue's hands slipped into the confines of Xanders jacket it shifted into its cloak form, fluttered to the floor allowing her to freely run her hands up and down his upper body. His response was to grab her other leg and lift it around his waist, causing her to lock her ankles behind his back, shift the hand that had been in/against the wall to hold her up and massage her supple ass at the same time. Prue bit down hard on Xanders neck lightly breaking the skin, flexed her back pushing them off the wall only for Xander to use the motion to spin them around slamming her back into the wall a little ways from where they started and release a deep possessive growl into the hollow of her neck.

This example of less than gentle foreplay goes on for a while, traversing most of the room until it is interrupted by an ear shattering scream.


Piper and Phoebe had been a little wary of allowing their sister to be alone with the volatile not-demon, especially after he ripped off part of the island in the middle of the kitchen. But they had allowed it due to Prue's insistence that she would be fine and the fact that they had to pop Cole's arm back in its socket, disinfect and bandage the wounds left by their guest claws. And seriously somebody had to get his name soon. Piper's voice brought her out of her musings "What do you think their talking about up there."

"Well we haven't heard screams or bodies being blasted into walls yet, so I'd say everything's fine."

Cole looked at Phoebe with some annoyance "Fine? He ripped my arm out of the socket! I'd appreciated it if your sister at the very least put him through a wall, or two." The sound of a heavy thump from above their heads caused everyone to look up before looking at Cole. "What? Come on you cannot blame for that."

In an attempt to calm the tension in the room Leo came to Cole's defense. "You know what he's probably right. There's nothing going on up there, it's just the house settling from the fight." For a few moments the silence holds, then another slam is heard and his head drops in surrender as the sisters and Cole file out of the kitchen. Sighing he gets up and slowly follows behind, breaking into a run at Pipers screaming voice.

Upstairs, Prue's room

Piper Halliwell stared in shock at the state of the room and its tattered state. Prue's room was in tatters; the glass in her vanity broken, the vanity itself pressed into the far wall scratch marks marking its progress across the hardwood floor, there were gouges and claw marks on the walls, furniture and floor. Even Prue's four-poster bed hadn't been spared, one of its legs had been broken causing it to tilt to the right and the currently rumpled and mussed mattress and sheets were hanging most of the way off the bed frame.

Phoebe's attention however was on the two occupants of said room, who were at the moment pressed half into the corner of the room sucking face like a pair of horny teenagers. Prue's legs were still wrapped around a shirtless Xander; however her shirt was now off as well, barely hanging on where it was still tucked into the back of her pants. Phoebe felt a small smile grow on her face as she watched the two sweaty, heavy breathing people continue without noticing that they were no longer alone. The smile gave way to a grimace as Piper screamed right next to her ear.

As Prue and Xander registered the presence of others in the room they separated causing a combined gasp from the sisters as they got a look at Prue. She was glistening and panting as her chest enclosed in a silky black bra fell and rose in time with her breathing, her lips were kiss swollen, her eyes wild and her hair a mess. What really drew there attention was the changes to her features that had not been present minutes earlier. Her hair and eyes had taken on a darker hue, sharp pointed fangs peeked out from behind her parted lips and her fingernails had lengthened into short but wicked looking claws.

Remembering Zile's attempt to gain the Power of Three by marrying Prue, Piper launched an attack at Xander. Where her power would usually cause its target to explode this time it merely snapped his shoulder back and to the side. The attack however did have another affect as the lust addled minds of Xander and Prue shifted over into anger. Two distinct and terrifying growls filled the room as Xander (his eyes giving off a dark glow) and Prue began to advance, fangs bared and hands flexing.

Prue and Xander were completely focused on killing the people who had interrupted their mating and attacked them as they moved forward. As they crouched to leap a wave of calm, comfort and dominance passed through their minds accompanied by a feminine voice 'Sleep.' And like marionettes with their strings cut they fell to the ground in a deep slumber. As Piper, Phoebe, Cole and Leo stood watching as Prue's body shifted back to its normal appearance Phoebe spoke up "And our family keeps getting weirder."

Teacklins Restaurant

Two men sat fidgeting in their chairs under the glare of a very attractive caramel skinned woman, two men who were in fact not men but powerful and feared gods/god-like beings. Neither dared to speak because while they could take the woman in a fight if need be, it would be a hard won battle and one they would be paying for for at least a couple dozen centuries. After all Sarama was not a woman/goddess to be trifled with on the best of days, for she could truly live up to her title 'Bitch of the Gods' just as easily as she could be the benevolent 'Mother of all Dogs'.

"I'm stepping in, otherwise this one will end up as a failure like all the others. Did you happen to notice what happened today, his little lapse of control? All that repressing his emotions and his animal self, he's going to self-destruct. And we don't have the time to find and prepare someone else before this reality falls." Sighing at the defiant looks beginning to rise on the faces of Cerberus and Fenrisulfr she pressed on. "Anyway you two spend too much time *personally* meddling in this realm, some of the others are starting to get suspicious."

"Fine," growled out Cerberus as he stood "but I will not see another reality fall to Adam, I'll step in personally before I let it happen."

Sarama looked dead in his eyes as she spoke "And I would be right there beside you, but hopefully with me playing my part it shouldn't have to come to that." Turning her head she looked at Fenris as he lit a cigarette. "And your decision?"

Slipping on his coat as he stood Fenrir replied without looking back. "It has been some time since I last saw father. The old man could do with a visit." Moments later only Sarama remained at the table.

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