Puck & Lauren

It was the question which always resulted in many more questions. And this was the question that had been constantly repeating itself, over and over again in her head for nearly a week now. Why her? Why choose her over every other woman that he could of possibly had. It was that one question that she just time and again could not bring herself to ask him. She knew that she loved him more than anything but she still wanted to know.

Just two words Why me?'

He watched as she watched their little angel, who was just coming close to six months old. He also watched as she watched him when she thought that he wasn't looking. She watched them with a small light in her eyes, which told him of her confusion. He wondered when she'd come to him and let out whatever it was that was on her mind. He hoped that it'd been soon, he hated seeing her uneasy... especially when he didn't know why.

They continued with their daily motions, throughout the week she'd continued to show that look of uncertainty. It went on for nearly two weeks. They were alone in their room, after putting their little angel down for the night... when she broke.

"Why me?" (crying)

He looked at her incredulously; like it was the most obvious thing in the world. That one look which she could never understand, that one look, which she mistook for utter confusion.

After hearing nothing but silence for a reply she asked again. "Why me? Why me instead of that playboy life? Why me instead of all the women that would fall for you after just one glance? Why me over all the freedom that you could have had?"

He continued looking at her in disbelief. Why her? He took her by the hand and led her to their angel's room. Standing behind her and holding her in a strong protective embrace he lean down and whispered gently into her ear.

"I love you. And I chose you over every other woman that I could ever have in this world because you are the only one who could make me. I chose you because you are absolutely beautiful. Outside, and most definitely on the inside too." He paused, letting the words of truth that he spoke over her sink in while rocking them gently from side to side. "I love you because of the little things you do for me when you think I'm not watching. I love you because you are the only one who could make me this happy." He stopped rocking, walked over and picked up their little angel carefully before walking back to her. "I love you even more, if possible, because of this child you've given me, of this family I couldn't have possibly had without you. I want to show you this. I want you to realize that you could run up to me with your hair in a mess and make-up running down your face and I will still see you as the most beautiful woman in this whole wide world. I fell in love with you when I first saw you standing outside of the port a potty and I'll never stop loving you because when I get up every morning I fall in love with you all over again. I chose you; because you are the only one that could ever be you."

He continued standing there, holding her and their little angel for a little while longer; letting everything he'd said sink in. then he put their little angel back in her crib and took her by the hand once more, this time leading her back into their bedroom. He kissed her cheek softly and got them both into bed.

As he pulled up the covers he held her close. "I've got you, and you're the only one that I'll ever need. You're the only one I'll ever want." I am just glad that you gave us a chance and look at what we got out of it. A beautiful child and our love is strong enough to take on any challenges that come our way.