And so, my honoured readers, the story of Captain Stoppable's Revenge has come to it's end.

I know there are many questions still left unanswered.

Questions such as:

What happened to Yori and will she ever meet her daughter and the man she loves again?

Will Lord Fiske's betrayal go unpunished?

What became of the green skinned Countess of Tunguska and her airship?

What did happen that fateful night in 1917?

Exactly what were in those photos of Senator Rockwaller's beautiful daughter and her lovely friend?

Will Hana Stoppable go on grandiose adventures of her own when she grows up?

Did Felix ever find the lovely nurse Flores?

Alas I, your humble friend and narrator, have no answers to give at this point in time and space.

Perhaps one of you will get in touch with some of our heroes and heroines and tell their story?

Perhaps I will, at some later date.

And maybe some questions never will be answered.

Only the future will tell, as is the nature of such things.

I would like to thank you all for staying with me through the telling of this story and would also like you to know, how grateful I am for the kind comments and your patience with my errors in spelling and grammar.

With this, I bid you all, not adieu, but au revoir.