They're My Masters!

By: Shi Kami The Murderous Prodigy

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Category: Crossover

Book(s)/Game(s): Harry Potter/Final Fantasy VII

Pairing(s): [Maid! Cross-dressing!] Harry Potter/Reverse Harem

Rating: M

Warning(s): Language, Mentions of Abuse, Slash, etc.

Genre(s): Angst, Drama, Humor, Romance, SWP, etc.

Summary: 15-year-old Harry (Harrison) James Potter or Midori (The pet name given to him) runs away from the home of his only living relatives. Meeting the 16-year-old heir of ShinRa, Rufus Shinra, he is offered the job to work as a maid in the deluxe Class-A dorm of ShinRa Private Academy. He accepts this as a means for a home and income, as he wants to make his way in the world without anyone's help. There he finds himself in an obscure love shape with all of the guys in the dorm, and he tries his hardest to fulfill the needs of his masters…no matter what it is.

A/N: Yay! Finally I am actually motivated enough to start on this idea. Yeah, I know that I really need to stop that and actually finish one of my fics, but I can't help it! DX Anyway, I don't have much to say but I hope that you all enjoy this story…plus the slash that I am going to try my hardest to make it worthwhile. The first chapter will be a bit short, but not that short. After that, I will make an effort to have the other chapter much longer as there will be slash! 8D (Smirks and giggles perversely) Well onto the story now since I got all that out of the way!

Chapter 1: Class-A Dorm's Maid?

Sighing in disappointment as he walked out of the building, Harrison "Harry" James Potter lamented over being denied another job. It seemed that no matter how eager to work he was, no one wanted to hire a 16-year-old orphan. Brushing his messy bangs away from his face, he couldn't help but be depressed about his newest failure. He had been so sure that he would get this one, it was an ad in the paper that he had come across. A Bruce Lockhart had been looking for a cashier in his shop, and since he was very good with money- as he had been on his own long enough for those skills to be extremely important- the green-eyed boy had been sure that it would be the perfect job.

Unfortunately, it seemed that because of him being in orphan and even the fact he is unsure of his parentage. The man snorted disdainfully and told him to get out of his shop. Coming to a stop near the end of the street, Harry was so lost in his thought that he didn't notice the car that was racing down the street. Absentmindedly, the slender boy began crossing the deserted street as he noticed dazedly that the light had turned green.

As soon as his foot hit the crosswalk, the sound of screeching tires shook him out of his daze. Turning his head in the direction of the noise, his green eyes dilated as a white car skid in his direction at an extremely fast speed. The last thing he saw was the blinding head lights of the car before everything went black.

Cursing vehemently, the driver of the white sports car quickly unbuckled his seat belt and swung open his door. Aquamarine eyes latched onto the prone form of the boy he had hit. Disregarding everything else, he rushed over towards the boy's side and grasped the black-haired male's shoulders. "Hey! You alright?" Usually picture perfect blond hair was loose from its usual style was swept back from his face as he tried to get some kind of response from the other. It would be just his luck that the onetime Tseng allowed him to drive around on his own that he would hit someone!

"I'm never going to hear the end of this if he is dead."

Slowly and carefully, he flipped the body over and released a sigh of relief. The boy's chest was rising then falling steadily if not a bit shakily, and from what he could see there was no kind of injuries. Calming down at these positive signs, he then took in the features of the unfortunate victim of his joyriding. His eyes widened and his mouth fell open a bit as he took in the pretty features of the slender male. Elfin features stunned him, and the soft moan that tumbled from parted full lips caused his pants to suddenly feel a little too tight.

Releasing a ragged breath, he pulled his cell phone out of his pocket when he noticed some papers in the boy's hand. Curious, he leaned forward and gently tugged the documents from his tight grip. Flipping them over, his eyes widened as he realized they were resumes and lists of different kinds of jobs available in the city. Frowning slightly, he turned his attention to the boy. Why exactly was this boy looking for a job? He should be worrying about school and other teenage problems, not work.

Looking a bit further, he saw one word that answered every question for him.


Punching in an unfortunately familiar sequence of numbers, plans started forming in his mind. If everything went according to plan, he would not only make up for this as well as gain something in return. If there was one lesson that he took to heart from his father was that there was always something to be gained from any situation. Glancing down at the pretty male, a small smirk slithered onto his handsome face.

'And there is definitely something that could be gained from this situation.'

There were not many happy memories that Harry could fondly look back on. Being raised by relatives whom seemed to hate his very existence had promised this to the young orphaned boy. It didn't help that when he was in school, he hadn't had much opportunity to make any friends. He did make one, Hermione Jane Granger, but due to her parents' dental practice transferring to Costa de Sol, she had moved away to the sunny city. He still wrote her letters whenever he got the time, but after her there was no one else. Groaning slightly, Harry eyes slowly opened but his sight was still hazy from sleep as well as his usual eyesight.

All the malnutrition that the Dursleys as well as his current status caused him, his eyesight had never been the best. He had been able to get by, but he knew that soon he would officially go blind. Glasses were one of his top priorities and that was why he had been trying to find a decent paying job. Rolling over to his side, he sighed and let himself mold into the soft mattress that made him wonder if this was what it was like sleeping on a cloud. Thinking once again about his recent failure at gaining a job as his eyes sluggishly took in the room kick started his memories of what happened when he tried to cross the street. Gasping, he shot up from his lying position and looked around in alarm.

He remembered now!

He had been hit by a car!

Emerald green eyes were dilated as he found he couldn't recognize his surroundings, and he was sure that this wasn't a hospital. Looking around, he cursed as he didn't see his resume and list of jobs that he still had a shot at. Whoever had brought him here would obviously have them. This situation wasn't good at all. What if the person who hit him was some kind of sicko and would keep him locked in this admittedly lavish room for some strange perverted reason!

Yes, and extreme leap in logic, but he was too worried about what could happen to him at the moment and was in a bit of a panic. So lost in his frantic thoughts, he didn't notice the door to the room opening and a tall man walked into the room.

"Well, you are just as adorable as little Shinra said."

Snapping his head in the direction of the voice in surprise, Harry's wide eyes latched onto the auburn-haired man that stepped into the room. Blue eyes peered through feathered bangs, and a smirk was plastered on the man's handsome face. An obviously customized black and red jacket adorned his upper body and skin-tight black jeans encased his legs. A small blush formed on the smaller male's as he realized that he was gaping at the newcomer and resisted the urge to bury his face into the covers as the other male chuckled.

"Come now, aren't you even going to thank the person who let you occupy their room?"

Horrified at the thought of inconveniencing someone, Harry jumped from the bed and landed on his feet clumsily much to the surprise of the blue-eyed young man. "Sorry about that! I'm sorry that you had to give up your room!" For a moment, the other said nothing before chuckling in amusement. "Don't worry about it…I was just teasing you…though now that you're awake you've saved me from the job of having to wake you up." Stopping his frantic apologetic bowing, Harry stared up at the other with a confused expression.

Brushing his bangs away from his face with a twist of his head, the other male held placed his hand on the slender boy's head. The slight flinch made him frown, but he filed that away. "Little Shinra had said to bring you to his office whenever you wake up, something about making up for what he had done to you." Confusion colored his face, and the other man chuckled.

"Don't worry about it very much, whatever he did must have been terrible if he is acting like this."

Shifting around uncomfortably, Harry guessed that this Shinra guy is who had hit him. If this guy was as rich as Genesis seemed to be by the extravagance of this room. Forcing himself not to shiver at what could possibly happen to him. Money was a very important factor in this world, and there was nothing that he, being an orphan and a poor one at that, could really do if the man wanted to get rid of him. A hand on his shoulder snapped him out of his downward spiraling thoughts.

"Well, let's go…I don't want that brat complaining to me about keeping him waiting."

Relaxing a little under the comforting touch, Harry breathed deeply and nodded. Straightening his posture, he held up his chin and decided to face the unknown with his head held high. His company noticed this, and seemed amused for some reason.

Aquamarine eyes looked up from his homework that was sprawled across his desk as he sighed in boredom. He didn't even know why he even bothered doing this. He could have ordered someone else to do it, like that smart kid Strife. Lord knows that he needed something to do besides brooding all over the place about that slut Lockhart from their sister school.

'Besides, I have much more important things to do! Like waiting for my guest, and if possible, future employee.'

Glancing over at the resume that was sitting undisturbed on his desk, he chuckled at his plan. Not only would he be resolving a problem, which could turn very messy and turn it into a positive for himself. Looking at the contract that he had written up, he smirked and rubbed his hands together. If everything went according to plan then everyone wins, but most importantly he wins. A knock on the door caused him to jump a bit, but he quickly gathered himself. Clearing his throat, he leaned back in his chair.

"Come in."

The door opened wide and the figures of Genesis Rhapsodos and their 'guest' Harrison James Potter. Yes, he had read the resume and it would've been incompetent of him to not know the name of his future employee after all. Standing up from his seat, Rufus slapped a charming smile onto his handsome face. To his delight, a blush formed on the green-eyed boy's cheeks.

"Hello Mr. Potter, my name is Rufus Shinra and I would like to sincerely apologize for what I've done."

Looking over at Genesis, he gestured towards him. "If he hasn't told you already, this is Genesis Rhapsodos, and he owned the room you have been resting in." Seeing the sheepish and apologetic smile the boy sent towards the Third-year, Rufus continued. "How about we sit down and discuss what I can do make up for what I've done." Sending another glance in the ginger-haired male, he was satisfied when he saw the slight nod. He understood what he conveyed.

"Since I've finished my job, I'm going to go find Angeal and read Loveless again…I have to get ready for my part in the play after all."

As he was turning to leave the room, he was stopped by two hands around his wrist. Turning around in surprised, he was immediately looking into two bright green eyes. Harry bit his lip before smiling shyly, "Ummm…thanks again for lending me your room." Very slightly the corner of his lip curled upwards, and he ruffled the shorter male's hair.

"Don't worry about it."

With that, he turned and walked out of the room with a wave before closing the door behind him. Standing there looking at the door after Genesis, Harry bit his lip again as he found himself alone with this Rufus Shinra. And despite him wanting to face this head on, this was a SHINRA! Everyone knew that anyone who messed with the name ShinRa would end up disappearing and never seen again.

'Is this what I'm going to happen to me? Disappear just because I was hit by his car?"

On the outside he was able to keep from breaking out into hysteric movements, but in the inside he was already halfway to the point of hanging himself with imaginary rope. "Mr. Potter, have a seat." As if he were a dog following his master's orders, Harry sat down in one of the seats facing the desk that the white-clad blond was currently lounging in. Placing his hands in his lap, and fidgeted in his seat under the other's gaze.

"Now Mr. Potter…"

Not being able to control himself, Harry blurted out the sentence that he had become used to saying.

"Harry…Just Harry."

Raising an eyebrow questioningly, Rufus smirked inwardly at the embarrassed flush on the slender male's pretty face. "Harry then, I am deeply sorry for what I had done earlier and despite you receiving very little injuries I still would like to make up to you for it." Gaping at the man, the orphan almost couldn't keep himself from breaking down and crying in relief. This man wasn't like he thought at all, he wasn't some rich asshole who was decided that he wanted this slight against him to never see the light again.

Suddenly, he felt very guilty for automatically assuming such things about him when he hadn't even really gotten to know him. That was what happened with the people in his relative's neighborhood when it came to him. Green eyes darkened momentarily at the thought, but shook his head. All of that was behind him now, and he would prove them all wrong. Looking directly into the other's eyes, he shook his head.

"It's alright, it was an accident and I wasn't hurt very badly so I don't see the point of you doing anything like that."

At the look of astonishment on the other's face, sadness struck his heart. Obviously not many people would turn done an offer of payment for a transgression from a ShinRa. He knew there were some people who would kill to have something over someone from such a powerful family, his uncle being one. Fortunately, he was not one of those people.

"Are you sure, anything that you ask of me I will give…"

Holding up a hand to halt before scratching the back of his head and laughed good-naturedly.

"Don't worry about it, there is nothing I want from you…It was kind of my fault too since I just as well could have walked into the street when the light was red since I was kind of in a daze."

The blond-haired young man only chuckled, "Well as much as I would like to comply with your wish…I simply must do something." Picking up the resume from edge of his desk, he slid it over towards Harry. "I couldn't help but notice that it seemed that you are looking for a job…a decent paying ones if the ads that you were carrying said anything." Rufus watched patiently as the delicate-looking male looked extremely happy to get his resume back before his words seemed to register in his mind. Smirking, he leaned his cheek on the back of his hand.

"If you are interested, then I would like to offer you a job here as a caretaker here for this dorm."

At that moment, Harry was sure that his heart had stopped completely at those words.

End of Chapter 1

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