They're My Masters!

By: Shi Kami The Murderous Prodigy

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Category: Crossover

Book(s)/Game(s): Harry Potter/Final Fantasy VII

Pairing(s): [Maid! Cross-dressing!] Harry Potter/Reverse Harem

Rating: M

Warning(s): Language, Mentions of Abuse, Slash, etc.

Genre(s): Angst, Drama, Humor, Romance, SWP, etc.

Summary: 15-year-old Harry (Harrison) James Potter or Midori (The pet name given to him) runs away from the home of his only living relatives. Meeting the 16-year-old heir of ShinRa, Rufus Shinra, he is offered the job to work as a maid in the deluxe Class-A dorm of ShinRa Private Academy. He accepts this as a means for a home and income, as he wants to make his way in the world without anyone's help. There he finds himself in an obscure love shape with all of the guys in the dorm, and he tries his hardest to fulfill the needs of his masters…no matter what it is.

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Chapter 2: On the Dotted Line

The silence that encompassed the room at that statement was suffocating. Well for Harry that is, after all he hadn't been expecting to be offered a job. A very good paying job if what Shinra was hinting at, and if these figures were correct. Gaping unattractively, green eyes snapped towards the blond who leaned back in his chair and smirked. "So what do you think about my proposal?"

Looking at the estimated amount that he would make, the orphaned boy could honestly say that this would help him with his long and short term goals. He could get his glasses sooner rather than later and maybe accumulate enough to start a savings account. Calculating all of this in his head, Harry would admit that the opportunity was a one in a million. But it seemed a bit wrong, as if this was still some kind of payment for the accident. Maybe, if he knew the exact duties he would have to perform it may be worth it.

"Umm…if I accepted this, what kind of duties would I have to accomplish?"

Smirking, Rufus leaned forward and rested his chin on his intertwined fingers. "That is a very good question, first I would like to inform you that this is not any dorm but the Class-A dorm of ShinRa Private Academy…but unfortunately due to certain elements it had been up to the occupants of this dorm to keep the building clean to an acceptable level." Brushing his loose bangs away from his face, the blond titled his head slightly. "We've also had to split the duty of cooking, and I can tell you that it has been a terrible nightmare…you are noted to have experience in cooking, something that is very much needed here in the dorm." Looking down at his copy of the resume, he continued.

"I noticed that in your resume you've had experience in housekeeping in all categories that are desired for the caretaker of this dorm…though I will say now that there are certain other tasks that need to be fulfilled as well if you accept this job." Curious as to what he meant, Harry stayed silent as he waited for the other to continue. Yes, he did have experience with housekeeping, probably more than someone his age should have, but if that is why he was being offered the job then he felt a bit better. Though, these other tasks seemed to bother him a bit. What kind of tasks were they? Did he have to do something besides, cleaning, cooking, etc?

"I can tell by the look on your face that you are curious about these extra tasks that you have to fulfill am I correct?"

Seeing the emerald-eyed beauty's nod, Rufus's smirk almost seemed to grow. "Being the top students in the Academy a lot of stress is guaranteed for us every day year round, another part of the job would be that you would have to help us relieve this stress in any way that we specify." Thinking on that, the wild-haired male didn't see anything wrong with that, after all he had experience with giving massages. Some of his former clients had even said that he was a professional. As he was mulling it over, he didn't notice the paper that Rufus slid in front of him until the shine of the pen caught his eye.

Peering at Rufus from underneath his eyelashes, Harry then turned his green orbs towards the paper. Scanning the paper contract, he bit his lip as he saw that he would be wearing a uniform, it didn't say what kind but he was going to assume that it wasn't anything outrageous. Reading through the benefits that he would achieve as well as the set rate of him being paid, there was nothing that put him off from accepting this job. If anything he seemed to be the one gaining everything.

Grabbing the pen, he glanced briefly at Rufus before pressing the tip to the line. After this, he would be working for his man and the other occupants of this dorm. No matter what the task, he would fulfill his duty to make it up to these people who were giving him the opportunity to make a living for himself. Clenching his fist as he signed his name, Harry decided then and there that he would face anything that came his way.

Harrison James Potter

Rufus grasped the contract that was being handed back to him with a smirk. Yes, he had not only got passed the accident without having to worry about making up for it, but also now he had this beautiful boy at his beck and call. Slipping the document into one of his desk drawers, he locked it before placing the key into his vest pocket. "Now that we have that out of the way, soon I will have Genesis come and get you then show you to your new room as well as giving you your uniform…" A large smile blossomed on Harry's face and he did a slight bow while he still sat in his seat.

"Thank you for this!"

Nodding, he then glanced at his watch and was relieved to see that the others wouldn't be here for another few hours or so. It was only 11 AM, and they should still be in their classes. "In the meantime, I think that I should give you a little test on one of the duties that you will need to perform." Bringing a hand up to the tie, he tugged on it and loosened it up. Harry stared at him in confusion. "What kind of test?" Smirking with amusement at his naivety, the blond gestured for him to walk around the desk.

Though he was not exactly sure as to what was going on, the slender male got up from his seat and came to stand off to the side near Rufus. Spinning his chair in Harry's direction, he tugged his tie completely off and spread his legs as he slouched in his chair. "I've been feeling a little stressed lately, and I need a bit of help…" Concern flashed within Harry's eyes and he kneeled down near the other male.

"What can I do? Do you want me to rub your shoulders?"

Chuckling, the youngest son of Shinra shook his head. Bringing up one hand, he grasped the emerald-eyed boy's chin and pulled him forward. Placing his lips against the shell of his ear, the man blew a puff of moist air onto the sensitive appendage causing Harry to shiver at the sensation. "Not quite, there is something else that I want you to rub." As if to emphasize this point, Rufus placed one of the smaller male's hand on his lap where an unmistakable bulge made itself known.

Yelping in surprise, Harry fell back onto his butt with a cherry red blush overtaking his face. Gaping at the blond, the new maid of ShinRa Private Academy's Class-A dorm pointing looked down at the ground in embarrassment. Rufus chuckled, "What's wrong? Is there something wrong?" Sputtering, Harry shot up to his feet and pointed at the white-clad young man in outrage.

"Of course I have a problem! You can't just proposition someone like that and expect them to react so calmly!"

His messy hair seemed to stand on end like he was a ruffled cat, which caused Rufus to laugh once again. "But, this is something that was stated in your contract and I had even talked to you about it before you signed it." Stopping the rant that was about to flow from his lips, bright green eyes blinked in shock at the young Shinra. Thinking back to the discussion, Harry blanched as he realized what exactly he had agreed to.

"Being the top students in the Academy a lot of stress is guaranteed for us every day year round, another part of the job would be that you would have to help us relieve this stress in any way that we specify."

Gaping unattractively once again, Harry wondered how he had overlooked something like that. It was only the sound of Rufus clearing his voice that kept him from spiraling into a pit of despair at the situation he had gotten himself into. "While this may be quite shocking to you, you did sign a contract and this is the kind of duties that I assure you the other tenants of this building will desire to relieve stress…I believe I was being generous when I warned you beforehand." Restraining himself from attacking him, Harry sighed. He still thought his explanation could've been a bit more through, but he knew that it was his fault.

'I should've asked more questions when he brought it up…'

Massaging the bridge of his nose, Harry sagged down in resignation. He had dug this hole, and he was going to lie in it. And it wasn't like Rufus was ugly or anything, which was a good thing. Heaven forbid if it was that fat fuck Coreno, whom had taken a bit of a liking to him and had attempted to make Harry one of his brothel bitches. Steeling himself, the orphan turned maid stepped back over to Rufus and fell to his knees. Eye level with the aforementioned's crotch, and gulped. Pulling down the zipper of the white pants, his eyes widened as the other's rock hard cock was revealed to his eyes.

A groan fell from Rufus at the feel of the cloth against his throbbing member, and watched patiently as the smaller male licked his suddenly dry lips causing aquamarine to darken. Placing a hand on top of Harry's head, he traced his fingers through the silky yet messy locks. "Go on." Tightening his hold on the unruly strands, he forced the other closer to his dick. "Suck it."

The heat that went through him at that command was somewhat new. Living the life he had it wasn't the first time he had done this. He had a boyfriend before, and they had explored with each others' bodies, but his partner had never been so commanding during sex…not even for something simple like a blowjob! And that for some reason turned him on. Closing his eyes, he moved forward while placing his hands on Rufus's thighs. Opening his mouth, he took the swollen head into his mouth and began sucking it while twirling his tongue in circular motions.

Tangling his fingers in Harry's untamed locks, he tightened his grip as Harry began to bob his head up and down. Moaning at the feeling of his mouth being full and the slight thrusts of Rufus's hips, he peered up through his thick lashes and saw the pleasure that was clear on Rufus's face. Ecstasy shot through his body at the thought of causing someone to feel that, and the blush on his cheeks became more pronounced as he continued to suck on young Shinra's shaft. Groaning, Rufus took control of the movement of Harry's head as he felt himself coming closer to the edge.


Forcing the muscles in his throat to relax, Harry allowed Rufus to push his head down till his nose was buried in his coarse blond pubic hair. The musky scent that hit his nose only seemed to cause his body to heat up, and moan as he unconsciously tightened his throat muscles around the cock thrusting in his mouth. Gripping the tangled locks tightly, Rufus pulled the smaller male's mouth from his straining and member and grasped his own shaft while pointing it forward as he came.

Thick streams of cum spurted out and decorated Harry's smooth and flushed face. A mewl slipped from the green-eyed boy's lips as Rufus rubbed between his spread legs with one of his own. Grasping the boy's face, Rufus swiped up a finger across his face and gathered a generous amount of his semen. Holding it out to the other's lips, he smirked. "Go on, lick up every last drop." Immediately, those lips wrapped around the figure and sucked the appendage clean. Grinding slowly against the leg rubbing against him, Harry released the finger with a pop and panted heavily as Rufus sped up rubbing.

"You like that?"

Nodding with a wanton moan, the black-haired boy tightened his grip on Rufus's white clad legs. Panting, he swiped up the left over globs of cum that were dripping down his face with his fingers before licking them clean enthusiastically. Who knew that he would be one of those people turned on by this? Smirking, the blond tugged Harry up to stand up in front of him, and tugged on the jeans. "Strip, take off everything." Hastily, he complied with the order and removed his clothing and revealed the soft pale flesh to lustful aquamarine eyes.

Beckoning him with a finger, Rufus easily brought the slender male into his lap by his waist. Delicate hands were placed on his shoulders, and soft lips were pressed against Rufus's neck. "Do you want me to put out that fire inside you?" Prodding Harry's entrance with the head of his cock roughly, a gasp flew from the black-haired beauty's lips. "Mmmm…yesss." Chuckling, he pushed his lubricated fingers into the lithe boy, and waited till the other relaxed. As he felt the other relax, he began pumping his fingers slowly and enjoyed the mewl that tumbled from his lips. The hissing sound caused the Shinra heir to pause for a split second before shivering at the seductive sound, before he hummed. "Well then, ride me until I come…"

Mewling, Harry wait until Rufus's fingers left him before pressed himself down onto the other's cock to the hilt and threw his head with a yell at the plethora of sensations reverberating through his body. Hissing himself, Rufus chuckled breathily. "Yes, that's it, take all of me in." Wrapping his arms around the blond's neck, he allowed his employer to control the tempo as his body bounced up and down on Rufus's lap.

Every time Harry's hips are forced down, white hot ecstasy spiked with each thrust upwards from his current partner and teeth were nipping his sensitive skin. Then his bright green eyes dilated as a certain bundle of nerves were jabbed, causing his whole body to go rigid as he climaxed explosively. Immediately, Rufus followed as the delicate male's walls clamped down on his dick and forced him to come. Harry's cum splattered across Rufus's white coat, while the smaller male was filled completely with the larger male's scorching seed.

Slumping bonelessly against Rufus's thicker framer, the green-eyed boy passed out from exhaustion. Breathing deeply as he came down from his high, the blond ran his hands through the chaotic black hair and nuzzled his nose into the damp tresses. Hearing the soft snores from the smaller young man, a satisfied smirk slithered onto his face.

Yes, he had chosen correctly.

He was going to enjoy his new little maid.

Emerald green eyes snapped open and Harry sat up quickly gasping. Looking around the room, he noticed that he was in a room similar to the one he had woken up in- if not a bit smaller. Glancing around as if someone was going to jump out at him, he sighed in relief and wiped the sweat from his forehead.

'So all of that was just a dream then?..'

It was then he felt a pain shoot through his ass, which caused him to roll off the bed. Falling down on his face, he groaned at the two combined sensations of pain. Rubbing his nose, he slowly looked up and saw his reflection in the mirror and gaped at the sight he made. Not only was almost drenched with sweat and his hair was in even more a disarray than it was usually. There for his viewing pleasure were marks on his neck and shoulder, and then the bruises that resembled fingers on his waist.

Staring at the mirror in shock, he quickly was on his knees gripping his hair while his face was a bright red.


Grabbing the comforter from the bed and burying his face in the comfortable fabric, Harry screamed mentally at the embarrassing behavior he had displayed. He not only acted like a slut, but he had passed out on his boss! Covering his face with his hands, he stood up from his position on the floor and sighed. It was over, and there was no point in worrying about it. Obviously Shinra wasn't offended as he still seemed to be in the building and not on the street or some whore house somewhere thankfully.

Walking halfway through the room, he hummed happily as he found a bathroom attached to the room. This dorm that he was going to be looking after was extremely nice. He had never been somewhere that had bathrooms attached to rooms, not even the Dursleys had a house with this! Twisting the knob, he watched as the hot water began filling the expensive looking tub. Looking around he was happy to see some soap for him to use, grabbing one of the bottles he twisted the cap off and sniffed the contents. Moaning at the delicious scent of vanilla, he decided that he would be using that one.

As the water filled the tub, he poured in some of the liquid and soon a vanilla scented mist formed in the room. Carefully, he climbed into the tub wincing every now and then from the pain he gained from his earlier activities. Finally getting in the tub, he sank down into the hot water with a long sigh. It had been such a long time since he was able to take a bath, much less a hot one. Showers were a constant for him, and hot water was only a rare treat. If this was one of the perks to this job, then he could see himself adjusting very quickly.

Stretching his arms above his head with a groan, he leaned back as he felt his muscles loosen under the soothing heat. Lifting his leg from under the water, he watched dazedly as the water slid down the shapely appendage. It just seemed a little crazy when he thought about it. Just a day ago he was turned down from another job, and suddenly he not only been practically given a highly paying job but given wonderful housing as well.

'Thankfully I can go get my stuff and tell that insufferable Umbridge where she can stuff it.'

Grinning at the thought of the expression on the pink toad's face, the slender boy grabbed the fluffy washcloth and rubbed the vanilla soap until a lather formed. Scrubbing his body, he grimaced at the amount of filth on his body. He was a very cleanly person, a habit practically beaten into him by his aunt. No matter the situation, he always made sure he was clean and the small amount of grime on his body caused his eye to twitch. Not even moments later, the water was being drained and Harry stood outside of the tub with a towel around his thin waist with clean skin that almost seemed to glow.

Placing a hand on his hip, he moved towards the sink where he found a toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash, and floss ready for him to use. After he was done with that, and his mouth felt the cleanest it had felt in weeks, he made his way to the room. Opening the door of the bathroom, he closed the door behind him and yelped as he saw another person in his room.

Jumping almost three feet in the air, he fell back into the closed door of the bathroom clutching a hand to his chest over his beating heart. Emerald green eyes were as wide as a deer's in headlights, which caused a laugh to escape the auburn-haired young man. "Well, that isn't a greeting that I usually get, but it did amuse me." Blushing at that comment, he bowed at the waist all the while not noticing the knot in his towel loosened at his sudden movement.

"I'm so sorry! You just startled me is all! I didn't expect anyone to be in the room."

Waving away his concerns, the handsome elder male only smirked. "That's alright...I guess I should've announced my presence to you, though don't worry as I did come here for constructive purposes." Gesturing towards the bed, Harry glanced over and glimpsed a uniform of some kind before looking back into those pretty blue eyes. "I was ordered by the little ShinRa to give you your uniform…hopefully you will like them as I had made them myself after all."

Gasping in shock, Harry bowed once again and thanked him. As he stood up straight, the knot keeping his towel on his waist slowly unraveled and the towel fell into a pile around his feet. Two blue eyes caught the motion, and blazed a trail down the slender body to the towel and back up. Noticing his gaze, green eyes looked down and widened as he noticed his body that was bare to the other's gaze. Yelping, he grabbed the towel quickly and started to tie it around his waist when a large hand grasped his wrists.

Blinking in confusion, he tilted his head back and was staring deeply into the half-lidded eyes of Genesis. "Well I wasn't expecting something like this…" The soft pads of the blue-eyed man's hands rested on his slightly bruised hips and the calloused tips of his fingers brushing his soft skin caused a gasp to fly from parted lips. "It isn't a wonder why little ShinRa had hired you…yes, you will do my creations justice…but first I want a little taste."

Harry could do nothing as his lips were captured swiftly by the other male and moaned as a very skilled tongue plunged into his mouth. Being pressed into the bathroom door, Genesis released his lips and began attacking the pale neck bared to him. Moaning, the black-haired boy closed his eyes and let himself enjoy the sensations the other was forcing onto his body. Mewling, he opened his eyes as a hand gripped his chin. Breathing heavily, he stared into Genesis's darkened eyes.

"Would you allow me that honor kitten?"

End of Chapter 2

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