I think that its messed up that fanfaction is deleting story from some of my favorite authors but that's just gonna make them loss people that love there site and the people complain about the rating m if u don't like what people write in there for us grown UPS don't read it because u ruin it for everyone else that has there storys and some people might not get to know there stuff is delete and loss all there storys so fanfiction u might delete me but oh well just so how much of Ur fan on Ur site will loss BC u got people with sticks up there fucking ass south stupid shit the want to complain about to make it hard on other people yall might hate me after this I really don't care anymore BC you've lost my respect for how you been treating people that have been writing along time and for those getting threaten with there shit removed go to thewriterscoffeeshop dot com that's were some are going and they don't have this stupid shit in deleting your storys BC u have violent or sexually or anything they don't like on there call have free speech not have someone not like something they don't like if u don't then don't fucking read it BC other people do like it now time to clam down before th hospital nurse comes as tells at me xoxoxo