A Couple Weeks Later

"Oh Dean right there," moaned Mikaela tilting her head back slowly as he sucked on her neck and continued to thrust his fingers into her. He curled them up and she gasped in pleasure.

"Right there baby?"

"Oh shit yes!" She moaned and Dean leaned up and kissed her roughly. Dean loved giving her pleasure and knowing it was only him that was doing it.

Their tongues dueled and Dean continued to give her mind blowing pleasure. She loved what he could do with his hands. Hell she loved what he could do with everything of his. He was one man sex army knife if there was even one out there.

Mikaela could feel a spark of an orgasm coming, "Oh God Dean!"

Dean smirked looking down at her loving how vocal she was even when he was just fingering her but she got louder when he was screwing her...which was only one time, their first time. Hiding their relationship and sneaking around was not easy for the two lovers but they tried the best they could.

Just as Mikaela was about to cum her phone started to ring. Mikaela's concentration from Dean's fingers and the pleasure that was building up completely forfitted and she sighed heavily.

"You've got to be kidding!" she yelled and pushed Dean off her causing him to fall off the bed. She laughed looking over the bedside at him, "Sorry."

Dean just glared at her as she got up and grabbed her phone, "Hi daddy."

"Hey munchin...got the witch I'm headed over to the hotel now. Be there in about 15 minutes."

Mikaela looked at the clock. Shit, she thought and got off the bed, "Ok daddy I'll see you soon." She hung up the phone and buttoned her jeans up, "Shit shit shit."

"What?" asked Dean still on the floor but sat up leaning on the bed watching her. He smiled watching her get the knots out of her hair.

"My dad is going to be at my motel in 15 minutes. It's going to take me at least 10 to get there. I got to get going."

Dean sighed, "You know one of these days I am going to be able to get past third base again."

She laughed and crawled onto the bed and over to him, "You'll have to kidnap me for that." She kissed him softly.

Dean groaned trying to savor her taste because he didn't know the next time he will be seeing her and tasting her luscious lips or sucking on her tongue...touching her body.

"Don't tempt me," he grunted and she giggled.

"Bye baby...text me." He watched her leave and he sighed heavily. He fell for her hard and he knew he shouldn't have but he did. He cared so much for her. She was, is, the best thing in his life right now.

Mikaela got into the motel right before her father and quickly stripped her clothes and threw them in her bag. She had to be careful. Her father would notice the scent of Dean on her. She got into the shower and heard the door open and close.

"Dad?" she called out.

"It's me!" yelled Caleb.

She smiled. Got away again and hopefully next time.

A few days had passed by and Caleb and Mikaela where in yet another motel room working on what could be a pretty big demon case. Mikaela was a little excited. This was going to be her first big case her dad let her do more that just research. She was ready for some action.

"So dad I think I found a place to start. This girl was in a coma for three months right and then one day she was gone and that is who the witness is saying killed her husband."

"Nice work, sweetie." Caleb smiled.

"Thanks. I learned from the best." She smiled up at him.

She hopped off the bed and walked over to the counter and was about to pour her another cup of cheap coffee when there was a knock at the door. She froze and turned. She had to be ready for anything.

"Just relax." Caleb smiled.

"You expecting someone?" she asked.

"Yeah I called in some extra help. This could be a big one."

"Dad you promised to let me help this time!" she said. She was so tired of him not trusting her.

"I know I did and you can. I just think a few extra hands wouldn't hurt."

"We have all the hands we need." She said and watched her father open the door. When she saw John and Dean standing there a small secret smile came to her face, "But like you said, a few more couldn't hurt." She said to herself.

"Thanks for coming guys. I thought you would want in on this one." Caleb said and let them into the room and closed the door and locked it as always.

"Thanks for calling." John said.

"Dean I think you remember my daughter." Caleb said as Mikaela walked over.

"Oh yeah. How's it going?" Dean asked.

"It was going fine." She said and rolled her eyes. She knew that Dean would know she was putting on an act.

"Sorry to burst your bubble by showing up but maybe you should leave this one to the grown ups." He said.

"Then what are you doing here?" she asked.

"Mikaela don't be rude." Caleb warned.

"That goes for you too Dean. We all need to work together." John said.

"Whatever. Let's just get this over with." Mikaela said.

"Sounds great to me. When do we head out?" Dean asked.

"In the morning. Its getting late. As soon as the sun comes up we go out and interview the last few people and then we can really track down this son of a bitch." Caleb said. "Mikaela has everything lined up for us."

"Sounds great." John said. "Well I guess we better get a room and we can meet up in the morning."

"Perfect" Caleb said.

When the dad's weren't looking Dean gave Mikaela a wink and she mouth 'I want you' to him and licked her lip. Dean bit on his bottom lip. He wanted to tear her up so bad. God it was killing him but he knew he had to wait until the right moment and he already knew when that was going to be.

Mikaela grabbed a few dollars out of her purse and looked over at her father. She smiled at him. He had fallen asleep in the chair with his journal in his lap. She walked over to him and gave him a kiss on the cheek. She grabbed his journal and ripped out a piece of paper. She grabbed a pen and wrote down that she'll be back in 15 minutes. She didn't want him to worry.

She left the note on the table and walked to the door. As she grabbed the doorknob she quickly turned to the mirror by the door and looked at herself. She made sure her hair was nice and a little wild how Dean liked it, just in case she ran into him. She smiled at herself before she walked out the door.

Dean laid on the bed in the dark motel room. He could hear his father's snores. He knew he should be sleeping but knowing Mikaela was a few feet away from him it was killing him mentally and physically. It's been a couple weeks since the last time the two were together. He looked out the window when he heard someone walk by. Dean glanced over and smiled seeing the silhouette of Mikaela.

He quickly sat up and grabbed his boots slipping them on and pulling a shirt on. He looked at his dad one more time before walking to the door and slipping out quietly.

Mikaela was at the ice cream machine looking the many choices. She finally picked a cream-sickle and waited for it to vend. After she grabbed it she started to peel the wrapping off and suck on it. Just as she walked by the laundry room she felt hands grab her and her hunting instincts kicked in but before she could use them she was turned around and the door slammed.


She heard his laugh as he turned the light on. He was leaning against the wall with his arms crossed. He was wearing a gray t-shirt, his muscles were showing through it and his black jeans were hanging loosely on his hips and he had that lop sided smile on his face that she couldn't help but smile back at.

Mikaela crossed her arms and looked at Dean, "Well?"

Dean just smiled taking her ice cream and throwing it to the side, "Shut up."

He placed his hands on her hips and leaned down and kissed her. She smiled into the kiss wrapping her arms lazily over his shoulders and kissed him back. He ran his hands over her lower back under her shirt. He moved them higher up her back over her soft skin undoing her bra and taring both her shirt and bra off. His lips never left hers as he backed her against the washer, his right hand cupped her left breast. She sighed pleasently into his mouth, his thumb circling the tight bead, flicking it playfully.

Mikaela shivered from his touch nibbling at his bottom lip as her own hands pushed up his shirt and over his head. Their kissing becoming heated, passionate. Dean groaned pushing her pajama bottoms to the floor by her feet. He lifted her up kicking them to the side and lifting her onto the washer. Mikaela unbuckled his belt and fought with his jeans shoving them down to his own feet. he smiled as she struggled but finally was able to free his thick tender member.

Dean kissed her one last time as he took her leg and placed it over his shoulder rocking into her. A gasp escaped her mouth holding onto the edge of the dryer. She bit her lip and heard a low groan escape Dean as he pulled out slowly. He thrusted back into her leaning forward capturing her mouth with his passionately. She wrapped her free leg around him pulling him as close as possible to get him deeper inside her.

Mikaela pushed up from the washer rocking against Dean as he slid in and out of her tight wet pussy.

Dean groaned as she worked against him, with him. He licked his lips thrusting faster and deeper. He looked into her eyes watching her. His eyes moving over her beautiful face. With each thrust her mouth forming into an 'O' shape causing a smirk to show up on his face. He closed his eyes tilting his head back slightly groaning quietly.

"Fuck Mikaela," he licked his own lips leaning forward and kissing her passionately. His one hand moved from her waist to her hair tangling his fingers with her silk brown locks thrusting harder and harder.

Mikaela could barely breathe. She held onto Dean as if for dear life. She clung to his back gasping at every thrust.

"Dean please don't stop...so close." She closed her eyes and bit her bottom lip feeling a wave hit her entire body, a wave of pleasure. She cried out digging her nails into his tender flesh, her eyes closed tightly and every sound he could make her do came out in that quiet secluded laundry room.

Dean crashed his lips onto hers kissing her hard as he felt her pussy tighten even more around his cock. He groaned slamming into her a few times before letting go. He thrusted, rocking them through their orgasms. He bit her bottom lip, sucking on it gently. The two stopped breathing heavily and just held each other the best they could in the position they were in.

Dean swallowed hard listening to her breathing as well as the outside for anyone coming by. He turned his head and kissed her softly on the top of her head, "Wow babe, that was amazing."

Mikaela grinned, "Glad to be at your service."

He chuckled kissing her lips one more time and pulling his clothes on the same time as her. "So what does your dad think about this hunt?"

"Demon," she sad combing her fingers through her hair.

Dean glanced at her and nodded, "And he thinks it's ok for you to go out with us tomorrow for a demon?"

Mikaela pulled her shirt over her head and looked at him, "What's that mean?"

"Mikaela look you are a great hunter I know this from experience," he winked, "But this is something you have never dealt with before."

Mikaela placed her hands ontop of he washer and looked at him with an arched eyebrow, "And you have?"

"Well, no but..."

She hopped off the washer, "No buts Dean I am doing this. You can't stop this from happening and please do not act like my father. I am sheltered enough in my life."

Dean placed his hands on her waist and looked her in the eyes, "Fine but let's make a deal."

Mikaela looked up at him, "What is it?"

"I want you to listen to me during the hunt. That is all I am asking Mikaela. If I tell you to get the fuck out you get the fuck out, you got it?"

Mikaela searched his eyes and nodded, "Ok Dean. I'll listen."

Dean leaned down and kissed her softly. He was worried about her. He always will be.