Title: My Anchor

Story Summary: Alex is given a job offer she can't refuse, but it involves a drastic move. How do you choose between the opportunity of a lifetime and the family that you love dearly? Is there even a choice to be made? Alex's and Olivia's relationship is put to the test. How do they deal with the possible move, and how does it affect their three year old son Riley?

Background Info: This is my sequel to Blind Run; it's not necessary that you read it first, but makes a little more sense. Summary of Blind Run: Alex comes back to work an international pedophile case with Liv after a year abroad spent in Africa, Bosnia, and London. Did I mention . . . she's pregnant! Baby daddy doesn't want the responsibility of a child, but wouldn't mind seeing him every once in a while. Then there was the ex-girlfriend who isn't sure she wants to give Alex up to Olivia. The two of them have been living together for the past three and a half years and have been raising a son together (Who happens to have both of their last names).

Chapter 1: Good Morning My Superhero

A low, playful growl that could only come from a three year old little boy, rumbled through the hallway, "Mommaaaaaa!" Riley came running from his bedroom with his blanket wrapped over his head and grasped tightly under his chin as he yelled. His 'cape' flapped behind him, creating a whooshing noise as he darted into the kitchen.

Olivia set her freshly poured cup of coffee down on the counter. A bright smile flashed across her face as she bent down to welcome him into her arms, "Good morning my little super hero!" Olivia pretended to examine the cape as she looked over her son still dressed in his racecar pajamas. "Who are you headed off to save today?"

A tooth filled grin crossed his face, and his eyes got big as he relayed what his plans for the day were going to be. He got so excited that he started jumping and waving his arms around, and dropped his blanket onto the floor. "I'm gonna go to school and when the bell rings, I'll know that mommy needs my help. SO, I'll fly to the courthouse, like this!" He spread his arms out and let his lips make an airplane noise as he 'flew' around their kitchen table. "Then, I'll get my sword and tell the bad guy that he has to go to jail, 'cause that's where he belongs." Riley got out his make-believe sword and jutted it toward Olivia, "hi-ya."

Olivia laughed at the vivid imagination and energy their son had. He was always making up stories and he loved playing the good guy. Already he was as fearless as Olivia and as analytical as Alex, making him into one special little boy. She pulled him into her arms and stood up with him, hugging him tightly and placed a gentle kiss on top of his unruly brunette head of hair. "I love you so much kid."

Riley pulled back and planted a kiss on Olivia's lips and made a smooching sound as he did. "I love you too momma."

Olivia set Riley back down on the floor. "Let's go get you dressed."

"OK!" Riley said and then took off back in the direction of his bedroom.

Olivia bent down to pick up the fallen blanket-cape and when she stood back up, the image that stood in front of her took her breath away.

Alex came out of their bedroom wearing a dark black pencil skirt that hung just below her knees. Her top was a deep silky green with a figure flattering outline. The arms of her shirt cinched right above her elbows and billowed as she walked. She wore tall, black, sling back heels. Her blonde hair hung straight past her shoulders and her glasses sat atop her face. She was hooking her second earring through her ear as she spoke to Liv, "How do I look?"

Olivia cocked her head to the side as she admired her girlfriend of three and a half years. She never got tired of the sight of her all dressed and ready for a big day at the courthouse. Of course, she'd much rather see a lot less clothes on her body, in fact none being the perfect amount, but alas they did have to work.

"You look amazing." Olivia said as she stepped in closer to Alex, pulling their hips together and placing her forehead on Alex's.

Alex felt a slight blush creep into her cheeks. Olivia could read her so easily; she could tell how nervous Alex had gotten over the meeting today. Liv's comment brought a rush of peace back over her, and it settled in her cheeks, a tell tale sign of worry but comfort. The looks of her lover were always welcomed. She felt safe, anchored, around Olivia and knew she would be able to take on anything that day.

"Thank you," Alex half whispered, half mouthed to Olivia.

Olivia brought her lips over Alex's and they kissed in a warm surrender. When Liv pulled back, she whispered into Alex's ear, "Anytime."

"You kissing," a tender tease came from the mouth of the toddler that had snuck up on them. His shirt was on backwards and his jeans hung unzipped and low on his waist. Riley's hair stuck up on one side, the side he had been sleeping on no doubt.

Alex smiled and leaned down to give Riley a peck on the cheek, "That's because we love each other." She gave him another short kiss on the lips, "And I love you." She stood back up and placed her hand over his head, ruffling his hair playfully.

Riley rolled his eyes and darted out from underneath her, "I know mommy."

Olivia squatted down once again and lifted Riley's arms out of his shirt so she could turn it around and then buttoned his jeans. As she did this, she spoke to Alex, "Riley said he's going to swoop in and save you from the courthouse today."

Alex made her way into their kitchen and poured herself a cup of coffee into a to-go mug. "Is that so?"

Riley nodded his head eagerly in agreement.

"I shall await your rescue," Alex said and then took a sip of her coffee.

Olivia went back into their bedroom and strapped on her badge and gun. Having a child changed her in more ways than one, but she continued her work with SVU. If anything, it made her a better cop. The sometimes long and random hours in correlation with Alex's high profile and demanding job had forced the two to hire a nanny who was on call 24 hours a day. Although they both made it home most nights, there was occasionally a case that required around the clock attention. On those days, Anna their nanny watched after Riley.

Alex took a brush and some gel to Riley's hair and then tied his sneakers on his feet.

After Liv came back into the room, she grabbed the lunch she had made for Riley earlier that morning and slipped on her jacket. "Ready for preschool?" Olivia asked Riley.

"Yep!" He shouted and jumped up and down as he grabbed Alex's hand.

Alex took his hand in hers and flipped her hair off her shoulders. She smoothed down her skirt and wiped away any particle that tried to cling to it.

Olivia stood in front of Alex and watched as she nervously primped herself for the day. "You're going to do great today," Liv reassured her.

Alex let out a deep sigh. "I sure hope you're right." She had been preparing this case for the past six months for the International Criminal Court and was presenting it today. The ICC held a meeting once a year, either in New York or in the Netherlands and this year it happened to be New York.

Olivia leaned in and planted another kiss on Alex's lips and then said, "I know I'm right."

A playful and newly confident smile formed as Alex grinned.

As if on cue, Alex felt an impatient tug on her arm. "Mommy, let's go!" insisted Riley.

At that, the three of them headed out their apartment door. Olivia drove Riley to preschool and then headed off to the precinct while Alex headed off to the ICC to present her case to the board.


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