Disclaimer – I do not own Bleach. This is a collection of one shots based off of the new filler arc for the 'Gotei 13 Invasion Army' filler arc. Yes... I haven't finished Unknown Tales: One Shots, but... I really want to try and get this one finished WHEN the series finishes. Also, if anyone reviews saying that a later episode disproves something written for an earlier episode, I am simply going to laugh. And if you don't know why...

000a) Radio Kon
: Humor
Main Characters: Kon and Hanataro

Rating: K+

Kon sat at his radio desk, tapping on the microphone. "I am going to start off with the fact that, the characters of Bleach do not own Bleach. We do not even own ourselves. This is why so many of my..." There was a pause here and then lets out a cough. "...kin... were killed off. This is because I do not own Bleach and could not prevent their death.

The lion plushly continued. "If I owned Bleach, I would make sure everyone was alive and well, with no death in the entire series except for old age. However, that may not even be an issue as much as illness as the one person who looks like they may kill over at any second is practically indestructible." His tone then changed to be more flowery. "I would also make all the hot girls fall in love with me."

At that, Hanataro stuck his head into the room. "If I owned Bleach, I'd make myself stronger and with a lot more courage."

At that, Kon turned to glare at the forth division medic. "Who asked you?"

"Gomenasai!" The young man simply peeked from around the corner instead of sticking his head in all the way.

"The first thing I wish to address is why there is a need for a filler arc." A paw was raised to mouth an another cough erupted.

"Do you need some medicine?" came the meek voice from the doorway.

Kon choose to ignore him and continued. "It has come to our attention that some of the fans, particularly the ones in America, have been complaining that there is too much filler. They don't just complain about Bleach either, they complain about shows like Naruto. Why anyone would be into that show I don't get it."

"I like Naruto..." Hanataro remained simply peeking in.

"That is beside the point. Nobody remembers you, nobody will remember that show." The lion muttered.

"That's mean!"

"The point is, people complain about fillers. This is despite the fact, if shows didn't have filler, they catch up to the Manga they are based off of and have no more material to run on. People complain that they are boring, so here is what I have to say about their attitudes about filler episodes." Kon coughed again.

"Are you sure you don't need some medicine." Hanataro slipped into the room.

"Don't complain about something that is keeping the show you like so much on the air. Think about the reason you are bored. Is it because... um... I forgot my lines." Kon blinked a couple of times.

"Think about the reason you are bored. Is it because you happen to be over zealous to watch your favorite Manga on television as you remember it? That means your not being very patient. Is it because you think they are crap? Until you get to episodes like the ending of Rurouni Kenshin, for the Anime series, then stop complaining. Most filler isn't as bad as people make it out to be."

"Wait... how did you know all that?" The stuffed lion became miffed.

"I'm the one who writes the complex thought part of the script." Hanataro.

"Well, you are definitely going off script with... do you need medicine? Are you sure you don't need medicine?" Kon took a deep breath. "Onto the final subject, we will be doing theoretical pieces as the filler series progresses. A few changes to the program from the last time we did this."

"First off, the one-shots that are rated M will have an M rating in the title, not to mention the rating will go up if there comes to be such a piece of work. The work will not be marked as complete until all episodes are done. We are also starting before the filler arc starts. Enjoy the show."