Jandi wandered the dark streets of seoul,,,, again.
She wondered why this felt so frequent... probably because it WAS.

She ticked off each option of where she would go on her fingers..

2.a distant library

3.a cafe

oh... and the place she goes to every time she gets kicked out even if its her last option.

Gaeul was out of town again because of Yi jung sunbae dragging her everywhere,,,

all the libraries were closed for the day, and she didnt have any money to go to a cafe.

She let out a sigh, Why , Why does it always have to come to this,? She thought.

It wasent that she didnt like going there, it was just that she came and went so frequently that it was embarrassing.

He even gave me a house key! She thought.

But like a giant magnet, his house was always the most welcome- even more than her own house.

So off she went to the only place that would welcome her even when her own boyfriend didnt.

She held the house key in her hand.