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Jandi rubbed her eyes sleepily, annoyed at the light pouring through the curtains. As she buried her face deeper into the pillow, she realized that it wasn't the pillow she was leaning into. She opened her eyes to find Jihoo, asleep soundly, looking very peaceful. He had stayed still all night, trying not to move so he wouldn't wake her. Jandi blushed, realizing how much she had invaded his personal space, removing her leg from around his hips. She prayed that he did not notice this and turned away, going back to the other side of the bed. Hitting herself on the head over and over, she scolded herself, yet again, out of habit. "mm…." Jandi flinched, startled by the soft, melodic voice. She turned towards Jihoo, looking up at his face curiously. He slept quite still, like he always did, making her think that he was a corpse. Pursing her lips, Jandi studied his features, over and over, not realizing how fast the time was going by. After what had seemed like only a few seconds, Jihoo stirred and opened his eyes sleepily. He rubbed his eyes and looked back at Jandi, eyes filled with sleep. "ah—is something wrong..?" He asked when Jandi did not look away. Jihoo, in amusement, slowly watched Jandi's cheeks flush a bright red. "n-no I was just—I wasn't staring or anything.. " She stuttered hopelessly, wanting to clear his doubt and not succeeding. Jihoo smiled, just a little. "Alright-.." His dark eyes lit up with amusement and he sat up, straightening up his shirt. "..How long were you awake?" He mumbled his question, still half asleep. "Not that long, I promise" Jandi smiled when doubt crossed the perfect features on Jihoo's face. "I'm going to go take a shower quickly,. .Maybe we'll find something fun to do today." He gave a little smile and disappeared into the washroom. Jandi waited patiently, listening to the shower turn on and daydreaming of all the fun things they would do in the long day ahead of them.


Jihoo carried Jandi back into the hotel room, while she giggled and clung to his neck. Again, she had chugged down a shot of vodka, thinking it was water. "Jihoo sunbaeee" She crooned, stroking the side of his neck affectionately. Jihoo tried to keep a blank expression, but inside he was slowly breaking. She was so vulnerable, he kept becoming selfish. He pursed his lips and set her down on the bed. "sunbae—why do you put me down?" She grumbled, clutching for him again. "Try to sleep, Jandi…." He mumbled quietly, so he wouldn't do anything inappropriate. Jandi pouted and turned on her side. "You always push me away-.. I thought you liked me…" She grumbled and pulled the blanket over her head. Jihoo sighed, and sat on the edge of the bed. When he heard Jandi's breathing slow, and her motions becoming still, he lifted the covers slightly, revealing her face. He withdrew his hand reluctantly, studying her with only his eyes. He fixed the covers for her, and leaned down to kiss her forehead. "…?" Jihoo's eyes widened at the sudden tug of his collar, bringing his lips to Jandi's. Jandi kissed him briefly, before grinning, obviously still drunk, and closed her eyes. "You know what? I like you too-Jihoo sunbae." And she was out like a light.


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