Kitty Pryde was bored as all Hell.

School was finished for the winter, she had all her Christmas shopping done, her flight back home booked and a list of things she had to take with her was organised to perfection.

She looked around the spacious room that she and Rogue shared. Books, CDs and paraphernalia of nameless junk were strewn about the floors and surfaces. In a stroke of genius she decided to clean up; partly for her own sanity and partly so Rogue didn't have another annoyance to add to her list.

The holidays were always a difficult time for her best friend. She had no family to stay with and the mansion was mostly empty expect for a handful of students and the Professor. She knew Rogue would shy into her own little world until January when everyone returned with wonderful storied of their families and holiday dalliances.

Kitty dug out two boxes and labelled them ROGUE and KITTY respectively and set to work separating the junk on the dressers and desks. She found movie stubs and concert tickets and even some old notes they had sent during a particularly tedious Calculus lesson and because of her softer side she put these memories in an envelope and set it on her newly tidy dressing table.

She picked up all the dirty clothes off the floor and pottered down to the laundry room and set the machine away she practically skipped back upstairs she was in that good of a mood. Amazing what something productive could do to a girl.

As she sifted through the mess on the floor her mind wandered yet again to Rogue and her sour moods of late. The main problem was that she didn't have the faintest idea what her issue was. Every time she tried to talk about it she was shunned out completely; and if you can't talk to your best friend about something who can you talk you?

She went through a mental list of what could possibly be disturbing the peace. It wasn't school (she was a straight A student), it wasn't life at the mansion (she was getting on with everyone, even Jean, better then ever) so that didn't leave much else. Well, except a certain Cajun.

It was common knowledge that Remy had been sweet on Rogue for months. At every fight between the good guys and the bad guys he would corner her and charm his way into what was barely a disagreement. The most painful thing was that no one could tell if it was a diversionary tactic or if he had any genuine feelings. In Kitty's frustration at the whole debacle she knocked the lid off a box poking out from under Rogues bed. It was filled to bursting with papers which on closer inspection turned out to be notes, letters, emails and even a few photos.

Now young Kitty Pryde has two options; either she can put the lid on the box, leave it and her friend to their own private torment, or take a quick peak and find out what kind of trouble her best friend is in. An old saying popped into her head that her grandmother used to say, "The Devil makes work for idle hands".

She sits and debates this in her head for a good few minutes. A quick peak at these will give her the information she needs to help her distressed friend. But a nag in the back of her mind told her about trust and betrayal and the rules of friendship.

She decided to ignore the nag.

She picked up the first paper she saw, it was dated from two months ago;

Remy I don't know how much longer I can do this; the secret meetings and the lies and not being to tell anyone how happy I am. Sometimes it's like everyone can only see life in black and white, good and evil, X-Men and Acolytes. There's no grey area to most of them.

It's driving me insane.

I know we agreed not to tell anyone about us but I can't even tell Kitty or Logan and that's the worst of all. It isn't even a case of unloading the bullshit and taboo I just want someone to talk to about how happy I am.

Catch me next time there's a fight,


Holy hell.

Holy effing hell.

Rogue and Gambit. Gambit and Rogue. Together. Dating.

It was so romantic! But clearly troublesome.

She picked up another one dated a little after the last one.

My Cheré,

I know you hate this. So do I.

You know the reason no one cares about Kitty and Lance. He's small fry; the whole Brotherhood are. I'm an Acolyte, we're a higher class of bad guy.

I'm sorry about all of this. Make an excuse and we'll take the bikes away for the weekend again. I want to treat you like a queen mon petite, if only you'll let me.


Kitty felt selfish for feeling upset at being lied to. Rogue had said she was going to a biker's convention for the weekend. In a way she was telling the truth.

She then found a picture of the two of them eating a picnic out in the country somewhere. They looked so happy. Rogue didn't have a scrap of make up on and gambit was dressed in casual clothes. They looked like any other happy couple on a weekend away.

Kitty picked up another email, dated a few days ago.

Rogue, pack light and come with me. I can only do this with you cheré. I want to escape all of this. Magneto is away overseas and no one's seen Mystique in months. Piotr suspects us but won't say a word. I'll only leave this weekend with you. If you don't then I know where I stand.

I love you Rogue, ever since New Orleans. You know this. Please, we can go back to the country and start completely fresh. I know I'm asking a lot of you but please think about it. You know where to meet me and what time.

Without realising it Kitty was crying.

He loved her. He wanted to take her with him. She scrambled looking for one closer to the day. That's when she realised it was Friday and she hadn't seen Rogue since breakfast. A cold wave swept through her as she frantically searched until she found an email sent the night before.

Remy you have no idea how hard this is.

I always swore if this had to end it would be because of a real reason and I can't think of anything more genuine then this. I can't leave the X-Men. They're my only family. I couldn't bear leaving Kitty or Kurt or Logan. I really wanted this to work. Who knows, maybe this is all for the best. It just wasn't meant to be.

I know we'll eventually have to face each other in battle; you with the Acolytes, me with the X-Men. We'll have to act like there was never anything between us. It'll hurt but it'll be necessary.

We both know Magneto would have found us eventually if we ran off. But Remy, I've ran for so long. All I've wanted for the last 8 years is somewhere stable, with family. This would all end if you'd think about leaving Magneto and join the Professor, but I'd never ask that of you. I know you have your own reasons and morals for what you do and I'd never judge you for them.

I love you, ever since you left me standing with a charged up playing card.


Kitty was doubled over with grief for her friend, her friend who had sacrificed so much for the sake of the X-Men. She put the letters back and shoved the box back under the bed.

Hearing footsteps from the corridor she stood and turned to see Rogue, tears streaming down her pale face. Through one look they both knew something new. Rogue knew that Kitty had seen her secret box and Kitty knew that Rogue had spent the morning getting closure with Remy that couldn't be found in an inbox.

"Oh Rogue…." Kitty grabbed her friend in a fierce embrace as she sobbed her southern belle heart out over a River Rat.

Slowly but surely the whole story came flooding out. How it started, how it became serious, how they kept it hidden.

Scott poked his head in the room, choosing to ignore the scene, to inform the two mutants that they'd be facing the Brotherhood tonight and possibly the Acolytes. Rogue kept her face hidden, not wanting to rouse suspicion. She let the information sink in.

Once Scott delivered the message and scooted off to do whatever All-American mutants do in their spare time Kitty and Rogue wound up their conversation to get ready for the night ahead. Rogue moved like a robot. Her mind sending messages to her body to shower, get suited up to go for the mission briefing.

Whenever Kitty asked if she was OK the reply was simple:

"The show must go on KittyKat."