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"Kitty you've used all the god damn bubble wrap!"

"I told you my Bubby's old jewellery needed special attention. Anyway you have all that tissue stuff to wrap up with."

"That crap ain't gonna protect shit and you know it." Rogue hated packing and since everything had to be done last minute the stress had put her in a foul mood. To add insult to injury she knew that her least favourite Cajun had reappeared in Bayville just in time for her to make herself scarce.

"Logan's gonna drive the van we'll just tell him to go slow. Relax we're not the first mutants to move out of this mansion you know." Rogue couldn't help but smile at Kitty's remark, "I need coffee, be good and keep packing and there might be a cookie in it for you!"

Rogue looked around the sparse room. The posters and art were either thrown away or wrapped and waiting. The beds were made in the mansion's generic linen. The make up, straighteners and clothes were all in labelled boxes or suitcases and all that was left was to wrap up some fragile trinkets of Kitty's and to empty Rogue's bedside cabinet.

She was shocked at the amount of crap she had cumulated over the years; there were missing earrings, balled up tissues and half a dozen pairs of tweezers she had sworn had been lost or stolen by Kitty. Among the random paraphernalia and meaningless objects something poked out the corner of an envelope. It only takes the sight of his hair to nearly topple her emotions all over again like it would of in the weeks after he left. She immediately threw the envelope in the bin, not caring what it was.

There was a new life to be had. Thanks so saving and employment Kitty and Rogue were finally able to move out of the mansion and start a life of their own. They'd found an apartment to rent in the heart of Bayville and were leaving that very evening.

Rogue couldn't help but feel enraged at herself. She'd been good for months. Gotten a full time job at a little vintage store, been kinder to everyone in the mansion including Jean and Scott, hell she'd even been improving in her sessions with the Professor. She could hold contact for up to an hour subconsciously, significantly longer if she concentrated. Even when she'd found out Remy was back and stayed in her room for a little longer than usual no one thought the worse of it.

Kitty reappeared with coffee, the packing was finished and sooner than anyone wanted the removal van was packed and there were teary goodbyes all around. It seemed that everyone had forgotten that they only lived a twenty minute drive away and that visitors were always welcome.

"Don't be a stranger ok Stripes?"

"Like you could get rid of me that easy."

Logan hugged Rogue goodbye knowing she wasn't going to be there for his 5AM Danger Room sessions or to bug him about borrowing his Motorbike on weekends. She and Kitty would never be there to talk over football games and complain. He'd never admit it but he was going to go insane without them there.

"We need groceries."

"Don't worry I'll go after work tomorrow I'm doing the early shift."

"I didn't know thrift stores had early shifts."

Rogue sat behind her little counter after dusting, organising and stock taking and still no one had been in to appreciate the charm or even to browse. The store was an Aladdin's cave of furniture, clothes and even jewellery however it could do little to compete with the coffee houses and Abercrombie clad streets of the bigger and more commercial side of Bayville.

Still the old records and smell of old books made it a palace for Rogue who had become intrigued at how the simple passage of time had such an effect on what was once deemed common or even useless in its' time and how it became chic and stylish.

Just as she was about to go find some old book the bell clanged to signify that someone other than Kitty had entered the establishment.

A man, not much older than herself, looked around with genuine interest. He was tall and slender with messy jet black hair and the brightest eyes she's ever seen.

"Good morning." His smile was infectious and pleasant and Rogue couldn't help but smile too.

"I was wondering if I could have a look I need a birthday present for someone and I haven't been in town for quite a while." His accent was so English it would have made the Queen look like a hobo.

"Well we have some new furniture in and a lot of jewellery if it's for a girl"

"Woman technically and I think jewellery would be perfect"

Of course he would have a girlfriend if not someone more significant.

Rogue showed him to the jewellery cabinet and pointed out some of the more expensive pieces, the fact he was wearing a smart shirt in the morning without having to go to work make her think he wasn't purse-poor.

"This will be perfect for her!" he picked a pearl bracelet with a ruby clasp.

"Yeah any girl would be over the moon if their boyfriend got her that."

"Good thinking. And what flowers would you suggest to go with it?"

"Well most girls go crazy for red roses," Rogue rolled her eyes and the cliché, "Personally if you're gonna get a girl roses the yellow ones are the most fun but carnations are my favourite."

The stranger raised his eyebrows at her attitude and frank demeanour, "A girl of simple tastes? How refreshing. By the way this is for my mother, not any girlfriend." The man looked quizzical while Rogues cheeks flamed with embarrassment at the assumption.

"Sorry you didn't say anything so I assumed."

"Oh don't be silly I just wanted to see how long you'd believe it."

This send Rogue into a fit of giggles. It wasn't often she met someone new what with her mutation and living in what was a mutant-exclusive living situation for the first nineteen years of her life.

"Something about the accent tells me you're not from around here."

"Afraid not. My father recently expanded his business so we moved out here. And how lucky am I that my first morning out and about and the first shop I enter contains the most interesting person I've met in a damn long while; carnations over roses? The girls in London would have a fit."

He stayed for a further fifteen minutes, never taking his eyes from Rogues' and continuously smiling.

All at once the clocks chimed the hour and the stranger's smile slipped.

"I need to go, didn't realise the time."

"Not even gonna tell me your name?" Rogue was surprised at his abrupt exit and thought this was the least he owed her.

"Promise not to laugh?" Rogue nodded, "Loki."

If it wasn't for his serious expression she would have accused him of trying to fool her.

"Mine's Rogue."

Loki strode up to her counter and raised his eyebrow once more.

"Until we meet again."

Staring at the space he had just occupied she swore she had seen the turn of that old damn trench coat.

Remy stormed into an alley not knowing where to go or what to do.

For two weeks he has stood on the street opposite the thrift store willing his legs to move and make his excuses and beg forgiveness. Now the day he had managed to make the first step towards her he had been side stepped by some charming Englishman.

He would have broken his jaw had he not seen her smile.

Oh I am a tease. Yes this is Loki, but not as you know him. Just imagine the beauty of Tom Hiddleston.