Damon leads Isabel inside the boarding house past, the welcoming committee moving with Isabel's hand in his into the living room, not wanting to let her go, she holds on also not wanting to let go of him. The others, Stefan, Elena, Kyle and Caroline, follow them each smiling for their own reasons.

Damon and Isabel stop in front of the roaring fire in the fireplace and face each other, holding each other's hands and looking into each other's eyes. Ignoring those around them, all eyes are on this couple as the other two couples stand beside each other and wait.

Damon wanting nothing more than to kiss, Isabel, answers Elena's question but never lets his eyes leave Isabel's. "Stefan, Elena, Caroline, this is the beautiful, Isabel Evans. I assume you met Caroline's date for the evening, Kyle. Now if there are no further questions, I'm taking Isabel, upstairs to my room to talk. We can continue this in the morning over breakfast!" With that said he drops one of her hands and takes her out of the room into the foyer and up the stairs leading to his bedroom. Never once looking at the others in the room.

Kyle smiles after the couple and yells out, "Iz, I'll just call Max and let him know we won't be home until tomorrow afternoon." He doesn't expect an answer as he takes Caroline's hand in his and says, "Weren't you going to show me your room, Mz Forbes?"

She swallows at his forwardness and nods taking his hand and leading him out of the living room.

Stefan is standing with Elena and smiling after the two departed couples but mostly he is just happy for his brother. Elena looks up at her boyfriend and say's in a quiet voice, "What was that? What just happened?"

"I would say we just saw a very happy, Damon and what appeared to be an equally happy Isabel Evans whoever she is. Not to mention one very happy Vampire Barbie. Why what did you think you saw?"

She squeaks out, "I think Hell just froze over, but more than that I'm not sure." She shrugs her shoulders and then say's as an afterthought, "Guess we aren't going to learn anything else tonight. So we should follow their examples and go to bed."

Stefan kisses her passionately on the lips and then says, "Are you tired?"

Kissing him once more she then say's breathlessly, "Not even a little bit!"

Without another word he picks her up and using vampire speed she finds herself on her back in the middle of his bed, a very aroused Stefan hovering over her. His hands on either side of her tank top he stares into her own lust full eyes and rips it down the center.

"Stefan," she moans into his mouth as she claims it once more, "that was my favorite top."

Stefan's mouth travels from her lips to her neck and bites over the carotid artery with blunt teeth as she hisses with want and need. His mouth finding her right breast he sucks at the nipple through her thin bra and pinches the other one as she starts to spiral out of control her right hand finding him hard in his pants. She slips her hand inside his jeans and grips him tightly. Feeling him bite down on her nipple she cries out into his mouth. "Need you…Stefan please, need youuuuuu!"

Releasing her he leans up and removes his shirt as she runs her hands along his bare back and then up around to his chest. Then arching her back she removes her bra and hugs him tightly to her, their bare upper bodies touching as he grinds against her center. She is panting with want and need as is he. His mouth finds her neck once more as his canines elongate and he nips at the artery. She is instantly flooded with sensations begging him silently to bite her. He slides a hand down between her legs and under her shorts and panties to find her channel soaked with desire he slides two fingers inside her as his fangs break the skin and he drinks her.

Screaming out his name…..she lifts off the bed her body shaking she is cumming so hard. He pulls his mouth from her neck and licks at the twin punctures and then as she watches through hooded desire ridden eyes, he bites into his left wrist and offers her his bloodied wrist, she grips it tightly in her hands and brings her mouth to it and sucks in a mouthful of blood. Swallowing then with bloodied lips they kiss passionately. Needing to join together, somehow losing his pants and she losing her shorts and panties, he thrust deep inside her and pants out her name, "Elena."

Her mouth opens in a soundless scream as the room fades to black…..

Damon's Bedroom:

As soon as he slammed the door shut she was in his arms lips locked to his in a kiss filled with desperation of want and need, both instantly feeling what the other felt, emotions so heightened that everything felt heightened tenfold. Isabel never felt anything like this as she desperately tried to unbutton his shirt so she could feel his naked chest against her own. She had one experience in her whole life with Alex eleven years ago and it was nothing like this. When she kissed Alex, there were no visions, oh there was passion of two inexperienced teenagers certainly, but nothing like this. If she couldn't feel Damon against her now she knew she would die. Her emotional need for him so great her body shook, her breasts ached to be touched, her core overloading with sensation, dripping and she had no conscious thought. Instinct took over as she gripped him like he was her lifeline and kissed him so hard her lips were swollen. She moaned deep in her throat as she felt him rip the shirt form her body, the cooling night air, a chill against her hot skin. Behind her closed eyelids, stars rushed by and everything she felt and saw, he felt and saw. Twin flames, twin souls coming together.

He was so hard for her it was painful. Once divesting her of her shirt and pants, he somehow had the presence of mind to rip his own pants off and lifted her in his arms, her legs coming around his waist forcing his body tightly to her own as the length of his cock rubbed directly against the wet folds of her core. God she was dripping and crying against his mouth. Never in her life had she felt this turned on. Liz, Maria and her had talked about it a few times but she had no idea that this is what they meant. There were no words just sensations and stars. Exploding behind her eyes in her mind's eye and of course there was him. She wanted him so badly that she was shivering and crying in her aroused state. Her voice crying out in desperation, "Damon, please…, " she choked out between sobs.

"I have you princess." His own eyes shut as he strained against her, his cock painfully cradled up against her wet folds. His own desire over riding everything he ever knew about physical desire. This was more than desire this, this was two souls meeting, entwining, joining, it was magical and it was literally love at first sight for him. He pulled his head back and looked at her stroking her face as he leaned in again and kissed her gently, then spoke in a voice he barely recognized as his own, the desire and need so great.

"Princess, look at me. Pleaseeeeeeeee. Tell me what you need Princess."

Her body shaking so badly that had he not been holding her she would have fallen boneless at his feet, "I….I need to….feel….Damon, please…..I just…..Oh god Damon!" At that moment she started to come undone, literally, she felt like she was exploding just from touching and kissing him.

Moving back without even having the presence of mind to know how to move, Damon got them to the edge of the bed and as his knee's hit the edge of the mattress, she went down he followed on top of her, moving them to the center of the bed. Her body quivering as wave upon wave rolled over and through her. He wasn't even inside her yet and she was exploding.

Damon held her to him tightly, but with such tenderness no one would have thought him capable of. He wanted to feel everything with this woman; he needed to be inside her as badly as she needed him inside her.

Her legs were still locked around his hips as he slid the head of his cock inside her, the sensation like wet warm silk. She moaned latched on to his mouth with her own. He was literally in heaven as he slowly felt every inch of himself be enveloped in her hot wet core. His eyes rolled up as his tongue danced for dominance with hers. Tasting her! Their body's slick with sweat, she gripped him tightly pulsating around him. Incoherent sounds left her mouth as she broke the kiss for a much needed breath. Then she screamed out his name as the dam broke and she went over the edge into the abyss, breaking apart as she went, followed willingly by her love. He exploded inside her jerking against her, kissing her and telling her, he loved her.

He continued to ride the waves of the most over powering orgasm of his life and undead life as she continued to jerk and shake around him, shivering with her need for him, still clinging to him as he slowed down and let her ride out the sensation stroking her face and whispering words of love to her.

She held on to him and whispered his name over and over like it was a chant, slowly calming down, stroked his face as he did hers, looking into his blue eyes. Words felt from deep inside her soul tumbling from her mouth, words spoken breathlessly, "I love you, Damon! Thank you!"

He held her and just looked into her eyes with wonder as his own body still joined to hers jerked against her in the after math ever few seconds till he slowly calmed down. "Love you too, princess." He kissed her possessively and she returned it, breaking the kiss he stroked her face and neck softly and asked in a voice filled with wonder, "Why are you thinking me, Izzy?"

"Because you found me," she choked out, voice heavy with emotion, "Does that make sense?"

He smiled at her and kissed her then leaned his head back and said, "You found me too."

She nuzzled into the crook of his neck and shut her eyes. She was home, here in his arms wrapped up in this man. She took a deep breath and inhaled his scent kissed his neck and was asleep in seconds.

He held her gently still connected inside her. Damon Salvatore was happy at last! Kissing the top of her head, he stroked her face and neck and whispered softly to the woman who was wrapped around him, "Sleep well, my love!" Hugging her tightly to him, still feeling her body molded to his, he shut his eyes and joined her in sleep.

Caroline's Room:

A blond head with long curly hair and blue eyes poked out of the bed covers, facing the other direction a brown haired man's head poked out by her feet he was laughing as was she. "Caroline, what's wrong with this picture?" he asked playfully.

She giggled in reply, "Somehow you and I had hot monkey sex and you ended up down there and I am up here?" she playfully replied.

He laughed at her and ducked under the covers and flipped himself around as he started kissing up her feet and legs and finding his way to the apex of her thighs and licking along her swollen slit.

"Kyle," she gasped feeling his tongue and mouth on her. "Oh my god! Please, Kyle, suck on my clit."

He smiled against her as he threw the covers off him and looked up her body between her breasts and into her beautiful lust laden eyes. She took a sudden deep breath and gasped as she felt him blow his hot breath across her clit. Reaching down she pulled him up to face level, she gripped the sides of his face and kissed him. Giggling against him and shaking as she felt fingertips stroking her still swollen clit.

"Caroline." He breathed out against her lips.

"Kyle." She teased back and then kissed him deeply as she felt a finger enter her tight core. Her hands dug into the covers as he drove a second finger inside her and curved them so he could hit her g-spot. She shivered and came an instant later.

He smiled up at her and held on to her, the girl shivered against his body and he loved that he could do that to her. "That was different," he said half joking.

She looked into his eyes, "What do you mean? Different?"

He wasn't sure how to answer her so he went with honesty, "You know your beautiful right?"

She just smiled and looked at him with big doe eyes, waiting for him to continue.

"Caroline, I don't ever get the girl. I mean not really, so why me? I mean really you could have anyone you want."

"Kyle, I want you!"

He was having a hard time processing this; no one ever really wanted him, not really. I mean yeah, he was an arrogant jock in high school, till he found Buddhism, and then he became a passive jock. However girl wise, no one he ever really wanted, wanted him. So why should she? He nervously smiled at her and slowly he leaned into her and kissed her softly. Her lips felt so soft and her body was perfect against his and even with all this, he was scared as hell. Kyle, you are an idiot, you have known her less than a day, hethought to himself, and you're about to ruin it again. You're going to push her away just like you always do.

As if she read his thoughts she said to him quietly, "Well, you can have this girl, if you want her!" She nervously bit her lower lip, her own track record was not great. Since becoming a vampire she hadn't really been close to anyone she was afraid she would lose control, was afraid of her own strength and afraid they would find out. Oh she could compel them into forgetting if they ever did, but she was afraid and she really liked him. She didn't want to be afraid of any of it.

Still not believing her fully he just looked at her and asked, "Why….. You don't even know me, Caroline. Why would you want me?"

"Kyle, I just do, okay? I want to know who you are. I like you and if you couldn't tell, I want you. I mean really, really want you." She stroked his face as she said it, trying to make him understand in the only way she knew how.

"I want you too, Care Bear. I just don't understand why you want me."

She blinked at the familiar nickname and then kissed him. "That's one of my nicknames you know? My best friends call me that." Still nervous she plunged ahead, "I like it though when you say it. Valenti, you make me laugh and feel wanted." She cuddled into him deeper, hoping he would stay with her.

Finally relaxing into her cuddle he kissed her softly then started to heat up the kiss as his tongue slipped between her open lips and found hers. She moaned and tangled her fingers in his hair. "Stay with me?"

Looking into her eyes and seeing her sincerity he smiled and said, "As long as you want me too!"

"Might be a long time, Valenti," she showed him her right palm, "see I have a very long life line and some people, say I can be clingy."

He laughed at her and showed her his life line, "See mine is long too and I can do clingy, at least I want to do, clingy."

She covered his mouth with two fingers to keep him from talking, "So, you have a girlfriend, Valenti?"

Not really knowing what to say to that, he figured what the hell. "I don't know do, I Care Bear?"

She gave him the brightest smile she had and kissed him teasing him, "Maybe, but you have to take me out, dancing, I like to dance and movies and buy me popcorn, with lots of butter on it. Oh and you have to buy me dinner and you have to meet my friends and my mom. Oh and Elena's aunt Jenna, she is like my adopted aunt…."

The girl was rambling she was getting excited and she just went on and on till he started laughing as he covered her mouth with his hand, she glared at him then licked his palm and laughed against it.

He jerked his palm away from her mouth and said to her, "You are the strangest girl!"

She hid her face against his chest and nodded. "I know!" Then she lifted her face up and looked into his eyes and said, "But you'll learn to love me."

That was what finally did it for him, he heard her words echo in his head, "but you'll learn to love me." So he kissed her exploring her mouth slowly savoring her taste then slowly ended the kiss and looked into the brightest blue eyes he had ever seen and said in a serious voice, "I think I just might at that."

She squealed and snuggled against him, happy and feeling protected for the first time in a long time. Maybe she didn't have to be alone after all. Maybe, she found someone for herself. She shut her eyes and yawned, "Night Valenti!"

"Caroline, why do you keep calling me Valenti and not Kyle?"

Drowsily she said, "I don't know you just come across as a Valenti."

As she drifted off to sleep she heard him mutter against her hair, "Seriously you are the strangest girl."

She fell asleep smiling against his neck, dreaming of him and her and for some reason, traveling through the stars!


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