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Draw with Me

As the sun settled in the horizon a pink haired girl looked up at the beautiful color changing sky. The pinkette sighed knowing that it was getting dark soon and she had to get home soon.

"Amu-chan we'd better get home soon before it gets dark." said a small pink haired chara.

"Hey, it's not my fault that the guardian meeting was held late, said Amu with Cool 'n Spicy attitude. "Besides home is not far from here." Amu looked up at the sky once again sighed and put her headphones on. She closed her eyes and hummed to the tune of Love Story by Taylor Swift. Amu slowly started singing along, she smiled as she daydreamed . Amu was so caught up in her daydream that she did not notice Ran, Miki, and Su tapping her shoulder repeatedly. Amu just shooed them away to not bother her, until the charas stood in front of her. Amu took her headphones out and stared at them.

"Okay guys, what's wrong?"

The charas were wide eyed and stared right through Amu.

"Amu-chan run!"

"What?" she said confused.

Amu felt big hands grab her arm and being roughly pushed. Amu turned around to find two big men holding a long piece of rope.

"Hey! Leave me…"Amu couldn't finish her sentence because she was knocked out unconscious. She saw nothing but pitch black.

"Amu-chan!" yelled the charas.

The three big men got the charas and put them in a small box. As for Amu, she was thrown into a black van and drove away into the starry night.


In an empty room Amu laid unconscious on the cold floor. A dark figure was watching her sleep from above a high balcony. Satisfied that he had her in his possession he smiled evilly and walked away. Amu started to gain consciousness and slowly flickered her eyes. She looked around the strange room and slowly sat up. Amu saw that the room that she was in was empty nothing but the walls and a small light bulb on the ceiling, except that on the far end of the room instead of a fourth gray wall there was a glass wall. Amu got up and walked towards the wall. With fear, she peered through the glass. On the other side she could see there was a cot with a person laying there. Amu got scared hoping the person on the cot was not dead. She backed away in fear heading towards the door. She grabbed the knob behind her twisted and turned it but it was locked.

What is this place? Where are my charas? Where am I?

Amu then walked away from the door and sat in a corner and started to sob. Suddenly there was a noise coming from the door and saw a man standing in the door way. Amu looked up with teary eyes.

"Amu Hinamori?" the strange man asked.


"Here's your meal of the day." he said and set a tray of food on the ground.

"Where am I?" she questioned. Said the innocent pinkette.

"I'm sorry I cant reveal your location." said the man and walked away shutting the door behind him.

"No! I want to know what is this place!" she yelled charging towards the door but the door had closed and locked on her. Amu leaned her head and fist on the door and started to sob. Amu got frustrated that she had no idea where these strange people had taken her. Why her? Why did they have to keep her captive? Amu walked to the middle of the room and started to yell questions to the glass ceiling.

"Where am I? Where are my charas! Who are you people! " she repeated.

Soon enough her questions were being answered by a mysterious voice. There was a flash of light that led upwards to the balcony. Amu squinted as the bright light hit her face.

"Well, well, well. What do we have here?" said the mysterious voice.

"Who are you?" yelled Amu.

The lights slightly dimmed and she saw the mysterious man standing in the balcony. Amu eyes widened as she saw Kazuomi Hoshina the managing director of Easter.

"Why are you keeping me here." she yelled.

Kazuomi smirked evilly.

"The answer is simple, we need to get an even greater number of X eggs but you, Amu Hinamori keeps getting in the way." he said coldly "So we are going to keep you here until I get my hands on the Embryo."

"You cant do that! You cant keep taking children's heart eggs then destroy them!" Amu said with confidence.

"Oh yes I can! Now that I have Ikuto under my control we'll find the Embryo in no time."

"I'm not going to let you use Ikuto to destroy all those children's hopes and dreams."

"Really now? Do you really think Ikuto is going to listen to you?"


"Then why don't you ask him for yourself , Amu."

The lights then flashed on the other side of the glass wall to reveal the person who was laying on the cot. Amu looked over to see it was Ikuto lying on the bed. Amu ran over to the wall her eyes beginning to water again.

"Ikuto! Ikuto, Ikuto! " she yelled.

"He cant hear you these rooms are sound proof." Kazuomi said evilly.

Amu's hand was pressed on the glass hoping Ikuto was alright. Kazuomi smirked and dimmed the lights leaving Amu crying near the gals wall.


The next morning Amu was sitting in the corner once again her face buried in her knees. The man who came to give her meal the day before came again that morning leaving the tray on the floor. Amu looked up from her knees and crawled over to the wall so see if Ikuto was awake. She peered through the wall and saw he was getting up. Surprised she called out to him but he wouldn't turn her way. Amu called once more to him and still no answer, then she remembered the rooms were sound proof. She sighed and banged on the glass. Ikuto then turned around to find a pink haired girl on the other side of the wall.

"I must be seeing things." he mumbled.

Amu banged on the wall again and Ikuto walked over to the wall.

"Amu?" he said.

Amu saw that he mouthed something .

"He can't hear me. How am I going to talk to him?"

"Amu!" Ikuto yelled, but Amu couldn't hear him.

Why can't she hear me?

Frustrated that she can't communicate with Ikuto she put her hand on the wall and started to cry. Ikuto then put his hand on the exact same spot where Amu had hers. Ikuto knocked on the wall to catch Amu's attention and looked at her straight in her eyes. The comfort of Ikuto being there calmed her down. Ikuto tried to speak through the wall but Amu just coulnt hear him. He tried yelling close to the wall but Amu just shrugged and shook her head. It was no use. Ikuto looked around the room and got an idea. He walked over to the cot and took off the two legs on the cot. He started to rub the legs of the cot on the wall until they made some sort of ink to write on the wall. He walked over to Amu to show her his idea. She looked confused. Ikuto demonstrated for her and wrote: Can you write? Ikuto needed to give Amu her piece of "chalk" so she can respond.

There was a small crack through the bottom of the glass wall and slid the small item to her. She inspected it for a moment, looked up at Ikuto and smiled. Amu took the "chalk" and wrote : Of course duh. Ikuto smiled and then asked: How about drawing? He said with a small picture of a cat. Amu responded: Yes, with a good drawing of herself. Ikuto smirked: You don't even look like that, he said with the same picture of herself just that this time the had a picture of her chest being flat. Amu widened her eyes and got mad; Shut up Ikuto. Ikuto chuckled. Soon enough they were having a drawing contest, Amu having the better drawings. After the small contest, Ikuto looked at Amu, who finishing her last drawing , and smiled. Amu caught him staring and blushed. He put his hand on the glass again hoping Amu would too. Amu smiled and put her hand on the glass too. Ikuto's smile then turned into a frown and wrote on the wall again : It feels cold. Amu knew she could do anything. She wished Easter never controlled Ikuto, she wished that Ikuto wasn't so miserable. Ikuto wrote on the wall once again: I want to be with you. This made Amu blush more, she smiled and said: You are with me. Ikuto said: Only there's a glass wall between us. Ikuto couldn't stand that there was a wall between him and Amu. He wanted to be with her, to hold her to tell her that everything is going to be alright. He got up and started to punch the wall. Amu was surprised he really wanted that wall to be gone. Amu then stood up and made and attempt to tell him to stop but he wouldn't listen, Ikuto just kept punching the wall until it made a crack. Amu was shocked. Ikuto signaled her to step away, Amu took the orders and with one last punch the wall had shattered making a hole to the other side. There was a loud siren sign that came from Ikuto's room. Both were scared of what might happen next and as they thought exactly the guards came to take both of them away. Amu was scared as she saw the guards taking Ikuto away. Ikuto tried to push them away but they punched and kicked him until he was defenseless.

Amu screamed at the top of her lungs to make the guards stop hurting Ikuto but they didn't care.


Amu was taken in another room with the same glass wall between the two rooms. She walked over to the wall to see if Ikuto was there. Amu could see well since the light in the opposite room was so dim that she could barely make out a figure. She sighed but something in the dim light caught her attention. A shade of mid-night blue? Ikuto? Amu saw the dark figure limp over to the wall.

"Ikuto!" she yelled, but there was no response.

Amu reached in her pocket and grabbed the last piece of chalk that she had. Amu began to write on the new wall; Are you okay? Ikuto just nodded. Amu was glad to hear that was but was still worried; You wanna draw? Ikuto then pulled his small piece of chalk and responded: I can't draw anymore. Ikuto's writing was very sloppy but made an attempt to do his best. Amu read what Ikuto wrote and got sad. She hung her head down to not show her emotions. Amu began to cry knowing the big men did hurt Ikuto.


Days have gone by and Ikuto hasn't came over to the wall to talk to Amu. She was disappointed that couldn't have conversations with her because the men had hurt his arm along with his hands. Amu wanted Ikuto to cheer up and be happy again, he deserves to be happy even though they have been trapped in the rooms. Amu wanted to give him something nice to show him that someone actually did care for him in this world. She looked down at her necklace to see that she had they lock and key. She then decided to give Ikuto the key. Amu gently removed her necklace and took off the key. She crawled over to the wall and knocked it trying to get Ikuto's attention. He looked up from where he was sitting and cam over to the wall. Amu had slid the key under the glass wall, and had written: For you. Ikuto looked at the key then at Amu. She smiled to him. Amu then took the last piece of her chalk and slid it under the wall. Amu wrote: Draw with me.


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