Kauzumi watched as the lab workers ran tests and experimented on a poor Amu, who still lay unconscious on the plastic tube.

"Amu… Amu-chan..."

The voice sounded strangely familiar, it was gentle and soft, as if she's known this voice for years.

"Amu-chan..." it repeated.

Amu flicked her eyes to find brightness within. Was she dreaming? Amu looked at her surroundings and realized she wasn't on earth anymore.

"Wha- what is this place?" she questioned.

Everything was so bright and sparkly it seems like she was in a different dimension yet it didn't frighten her, she seemed more peaceful and happy like if it was heaven itself.

"Amu-chan…" said the mysterious voice and up ahead there was a bright light shining down towards her, Amu followed.

"Who are you?" Amu asked curiously. The voice simply giggled.

"Amu-chan, I am your fourth chara. My name is Dia, nice to finally meet you." she stated.

"Dia…" the pinkette whispered.

She reached to see her own chara better and when she did the chara was a glowing star. Amu held the glowing star in between her hands wondering why she couldn't see Dia's features; Dia floated away back to her original spot.

"Where did you come from Dia?"

"Well I see you're in a bit of trouble. I knew what you were feeling ever since you came here, and as the days went on your feelings got stronger and stronger so then I was born." she simply stated.

"Amu-chan we need to find a way to get out of here before they take something precious away from you."


"Yes, you have incredible power that no other guardian has ever had. Only you have the light within to help you through this." she said.

"The light within... I can save Ikuto, I can save my charas, and I can save myself!" she yelled.

On the other side of the dimension Kauzumi saw that the girl shined a bright light, floating in mid air. Soon the machines started to go wild lights turning on and off, papers flowing out like crazy, scanners haywire.

"What the hell is going on here?" Kauzumi screamed to the lab worker.

"I-I don't know sir, there's some kind of power that is much stronger than from the X eggs.

"Damn this girl really has something, doesn't she?"

Amu was still in mid air her lifeless body glowing was becoming more and more intense each passing second. She started to whisper something and she started to glow even more, that's when Amu's power was too strong to handle and shattered the glass tube. The lab worker and Kauzumi saw she was in some kind of trance and was heading for them, more whispers coming from her. On the floor with the shattered glass there was a small golden egg squirming around when soon it began to float with much light surrounding it. It hatched and Amu stopped floating, the machines stopped, there was a silence. Amu's weak body tried to get up but soon fell again. She was afraid of what might happen next but she had to be strong. The girl felt dizzy and her vision wasn't clear, all she heard was Kauzumi calling the guards and when they arrived they held her so she could face the evil man.

"Do you really think that you can escape that easily?"

He laughed cynically.

Amu in her heart she had the strength to overcome this whole situation, she had to it for Ikuto, her charas, and for all the kids who's dreams and hopes had been crushed. This had to stop.

"Well don't you have anything to say little girl?"

"You've kept me and Ikuto here for months using each and every child's dreams just to catch something that's not even valuable. When you have the Embryo in your possession what are you going to with it? If it's a wish that you can accomplish on your own why use it? We all have a dream and maybe if we couldn't make it happen that doesn't give anyone the right to destroy someone else's." she said as Amu started to glow again.

"This is why I don't need the Embryo anymore I was capable of making my wish come true."

"Oh, really? And what would that stupid wish be?" he scoffed.

"To be myself!" she yelled as a ball of light exploded from her. The guards tumbled, and Kauzumi stepped back as Amu now was a star.

Amu soon found herself in the same dimension she was in earlier. She flicked her eyes to find Dia right in front of her.

"Amu-chan you finally found the light within. Let's do this." said the chara.

Amu smiled, put her hands to her heart and gently whispered.

"My own heart unlock."