1. When someone gets in the elevator, shake their hand and greet them warmly.

2. Flick someone in the back of the head and accuse someone else.

3. Whistle the first 7 notes of "It's A Small World" over and over.

4. Stick a box in between the doors.

5. Scream, "THEY'RE EVERYWHERE!" when there's more than 5 people in the elevator.

6. Make a low buzzing noise without opening your mouth for a long time.

7. When you get out, shout, "What is the matter with you people?" and run away.

8. Walk in with a bag and open it. Stare into it until you get off chuckling like a pervert.

9. Twitch. A lot.

10. Start snapping your fingers.

11. Lay a Twister mat out and try to get everyone to play.

12. Say, "NO!" whenever someone enters.

13. Act like a bellboy: press the wrong button for another person; when they try to tell you, yell, "ARE YOU TRYING TO TELL ME HOW TO DO MY JOB?"

14. Occasionally laugh like a psychopath.

15. Stand facing the wall and start punching it.

16. Re-enact those movie scenes where people climb out of the top of the elevator.

17. Play mime.

18. When there's only one other person, look at them, start rubbing your eyes and mutter, "I'm hallucinating again, dang it!"

19. Hold the doors open for a LONG time. When people start grumbling, let them close and say, "I guess he's not coming, then."

20. Two words: Break dance.

21. Recite angry poetry.

22. Rant about why puppies make your nose itch.

23. Scream bloody murder whenever someone presses a button.

24. Laugh satanically. Stop the instant the elevator doors open.

25. Sing "Amazing Grace" gospel style and start clapping.

26. Stare at the corner and when someone comes over, turn your head in a demonic fashion and say in your best possessed voice, "You're next."

27. Get a magnifying glass out and examine the floor, muttering random stuff about aliens.

28. Tell everyone what they should do if the elevator falls.

29. Poke people.

30. When the doors close, start banging on them shouting, "I didn't know the doors close! Lemme out!"

31. When one person gets in the elevator with you, say in a raspy voice, "I've been waiting for you."

32. If there's only one other person, stare at them until you get off. Bump into them on your way out, saying, "Oh, sorry, I didn't see you there."

33. Try to stomp invisible cockroaches.

34. Read childrens' books out loud.

35. Mumble like a crazy person.

36. Pat everyone on the back and congratulate them on a job well done when the elevator reaches your floor.

37. Yell, "BOMBS AWAY!" when the elevator descends.