One week later.

"Miley. I am not going to force to go to College with me." Lilly Truscott said, coming up behind her best friend. "But you have to decide."

Miley looked behind her. Lilly was standing there, with a serious expression. "I don't know what to pick." Miley said, sadly.

"Just pick! You don't know how hard this is for me right now!" Lilly said.

"Fine." Miley sighed. "I am going to go to my big Hollywood Budget Movie."

"Fine." Lilly said, then walked away. "Hope you are glad with you decision."

Miley didn't know why she picked that. There will always be more movies, but there will not be another chance to go to college with her best friend.

Lilly leaving for College!

Lilly put all her bags in the trunk of her new car. Today was the day she was going to College. She never thought that leaving would feel like this. Leaving her easily eight year best friend behind. But that wasn't Lilly's fault. Nope. It was Miley's, she was doing her Movie, instead of College. But whatever.

Miley was standing at the front porch, watching Lilly packing up her bran new car from her dad. Miley didn't know why she wasn't out there helping her best friend, and getting in that car, and going to College wit her. But she wasn't. Lilly finished packing up her jeep. She looked at the three people standing on the porch and smiled. "Well I guess this is it." She said. Robby walked over to her. He wrapped his arms around her in a hug. Lilly wrapped her's around his body. They stayed like that for a little while before they broke apart.

"If you ever feel homesick, you know where to come. Lilly Truscott this is your home. Have a good time at College!" Robby told her. He walked back to the porch. Jackson walked up to Lilly.

"Wow, my second little sister is off to College. How times flies. I will miss you Lilly! Even with all your annoyance, I will dearly miss you. Come home as much as you want, but I am sure my dad already told you about that." Jackson said.

"You know I will miss you too, Jackson! My big brother! And yes he has educated me on the whole COME HOME WHENEVER YOU WANT TO OR WHEN YOUR HOMESICK! thing." Lilly said, hugging Jackson for one last time. Jackson went back to stand beside Miley. Who hasn't went up yet.

"You know Miley, you need to go say bye to her. After all she is your best friend and everything." Jackson said.

"I know! But how I am I supposed to talk to her? She is leaving for College and I am not going with her. It isn't right. We planned to go to College together, not me going to do a movie!" Miley said, seriously.

"Miles, that doesn't mean that you shouldn't say goodbye to her." Jackson said.

Miley knew he was right, she just didn't know how to tell her. She walked up to Lilly who was texting someone on her phone. She looked up to see Miley standing in front of her.

"I am going to miss you so much!" Miley cried, pulling Lilly in for a hug.

Lilly hugged Miley back. The two girls hugged each other for what felt like forever. Lilly let go of her, and her expression became serious.

"Don't you go off to the movie and act like you have everything in the world. Don't go off acting like a bitch, because I will hut you if you do. I will miss you so much Miley! Phone me every single day, text me whenever your not rehearsing!" Lilly said.

Miley nodded, and pulled Lilly in for another hug. "I will miss you Lilly." Miley whispered into Lilly's ear.

"You know I will too, Miley!" Lilly whispered into Miley's ear.

Oliver came up to Lilly and Miley. Lilly looked at him and let go of Miley. She immediately pulled Oliver in for a hug. Miley walked back to Robby and Jackson, with all the tears she cried, her eye liner was starting to run. Robby pulled Miley in for a hug. "You know Miles, this wouldn't be happening if you just went to College with her."

"Dad please, I am not in the mood right now." Miley said stubbornly.

"I'm sorry Darlin, I was just stating the obvious." Robby said.

Back to Oliver and Lilly. Oliver kissed her passionately. "You know Lilly-pop, you do not know how much I am going to miss you." Oliver said.

"You do not know how much I am going to miss you and Miley." Lilly said. Her own tears started to fall.

"Hey Lilly, don't cry. You will be able to see her, you know that. Don't cry sweetie." Oliver said, pushing her tears aside.

"I'm Sorry Ollie-Poo. You don't know how hard this is for me. We planned on going to College together ever since forever! And now that she isn't going, I almost don't think I should go." Lilly said.

"No. Don't do that. Miley is doing a movie, she will be fine. What will you do. Sit at home all day eating popcorn and getting fat? No, I wont let that happen to you. Your going to college, and you are going to have fun! This is what you have wanted for the longest time." Oliver told her.

"Okay Ollie-Poo." Lilly said. She looked at the time on her watch. It was 2:30. "Well I guess I should go. It takes long enough to get there. I see you soon, Ollie." Lilly said. Oliver closed the distance between them for their last kiss for who knows how long. He kissed her more passionately then he ever had before. Before breaking apart Lilly put her arms around his neck, and Oliver cupped her neck for a little more kiss. Lilly broke apart from him after a little while of kissing. "I will miss you Ollie." She whispered. Lilly walked over to Robby and Jackson and Miley standing on the Porch.

"Well guys I am leaving. See you soon." The entire time her gaze was on Miley. Miley ran down the steps and hugged Lilly again. After a couple of minutes Lilly got into her car, and started the engine. She waved at everyone, and blew a kiss face at Oliver. She drove out of the drive way, looking behind her as she drove off. She sighed once she was off of the property. She saw Miley on the sidewalk, watching her drive. Oliver was right beside her.

Oliver wrapped his arms around Miley's slim figure to keep her from crying anymore.

"Miley you will see her again. It wont be the end of the world." Oliver tried to assure her. But it wouldn't work.

"No, it is. This is my fault that we are being separated. I should've went with her, instead I decided to do a stupid movie! I am so flipping stupid!" Miley yelled, she moved her head into Oliver's chest.

Oliver rubbed her back while she cried.

Well this was it. Lilly was gone. Miley felt horrible. Oliver was trying to comfort her. Robby and Jackson were doing whatever guys did.

Lilly drove for a while before she had to stop. She couldn't think straight. What was going on with her. Was it because of earlier today. Miley and Oliver? WHAT WAS GOING ON? Lilly stopped at a little café, she ordered something, and quickly ate it. Then she started back on the road again. She felt better then she did before. That was good for her.

A couple hours later she arrived at the College she was going too. She got out of the car and already saw people inside. She started meet people and tell them about herself.

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