My new story…its Sessh/Kag if you don't like the paring, don't read the story.

Because I am completely in love with Harry Potter, and 'the potions master' happens to be my favorite, I wrote this. I am sad that Sev didn't at least get his chance with Lily, so there will probably be a story on that, and they'll end up together at some point. I digress…..anyways, I hope you like it! Disclaimer implied.

January 10th –First Entry

-Well, it may be the first of many things today. I'm actually writing down my day- so to speak. Well, the important parts anyway. What day isn't important? I need not be philosophical here; I am merely writing to myself, aren't I? Surely not to Lily. Damn. And then we get to the only person who is on my mind, ALWAYS. Always here, even when she's not. Lily, bless her, she has to put up with me. Though she couldn't be happier to do so. I am her dog, after all. She gave me this accursed thing for my birthday, yesterday, though I asked for nothing. At least I now have a solid place to write the Lily-filled things, bottling it up causes tension. Anyway, about Lily, it may just be better to admit this in writing to myself rather than out loud to her. She is pretty much the love of my existence and it's not likely that it is going to change. In fact, its damn near impossible. She; the auburn haired, emerald eyed goddess, has the world at her feet. Any guy with eyes is at her control, begging for her attention and most of all, her love. What would a girl like her want with a guy like me? The best friend of hers that no one else likes. Seriously, I have like 2 friends. And Lucius is graduating soon, damn him. Anyway, Lily could have anyone one she wants; none really understands nor deserves her. Especially not Potter. James Potter, the Gryffindor Seeker and a ladies' man, he only has eyes for Lily, and never keeps his damn hands off her. Lily, wonderful Lily, hates the guy. Lily, my best friend. The only girl to ever speak two words that didn't have 'Snevillous' or 'Loser' in it. I'm incredibly lucky to have her, though I know I won't get her. I'll do something to mess it all up. I guess that's all for now, I'll probably just keep writing this-err- in this, just for her.


*Alright! That is Entry Uno! R&R*