Because I am completely in love with Harry Potter, and 'the potions master' happens to be my favorite, I wrote this. I am sad that Sev didn't at least get his chance with Lily, so there will probably be a story on that, and they'll end up together at some point. I digress…..anyways, I hope you like it! Disclaimer implied.

January 11th- Second entry

I didn't say why Potter is such a prat. He torments me, because of the first day we met. I told him that I wanted to be in Slytherin, and he scoffed. Since then, Potter and Black torment me while everyone, Lupin and Pettigrew especially, cheer them on. And Lily, Saint Lily, protects me. Which does more harm than good. I appreciate that she cares, scratch that- I love that she cares enough about me to stand up for me. Oh, and it turns out that Potter is a Keeper, not a Seeker, which makes sense with his never ending 'I'm a Keeper' jokes to Lily. I wish I could be strong for her, so her friendship with me wouldn't be such a hardship for her and maybe her love would be at reach for me. But it won't be. I know it won't. That's really all for today, I hung out with my angel and she says she's writing me a letter, that she will give me tomorrow. I'm terrified, what if this is the end of a friendship? My only real friendship.