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May and Ash's Unova Journey

1: Prologue


I was going crazy when Ash was on my mind after I saw him in the Sinnoh region. Thanks to my good friend Relena Kaiou, I was able to confess my feelings to Ash while we were still in the Battle Frontier. It started slow at first but with the incident with Manaphy, Ash showed his true colors and really helped me when he showed his concern for my safety. Manaphy even called Ash papa. Both of us didn't want go separate ways but Relena warned us that if we stayed together, there would problems for of us and we would probably try to kill each other in the process. For both of us it was painful to part ways. Our last night before parting ways was spent away from Max and Brock. We swam in a river close to our campsite, spent most of the night under the clear sky watching Beautifly flying over the treetops and kissed long and hard. Even though I saw Ash twice in the Sinnoh region, I still missed him like crazy and just being away from him hurt me.

Once the Grand Festival in Johto was finished, I hurried back to the Sinnoh region to watch Ash compete in the Sinnoh League and be there at his side. I seemed to arrive there before Ash as did a few other Pokémon Ash helped out in the past. Lucario from the Hoenn region came to help out, as did Latias from Alto Mare in the Johto region, of course Ash's Charizard came to help his pal again like he did at the Battle Factory; Azelf accompanied me from Lake Valor and Zorua returned from the Unova region as a favor for helping his mother. When Ash arrived at the Sinnoh League, he was surprised to see that the Pokémon he helped in the past came to help him out for Pokémon League competition; but he was even more surprised to me there waiting for him. Both of us ran towards each other embraced each other. We even attracted a little bit of attention from some passer-bys and the champion Cynthia. Cynthia and I shook hands and it was an honor to meet her on a formal basis rather than being professional at Spear Pillar. She told Ash that he was a lucky guy to have me as his girlfriend and his face turned bright red as she laughed and went her way.

Once Ash's face cooled down, Latias tackled him to the ground rubbed her cheek on Ash's cheek and hugged him. It made me uneasy but Brock explained how Ash knew Latias and I felt a little jealous but I had one of those moments with Manaphy except that Manaphy became part of my team and Latias stayed behind. I thought Charizard was going to squeeze Ash to death until he saw me approaching him and let Ash let go. Latias turned to one of Ash's friends and followed us to the hotel as did the rest of the Pokémon. The group was given a large suite courtesy of Cynthia as a way of thanking us and congratulating Dawn for winning the Grand Festival. Almost no one could predict Ash's team except for that one creepy guy and Paul. Paul definitely gave Ash one heck of a fight but Ash defeated him with a come from behind win with help from Charizard.

The next battle was the most difficult fight for Ash as I sat down behind Ash in the coach's seat. I wasn't Ash's coach but his girlfriend supporting him as he needed my support and cheering him on. Ash really struggled with that Darkrai as it took down Septile and severely took a toll on Lucario weakening him for his Latios to finish it off. Latias wouldn't fight Latios because the Latios made her think about her sibling who died protecting her and the citizens of Alto Mare. Azelf took Latias' spot and fought hard but fell to Latios' quick speed and fast attacks. As Ash was preparing to call on Charizard, another Pokémon appeared from out of nowhere.

"My goodness people we are truly witnessing the arrival of a Pokémon from legend," said the announcer as even Cynthia was amazed by arrival of a white Pokémon with something similar to what Dialga and Palkia had forcibly attached to them by Cyrus. Ash seemed to recognize the Pokémon as one he helped before.

"Arceus, it's been awhile hasn't it?" Ash asked the Pokémon.

'Yes, indeed it has been awhile,' replied the Pokémon,Arceus. 'Come, I shall fight with you.'

Ash paused a minute to look at his Pokédex to see what attacks Arceus had to use.

"Let's see Judgment, Hyper Beam, Thunderbolt and Recover," read Ash before turning to Arceus. "Alright then let's do it! Arceus, I choose you!"

"And trainer Ash Ketchum is calling on the legendary Pokémon Arceus," the announcer said to the crowd. "Legends say that this Pokémon is responsible for creating the universe and once gave humans part of its power forming a priceless jewel called the Jewel of Life. Can Ash be able to handle the immense power of Arceus?"

Arceus definitely helped Ash secure victory in the battle as his opponent was finally defeated. Once the battle was over I got out of my seat and leapt into Ash's arms. Thankfully, Ash caught me as I gently put my arms around his neck. We didn't kiss in front of everyone in the stadium even though they knew we were a couple. Arceus returned to where he came from. Much of the day's battles were over and a lot of fans left with excited faces that they got to see legendary Pokémon like Arceus. Ash and I went back to our hotel room as we wanted to rest and have time to ourselves… and our Pokémon. Much of our time was spent at the hotel pool and on the balcony of our room.

A lot of the fans swarmed us asking for autographs and asking how Ash caught the Pokémon he was using the tournament. Only when Cynthia or Relena showed up did the fans leave us alone. Relena would just shoo the fans away or let the fans follow her; she was a bigger celebrity than both us because she won the Kanto, Johto and Hoenn Leagues in a row and was a big time Pokémon Ranger. It seemed that both of us had become celebrities without us knowing it. The next day Ash got a well deserved break as the tournament committee gave the finalists a break to rest their Pokémon for the finals. Ash wanted to get his Pokémon trained but I insisted that they needed rest too. All I had to do was give Ash my patented puppy Growlithe eyes which let my eyes sparkle and charm him into doing anything I wanted him to do and he relented and gave his Pokémon a break.

'Man, you are really a gullible guy,' commented Pikachu.

"Hey don't push it Pikachu," countered Ash.

'I'm not,' replied Pikachu, 'but I say we need to travel with May again; and this time not separately. I missed May a lot.'

"Join the club," said Ash as both of them waited for me so we could go swimming. "Ever since we separated, I couldn't get May out of my head and I missed her terribly.

'Yeah, May is the best traveling partner,' said Pikachu as I stood at the door and listened to Ash and Pikachu's conversation.

"What about Misty?" Ash asked Pikachu as he hooted with laughter. "You wouldn't fight against her or her Pokémon." Pikachu glared at Ash when he brought up Misty.

When I met Misty, I thought Ash might've had a crush on her but it was unlikely as I heard from Brock that Ash and Misty argued a lot. There was no way Ash and Misty would be a couple.

'That maybe true,' said Pikachu, 'but May is a lot friendlier than Misty… and cuter too.'

"Yeah, I know," agreed Ash. "Hey wait a minute; that's my line!" I giggled a little before Manaphy opened the door and caused my fall forward.

'Mama, are you okay?' Manaphy asked me as I got up from falling.

"I'm ok Manaphy," I answered Manaphy as I picked him up and held him in my arms. "Well Ash, are we going to go swimming?"

"Yeah," answered Ash as he got his swim trunks out of his back pack and went to change in the bathroom.

'Hey May,' Pikachu said to me as he came up to my side, 'it would be nice if you and Ash stay together and travel with each other. I miss us traveling together.'

"I know what you mean," I said to Pikachu as I pet him and gently rubbed his cheeks much to his delight. "That's why I'm done traveling alone. I want to stay by Ash's side and be with him. Once the Sinnoh League tournament is done, I'm gonna go back to Pallet Town with you guys."

Pikachu's ears stood up and his eyes got brighter when I told him I wanted to go back to Pallet Town. He jumped on my shoulder and rubbed his cheek on my left cheek in delight.

'Oh please come back to Pallet Town,' said Pikachu as rubbed my cheek. 'Ash's mother would be very happy to see you again. She was really happy to hear Ash has a girlfriend; you'll like her.'

"But I already met her; before we went to the Kanto Battle Frontier," I told Pikachu as both of us were unaware that Ash stood there listening to us talking.

"You really want to stay with me?" asked Ash he slowly approached me.

"Yes I do Ash," I answered Ash as I stood up and put Manaphy on the bed. "I want us to be together, share good times and bad together and experience the joys of traveling together again.

"Please Ash let's travel with each other again," I said to Ash as I faced him and wrapped my arms around his waist. "I just want us to be together again. I love you Ash Ketchum and I always will." Ash wrapped his arms around my waist as we shared a kiss.

"Alright May," said Ash as he looked at me gently, "we'll travel together. You, me, Pikachu and Manaphy traveling together on another journey."

"Do you promise?" I asked Ash sweetly.

"I promise," said Ash as he leaned in to kiss me. Lucario came back to room to rest when he entered the room with Cynthia following him wanting to talk to Ash. Both Lucario and Cynthia had stunned looks on their faces and then closed the door to let us enjoy our time in each others embrace. Once we let each other go, we headed for the pool.

"We have a winner!" the announcer exclaimed with great enthusiasm. "Ash Ketchum of Pallet Town has just won Sinnoh League Tournament."

One of Ash's dreams came true; winning the Sinnoh League for his hometown back in Kanto. At the presentation ceremony I stood by Ash's side as did all the Pokémon who helped him, even Arceus returned to see the ceremony. Ash was given a trophy to prove he won the tournament and was invited to come back to the tournament. After the closing ceremony, Ash's Pokémon friends returned back to their homes in Hoenn and Johto. Ash and I went back to Pallet Town to rest. Now our journey and our life together will begin.